Republicans Have Thrown 2 Million People Off of Unemployment Benefits Since Dec 28


2 million and counting. That’s the number of people who’ve been kicked off their unemployment benefits after Republicans deliberately let the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program expire, according to a new analysis from Ways and Means Committee Democrats.

“The estimate includes the number of people in each state who have lost coverage since the program’s Dec. 28 expiration. Every week, 72,000 people, on average, are losing their unemployment benefits nationwide without an extension of the program.”

If this isn’t happening to you or someone you know, you might not realize that these are real people. People who want to work and are looking for work, and have been kicked to the gutter by Republican values. Here’s a state by state breakdown of these real people, provided by the Ways and Means Committee Democrats.

State: Estimated Number of People Losing UI Thru March 8

AK: 8,608
AL: 19,267
AR: 15,838
AZ: 25,754
CA: 339,101
CO: 31,468
CT: 35,035
DC: 7,215
DE: 5,446
FL: 109,654
GA: 76,362
HI: 4,131
IA: 11,300
ID: 6,831
IL: 116,136
IN: 28,969
KS: 10,746
KY: 24,769
LA: 12,601
MA: 79,777
MD: 33,862
ME: 6,723
MI: 76,580
MN: 22,269
MO: 34,944
MS: 18,092
ND: 2,377
NE: 4,392
NH: 2,504
NJ: 124,569
NM: 9,731
NV: 26,023
NY: 178,177
OH: 57,869
OK: 10,638
OR: 31,221
PA: 109,061
PR: 39,777
RI: 8,323
SC: 22,785
SD: 508
TN: 31,423
TX: 105,409
UT: 6,231
VA: 21,969
VI: 1,762
VT: 1,485
WA: 38,876
WI: 39,777
WV: 10,731
WY: 2,023
*North Carolina was ineligible for the federal unemployment insurance

But if that’s not enough reason to care, perhaps knowing that Republicans refusing to renew long term emergency unemployment benefits will cost us all 240,000 jobs this year will increase the stakes.

This is the Republican economy — nothing for the people, everything for the corporations. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) even tried to use unemployment benefits to kill Obamacare, so if Democrats will stab Americans in the back and kill another program that is helping people and has boosted both personal income and spending, Republicans would consider not filibustering emergency help.

On February 6th of this year, McConnell led his Senate Republicans into no votes on yet another thing that used to have bipartisan support during economic hardship — the extension of long term benefits for the unemployed. This was bipartisan because not only did it help the people directly, but it helps the economy as well. Republican Senators blocked a three month extension on benefits for the long term unemployed. “Democrats were united in support of restoring unemployment benefits, but only one Republican, Dean Heller of Nevada voted to extend the benefits.”

It goes without saying that House Republicans have blocked the effort numerous times. If you see a program that might help the economy and does for sure help people, you can just forget it even being put up for a vote in this House. And the Senate will operate just like the House if Republicans win the majority, as we can see from the Republican Senate Minority Leader’s votes.

Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member Sander Levin (D-MI) laid out the cost of one Republican vote, “A financial crisis is confronting more and more families every day that Republicans fail to support an extension of this vital program. One Republican vote in the Senate is all that stands in the way of two million people and their families coming one critical step closer to seeing their financial lifeline restored as they look for work.”

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  1. Republicans cant find the time to vote for unemployment benefits or immigration reform or a budget but they have had over 50 votes to repeal the ACA. I throw up in my mouth a little every time Boehner or Ryan or McCain gets on tv to talk trash. They all need to experience the unemployment line.

  2. I notice that some of the states with the highest number of unemployed are Republican states. Wonder why that is. Hmm, their representatives are working hard for the best interest of the people. Do you think that if these people manage to survive that they will again vote for the people that took away their meager livelihood?

  3. Democrats aren’t pushing the bill as it makes the Republicans look bad AND moves more people to “Obama Care”.

    Republicans won’t pass it out of spite!

    BTW I e-mailed every Republican Senator who voted against or failed to vote on the bill in February regarding the number of Vets affected.

    NOT ONE ANSWERED THE QUESTION! Senator Cruz (Texas) was in fact the only one to respond.

  4. I am one of these people who are without income since Dec 28, because I was on the Federal unemployment extension. I fully support an extension, and I check the news each day to see if it has happened yet.

    However, I find no fault in having spending paid for in some way. Something should be cut in order to make this extension possible. I also find no fault in actually FIXING the problem, by promoting job creation in some way, tied directly to the passage of this bill.

    These are the issues that the Republicans have in passing this extension, and its why it has not passed. These are common sense, solid logic measures that I believe SHOULD be included. In this respect, I believe its the DEMOCRATS who are at fault, in not allowing both of these measures to be included in the next extension, which by all means I support.

  5. Except the only job creation the republicans have allowed to be discussed is lowering the taxes on the upper wealth and making peopleof lower wealth make it up. Just like Reagan did

  6. Why cut spending to hurt another person who is struggling than if you raise a smidgen of taxes on people who have made out like bandits.

  7. We agree. The measures used to create jobs should be effective, and should be tied in some way to expire with the extension if they prove ineffective. Then pass the next extension with a different idea.

