Mitch McConnell’s Musket Stunt Backfires as He Gets Busted For Not Owning A Gun


The wheels are falling off of Mitch McConnell’s Senate reelection campaign faster than you can say, not from my cold dead hands. It turns out that McConnell looked so uncomfortable waving that musket around at CPAC because he doesn’t even own a gun.

According to the Courier-Journal:

Whatever the case, McConnell just didn’t look comfortable waving the flintlock musket above his head.

Instead of recalling images of Charlton Heston at NRA conventions, where the late actor incited the crowd by raising a similar gun, McConnell looked a bit more like Michael Dukakis riding in a tank or President Barack Obama shooting skeet at Camp David, or Jimmy Carter doing much of anything.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that he didn’t look natural. A search of Courier-Journal archives and the Internet found no other photos of McConnell holding a gun and despite his constant support of gun rights, McConnell has never cultivated the image of a hunter — unless his prey is that of a political sort.

His campaign refused to say if McConnell hunts, shoots targets or even owns a gun and last fall when Grimes challenged McConnell to a shootout at a gun range, he ignored a reporter who asked if he would take her up on her offer and walked away.

This is where common sense comes into play. If McConnell owned a gun, hunted, or had remote familiarity with the thing that he was waving over his head at CPAC, his campaign would have been crowing about it in ads across the state. Mitch McConnell already possesses a lower than dirt approval rating, and the electorate feels little connection with him. That’s the whole reason why Mitch was waving the rifle over his head like a demented cross between Charleton Heston and Charles Bronson at CPAC.

McConnell was looking for the photo op. He was hoping that the picture and video would show the folks back home that he really is one of them. He never expected anyone to ask whether or not he shoots, or if he even owns a gun. Sen. McConnell has never played the good old boy hunter before, and his attempt to send a misleading message has completely backfired.

It is a symbol of Minority Leader McConnell’s desperation to keep his seat. This stunt also highlights why he is in serious jeopardy of getting bounced out of the Senate. McConnell thinks Kentucky voters really are that dumb. His campaign believed if he was seen with a gun, the voters would be convinced that he is regular folk.

All candidates do this kind of posing, but when asked do you own a gun? They usually don’t refuse to answer the question. The McConnell campaign’s refusal to answer is the equivalent of answering no. Figuratively speaking, Mitch McConnell shot himself in the foot by trying to pretend that he was something that he wasn’t.

Voters aren’t buying what their senior senator is selling, and McConnell is sending himself into retirement by treating people as if they are total morons. Mitch McConnell is fooling none of the people none of the time, and his act has worn thin in Kentucky.

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  1. I find it quite funny that he looked stupid brandishing a gun. Whether he actually owns one or not, it was a tactic that reflects his desperation to retain the votes of his base in Kentucky to win re-election. I bet he looked even more stupid than he usually does, and that’s saying a whole lot. It gives me great pleasure to know that he’s in the political fight of his life. He not only should never have been elected to the Senate in the first place. Considering that he’s done absolutely nothing for Kentucky or anyone anywhere else in this country, he also doesn’t deserve to be re-elected.

  2. ‘McConnell thinks Kentucky voters really are that dumb.’ I live in KY and unfortunately this may be the truth. Most are at least dumb enough to vote against their own best financial interests because the Democratic party supports….wait for it….Marriage Equality…ewhhh how icky…This issue of course has absolutely nothing to do with their own personal situations but that does not stop them from making that one of their top priorities when selecting someone to vote for. Oh and also I forgot, Grimes will be a rubber stamp senator for the scary black man in the white house.

  3. He may have one in that closet he has been hiding in all his life (check out his military records) I still contend he looked like Jed Clampett on the Beverly Hillbillys.

  4. McConnell’s constituency is changing faster than he realizes. Grimes has a real shot at unseating him. Kentucky has been trending democratic for awhile now. Frankly, I think they are finally seeing thru much of smokescreen he’s used over the years..and I don’t think he’ll be the only one to feel that heat this election year. I still have real hope that the House will flip. If it does, perhaps, we’ll finally get something done.

