Thank God She Lost: Bitter Sarah Palin Calls for the Nuking of Russia ASAP


Sarah Palin was in rare form tonight at CPAC. The crowd loved her, more than any other speaker. She said if she doesn’t run for President, she loves Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

Though she gave a rousing rendition of a rage-filled Green Eggs and Ham riff, proving that she is still the Queen of mean girl spite, Palin predictably tripped over reality when she was instructing President Obama on foreign policy. “Mr. President,” she spat, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke.”

Translation: Nuke Russia now or else it’s green eggs for you, Mr President! Neener-neener! Since Palin credited the NRA with her “thinking” on nukes, she’s admitting she’s basing her nuclear policy on the idea that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is if a “good guy” with a gun shoots them. Hence, someone is nuking someone.

Watch here:

First she mocked Obama for being weak with Putin, and backed up her nastiness with a bunch of lies about Obamacare and all of the things Obama promised us that haven’t happened in her Barbie Princess Politics world. Obama promised a perfect world and it didn’t happen!

So we got, “Mr. President, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke.”

“He promised to heal the planet and stop the rise of the oceans, but the planet is not listening to Dr. Obama and the only thing rising in his la-la land is the Russian empire.” This from the woman whom the Russian paper Prava labeled a “traitor” for exactly this kind of talk. Why Putin is rearing his head when Palin is still in the world keepin’ an eye on him is beyond me, but I guess when she quit on Alaska, she quit on America too, so fung you America.

Palin’s entire speech can be summed up with “I hate you Barack!”, peppered in with mocking John Kerry’s face and Obama’s pen (which she clearly doesn’t understand is a reference to executive orders, which is the opposite of weak, but whatevs, why is this reality TV wannabe still the highlight of CPAC?).

She lectured the President about the debt with her trademark smirking school marm disappointment, with a tinge of her old standby, the dominatrix. Yet Palin left Alaska in quite the hole. She’s not one who can really point fingers when it comes to debt. Or Socialism.

Palin egged on the crowd in spite of reality, “We’re not here to rebrand a party but to rebuild a country. We’re in the business of digging ourselves out of debt, restoring competitiveness, educating our children, and liberating our potential.” So, Republicans plan to dig us out of debt by charging up the credit card when they are in power and then blaming the Democratic President for the bills, whilst collecting no revenue? More Fairy Princess land politics.

But this is Palin and the GOP, so reality isn’t playing an actual role in this party. In rode the Unicorn as Palin told women that the war on women doesn’t exist. She informed everyone that it is Democrats who are subjugating women, “Who’s really stereotyping you? … Honey, that’s not liberation. That’s subjugation.”

Yes, just let the nice Republican men make all of your decisions for you, ladies, because that’s liberation Palin style!

If you can’t/won’t listen, add a screech and a lot of bitterness into all of the quotes, for which she utilized a teleprompter, and just imagine you’re back in middle school and she’s the really angry girl who used to be popular but no one talks to her anymore. This is her “I don’t care! I really don’t care!” speech, given to the girl now dating her ex, the quarterback.

Points to Palin for going positive even for a moment, though, because this was fresh for her, “It is because of you that I have never been more optimistic about the future of our one nation, under God. So stand up and stiffen your spine. Ya gotta fight for it. The best is yet to come.”

But even with that bit of hope (going Obama, Palin?), we are thanking God (and the voters) that Sarah Palin is nowhere near the White House. The idea of Palin and McCain running the world right now is utterly terrifying.

83 Replies to “Thank God She Lost: Bitter Sarah Palin Calls for the Nuking of Russia ASAP”

  1. the main reason we haven’t got the world the President said we would have is because of the racist republican’t party and DINO’s

  2. The vulgarity and vacuity of her social and political argument is pretty telling of CPAC which keeps inviting her back to rouse applauds, the same as when frat members hear someone yell “beer”: both beer and Palin in excessive quantity is tough on one’s brains!

  3. I’m glad I read her comments rather than actually hearing that horrible voice that can make dogs howl and cats yowl. As always, her abysmal stupidity is unsurprising along with the response to her from the “choir” she was preaching to. God knows, no one with an ounce of brains or impatience with the antics of a 50-year-old mean girl wants to hear what she has to say. When McCain and she lost in 2008, we didn’t just dodge a bullet. We also dodged nuclear weapons.