  8. Why cut spending? Oh I dont know….perhaps to give our great grandchildren less to pay off. Just a thought.

  9. Better do something about the environment if you are worried about your grandchildren. Because make no mistake if republicans ever have control again you wont hear anything about deficits. Read your histoy

  10. Lets focus here….we are discussing an unemployment extension, and the idea that it needs to be paid for. Lets not go on a rabbit trail.

  11. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but who cares about future generations/ our great grandchildren? They don’t exist yet. The children and babies who do exist now would benefit from the extensions being passed because, you know, they need a roof over their heads, food, clothes, etc. RIGHT NOW.

    So many things can happen between now, 50 years from now, 100 years from now (you see where I am going) that all of this “debt” might not even exist or matter any more for any number of reasons. So to say we are robbing future generations is foolish. It’s a smokescreen the Right likes to use.

    How about we pay for this by cutting the $80billion we are using to fund the war (that is OVER) in Afghanistan?

  12. In all liklihood the children being spoke of here will leave a far vaster amount of debt to their children unless we get off this corporate welfare

  13. Just think what a billion dollars could do for us unemployed……..oh yeah that’s right we just give shit away to other countries before we care for our own!!!!! Just sayin

  14. One Billion dollars for the Ukraine??? Nothing for extended unemployed Americans who are desperately trying to find work after contributing for years to the economy? Congress makes me sick and embarrassed to be an American. The repub-li-clowns have to stop pretending to love America and act like they hate Americans!!!!!!!!

  15. Lets make one thing very clear. I can care less who’s at fault at this point. Just fix the dam thing. We the American people have been pinned to our computers day and night to see if our screwed up government has gotten off there asses yet and approved our extensions. And guess what, it’s now going into the third month and still nothing. Now just think about this. It’s taken less then one week for the Unites States of America to approve 1 yes one Billion dollars of our tax paid money to the Ukraine, are you _ _ _ _ _ _ _ kidding me. Remember that same billion dollars came from those American people who are out of work and can’t get our own government to pass the unemployment extensions. I hope you all read this email and remember this at our next election because I sure will. Not to leave our President off the hook, it’s time for him to get back in the game and I can careless about him talking to employers to hire people who has been out of work for a long time. We need help N…

  16. Yes – the people in Republican states who are being hurt the most by the Republican Party, especially the Tea Party, vote Republican and will continue to do so. Why? Because the Republicans are skilled at using the “race” card, the anti-gay chatter, the ranting against the poor, while spouting a lot of nonsense that only THEY are patriotic and religious. What nonsense, however, it is unfortunate that they take advantage of the uneducated–those who believe everything they hear on FOX news. Fox News where the use of the N word on the blogs is mind-numbing. So if you are against the old, the sick, the poor, poor children, and now the unemployed – be certain to vote Republican. Just think maybe they can cause you to be homeless too…….

  17. Well Frank, if things continue the way they are your great grand children will not have much of a future unless they are wealthy! God help them if they lose their job, get cancer or another expensive disease, or face any other unexpected catastrophe. I am for a balanced budget, and run my household that way (I don’t use credit cards and only spend what I can afford). However, when the only cuts are to the poor, the old, the sick, and children living in poverty and now the unemployed–well, that just STINKS!!!! The majority of the unemployed are over the age of 50–blatant age discrimination!!!

  18. The plight of the unemployed has dropped off the news. In addition to calling and emailing senators and Congress, also add your local news media and national news media to the list. Tell them your stories and of your plight! Make a video and post it on uTube!!!! If you don’t care then no one else will care. Also, the majority of the long-term unemployed are over the age of 50 which is blatant age discrimination!!!! This needs to be pointed out–people who have paid taxes and built up the country now need help, including Veterans who put their lives on the line. Get busy, people. 400,000 people demonstrated in Washington against the Vietnam War. How many people are protesting the war against the middle class??????? No one.

  19. Well lets just go ahead and give Ukraine the Billion dollars in loans that we promised and leave the “AMERICAN” people like myself out in the cold. I have worked since I was 15, I send out over 25 applications/resumes a week. I’m ashamed of our Country. We “the unemployed” cannot keep the heat on and yet our government is going to support another country with Money….Come on Really.

  20. Ok, my turn to jump on the band wagon. I lost my job in May, after 15 years with the company…due to “work force reductions”. I have been seeking employment since then. In the nearly 10 months that I have been out of work, I have had only 3 interviews…and guess what? They didn’t hire me. I am beginning to believe that at the age of 53, no one is going to. I made a good wage as a manager at my last job, and now I find that every application wants a salary history…why? It should be up to me if I will work for $8 an hour instead of the $20 I was use to. You want ideas of how to fund it…here are mine.
    Cut the amount of aid to foreign countries by atleast 1/2, instead of giving handouts to illegal aliens, put them on a bus and take them back over the borders they crossed illegally, if they want to come back, they can do it the right way…and Start taking care of the AMERICAN PEOPLE first! I have worked since I was 15, and I can’t even get food stamps! My cupboards are emp…

  21. Bob,I also live in TX, you noted that Sen.Cruz was the only one who responded. What was his response. I’m among those of the long term unemployed myself.

