Gov. Jerry Brown Smacks Down David Gregory’s Claim that Obama is a Big Spending Liberal


On Meet The Press David Gregory tried to sow some Democratic discord with the Republican talking point that Obama is a big spending liberal, but he was shot down by Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA).



DAVID GREGORY: I wanted to get your views for a minute on the big politics of the day. First of all, you’re running for your fourth term as governor. You’re very popular. You took a state that a lot of people felt was ungovernable, chiefly because of the budget deficit, and now there is a surplus. Is there a national leadership lesson that California provides?

GOVERNOR JERRY BROWN: Well, you’ve got to be tough on spending. No matter how liberal you want to be, at the end of the day, fiscal discipline is the fundamental predicate of a free society. And you just have to maintain that. Secondly, you do have to find a way to create a governing consensus, a coalition.

In California, we do have a majority Democratic party. And we don’t have any constitutional blocking points like the 60-vote requirement in the Senate or the division of parties between the House and the Senate. So if you want–

DAVID GREGORY: But it is interesting, isn’t it, that is there a lesson for President Obama? No matter how liberal you are, you said, “Here the president’s about to present a budget where he’s saying, ‘Look, the deficits are coming down, at least for now, we’ve got to spend more. And we’re only going to get the economy going in a meaningful way if we spend more on infrastructure and the like.'”

GOVERNOR JERRY BROWN: Well, yeah. Spend more. But in the framework of adjusting your long-term liabilities so we’re in balance. So that’s not inconsistent. You can invest and create jobs. But over the long term, your revenue has to meet your liabilities. And that’s not the case today.

David Gregory was pushing the myth that President Obama is a tax and spend liberal. Gov. Brown was correct. The nation can spend money on things that grow the economy and create jobs. When the economy grows, federal tax revenues increase, and budget surpluses can be created. Bill Clinton showed exactly how this can be done during his two terms in office.

It is not inconsistent with sound economic policy for the president to call for more spending if that spending will help to balance the books in the long term.

David Gregory was trying to create some division among Democrats while pushing another bogus falsehood about the policies of this president. Gregory is directly repeating Republican talking points, and he seems to have no idea of what he is talking about.

Brown’s insistence on reality is why Democrats don’t get to hold center stage on the Sunday shows very often. If more Democrats were on programs like Meet The Press, Gregory would not be able to get away with lazily passing off Republican attacks as facts.

Meet The Press deserves a moderator that will focus on facts. David Gregory and his Republican fictions need to be sent packing.

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  1. If California had to pay for a military, California wouldn’t have a balanced budget. The same can be said for the nation.

  2. Bravo!! What is it conservatives don’t get? Money spent on wars is wasted. Money spent on infrastructure means,jobs. It’s clear the only GOP agenda is to screw the country and make Obama, and Clinton, out to be,evil. Projection is their only weapon.

  3. David Gregory is simply not a “journalist.” He’s a TV personality who specializes in inside the Beltway “profundity.” If you ignore the bias of his questions, you can tell by the bias of his “guests” — how many “progressives” or “liberals” does he have on versus how many “conservatives”? His show is no longer a discussion of basic principles and how best to achieve them. It is a show about partisanship and who is “winning.” There is no focus on the public interest at all.

    That being said, I’m glad that someone like Jerry Brown managed to “talk back” in an effective way. It’s long past time that “airtime” passes, at least momentarily, from loud-mouth do nothings like Senator Cruz, to people who actually HAVE done something, and done it well, and can handle the slanted questions.

  4. Love my Governor, Jerry Brown!

    Brown will help Hillary. It shows how much we need seasoned, experienced Leadership running America.

    I think the nation is starving for a strong Woman President like HRC. Becoming a Grandmother while in office, would even endear her more.

  5. This story misses the point. The statement

    “It is not inconsistent with sound economic policy for the president to call for more spending if that spending will help to balance the books in the long term.”

    is not only true but it is an extreme understatement. A more “whole truth” statement would have been: The only thing that has saved the American economy when facing bad times is the Keynesian program of spending on jobs and infrastructure.

    People get money. People spend money. Bosses hire new employees to deal with the increased demand.

    We know this works. We know trickle down does not work. David Gregory should go trickle down the economic precipice that is austerity, one bounce at a time. bounce bounce bounce

  6. How sadly true….then he, Chuck Todd, and Chris Matthews will be on Morning Joe with this crock of crap tomorrow morning. Joe will agree with him. Mika will be meek. Harold Ford Jr., etc. will be props.

