Lindsey Graham Calls Obama Weak and Indecisive For Not Already Going to War With Russia


The war hawks are out in full force. On CNN, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) called President Obama weak and indecisive for not already having done something about Russia invading Ukraine.


On CNN’s State of the Union, Sen. Graham said, “Well, number one, stop going on television and trying to threaten thugs and dictators. It is not your strong suit. Every time the president goes on national television and threatens Putin or anyone like Putin, everybody’s eyes roll, including mine. We have a weak and indecisive president that invites aggression. President Obama needs to do something.”

Lindsey Graham wants Obama to be a decider like George W. Bush, and just go to war already. President Obama is not going to do that. In fact, he is pursuing a strategy that the war crazed right abhors. In each of his statements, the president has made it clear that if action is taken it will be with the international community.

There will be no “go it alone” strategy under the leadership of Barack Obama. The president isn’t going to declare Russia to be part of an axis of evil, or tell the world that they are either with us or against us.

What Sen. Graham doesn’t understand is that real presidential strength and leadership comes from the ability to build support and coalitions that will accomplish the objective. George W. Bush might have been decisive, but he was a weak leader who could never get the world behind his invasion of Iraq.

The United States should lead the world, not go it alone.

Republicans like Sen. Graham can almost taste the blood that a new military conflict would spill. They are aroused by the idea that their Cold War fantasies of war with Russia could finally be realized.

President Obama is reacting to this crisis in the way that a strong leader of the global community is supposed to. The days of cowboying it up, and sending our young men and women to die in wars of choice are over.

What Lindsey Graham is criticizing as weakness is exactly what makes Obama a strong president and his comments are proof that Republicans have learned nothing from their many failures during the presidency of George W. Bush.

Graham’s comments illustrate why Republicans still can’t be trusted, or put in charge of our troops and foreign policy.

President Obama’s good judgment is the backstop that is preventing the country from being dragged into another unnecessary war.

If you don’t believe that, just listen to the comments of Lindsey Graham.

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  1. Hey, Lindsey, let’s see your record of war service in the Air Force. Better yet, show us how you would pay for yet another war without raising the national debt (horrors!) or cutting all the nice tax benefits for your corporate buddies. You know…raise taxes for a war? Yeah, thought so. Hey, GOP…you want a war…we have to raise taxes to fund it, or no go. Try selling that one in an election year. Please proceed, Senator.

  2. To everyone who wants more wars I nominate you and your families to do the actual fighting rather than send me and my family into another conflict.

  3. GOP good little Nazi’s just Goose Stepping Along… Singing Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil, just doing as we are told…

  4. So, being smart and reasonable about trying to find every other option to stop the incoming storm through diplomatic routes makes you ‘weak and indecisive’.

    Right… Senator Graham must know some people in South Carolina that makes some good weed, cause he’s high if he thinks that going to war is the right solution for this.

  5. I’m a retired soldier… People who won’t be doing any of the fighting but calling for a fight are the worst kind of psychotic scumbag. People who _will_ be fighting and calling for a fight are second worst.

  6. It is the big, blabbermouth, chickenhawks that attempt to cut off President Obama’s legs every time he opens his mouth as leader of the US. It is their relentless braying that weakens the presidency. After Syria and Iran I have complete confidence that Obama and crew know what they are doing… let them get on with it.

  7. Graham is a moron. He knew Obama wouldn’t made any threat against Russia. Graham wouldn’t either. I’ve done a lot of eyes rolling ups in past few weeks but this one is #2 on my list. #1? Sarah Palin’s claim of “I told ya so” about Russia invade Ukraine due to Obama’s weak stance on Russia’s infamous invasion of Georgia.

  8. All of these comments of the Republicans need to be run against a background of a mushroom cloud and a voice over “Is this who you want running this country?”

  9. Hey, let’s hear from all those right-wingers who, less than two weeks ago, were extolling Vladimir Putin as a paragon of virtue and morality for not tolerating ‘sodomites’ (as opposed to the liberals of the decadent West who capitulate to their tyrannical gay agenda)!

    Well, right-wing suckers? Did you forget that he was the head of the KGB? Did you believe that the leopard had changed its spots? Dumb@a$$es.

  10. Uh Senator, why sacrifice more tax dollars and citizens to the molech god of WAR????

    We have problems here at home, I believe you are aware of them.

    Why spend money on another useless war??????

  11. Graham is spouting off the standard GOP accusations without substance. What would he or the GOP do? Give out a bunch of defense contracts to their friends without bids? Rush into armed conflict and World War II?
    The combination of this rush to war talk, and the threats to shut down the government over the Keystone Pipeline will carry the day for the Democrats in 2014 and certainly 2016. Hope they keep it up.