  22. When you talk about spending, look how much money has been spent on the wars in Afghanistan & Iraq. And has it really changed anything that much? Was it worth the lives of so many Americans? I have a lot of respect for anyone who served in these wars, I just don’t see how the Republicans can complain about helping the unemployed in our country, but then think nothing when it comes to sending billions to other countries. Start helping your own people!

  23. Unfortunately, this one is on the Republicans. I have been in contact with a Republican Senator via email and even after writing to me that he would support it as long as it was funded, he still voted against it after the Democrats offered “pension smoothing” which would offset the costs over time.

  24. Unemployment funding keeps getting on proposed bills with other issues. The other issues get passed but unemployment keeps getting dropped – why??

  25. I have something to confess I used to be a republican i said used to be i will never vote republican again i am ashamed and mortified by the callus disregard the republican party has for the american people there blatant self interest. obviously they dont care how many people they hurt so long as they make there point ,i am a 55 year old unemployed vet i was laid off and have been looking for work for six months only two interviews no luck on either one .

  26. As one of the long-term unemployed, “aged out” at 61, I think my fellow long-term unemployed Americans should look to You Tube for a little more exposure about their situations — especially families.

    On sites like this one, I have seen letters written by parents and grandparents, who are living at the edge of eviction, and having power cut off from their homes, not to mention having no money for food and gas. Some situations are dire.

    A You Tube clip may be worth a million words, and maybe then the politicians who are delaying reinstatement of the extension will see how much misery they’ve caused by their partisan game playing and political stalling.

    “Survivor”? “Hunger Games”? “Survivor: Unemployment Extension Games”? Perhaps with a recap of what life is like with children to support with zero money, our leaders will get busy and reinstate the extension NOW!

    Audio-Visual Aids are the ticket since, evidently, none of them can read.

  27. I am not a political person whatsoever but the republicans are like old stubborn mules that do not think for themselves or for the people. They are manipulated by archaic principles that do not hold up in our modern world. Why people should be made to suffer is beyond my comprehension and the power trip the republicans seem to be on in this regard is deplorable. May the higher powers guide the clueless to do the right thing.

  28. I don’t think either side is too serious about passing this bill. Senate Democrats already know that it has to get through Congress and the only way that happens is if it is laced with one or two Senate Republican amendments.
    (I like the one that pays of UI by ending ITIN tax fraud for illegal immigrants and I consider myself a Democrat.)
    The tools are there to make this happen and have been there for months. Problem is neither side is too serious about making it happen.

  29. Let all this politicians lose their “job” and see how fast something would be done to fix it. While they enjoy their cushy jobs where they hardly even “work” and fly in their private jets while people are losing everything…makes me sick….and so does Beohner’s face for that matter.

    Nobody wants to even hire you if you’ve been out of work for any extended period of time. They’ll find something to nit pick about and you don’t even get an interview. I’ve worked hard all my life and WANT to work but nobody will even give you the time of day! A lot of people laid off are just victims of this shitty economy, my company couldn’t afford the building they were in and moved to Chicago, I’m sure many have the same kind of story. And like some judge these people and say they are lazy? I think not.

    If these idiots in Washington had any idea of how to manage money there would be NO PROBLEM in finding a way to pay for this extension!

  30. I really am sickened at how Tea Partiers and Republicans constantly say they are speaking for the American people and are doing what is best for our future. When it comes to the wealthiest of Americans, the GOP is determined to protect their tax incentives and loopholes at any cost, they go insane when told it is time for the wealthy to pay their fair share. When it comes to minorities, middle class, poor, women, and vets, that is a different story. The GOP will rape these groups of any incentives in order to funnel more to their special interest groups. Am I the only one who is looking at the GOP as a terrorist group? Maybe Homeland Security needs to get involved and stop the GOP from the oppression they are causing on the MAJORITY of Americans. The Republicans constantly attack Obamacare and voted 50 times to repeal it, yet, I can’t seem to find anywhere, the Republican’s alternative proposal to reform health care. Again, the GOP seems like a terrorist group to me.

  31. They give Ukraine a Billion and the undocumented Mexicans multi-billions in assistances with Food Stamps, Wic, Medicare and etc etc. In the Meantime, citizen of this country who have worked since the 16 year of age don’t get SHI#@……

  32. First if you are not documented you don’t get nothing as far as assistance goes. Stop being a racist and stick to the facts

  33. Republicans and other members of Congress have been playing politics with Unemployment Compensation extension for the past 65 days – as a result, many – if not thousands – have been forced to apply for public assistance (which takes 60 days for an approval before you can receive benefits IF and ONLY if you qualify). I personally have just received written notification from my landlord asking me to voluntarily vacate my one bedroom apt at the end of the month or she will proceed with legal action to evict me. I am 3 months behind in rent and in less than 30 days I will be homeless. Not only did I loose my job 7 months ago through no fault of my own – I am now in severe debt. Come November when it’s time to VOTE – I will remember the name of each Republican who blocked this initiative and remind them that the reason they WILL NOT get my vote is because their actions with this bill caused my financial ruin.