  5. I’m not a fan of the guy or the NRA, but you can support a cause without it directly benefitting you. I’m straight and support gay marriage. I don’t smoke weed or want to, but I support legalization. I could go on and on.

    I mean, it is silly to brandish a weapon to try to fit in, but I don’t think he ought to even have to like guns to believe people have the right to own them.

  6. Watching everything coming out of cpac is like the Titanic. The ship is sinking and the band plays on.

  7. Hey, Mitch! I think Gov. Dukakis can lend you this nice old helmet that you can wear while going for a tank ride. It’ll be another great photo op!

  8. How can a state that gave the country Henry Clay, Cassius Clay(19th century), Alben Barkley, John Sherman Cooper, and Thurston Morton be proud of now giving the County, Mitch McConnell, whose only goal for four years was preventing Obama from getting reelected and the Paul Person who supports nothing to move the country forward.

  9. How bout it. All I have seen and heard from these people is the same old crap that got us in this mess in the first place. Don`t they know they are the laughing stock to the rest of the world.

  10. “Instead of recalling images of Charlton Heston at NRA conventions, where the late actor incited the crowd by raising a similar gun, McConnell looked a bit more like Michael Dukakis riding in a tank or President Barack Obama shooting skeet at Camp David, or Jimmy Carter doing much of anything.”
    What a snotty and ignorant thing to say by the Courier-Journal.

    “Carter graduated 59th out of 820 midshipmen at the Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree.[13] After serving in both the Atlantic and Pacific U.S. Submarine Fleets, Jimmy Carter attended graduate school, majoring in reactor technology and nuclear physics.” (Wikipedia)

    He was highly educated in a very difficult field and served honorably in the US Navy, desiring to make it a career and even become the Chief of Naval Operations. He only resigned his commission in order to take over the family farm after the death of his father.

  11. McConnell stunt is the exact same performed by Republicans parading as American patriots and Christians…

  12. Trouble is, Mitch is not conservative enough for the low-info, dim-bulb voters in Kentucky. Heck, they have preachers that can’t preach without a rattlesnake in their hands!

  13. Yes, Mitch looked out of place and yes, he is pandering to the electorate. He has always done this and contributes nothing. He is a rubber-stamp for Obama and looks hilarious every time he speaks. However, reading the comments here it seems there are many people out there just as ridiculous and just as intellectually handicapped. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Keepin’um laughing and still nothing gets accomplished. Who have you voted for in the Congress that actually did something?

  14. The hypocrisy of the republican party just knows no low. From the political party that has absolutely nothing to offer 99 percent of Americans, the habitual lying and hate of the republican liars and haters never ceases. The GOP is a political party where everyone lies and hates, lying and hating their way threw every day of every month, not one thing from the party of habitual lies and hate is anything but lies and hate. Their despicable lies in their disgusting grab for political power at any cost is insufferable. The GOP and their constant sickness of lies and hate must be ended. November 2014, the GOP dies in the voting booth so our country can finally be safe from their lies and hate once and for all.

  15. Not every one can become a living lie quickly. It takes years–generations–of pathological practice and dedication.

  16. And the music they were playing when he was out there was “Livin’ on a Prayer”. He didn’t even realize they were mocking him.

  17. I find it interesting how so many portray Jimmy Carter as a wimp, but he served honorably in the US military.

    Wanting to be a peacemaker, instead of a warmonger, doesn’t make you a wimp. And in some cases, it involves a lot more bravery.

  18. Don’t you think should answer your own question first before accusing anybody else?

    Also, you’re painfully confused about McConnell’s political relationship with Obama. Seriously.

  19. It is indeed interesting to see all of the comments on here about the need for campaign and electoral reform. Oh yes, I am in the Senate race in Kentucky in the Democratic primary. You can find my platform at I am also on facebook and twitter as well and one youtube video. Campaign finance reform/electoral reform are my number one priorities. I also agree to serve no more than two terms in the Senate.

    Greg Leichty
    Democratic Candidate for United States Senate

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