  12. AMEN to that Sally. I am very glad we have a{resident who thinks before starting a war. Lindsey should put on a uniform and fight if he wants war so bad. was really pleased to read so many opinions that also say no more war……

  13. If he thought the president the was going to war he would be the first one ready to impeach him. The president has more sense than the whole house of republicans he is not about to go it alone. Those days are over,our men and women are over worked and have given their all they have no more to give, we would have to restart the draft and that is not going to happen. The republicans love to keep cutting the budget of everything and that is one of the budget that keep getting cut too so they can forget it about risking innocent lives just because they want to have a war with someone, then they go ahead and do the fighting. They keep forgetting that everytime they count the president down and out he keep bouncing right back full force stronger and better than ever and making them look like fools. This too will work itself out and Putin will know not to play with the president again he has to try him just once to see how far he can go.

  14. Sure Lindsey…
    We will all be right behind you! Lead the way. Oh wait, it’ the “blame Obama”, you don’t really have any answer.

  15. THIS.

    And none of that “my ‘warrior son’ chauffers brass around the green zone” bullshit, their kids go right up front where the IEDs are. I believe they’d think about it a little differently, for sure.

    But ultimately, methinks Lindsay is overcompensating for his lack of testosterone a bit overzealously.

  16. I’m sure the GOP would like to go back to the days of throwing around military threats instead of diplomacy.I also agree that if Obama talked about military action the GOP would be talking throw him out of office.I can’t stand behind any political party that said from day one they will oppose any policy of Obama on national television saying to our face we don’t care if its a good policy or not we will reject it and all this is done on our expense because we are the ones who suffer.The current administration is doing the right thing and that’s talking and using diplomatic pressure to the best they can and if it does work oh well we tried.The only other option is war and do we want that????…Think about your calls for a fight the next time you look your son or daughter in the eyes.

  17. When will he and Senator McCain realize that the American people are tired of war!!!! That’s before pointing out the obvious absurdity of this one…

  18. That’s right Senator. Go ahead and start WWIII complete with nukes before we even know whats going on. I just “love” the bomb first, then ask questions approach.

  19. lindsey graham, for real?? SERIOUSLY??!! you want our military to go fight a war with the USSR??? really?!!!! my God!! you think someone would tell lindsey to STFU and stop drawing attention to himself! big, bold, brave statements coming from someone who doesn’t even have the GUTS to come out the closet! lindsey, talking all tough and looking like Rue McClanahan in drag isn’t a winning combination! try just being quiet ok

  20. Wrong he needs some good weed and he will never think about wars again!!!…………… joe

  21. Lindsey Graham can VOLUNTEER any time He Wants.

    Until then, He should Shut the Fuck Up about
    starting a War with Russia.

  22. Yes!! He would put it on a paying interest charge card with China as Bush did with two worthless wars!!!…………. joe

  23. War is where they steal more money from the taxpayers faster . And transfer it to the wealthy stockholders of the war makeing machines club . But they are so greedy they do not realize a war between two super powers will only end in neuclear annilalation of this planet . Neither would ever surrender unconditionally ! The end of civilization for the next 10 million years on this poisoned planet would be the result !

  24. Yeah, because going to war with Russia after a Western-supported neo-fascist coup ousts the elected Ukrainian government, which in turn leads to Russian nervousness about the status of the Crimea, is something any sane president would do.

  25. Congressional Republicans and conservative pundits are fond of criticizing the Obama Administration’s foreign policy for being “too diplomatic” and for not touting America’s “exceptionalism” and reminding all other nations of their inherent inferiority on a daily basis.

    Perhaps these pompous, self-righteous politicos don’t really know what diplomacy means:
    1 : the art and practice of conducting negotiations between nations
    2 : skill in handling affairs without arousing hostility : tact

    Threatening to invade or bomb a sovereign foreign power is NOT diplomacy, despite what these right wing war-mongers believe.
    And calling on the unified efforts of many powerful nations to bring pressure to bear and effect a constructive response from Putin will prove much more potent than all of the fist-pounding and chest-thumping that Republican war-mongers could ever muster.

  26. i don’t think they’d bother with the “ask the questions” part. They sure didn’t with regard to Iraq. McCain and Graham make an amazing pair: always there to rattle the sabers.

  27. Hey, Lindsay Graham, it’s easy to make wild decisions when you aren’t in that position of responsibility.

    BTW, you could send your family to head the “march into war” and save our families’ lives.

  28. It takes diplomacy and intelligence, which are good traits of our President, to avoid sending our kids to die for foreigners. Any idiot can start a war, and they do. The Warmongers like Lindsey Graham and his ilk can send their own families and go themselves to fight any war and leave the rest of us out of it. We have sacrificed enough to make them rich, let them get out and earn the money they are making off the deaths of our kids. Like I said: ANY IDIOT CAN START A WAR, it intelligence and diplomacy to avoid it.

  29. Yeah, a guy named Lindsey tells the POTUS to “man up” and kick some Putin ass! First Lindsey get a mans name! My apologies to Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac, You sir have proven you’re a man many times over Mr Puss Graham.

  30. Why should we go to war over something that doesn’t even have much to do with us?

    At least the Iraqi and Afghanistan War stemmed from 9/11. What’s happening in Ukraine doesn’t really involve us (not directly). This is another event in Ukraine’s struggle to make alliances (either with Russia or the European Union). Putin isn’t even thinking that much about Obama right now. He’s way more concerned about losing Ukraine to the EU. The mere fact that Ukraine was so close to entering into a trade agreement with the EU must have scared him to death.