    Groundhog Day. He’s lazy and full of it. So’s the apologist lamestream Beltway media for posing, posturing, and continuing to insist they’re great…Sigh. Thank goodness we can at least vent here.

  7. Sad that everyone in Washington including the President fail to understand the obvious. How their way could possibly be better boggles the imagination.

  8. Other than the obvious fact that she’ll be the first woman to be President, what “new” will be bring?

  9. You’d have to oppose any Governor running for President if that’s your response, both Democratic and Republican.

  10. PLEASE MSNBC, I’d love to watch Meet the Press like I used to when Tim Russert was alive. I CANNOT stomach this Fox wannabe, David Gregory. Blech!

  11. David Gregory has taken a show which was provocative and thought provoking, containing actual moderated debate and turned it into a slanted infomercial.

    He has no credibility as a journalist, he is a ‘host’ to mostly right wing politicians who trot out their Frank Luntz tested talking points. David is very gracious, if they leave out one of the key words he will cue them for it.

    Show needs to be renamed Greet the Press & move to Fox.

  12. I love Jerry Brown and he sure made a fool out of David.Why is NBC taking so long to replace him?It didn’t take but a damn minute to get rid of Martin B.!

  13. Listen, gregory is just doing what he’s paid to do! be a spokesman for corporate america which is basically the GOP, and republicans have actually convinced many low information americans that theres a huge LIBERAL media out here! republicans are so transparent! they always claim to be the under dog and victim when in reality they’ve stacked the deck!! the truth is conservative media out numbers 10 – 1 but according to them theres a vast LIBERAL media!! WHERE IS IT??

  14. This is the reason I’ve stopped watching Meet The Press, David has taken the show to new lows every Sunday. He should be replaced for the sake of the program.

  15. I 110% agree with you, let’s get that petition STARTED right away! It is enough of this Blank already!!!

  16. This guy is a sick joke a token wing nut for MSNBC. IT IS TRULY DISGUSTING HE HAS NOT BEEN FIRED…

  17. Ditto to David Gregory being replaced as Meet The Press moderator.
    He is biased and seems ignorant of the big picture.
    This acclaimed program is losing credibility.

  18. I totally agree with you about Tim Russert. Tim knew history and had more facts in his head, than David Gregory had or ever will have. He obviously has a problem discerning what is truth and what is lie.

    Great post!

  19. “Meet The Press deserves a moderator that will focus on facts. David Gregory and his Republican fictions need to be sent packing.”

    It’s time that David Gregory is shown the door and escorted out of the host position of Meet the Press and someone else is hired, who is more knowledgeable of information and who knows the difference between “fact” and “fiction.”

  20. “…Meet The Press deserves a moderator that will focus on facts. David Gregory and his Republican fictions need to be sent packing…”

    David Gregory wouldn’t know the difference between fact and fiction.

    Hmm, MSNBC, fired Martin Bashir – who was an exemplary host, knew how to talk with people and had facts at his fingertips, yet they keep David Gregory who doesn’t know the difference between fact and fiction, in a position as host of Meet the Press, where he could spread lies. This doesn’t say much about MSNBC, does it?

  21. David Gregory is just a talking head and a parrot who willingly regurgitates far rightwing nonsense. That alone should disqualify him from claiming to be a journalist, because all he does is repeat a bunch of discredited crap. Like a lot of other rightwing nuts, he fails to see the irony of describing people who spend money on meeting everyday American needs as “liberal big spenders” while turning a blind eye to Republican spending on things like wars and tax breaks for the wealthy. He needs to be kicked off MSNBC because he is bring down the quality of their journalism.

  22. David Gregory is polishing the door ( nob ) before he opens it and walks into a higher paying job from Fox Hates TV station. The smirk and glee on his face as he hates on President Obama is as disgusting and despicable as, well, Fox Hates TV. David Gregory is a good fit for the liars and haters over at Fox Hates TV station.

  23. David Gregory
    Need to go to Fox News he is best suited there ,He will not call a person out when they are wrong , he Lie about a lot of things Never corrects if it’s Negative or wrong

  24. Unfortunately, Meet the Press plays to the middle right with both the journalists it has on as well as the guests. It wants to give the impression of fairness, but if it really wanted to be fair it would have on those from the true Left once in awhile, those who challenge the consensus of the status quo in Washington on both domestic and international policy. The far right gets its share of quests, but how often do we see a Noam Chomsky or the late Howard Zinn, or maybe even a few socialists to challenge the status quo. The right gets its libertarians and corporate shills (and the middle right Democratic Party has its share of them too). Corporte media is not the place to get real news. It is the place to be distracted from what is really going on.

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