  4. Its just that Palin is so unbelievably stupid. An intelligent person doesnt mention nukes when two or more country’s are in negotiations for a cause. palin has no idea that nuking Russia is the SAME as nuking her hated state of Alaska. This woman is so far beyond stupid he should never be in public.

    I feel for the people who come here and defend her saying she got alaska out of debt when she left it deep in debt. They support someone who has never had an original idea in her life.

  5. Well I tried to watch the video but just could not stomache it ater about 30 seconds. She had the audacity to trash John Kerry a veteran of the highest honor. That was enough. Advocating using nuclear weapons yeah thats responsible. She quit as governor what does that tell you? Its time to turn red states blue and make these jackasses go away.

  6. Well, Ms. Palin has improved her reading skills – I see she’s up to Dr. Seuss.

    Maybe by the next CPAC convention she can learn what mutually assured destruction means and why it’s a bad thing.

    Good heavens this woman is a nitwit.

  7. I’m scared, take the mouthy idiot out. You don’t have the right to piss off other countries and put us at risk, take her out and shut her up.

  8. This poor excuse of a human being is the prime example of why some animal species eat their young.

  9. If you were raised in a country where the government controlled the media completely and you had no idea what “freedom of speech” is, you’d naturally assume this to be government policy.

  10. Had Palin and McCain had their way back in 2008, the United States would have declared war on Russia, North Korea, Iran, and the ‘country of Africa’ (Sarah’s personal pick).

  11. She plgiaristed the Dr. Seuss via annette
    I do not like this Uncle Sam
    Posted on November 29, 2013 by The Political Hat

    From a poem that’s been making the rounds recently:

    I do not like this Uncle Sam
    I do not like this healthcare scam
    I do not like these dirty crooks
    or how they lie and cook the books
    I do not like when Congress steals
    I do not like their secret deals
    I do not like ex-Speaker, Nan
    I do not like this “YES, WE CAN”
    I do not like this spending spree
    I’m smart, I know that nothing’s free
    I do not like your smug replies
    when we complain about your lies
    I do not like this kind of hope
    I do not like it, Nope, Nope, Nope!
    Again! Remember when she Plag Newts speech?
    And Rand Paul does it also,too?!

  12. you have to admit, she has her shtick down. shes got her stage direction and writers spewing red meat as fast as she can…. good script who ever wrote it.

    cpac, brought to you by, koch industries. ‘better living with fascism.’

  13. Sarah Palin: a real Jezebel, wink and all…..and her Ahab was John McCain… count on it…her end will be the same as jezebel’s. And Michelle Bachman? She’s going to jail….

  14. Shiva, if she cut off a baby’s head they would find a way to defend her. Those are her cult followers.
    And she is too drugged up to notice wth she is saying.
    She is a treasonous mess!

  15. Speaking of vacuity, this:

    “She informed everyone that it is Democrats who are subjugating women, “Who’s really stereotyping you? … Honey, that’s not liberation. That’s subjugation.”

    Wonder who wrote that for her? I guarantee you she doesn’t know the definition of ‘subjugation’, nor could she spell it.

  16. Damn you John McCain, this is all your fault for putting this hapless ninny in the American political public eye. Sarah Palin, the herpes simplex of American politics.

  17. Mr.Harristing with ,first of all well said! In my opinion what we must do is get involved in all elections not just Presidential!Get the word out to the young to learn a bit about Politics starting with local elections and never assume that any election is not important.I am still upset with myself for going to the polls when Sink was running against that crook Scott!I never thought he had a chance!

  18. 1. In street terms, she’s “ignant”. Ignorant is I don’t know. “Ignant” is “I don’t know OR care”. That’s Sarah.

    2. Is she too stupid to realize that no one has dropped a atomic weapon on another nation since we did in 1945? We both have deterrence x 10 already.

    3. Is too stupid to not know of a little thing called “fallout”? The winds can take it to Alaska depending upon what we bomb. What does she want, Moscow? Okay. Fallout in Eastern Europe and many of our new allies. Collateral damage. But we got the bad guys! How did she get to be Governor, much less a Vice Presidential nominee?

