Opportunity for Democrats: 68% Think the Republican Party is Out of Touch


Sixty-eight percent of all polled and 69% of registered voters think the Republican Party is out of touch with the concerns of most people, according to a new Washington Post/ABC poll. Only 28% think they are in touch.

Asked, “Q: Do you think the Republican party is in touch with the concerns of most people in the United States today, or is it out of touch?”

Broken down by party ID, only 12% of Democrats think Republicans are in touch, which is to be expected, but a mere 27% of Independents think the GOP is in touch. Of course, 57% of Republicans think the party is in touch, but only 39% of conservatives agree.

Only 30% of whites think the GOP is in touch, and Hispanics lead with 32% thinking the GOP is in touch.

More surprising, 32% of young people think the GOP is in touch, while only 26% of the age group of 40-64 think so, and only 28% of the GOP base, age 65+, think so.

While 30% of some High School or less think the GOP is in touch, only 23% of Post grad agree. But 30% of college graduates think the GOP is in touch.

Broken down by income there isn’t much disagreement at all, in fact, the $100k+ and the $50-100k groups fell right at 29%, and the less than $50ks came in at 30% who think the GOP is in touch.

And by region, things are no better for the GOP. If only all of these folks voted. In the South and Midwest, only 26% of adults think the GOP is in touch. The Republican Party fares better in the West and Northeast.

In case you’ve ever wondered why Republicans cater so much to the far right religious crowd, it’s because basically that’s all they have now. White, evangelical protestants gave the GOP 35% who think the party is in touch, with white Catholics following at 31%. White non-evangelical Protestants only gave them 28% and the people who categorized themselves as having no religion only gave the GOP 23% who believe they are in touch.

What this poll suggests is that the GOP is not even hanging on to their base in terms of being seen as in touch. After all, 48% think the Democratic Party is in touch with the concerns of most people, and an even 48% disagree, while a full 68% think the GOP is out of touch.

However, this same poll suggests that while the Democratic Party wins on issues like raising the minimum wage, these factors are not going to translate to the 2014 election. Democrats even won by 1% on which party is better at handling taxes, yet when voters are asked which party they will vote for, even when later they say they are 50% more likely to vote for someone who supports raising the minimum wage, they’re pretty much split.

In a terrifying case of Not Paying Attention Much, “If a candidate for U.S. Congress supports the tea party political movement, would that make you more likely to vote for that candidate, less likely or wouldn’t it make much difference in your vote?” a full 41% said it wouldn’t make a difference.

So, the take away is that while Americans know where they stand on issues, they do not seem to understand what to do about it. This confusion benefits the party that Americans do not think are in touch with them. The goal of the Democratic Party is to translate this predominant lack of trust in the GOP into votes. They can’t do this when they are always playing defense against Darrell Issa’s witch hunts, which is yet another reason why Darrell Issa is conducting them.

However, instead of being so issue specific, Democrats could run with the general mistrust of the GOP and the Republicans’ the hatred of the 47%, in order to connect the dots between the GOP and Mitt Romney’s out-of-touchness. Pretty much no one would want to be associated with Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, or George W Bush – and the Democrats must not let the public forget what Republican leadership means. It is much clearer and easier to paint the party with one image than to try to educate the electorate about more complicated issues like closing the “Gingrich” tax loophole for higher income professionals.

Democrats are supported by the facts and should present their policy based solutions, but they should know that most of the public isn’t connecting the dots. Go with something simple, such as the idea that a vote for a Republican in any office is a vote for laws that benefit the Mitt Romneys of the world.

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  1. People have and always will vote against their own best interests when they don’t do their own research but, instead, take politicians at their word.

    I’ll never forget the woman in ’08 that was voting for McCain/Palin because Palin was “just like me.” Honey, that is NOT an attribute.

  2. I would love to see apps that identify candidates by issues …. I want to vote for a candidate that supports Women’s Equality. Even making it more Marriage, Environmental issues including enhancing the EPA and FDA.. Show me who stands for taxing the rich and closing the tax loopholes… Show me who stands for removing the CAP on Social Security… Show me who stands for Single Payer Healthcare. Show me who supports funding per-school through college.. Show me who will repeal the No Bankruptcy for Student Loans. Show me who will vote for removing the empower the Post Office.. Show me who will stand up against the rich, ALEC, Heritage, KOCK in support of needs for Americans.

  3. the thing about these polls is that the question is generic… do you approve/disapprove of Congress… Democrats… Republicans… whatever…

    I always go back to ‘all politics is local’

    while people may generally disagree on the approval/disapproval of the above if you ask them more specifically do you approve/disapprove YOUR representative you’ll likely get a different answer… usually what they are really saying is they approve/DISAPPROVE of YOUR representative…

    anecdotally… I had a conversation with someone when term limits was on the ballot in California… the lady I was talking to was going to vote for it and when I asked her why she gave the generic answer that politicians shouldn’t make it a career…

    I then asked her if she was voting for it because it would get rid of Willie Brown and John Burton and her answer was yes… then I asked if she was going to vote to return HER rep to office and again it was yes..

    She LIKED him…

  4. It is frustrating that the American electorate is so incredibly stupid and ignorant of politics. How can 30% believe that that the Republitarian Party in in touch?? What have they been smoking??

  5. Funny, we’re not hearing the GOP fear that PBO will never leave office. Because they know full well that Hillary is top-notch, ready and well prepared to take over!

  6. The problem is that all the gop has to do is bash the bla guy in the WH and some people will reflexively vote repug/teabagger

  7. They aren’t just out of touch. They are out of this planet.
    They want to cut the deficit on the one hand.
    On the other they want to pay for farmer’s crop insurance and pay farmers subsidies.
    On the other hand they want to increase pentagon spending.
    On the other hand they want to shut down the government costing the taxpayers 24 billion dollars in lost fees and a free holiday for federal workers.

  8. Government is the definition of dysfunction thanks to the do nothing GOP. Well, they did something today. Voted to repeal the ACA for the 50th time. Oh & Issa made an ass of himself cutting the mic off Cummings during his phony IRS hearing. Because you know, he’s a billionaire & does what he feels like.

    This country will go to hell in a handbasket if they control the Senate. It’ll be a
    Koch brother’s plutocracy.

    They’ll attempt to undo all Obama managed to accomplish in spite of them. How could they beat us after they shutdown the government? What does that say about voters? Should I be freaked out? I am at the thought of them with more power.

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