  34. now that SEN CORNYN is up for reelection…..TEXANS remember that SEN CORNYN was one of the REPUBLICANS who VOTED AGAINST EUC (Emergency Unemployment Compensation) which left 2 million people SUFFERING !!!:-(

  35. I keep hearing one’s without a job or on the unemployment list, a bunch of Lazy’s. not only it still at a problem that kinda is going under the radar of long term unemployed employee’s. A lot of high end politicians are having staffing agency’s not hire any long time personal. only ones with a present job only, they had that with Adecco a few years ago and it came to the forefront so to speak, it changed a little, but seems to of gone back to the same old thing, I am a proud person, very proud of where I came from, plant closings was and still is a major problem, I worked all my life and never took out a hand out, but being talked about being lazy, I would out work any politician , have any of there shoe’s ever gotten dirty. Republican’s are the worst, that smirk on there face would love to see it taken off come election time.

  36. “we, the people” need to tell congress and the senate, “you’re fired!!!” The congress don’t care.

  37. After unemployment ended I’ve lost my house and my car…and I’m literally HUNGRY right now. All I hear on the news is Iran and Russia? What the hell is happening? I’m so scared. When you find yourself desperately looking for a job for so long with a Masters’ Degree and no food in your stomach, you get enraged to a level I’ve never experienced in my life! And I’m not young.

  38. What will it take to make the Party of NO wake up? They claim there are jobs if you want to work. A lot of people would like to know where the jobs are that are supposedly there. Please Republican,Tea baggers tell us where these so called jobs are? Is it a secret?

  39. I see alot of people blame the republicans but both parties are at fault on this one. I have been out of work since last march actively searching for work but it is hard to compete when up against hundres of other applicants at a time. All the republicans want is to be able to offer amendments as a tradeoff for a yes vote but thats not good enough for the dems. I am not lazy I have worked since I was thirteen, I am in school with under a year lef ill even take a job paying much less than the 25.00 I was making I do believe the program needs to b reformed in pa you have to actively search for work in order to collect but thats not good enough its time for congress to work together and stop acting like a bunch of spoiled brats having tantrums. Its not far to hold the american people hostage for political gain I see the reason why people dont vote both partues are messed up and selfish

  40. Shiva, Have you ever been to a Social services office? 95% of the people are in fact hispanic. They only have one window for English speaking assistance. It has nothing to do with being a racist. It is a fact. My neighbor has had 4 children since 2008. Her husband works and is paid under the table, she collects cash aid and food stamps for her and her family. I see this older couple drop food off once a week to her apartment. 2-3 large boxes full. Five kids and 3 adults in a tiny one bedroom apartment. If I did that I’d be evicted. But hispanic immigrants are protected by the ACLU.

  41. All that matters right now is whats Russia gona do, nothing comes before these other countries when you live in America you’re # 4 on Washington ‘s list. To hell with how many people are becoming homeless, and worst of all lost Hope, and Faith in our country! WHATS IT GONA TAKE FOR THIS UNEMPLOYMENT EXTENSION TO GET PASSED, BESIDES A HANDFUL OF IDIOT REPUBLICANS TO GROW UP! I am almost lost it earlier when this website wanted me to contribute a certain amount to a senator for signing a petition for the vote for the minimum wage to be raised. HELLO, GOT TO HAVE A F—–ING JOB TO GET THAT RAISE.

  42. Republicans don’t care about the poor only their agenda. Everyone who lost their UI needs to spread the word to those family members who think Republicans care for them. At anytime they could be unemployed and have to go through this. It is appalling that the Republicans let this many Americans hang over the cliff on a thread and do NOTHING!!! NEVER VOTE REPUBLICAN AGAIN.

  43. Yes, there is a SS office about 9 miles from me and I have been in it at least 4 times. Not one hispanic and we have many illegals here.

    I dont know where you live, but possibly you may wish to find out if they are citizens or not. Being hispanic is not an indication of immigration status

  44. Start taking care of the people in the US n stop giving money to other places. You pay your taxes n pay into fica and you can’t collect it when needed . Shameful! Republicans suck!
    They all should loose their jobs, people say it s the other party,no no no they voted to pass it! Wake up. America! Look @ who you vote for.!!!

  45. I would have to agree with the over 50 years old theory. I have been off work since July 2013, I have been sending resumes since the day I lost my job, I have had 3 interviews for jobs all of which I know I qualified but was not given the position. I have used the little money I had saved in my 401K on medical bills and everyday survival, it’s a shame after being in the workforce since the age of 16yrs old, no children, never asking the government for anything but have paid into the system since age 16. talk about leaving something for the next generation, did anyone leave anything for our (the 1960’s) generation? all of it is nonsense if you ask me, people are just trying to live and make it, how hard is that for a human being to understand. oh, my bad it’s not them that is in need.

  46. Diane Madison and I (see our posts above) have the same idea about YouTube. Why not makes your video and address Boehner or Reid personally? Look into the camera and tell them what’s happened to you. Hold up your eviction letter:

    “These are the facts of my life ever since the December cut-off with the two months of no money that followed…”

    Destitute and Broke, my heart goes out to you. UI Benefits were established for people who had worked and, through no fault of their own, were laid off — e.g., budget cuts, business gone out of business, downsizing, aging out.