  19. Why, oh why, does anyone care one iota what this woman has to say? She is, at best, intentionally ignorant and, at worst (my vote) an idiot.

  20. Well I’ll tell ya Fred I vote everytime I dont care if it’s only the dog catcher running. Here we have New Mexico State University and you talk about well informed young people that are eager to vote! They cant wait.

  21. President Obama has kept a lot of promises, and historians say he is the most accomplished president since Franklin Roosevelt. Even more accomplished than St. Ronnie! President Obama could have gotten a lot more done, if it hadn’t been for the GOPigs!

    $arah Palin is no position to talk about “broken promises.” $arah Palin QUIT on Alaska, and when she quit she broke all the promises she made!

    I heard $arah Palin only got 2% of the vote in the CPAC straw poll. Even the people who took this poll know she’s a sideshow freak!

    Does $arah Palin realize how close Russia is to Alaska? If President Obama nuked Russia, it might also hit Alaska! Hmmm. We could finally be rid of $arah Palin! Go for it, President Obama!

    Nobody is listening to $arah Palin, especially not President Obama. $arah Palin needs to go away, and STFU!

  22. I’d bet a lot that if you asked her if she knew what “subjugation” meant, she’d say, “Of course I do! Subjugation! It’s when you’re, uh, subjugationed!”

  23. Palin has proven once again just what a mindless moron she is.

    Go back to Alaska,Sarah.Strip and sit on the ice.Do that and do us all a favor.Disappear into the Tundra,never to return

  24. Did Alaska pass a Marijuana law? It seems she was high on something. Whoever wrote the speech did a good job,if cementing her reputation as a total buffoon was the goal. I think the CIA should hire her to watch Russia from her living room and report any suspicious activity.

  25. “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke.” Okay, Sarah, but here’s a question for you: You have this vitriolic hatred for Barack Obama. He is the president of the US so I am assuming he’s the bad guy in this belief of yours, right? Which means you support Putin, your next door neighbor up there in Alaska and you want Russia to nuke us. Why do you hate America? Is it because most of us were smart enough to not allow your stupid ass to be the VP?

  26. Sarah Palin – Remember that you are not in any position of authority — president, vice president. You lost the 2008 election because the people voted against you and McCain. Life goes on, so deal with it and move on!

    Grow up!

  27. Thank you John McCain for discovering this ignorant bitch. If it was not for you, we would not be dealing with this clown. Again, thank you John McCain.

  28. Oh Sarah you are so fickle, just the day before yesterday you were salivating over Putin and his chest and his bears, now you want to nuke him.

    Lady, you are an ‘idiot’

  29. She got to be govenor ‘cuz her opponent was “Frank the Bank”. Alaskans were saying and voting anyone but Murkowski.

  30. Did anybody notice how frickin’ BOMBED she was?! She either got into the sauce or she ripped a bong and had the dry mouth going on. She was wobbling all over the podium and was anybody else was distracted by the constant “tck” tongue clicking.

    She invoked the Guns Gods and Guts. The trifecta of stupid.

  31. It’s one thing to be a money grabbing republican AS$HAT!, but sarah just keeps getting bolder and bolder! the GOP allowing the mentally ill and make NO mistake about sarah palin is a sociopath! she fits this mental disorder to a tee. sarah talks this hate because she has NO- ZERO- absolutely bereft of conscience and dignity! in her world its ALL about the MONEY, look how she’s plays her own family members!! and the GOP invited her to a CPAC klan meeting? why am I NOT surprised?

  32. Damn sad when that is all you have to deliver a keynote address. How pathetic. My teenage grandkids make more sense than she does.

  33. Hater/racist/quitter Say-rah Palin the most hated woman in the world has come to this. She couldn’t have hated on the president more than she did last evening.( In actuality, and from what I read all the time on the Internet, Palin would love to have a one night stand with Pres. Obama. She can’t quit talking about the man. (Oops. Did I just say that!)

    Aside…. I came across this article on Think Progress this morning re: Bob Gates.
    who actually stood up for the president …..and…..on Fox News! I’ll bet that knocked Fox for a loop.


    Thanks as always Sarah for your articles on Palin. Love them! Keep up the good work.