    Thank goodness we have a President in the White House who gets this!

  31. Lindsey Graham is a War Monger. He’s also running for his life. Got to fire up those Good Ole Boys in the woods of South Carolina to come out and vote.
    Just pray he looses this next election. We’ll all be better off if he does.

  32. We can go to war again when only the sons and daughters and the grandsons and granddaughters of all registered republicans are in the Armed Forces and on the front lines to die when the first shots are fired. This means Mitt Romney’s five sons, George W. Stupids twin daughters, Dick Cheney’s children and grandchildren, Lindsey Grahams children, ONLY the children of registered republicans in the Armed Forces and on the front lines and ready to die for their country, then and only then do we go to war. Let see how fast the War mongering SOB’s stop the talk of war when it is theirs about to die, for the huge profits to be had from the United States War machine.

  33. If Graham and the other war hawks are up for a new conflict let their children be in the first wave that lands in the combat zone. If not they should shut up.

  34. STAY OUT OF THIS. IT’S NOT OUR BUSINESS! We have Americans killing their own children on US Soil every day. Over 1,000 children are killed in the USA by their own parents. Who are we to tell other countries what to do? CHARITY BEGINS @ HOME!

  35. Obama lacks the “resolve” that would have kept Russia out of the Ukraine. You know, the “resolve” that George W. Bush had that prevented the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Wait a minute …,

  36. Mr. Graham does realize that Obama has a National Security Advisor and the Joint Chiefs of Staff offering counsel, right?
    He also realizes that Obama will not “end run” Congress as Reagan and Bush did, but would (and has) honored declaration of war only through Congress.
    Always so eager to pad the pockets of Haliburton and the likes and send our soldiers to their deaths, the same soldiers they voted against in food stamps, health, and education. Yes, Mr. Graham really cares.

  37. Amen to that. I think it ought to be a law that sons and daughters of Congress should be the first to fight a war, then we’ll see how many wars America gets involved in. I’m willing to bet none once that legislation is put in place.

  38. Idiots. You lie about what Senator Graham said and can’t even cut the clip short before your lies are exposed. He said “do something”, like suspend Russia’s membership in the G8 immediately. What Obama does is make vague threats that he never follows through on. Graham has this loser President pegged. Unfortunately, so do all of the bullies and thugs of the world.

  39. Obama has made very clear what he is going to do and even has House republicans backing him. You on the other hand are too ignorant to keep up with the news

  40. The Republicans have never met a war they didn’t love. How else can they make their millions? – off the lives of innocent soldiers & civilians. You think
    they don’t all have stock in the defense contractors that profit from war – think Halliburton & Cheney.

  41. Graham never said we should go to war,why is this web site making up false quotes and then criticizing the person for the words he never said? Seems to me that an invalid argument like this would only be used when there are no real facts to build a real fact based argument and therefore it is the accuser who looks dumb.

  42. So what exactly we should do something mean? Don’t walk that shit back we know you neocons like a pig in shit wants war wherever you can get it.

  43. Would that be nuclear or regular war we should draw the Russians into. Graham, yo u are further out of touch with reality than Putin.

  44. Rapture. Its all about the rapture. Now if only we can get the Jews to agree and decide which side of the fence Lindsey plays in then all will be well

  45. This ugly pattern rears it’s head again, another republican rocket scientist with a females handle, I’m starting to think republican women are crazier than republican males! listen @kay you can play dumb but everybody knows republicans are war profiteers! just ask your boy cheney! BTW, @kay, the usa has been assassinating world leaders who won’t play ball with them for over 80 yrs! try researching a USA assassination program called the PHOENIX PROGRAM

  46. Hell that’s too much work. They still think Iraq has wooden drones that could fly 7000 miles to drop WMD’s on real muricans

  47. I’m just a nobody in the mountains of North Georgia. I’m lucky to be unaware of everything y’all know in Washington. There is one thing that even I know and that would be the Republicans answer ( GO TO WAR ) is not the answer. If y’all had to put boots on and step out from behind the wall of Washington you would not be so quick to cry, GO TO WAR.

    About Benghazi, I’m not making lite of it but it was only 4 people. If it was in the thousands of innocent lives snuffed out then the outcome would of been different. You & George Bush lied to us. Y’all didn’t find any Weapons of Mass Destruction, did you? The Republicans sent thousands and killed thousands of innocent lives.

    Your beliefs have not panned out in the past so maybe its time to try something else.

    P.S. – Show some respect for the President !!!

    P.P.S. – Tell Ted Cruz to wake up and get a life

  48. In 1998, according to the Congressional daily newspaper The Hill, Graham was describing himself on his website as an Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm veteran. In reality, he never left South Carolina.

    ‘Nuff said!

  49. Lindsey is a war hero cuz he SAID SO.
    His buddy Flyboy McCain wants war for his war stocks/investments

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