    The extensions were an enhancement for long-term unemployed men and women in a down job market. Guess what? We’re in a down job market.

    Right now, I’m just juggling payments and have worked at a couple of short-term temp jobs. My time will come, however, when I will be explaining my dire straits on my YT clip.

    Whatever you do, D&B, don’t give up! Stay tuned. Something’s got to gi…

  47. This is crazy. Can all 2 million of us get together and start a petition or something. Me and my husband were in fact homeless, eating bread from the pantries. My credit is ruined and I seem to be over or underqualified. Have applied to thousands of jobs. Moved to new state. Americans are getting screwed. People are dying in the cold and starving. Oh and if you want Obamacare even with zero income be ready to pay out the butt. I have no insurance so every time I am sick I will go to the hospital and they can write it off. I have no kids so no section 8, cash assistance, etc. I also worked many years and first time ever on unemployment. What can be done. I do agree other countries getting money is sickening, and illegals need to be kicked out and do it the right way. Could we all go to another country and get all they do? Ha I think not.

  48. Diane,

    I live in Texas as well and here is the response from Mr. Cruz that I received verbatim:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts regarding federal unemployment insurance. Input from fellow Texans significantly informs my decision-making and empowers me to better represent the state.

    My top priority in Washington is to restore jobs, opportunity, and economic growth. Extending emergency unemployment payments simply covers up the underlying problems of a failing Obama economy. Under President Obama, the rich have gotten richer, and the most vulnerable among us have been hurt the most.

    Instead of continually extending unemployment benefits, we should work together to bring back economic growth and jobs. We should repeal Obamacare, which is costing millions of jobs across the country. We should expand energy production and build the Keystone pipeline, which together would create millions more high-paying jobs. We should stop abusive regulations that are hammering small bus…

  49. Sen. Ted Cruz Response:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts regarding federal unemployment insurance. Input from fellow Texans significantly informs my decision-making and empowers me to better represent the state.

    My top priority in Washington is to restore jobs, opportunity, and economic growth. Extending emergency unemployment payments simply covers up the underlying problems of a failing Obama economy. Under President Obama, the rich have gotten richer, and the most vulnerable among us have been hurt the most.

    Instead of continually extending unemployment benefits, we should work together to bring back economic growth and jobs. We should repeal Obamacare, which is costing millions of jobs across the country. We should expand energy production and build the Keystone pipeline, which together would create millions more high-paying jobs. We should stop abusive regulations that are hammering small businesses. And we should reform our tax system to spur new investment and risk-…

  50. You have got to be kidding? My god where do you get your info? Obamacare is not killings millions of jobs, it is also creating tons of hjobs in the healthcare sector.
    The keystone will not create millions of jobs. It will create less then 500.
    The UIS will be the major exporter of oil in 5 years. Do you think for a second our oil will stay here? The goivenrment does not determine how much oil stays and goes. The oil companys do.

    You are really sadly lacking in education. Every corporation is doing with less people and longer hours. There is little the government can do to get them to hire. But then of course you are all for dropping the paltry taxes they pay so you can pay more to make up for it

  51. Glen, please contact the Democratic National Committee with this information, and give them the senators name as well. This is just more proof of how they lie to their constituents. If we get ALL these liars out of office, jobs will start flowing again. I wish you luck.

  52. The rich started getting richer under Reagan. They have gotten richer under every president since. Since Reagan, the income for the middle class has flatlined and here you are, acting like this is something new. Do you think Romney was in it for you? Seriously?

    Seen the market lately? There are millions laughing at you

  53. This is the United States you can apply for food stamps and receive them the same day. There is no reason for you to be hungry.

  54. At the risk of being crucified here, I am a conservative, Christian; however I frequently disagree with those of my own party; and this time WE are on the wrong side of the issue; actually both parties are – and for the wrong reasons!

    From blue-collar Flint, MI – home of Michael Moore, I come from a long line of auto workers. My people are car people, staunch union democrats that know hard work and hardship.

    Though a college educated IT professional, I have found myself unemployed for long periods of time over the five years. Unemployment benefits are essential and should be renewed, but paid for. However, neither party should hold the unemployed hostage over political positioning in an election year. BOTH parties are guilty of sacrificing people for politics at this time, and that’s just wrong!

    Simple tax reform would pay for it AND a better economic environment long term; but that’s not politically sexy. How much media time will you get talking taxes? Nada! Zip! Zero! Zil…

  55. …moreover – Okay, I think ObamaCare is bad policy that are government has no business being in; but fine, leave it alone, for now.

    Immigration reform is essential – stop ILLEGAL immigration, improve and encourage LEGAL immigration to provide hope to those seeking freedom and the American dream. Yep, set that aside, for now, too.

    …and so many other issues, as well, set them all aside, for now – and do one thing that could pay for unemployment relief right now – simple tax reform! Here’s how:
    1. Extend the repeal of capital gains tax (no immediate negative impact on revenue)
    2. Restore investment tax credits to stimulate business spending and investment (more economic activity = employment)
    3. MOST IMPORTANTLY – STOP SPENDING! Just stop spending MORE money. Simply freeze spending at current levels for the next two years and unemployment benefits cost can be offset with the savings gained by no spending INCREASES!

