Mitch McConnell Tries To Save His Senate Seat By Waving a Rifle Around at CPAC

mcconnell rifle

It wasn’t too long ago that children were brutally mass murdered in Newtown, but that doesn’t stop Republicans and the NRA from displaying their callous, shallow, misguided belief that a gun makes a man.

It’s CPAC 2014.

So it should come as no surprise that Republican Mitch McConnell (R-KY) entered the stage holding a rifle over his head to cheers. After all, the Senate Minority Leader is pretty desperate to turn on the rabid Republican base, who aren’t very impressed with him. What better way to do it than to carry an image of alleged power like a gun, which represents to the little ones who have a lot to prove the power to murder another living creature? So hot, amiright? This moment was captured by Politico’s Director of Photography, M. Scott Mahaskey, in the above image.

Watch McConnell give the gun to the Republican Senator from Oklahoma, Tom Coburn, here if you have not eaten yet, or have been hard wired to watch old white men who are so unaware that they have no idea how Freudian trading a rifle to commemorate the end of one’s career appears:

Trying too hard (just a hint, but responsible gun owners are not so immature that they think their gun proves something):

Coburn McConnell and a gun

We are to believe this is not a hopeful phallic symbol of potency and relevancy being passed from one dinosaur to another, but rather a lifetime achievement award. Jeff Zeleny, ABC News Senior Washington Correspondent, explained that the gun is a lifetime achievement award from the NRA that McConnell presented to Coburn:

McConnell spent his speech attacking Democrats to no avail. McConnell chanted the obligatory conservative conspiracy theories about the IRS and Benghazi, but even these fail safes didn’t arouse for him any conservative love. McConnell finally tapped into the conservative crowd’s sweet spot with some blind, stupid Obama hate, saying Obama is “treating our Constitution worse than a place mat at dinner.” This from a leader of the party that enabled W, speaking behind an evil teleprompter no less, about our constitutional lawyer president. But reality has no place at CPAC.

If you claim Obama is treating the Constitution like a place mat with a gun over your head whilst cheering the death of a gay soldier, you win at CPAC. Bonus points for ordering a woman to get you a beer while you’re doing it, and explaining that the war on women is all in her pretty head.

Zeleny also shared McConnell’s strategy over avoiding the income inequality debate:

I suppose trying to raise the minimum wage and providing affordable access to healthcare insurance might be seen as “nothing” by someone who is as wealthy and out of touch as Mitch McConnell. But then, that’s not too comforting, especially given his failure to come up with a jobs plan in the last 30 years (no, that’s not a typo).

But you are to forget all of that real policy stuff that impacts you and yours, and focus on the GUN. THE GUN.

Yes, it’s CPAC 2014 – the convention of Neanderthals for “freedom”, also known as the clever manipulations of the corporate gun lobby playing on the festering feelings of disempowerment that permeate the lower classes during a recession. Well done, corporate masters and puppets.

“If I’m given the opportunity to lead the U.S. Senate next year, I won’t let you down,” Mitch McConnell said on stage. And it makes sense if you realized to whom he was directing this promise. Hello, NRA, Koch Brothers, et al.

Image: Politico’s Director of Photography, M. Scott Mahaskey

20 Replies to “Mitch McConnell Tries To Save His Senate Seat By Waving a Rifle Around at CPAC”

  1. to bad the idiot didnt have a nuclear weapon to parade out on stage. These people are absolutely deplorable. I say to every single Democrat, Independent, get out and vote vote vote. Take two people with you. These morons need to be put in the unemployment line where they cant draw the benefits they denied everyone else.

  2. I knew Charlton Heston and you sir, are no Charlton Heston! Problem is he is not much of anything but a tired old bigot and obstructionist. Time to say good bye , Mitch

  3. Mitch McConnell has let his state down almost every year that he’s been in office. And now he decides that he want let anyone down? You can be sure he wasn’t talking to the people of his state, he was talking to the extremists and his party and their owners.

    Mitch McConnell is caught in a time warp. A lifetime politician trying to be a teabag. It doesn’t work Mitch

  4. Curses! See how ya’ are! you said basically what I was going to post. Sane minds think alike It seems. But before we shine up ol’ Chuckies reputation he did turn into a flat out nutcase and coward in his golden years! He treated Michael Moore un fairly and was a coward when it came to answering HONEST questions with an HONEST answer, instead Chuck turned yellow. Mr. Heston was ONLY a hero ON screen let’s all remember that.

  5. Whoever made that horrendous background wall should be commend for remind us how eyesore it is for us to watch them on the TV.

  6. Sorry folks but he has always been an old queen, when he was drafted into the service he had a short tenure due to (most think) getting too touchy feely with other young soldiers who did not want his advances, but he had someone in government as an ally who helped to get his discharge papers hidden.

    The story now is that he had a cyst on his butt, everyone knows better, and the military medics can certainly cure a cyst.

    Just google ‘the strange story of Mitch McConnell military discharge’

  7. @Joan, thank you for the info, Mike Rogers top gay activist did a very deep investigative story on McConnell and his strange discharge from the military. It’s apparent that mitch, graham, larry graig all have something in common, a CLOSET for a prison. I wonder what the holier than thou religious right would think about ole mitch if they actually studied ANYTHING?

  8. Did I see Jesse James and Billy the Kid at this cowboy jamboree staged for a bunch of lying GOP thieves.

  9. The Conservative Circus O’ Crap must be in session again.

    Kinda funny, though. I mean, they spout off with the same old crap over and over and over again. They must think that if we do this 101 times instead of 100 times, it’ll actually work.

    How dumb. How naive.

  10. Last time I saw an old fool waving around a 50 caliber Hawken talking stupid, I dropped membership in the NRA, that was a long time ago.

  11. Anyone dissing how the president looks or dresses really has to be ignoring the vain and futile attempt to make McConnell look manly with that gun. Didn’t work.

  12. Silly liberals. Whine like babies but when you’ve lost all your rights and are totally dependent on the government, thanks to your lord and savior Obama, you’ll realized that the liberal koolaid was just too much for you. But thats OK. Those of us with brains will get your country back, of course with no help from you. So sit back, enjoy what you think is the good life. Its going to short lived.

  13. Too bad this gun didn’t accidentally discharge!! Looks like Mitch is not too familiar with guns. Was his “toy boy” in attendance, the one Mitch was in tears over when he took a job a few blocks away from Mitch’s office? Well, folks, the best is yet to come. Their pin-up girl, $carah PayMe is all fired up for today’s speech. I wonder what her gimmick will be this year? Last year it was the big gulp cup. Maybe she will wear her hooker shoes with the Stars and Stipes emblazoned on them.

  14. Yes I think you should change your name but LoneBrainCell0000. Because what you posted made absolutely NO sense what so ever.

  15. I call this event the Crazy Peoples Action Conference because it just is. This is a gathering of nothing more that Thieves, Murderers, Rape Apologists, LIARS! and Theocratic Corporate Robber Baron Scum. Notice since Chris Crispy has been proven to be a Liar, a Bully and a Thief that he is now invited to this Conservative Criminal Cabal. All Hail the 4th Reich!!

  16. It’s time for Mitch to go. He has done nothing for his state or the people of America in years. Waving around a shotgun does not make you manly. You should have stood up for the average Americans long ago Mitch. We will be glad to see you go!!

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