  34. Jezebel???
    If I was a white woman, Sarah Palin would embarrass me everytime she appeared in public and opened her mouth.

  35. You had no content and quite frankly, you are living on cliches. Shouldnt you be out lying to people? Move along

  36. What a deceitful post. She obviously did not say ‘nuke Russia.’ Nothing quite like falsifying someone’s remarks in order to attack her. Despicable.

  37. What does a good man with a nuke can stop a bad man with a nuke mean to you? A chance to defend the mistress of grift? Do you think any deeper then a pile of leaves?

  38. Nuclear deterrence kept the relative peace for fifty years, but this young reporterette probably wasn’t born back then, and so does not believe it ever existed. Pity. I hope she finishes her education before embarrassing herself further.

  39. ACtually, Palin didn’t call for the nuking of Russia. All she said was “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a is a good guy with a nuke.” All that means is that a heavily armed ruthless strongman is discouraged from aggression by a free society that is also well armed and capable of defending itself and it’s interests. After all, during WWII, were Hitler, Tojo or Mussolini defeated by being asked to lay down their arms?

  40. We should eliminate all US nukes. Then we should eliminate all US firearms. Then we should eliminate all US kitchen knives, baseball bats, lead pipes, and fireplace pokers.

    The world would be much safer then, because none of our enemies would ever attack us. Since we have no weapons, our enemies would have nothing to fear from us. And if we got rid of all of our weapons, I’m SURE everyone else would too, because WE did first.


  41. Translation: Nuke Russia now or else it’s green eggs for you, Mr President! Neener-neener! Since Palin credited the NRA with her “thinking” on nukes, she’s admitting she’s basing her nuclear policy on the idea that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is if a “good guy” with a gun shoots them. Hence, someone is nuking someone.



    WTF??? Even I can’t spin that translation.

  42. We are the heaviest armed gorilla in the room. What is your point? No, wait. What was palins point? She knows we have the most firepower, does that mean she is incredibly stupid?

  43. If good guys with weapons are not a protection against bad guys with weapons, why do we have police?

    Unfortunately, if you don’t get it now (and you probably don’t) you may learn the hard way in the next few years if America continues to disarm.

  44. Always SO MAD at shit that has not and NEVER WILL happen! Not ONE PERSON anywhere has suggested getting rid of anyone’s GUNS! Is it really so insane and oppressive to have do background checks at gun shows, cause that really was the only change asked for. FFS I don’t understand this constant rage at stuff that doesn’t exist!

  45. She’s exactly at the same place in March 2014 that she was in September 2008. To the delight of her fellow buffoons in her party, she happily delivers juvenile snark, which is even more strikingly age-inappropriate now that she’s 50 than it was when she was 44. Even then, it was more suited to a middle-school mean girl persona. Nothing disguises the fact that she is totally bereft of any ideas, any policies, or any knowledge of national/international affairs. She is still a laughingstock in this country and abroad, but it doesn’t matter to her as long as she gets attention no matter how distasteful it is.

  46. There is just one problem. America is not being disarmed. We will have the power to blow the earth up many times over, and no one is taking anyones penis extenders

  47. Once again, I’m confused.

    Palin wants us to bomb Russia ASAP.

    Anti-choice groups want to hold their conference there.

    Please! Make up your minds!

    At least wait until after the anti-choice nutters have their pow-how in Moscow before asking for war?

  48. Sarah feels entitled to babble. after all, she was a vice presidential candidate wasn’t she? That is her license to be on T.V. to call Pres. Obama names, to believe she was the first Women candidate from any political party in the U.S.
    She has totally forgotten or never heard of the very first. A Dem. A women named Geraldine Ferraro. Sorry poor little Sarah, you go down in history as not only the dumbest, but also in second place, as a women candidate.
    Sooo… I’d say Sarah, you failed as a beauty contestant, you failed as a Mother, you failed as Gov. and you failed as being the first women candidate. DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!

  49. I LOVE Theodore Geissel so don’t get me wrong – “Green Eggs and Ham” is about the reading comprehension level of the fans of CPAC, and Sarah has continued to meet that level intellectually throughout the years.

    Perhaps if she read some of Dr. Seuss’ other books, Yertle the Turtle, The Lorax, The Sneetches, Scarah would have a clue.