    Bottom line – pay for unemployment by being smarter.

  56. Without government intervention, the US was paying $4000.00 more per person then the next country on the list. Millions go without insurance becuase the insurance giants wouldnt touch them. People dying in the richest country in the world. Thats not something I am proud of for sure.

    And this only would have got worse. Corporations were raising rates up to 3 times a year and services being denied. SOMEONE had to step in.

    Theres one thing you can bet on. Business will not hire just because their taxes went down. That does not bring in demand. No demand, no hire. Getting rid of regulations so you can get killed in the worlplace and your children polluted will not bring about demand. There will not be one hiring without demand. The demand comes from the middle class, and the 1% is doing its best to hold them down. All the tea party stuff sounds good, but it only strangles the governmwent for the 1% to own it

  57. Shiva – my remarks are centered on the agreement that long-term unemployment benefits should be funded for as long as the economy is so stagnant.

    The causes for and solutions to the economic crisis in which we find ourselves we will likely not agree in this forum; but I can agree that demand is one of the components essential to any recovery, as our economy is consumer driven. Moreover, I agree that the middle-class is still the engine that drives consumption. We will disagree on how to solve the unemployment problems.

    For example, healthcare IS indeed in crisis; but ObamaCare is bad policy and not the way to deal with it. It will not improve care and reduce costs. While it may for some, it increases costs to others as existing policies are either canceled or premiums raised to unaffordable levels – resulting in accepting lower quality of care, or none at all. For everyone who benefits, someone else loses as a result. ObamaCare is just bad policy. There are better ways.

  58. Obamacare is the best policy going. For those who lose their policys, and that has been extended to 2017 now, the cost will not be more.

    The insurance companys had since 2010 to update those policys. They did not and now the people pay for it while others cry Obama lied. he didnt. That cannot be supported by anyone who cares
    If peoples premiums are raised simply go through the marketplace. Premiums are based on income and there are laws about how much out of pocket you can spend. The rumors you speak up do not exist. The people do not have to accept new policy’s that our priced out of reach.

    You cant create demand by lowering a corporations taxes, especially when so many of them pay no taxes

  59. You are exactly right. They need to experience the unemployment line. I’ve voted the last 18 years as straight Republican, but I may need to find another party that can better represent me. I get so tired of the government stating that the solution is more eduction. Baloney. I have two college degrees and I’ve been out of work for almost a year. I would be more than willing to take a lower paying job and I’ve applied to many but when they see my salary history they all state that as soon as I find something better I would be out of there. That excuse not to hire could be used for any level job. The problem is our government blessed the US corporations to export (off-shore) as many jobs as they could. My last job (Technical Writer) was sent to India. India! Come on, English is my native tongue. Can those that took my job in India say that? The USA has sunk to its lowest level, ever. Greed, greed, greed.

  60. We’re all a team of two million now and need to turn this humiliating betrayal into real change in America when we get on our feet. It’s insane that our own politicians would step on older, hard-working, educated voters like this. We’re not going to take this out on our pimp or drug dealer (meant with love for all mankind). We know exactly how to organize, take their jobs, smear their family names and, ideally, force homeless and hunger upon them like I’ve experienced. Sorry, but that’s justice and I’ll die tryin’.

  61. I hear what many of you are saying. The problem lies directly to the fact that Corporate America has out-sourced most of its labor. How to fix it. Make international trade with America fair-trade, not free-trade. United States needs to impart tax duties on imports, and on those companies that out-source their labor. There are five primary ways that a country can create wealth (not money, but wealth) – 1.Manufacturing, 2. Real Estate, 3. Mining, 4. Entrepreneurship, and 5. Capital. United States was once the premier country of manufacturers, and manufacturing produced million of jobs. We’ve sent almost our entire manufacturing base out of the United States or sold the operation to a foreign country. This started in the 1970’s. If United States would alter the tax laws we could easily become the manufacturing giant we once were. But with the current tax structure that is not going to happen. Currently, there is no incentive to corporations to bring profit back to the United States.

  62. When you say republicans’ refusal to vote to pass an unemployment extension is related to dems not wanting to pay for it, you’re wrong. The dems have offered a bill that is paid for but republicans rejected it, too. IMHO, if one is willfully ignorant and ideological, one deserves to be unemployed without a job and/or benefits. Republicans also rejected the 1st bipartisan bill. You can continue being unemployed, making excuses for republican inaction, and blaming democrats, but the republicans’ refusal to vote to extend unemployment benefits is 100% political. They don’t care about you, just your vote. You have a problem that many have-you’re confused and don’t understand which political party is working on your behalf. Pres. Obama’s jobs bill was written almost 3 years ago and hasn’t gone anywhere simply because republicans don’t want to give this president a “victory.” They don’t care about the unemployed. If they did, they’d have passed a jobs bill since 2010.

  63. Both parties are responsible for taking so long to extend unemployment. I think mostly Republicans because of their saying they would if Democrats kill Obamacare. Please. It’s blackmail but that is the way politics are done. Neither party is for the people they are for themselves. The greed in this country is so out of hand and is only getting worse. Why do we have the largest amount of millionaires in congress right now then ever before? They probably became millionaires while in congress. Let’s clean up this country by not voting for republicans or democrats. Maybe when neither party gets in office they might look at what the people really want!

  64. I agree, in the same boat as a lifelong Republican who now wonders where is my government and elected officials who are in DC to serve us, the people. I am not looking for a free ride, just a little help until I can get back to work. I am looking to join a new party, and throw out all the elitist bums in DC. I have worked and paid taxes since I was 13 years old. Now at 50 with a BSBA degree and a long history of experience, no one will hire me even at minimum wage. WTF? Without the help of my old parents, I would be homeless, and feel ashamed to ask them for money, so I eat once per day, PB&J and feed my cats just the generic dry food. Have cashed out and spent my 401K and now owe the IRS 35% on that. Was cut-off of EBT after one month due to a paperwork error, and for $189/mo told them to stick it up their ass. Yet we as a nation can freely give money to our enemies and other countries which goes to corrupt thieves. What the hell happened here?

  65. Yeah, I am all for new job creation and restoration of the US economy, but what do we do in the meantime. For me it is not the platforms of political power in Washington, it is about survival and keeping what little I have left and starting over at 50 years old. I need help now! Where are these trillions of government spending going? I am not to big to fail, so I guess I am on my own. If I had all the money I paid in taxes in the first place, I would not need Gov. help now. So, I guess I am a sucker who got fooled by being a patriot and believing in my government. If I lose my house and car and cellular service, the odds of getting back on my feet will be more reduced. I am just hoping for a temporary relief such that I can get things back together and will work for much less and not too proud to do that.

  66. Here, Here! Katey, well said. The members of Congress from both parties are greedy, power hungry self centered narcissists who were rich when elected and became more wealthy in office. We all need to take your advice and find a new party who actually serve the people. The current members represent themselves and play politics while the middle class suffers and become poor. I am against living off the government as a lifestyle, but temporary help is needed sometimes. Cutting people off of financial support without any notice at Christmas is just plain cruel. At least give three months notice so that we can make emergency plans and deal with our own personal situations, not out of desperation, but with wise decisions.

  67. “. I can care less who’s at fault at this point. Just fix the dam thing.”

    This is part of the problem. Too many people dont care who is responsible and so they blame government in general.

    “Fixing the damned thing” means paying attention to who is doing what and why they would see that Republicans working for the plutocracy are behind most of our problems and elect liberal Democrats.

    If people had been doing since 2004 then…

    ” We the American people…”

    would NOT be

    “… pinned to our computers day and night to see if our screwed up government has gotten off there asses yet and approved our extensions. “

  68. HEY PEOPLE are you all this dumb??? Lets start wuth the most recent stories. the great sen. harry reid said on 3-5-2014 that he is going to pull out all of the stops to get this passed. His comments were that they would vote next week on wensday or thursday wich will be around 3-12-2014 if the problems in the ukrane do not enterfiere with the vote. Now at the beging of thie month after the congress just came off a week vacation that unemployment exstenion would be the top priority. Here it will be the middle of month 3. He also blamed the weather for not being able to vote this week.Now if they do vote next week congress wil take anther vacation on the next week starting on 3-17-2014.That means that if the vote does pass it will not go to the house until the last week of the month if not later.Now the bill is to be for 6 months and 3 of these months are gone.The first vote was for 3 months and this was in january and on of the qiestions was this was not going to help the unemployed.

  69. @sandy!, 95% of social security beneficiaries are hispanics? REALLY? show us the link, this should be good

  70. Finger-pointing isn’t going to get the job done we need to take action against any of these people that are not going to help their countrymen and women. We the people need to stand up at the next election and let them know this is not right.
    I too am unemployed and extensions for cut off in December I am now homeless I no longer can drive my car legally I have no cell phone we can sit here and do a pity party for every single one of us but I honestly don’t think these guys are going to take it seriously. They would rather fund billions of dollars into the Ukraine for nothing. I have lost all hope in my country. It’s sad that I continue to keep applying and applying and applying for full and part-time jobs I made very good money and I know I’m not even going to find anything a third of what I was making. But at this point in time I don’t even care I just want to work I need money to survive I need money to get forward progress moving. It is not a handout and I am not lazy.

  71. Let’s just get the BILL extended and get some help to the people that need it. And take the people that are abusing it prosecute them throw their ass in jail I don’t care but not everybody that’s collecting unemployment is a criminal.
    Stop ignoring the problem in our country for once and deal with the problem at home and stop worrying about everybody else in the world.

  72. And you Shannon, through no fault of your own are right where the GOP wants you. Ready to take anything at any wage. In fact desparate to take it. You share the stage with millions of others who are close to saying the same thing. I dont care, just give me a job some money.

    I am not in any way criticizing you

  73. It’s 4:41 AM Friday, March 7 here in California. An hour ago, I heard top-of-the-hour CBS Radio news (KCBS San Francisco). I was just waking up and heard a brief story about an unemployed ex-military man who lost his extended benefits at the end of December. The most desperate part of his life now is that he’s had to borrow from relatives. The story was not repeated on the 4:00 AM hourly news.