  50. SARAH did NOT call for nuking Russia. What she did say was:

    “Mr. President, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke …”


    OBAMA won the Noble Prize for doing nothing. He then called for a world without nuclear weapons.

    INSTEAD, we have IRAN about to get nukes. But it will not just be Iran. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia, to name a few, will soon follow Iran.

    TRUTH is OBAMA did nothing to stop the greatest proliferation of nuclear weapons the world has ever seen. Before long, dozens of countries will have nukes, many whom despise everything about America and our freedoms.

    It might be a good time to start living somewhere else then a major city like NY, LA, San Fran…

    One nuke can ruin your entire day.

  51. “TRUTH is OBAMA did nothing to stop the greatest proliferation of nuclear weapons”

    Hilarious! You have no idea how hilarious that statement is. You just get here yesterday?

    “INSTEAD, we have IRAN about to get nukes.”


    “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke”

    And anyone partially intelligent would interpret that as?

  52. You have to be a world class idiot to even contemplate the use of Nuclear weapons when our national interest are not at risk. Then again you are a idiot for even taking what this grifter has to say seriously

  53. djchefron,

    You have completely missed my point.

    It is not the USA using nukes that worries me, but rather the dozens of soon to be new members of the nuclear weapons club … countries that despise our freedoms, despise women’s rights, despise gay rights, despise democracy, despise Liberals … countries that are lead by suicidal, apocalyptic, fanatics.

    As horrible as such threats may be, all serious people must take them seriously.

    If we are to leave a better world for our children, we must first confront the world as it is and not as we wish it to be.

    Evil does exist and always will. Putin is evil and dangerous. Iran’s mullahs are evil and dangerous. North Korea’s Kim is evil and dangerous.

    Dems and Repubs, Libs and Cons, must work together to defeat evil and protect the peace.

  54. REPLY TO djchefron,

    Iran, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela, Egypt, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia … this is just a partial list and more certainly will want them if others get them.

    These countries have nukes:

    1.Russia 13,000
    2.United States 9,400
    3.United Kingdom 1,850
    4.China 1,300 (rapidly growing)
    5.France 1,240
    6.Pakistan 70-90
    7.India 60-80
    8.India 50-70 (British Controlled)
    9.North Korea >10
    10. Israel 80 (Unconfirmed)

    Some people also believe that Japan has nukes.

  55. Some people believe in the easter bunny
    Taiwan does not possess nuclear weapons.Since 1988, Taiwanese leaders have maintained the position that Taiwan will not seek nuclear weapons in the future

    Iran has suspended their enrichment
    Venezuela possesses almost no nuclear infrastructure, little nuclear expertise, and is a member of both the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean (Tlatelolco Treaty),
    Turkey is not known to possess nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons or weapons programs, and is a member in good standing of all of the major treaties governing their acquisition and use.

    Just stop your bovine excrement

  56. Palin was known from the time she was a little girl as someone who never for a slight, whether perceived or real. Since President Obama dared to win the election, defeating Palin (she conveniently forgets that she was running for V.P. and it was actually McCain who was defeated) she will hold this against him until the day she dies. There was a lot of talk about how Palin was always out for vengeance when she was Governor of Alaska, using her position to do so. It’s obvious she certainly hasn’t mellowed over time. I hold Palin personally responsible for much of the attitude that developed towards PBO during the campaign in ’08 and afterwards. Her disgusting, venomous attacks were a new low in politics and worse yet, she’s proud of the fact. Palin will always be known as the worst joke ever inflicted upon American voters.

    Palin–ALL SNARK, NO SUBSTANCE–easily sums up whatever she has to say in any given circumstance.

  57. Sarah Palin is not really stupid. She is kind of intellectually challenged and uneducated and not very articulate. She is smart enough to sell her snake oil medicine show to the morons at CPAC and to the dumb asses in Alaska who elected her governor. It doesn’t take a genius to catch on that you can make a crap load of money being a conservative pundit without being particularly smart. Look at Limbaugh, Hannity and Glen Beck, all mentally deficient but very successful. They are all smart enough to to know how to keep their very stupid sheep listening. It’s not about being patriotic or even telling the truth, it’s business, and Palin is good at it.

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