    CBS News: Are we on the same planet? There are between 2-3 million Americans — long-term unemployed — who are being evicted, going hungry, and have let their gas tanks run dry because they haven’t seen a cent since December 31st and the best you can do is treat the story as a minor inconvenience to this ex-soldier’s relatives, but not necessarily to the long-term unemployed man.

    No wonder our politicians aren’t moving faster on this! They’re probably listening to and watching CBS News!

  74. It could be about 2 million altogether. As of December, about 36% of the 3.8 million long-term unemployed (over 26 weeks) were collecting unemployment benefits. That equates to about 1.4 million people at any one time who might be collecting those benefits.

    But 1.4 million or 2 million: That’s still a lot of people and their families that are struggling unnecessarily.

  75. Do you have a link to the info about these amendments? And do you really think that the Repubs would vote for these extensions if the Dems “gave a bit” on these amendments? I don’t believe it.

  76. How in the world does the end of unemployment extensions push people towards ObamaCares? How did you at all come up with that one?

  77. This bill needs 60 votes to make it to the Senate floor, and the Dems do not have the 60 votes because the Repubs are engaging in the silent filibuster.

    So there is nothing that Reid can do.

  78. The rich guys in this country, like the Kochs, want people to feel one of two things: 1. Either to be sympathetic to the teabagging “no more government” crowd or to be so cynical that they think both parties are the same. You are falling into the second group. You might even be paid by the Kochs for your comment, for all I know.

    I can’t quite understand your comment. Are you saying that the Dems should give in and get rid of ObamaCares, which would impact at least 10-15 million people who now have health insurance just to get extended unemployment benefits for about 1.4 million people?

  79. Leigh, are you saying that you lost your unemployment benefits in December? Or are you saying you lost your unemployment benefits sometime over the past 5 years? The average duration of unemployment has been going down for 2-3 years now. I’m sorry for the misery that you have been in; I know it is tough.

  80. Frank, I think you misunderstood Shiva’s comment. First of all, 1) When Reagan took office, the unemployment rate was actually GOING DOWN, though slowly. 2) Those drastic tax breaks in 1981 actually helped to cause the massive, horrible Reagan recession of 1981-1982. The country was NOT in a recession when Reagan took office. 3) After the Dems joined with Reagan and his Republicans in INCREASING taxes in late 1982, the recession started to ease and jobs started to come back. 4) Reagan was the first of the borrow-and-spend Republicans. Government spending IS stimulative, so I would challenge the idea that the tax cuts (vs. the increase in government spending) caused such job growth.

  81. Diane Madison and I (see our posts above) have the same idea about YouTube. Why not makes your video and address Boehner or Reid personally? Look into the camera and tell them what’s happened to you. Hold up your eviction letter:

    “These are the facts of my life ever since the December cut-off with the two months of no money that followed…”

    Destitute and Broke, my heart goes out to you. UI Benefits were established for people who had worked and, through no fault of their own, were laid off — e.g., budget cuts, business gone out of business, downsizing, aging out.

    The extensions were an enhancement for long-term unemployed men and women in a down job market. Guess what? We’re in a down job market.

    Right now, I’m just juggling payments and have worked at a couple of short-term temp jobs. My time will come, however, when I will be explaining my dire straits on my YT clip.

    Whatever you do, D&B, don’t give up! Stay tuned. Something’s got to give.

  82. Agreed dear Shizue Hicks! I am a 59 yr young unemployed (first time ever!) woman looking for work, whose UI benefits ran out on Feb 15th with no extensions allowed. My 21 yr old daughter still lives with me and thankfully she is now paying our rent and bills with her part time job. We hardly have gas for my car (our only car/barely drive) and just pray that we make it each week. Somehow we are with the foodbank’s help. Never been in this situation before and it seems that the worse off you are, the less help you can get (meaning foodstamps etc) I have never had to ask for help and raised 2 kids by myself. Is this the beginning of the end?

  83. We the all 2 million who has lost our unemployment benefits should organize a March On Washington as soon as possible!!!

  84. I’m a 65 yr old disabled veteran who was one of the millions who suddenly at christmas time LOST THEIR UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS thanks to the heartless republicans who voted against the extension. this has had a devastating affect on my ability to pay my bills and live a daily existence. SHAME ON THEM. maybe someday some of them will struggle. My mom bless her sole, always said what goes around comes around. But truthfully, I don’t wish this life on anybody.

  85. I think that this entire situation is a disgrace, and speaks volumes to the HUGE disconnect between the “political elite” and the rest of the country. This should never have taken place in the first place. When these two million plus unemployed workers ran out of their benefits in late December, there should have immediately been a bill passed to help these families. It’s unfortunate, that instead of assisting these families in need, many of these politicians chose to name call, an blame the victims for their predicament. I guess it’s much easier to blame others, than to actually spend the time and resources to fix the problem. It’s been three long months of debate after debate, as to whether or not to help the unemployed. Throughout this time, these families have had to struggle to survive each day, not knowing if they will be forced to be homeless the next day. Many of these people have worked all of their lives, and have paid into the system for years, and now find that the syste…

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