Candy Crowley Gets Caught Repeatedly Lying About Obamacare On CNN


While interviewing Charlie Crist on CNN’s State Of The Union host Candy Crowley repeated numerous lies about Obamacare that came directly from Fox News and the Republican Party.


During an interview with Democratic candidate for Florida governor, Charlie Crist, CNN State Of The Union host Candy Crowley said, “In the end, you did see that about 300,000 Floridians did lose the healthcare they currently had. They may have signed up by now. They have found alternatives, etc. But they had insurance that they liked, but it didn’t fit under the restrictions of what Obamacare wanted in an insurance policy. You also have this Medicare Advantage where it may see some cuts. We’re not sure how that will work out, but certainly in Florida, there is real fear that seniors who are using the Medicare Advantage plan will in fact see their list of doctors shrink.”

When Charlie Crist responded that he didn’t think that it would happen and that Republicans were using this as a fear tactic, Crowley came back with another lie, “But some did lose their insurance that they had that’s a fact.”

No, it’s not a fact. Candy Crowley was completely wrong. It turns out that she got her inaccurate information about Obamacare from an interview that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) did with Fox News in October 2013.

Video of Rubio on Fox News:

PoliFact graded that graded the idea that 300,000 Floridians lost their health insurance as mostly false, which on the warped PolitiFact grading system means that Rubio was totally lying. The 300,000 number comes directly from the Republican Party manipulating a notice the Florida Blue sent out to their policy holders.

Crowley was not only passing off Republican lies as fact, but she also completely ignored the truth.

A report by Rep. Henry Waxman and the Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee found that the actual number of people who lost their insurance due to the ACA was 10,000, so it impossible for 300,000 Floridians to have lost their health insurance.

The numbers don’t add up.

Candy Crowley also neglected to mention that less than a week ago, President Obama extended the period that people can keep their junk insurance policies for an additional year.

After Crowley repeated the Republican lies as fact this morning, the RNC and the Florida Republican Party both released videos claiming that she “fact checked” Crist on Obamacare.

This is how Republicans play the game. They get mainstream media outlets to give their falsehoods legitimacy by reporting them as fact. Republicans then use this newfound legitimacy to claim that their false statements are the truth. The willingness to use Republican talking points as fact turns someone like Candy Crowley into a information equivalent of a money launderer. They take dirty lies, and make them clean.

What Crowley did wasn’t fact checking. She was passing off lies as fact, and it was an absolutely disgraceful performance that should have viewers demanding both a correction and an apology.

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  1. I just want them to PLEASE fix the ‘Family Glitch’. I am drowning (financially) because of it. If an employer offers ‘affordable’ INDIVIDUAL coverage (less than 9.5% of household income), the family is not eligible for subsidies on the exchange, even though they would qualify according to their income. If I could qualify for the subsidies, I would pay less than $1,000 a year for family coverage. But, since my employer offers ‘affordable’ individual coverage, my choices are to have my children go without insurance or to continue paying $550 per month. I will have to refinance my house in order to keep insurance for my family.

    I plead and beg for the ‘powers that be’ FIX the ‘Family Glitch’

  2. I view Crowley as steady voice who generally is extremely balanced in her reporting and interviews. I saw this interview and although she did make the statements it was asked more as a question rather than a fact. So she referenced figures that were fact checked and found incorrect, want to wager she will correct her statements. Safe bet. Any bets the Republicans or Fox news will correct theirs? Fools bet.

    But here is the real question? Why didn’t Crist respond with facts to correct Crowley? He’s running for office. She was interviewing the man.

  3. We will not survive as a democratic republic with our lazy, gullible and self-dealing media. Add in the absolute corruption of our elections and economy…RIP USA

  4. Republicans may have their facts all screwed up, sideways, backwards and falsified, because that’s the way they think and inform. Candy Crowley, as a national journalist, however, should have known better and I for one am surprised that she did not.

  5. Fox News and any other news channel has the right to lie under 2/14/03 Florida Second District Court decision. But did that mean they could lie even though there was enough proof that their statements would kill people? 19 Republican Governors have refused to extend Medicare putting in jeopardy 19,000 people that will die because of lack of treatment. When is someone going to take these guys on????

  6. Candy Crowley is usually much better than this. It’s hard to believe she got lazy on her fact checking or was blatently selling the GOP lies.

    I hope she returns to the fair and factual journalism we relied on her for. Although irreprable damage to her reputation may have already been done.

  7. I’m disappointed that someone like Cindy Crowley and CNN, would be so duped by Fox news. She definitely should check her facts and apologize for her poor fact-checking. Luckily, it was Charlie Crist, who does know the facts.

  8. This really doesn’t have anything to do with Rubio or Crowley getting it wrong. She was using the basing her statement on the Florida Blue letters that went out to 300K stating that their coverage was being cancelled because of the ACA. Crowley is a top notch journalist. There are plenty of things to be mad about in the media today, no need to make stuff up and attack someone who is trying to do a good job. Heres a link to a Miami Herald story.

    Heres another link to aMiami Herald story that quotes a statement from Florida Blue

    We have to be better than the lying GOP when it comes to placing blame and making things up. Crowley didn’t lie, she asked the tough question, like a journalist is supposed to.

  9. Candy Crowley used to be someone with journalistic creds. Now that is no longer true. She is bought and paid for by Fox & Freaks and will say and do anything that will benefit her financially. Once again, it’s about greed and power. She should go over to F&F and stop trying to bulls**t Americans with her “lying facts!” She is disgusting.

  10. Crist should have responded. But the reporters have a duty to fact check anything they say or use in an interview. They know about these interview well in advance. They prepare their questions well in advance. They should make sure their questions contain verifiable facts. If they don’t they have not done their jobs and should be called out for it. In addition as far as I’m concerned their employer should let them know when they make these kinds of mistakes they won’t be allowed to do so over and over. The news organizations need to quit with the crap reporting.

  11. Blue cross made it clear that they are transitioning to new coverage and not losing coverage.

    “Prior to their 2014 renewal date, each member will receive a letter that instructs them to contact Florida Blue to review their migration options. These new plans will offer members access to more comprehensive benefits in 2014.”

    It’s about context. And her question wasn’t in context.

  12. Usually, Candy gets it right…this time, she got it wrong. She needs to correct her mistake on the air when people are watching. This is the reason CNN is becoming like Fox News Lite…they try so hard to be balanced, but there are times when it’s incorrect to balance everything…it’s not ‘balancing’ when you give two opposing views and one is NOT TRUE OR ACCURATE! That just spreads the propaganda of the right-wing nutjobs who don’t and never have cared about truth and facts and accuracy. Hopefully, Candy will correct her mistake…not that anyone on the right will hear it or let it sink in…we all know they are in their insulated bubble…but Candy still needs to amend her statements.

  13. I always like to watch candy Crowley, I was shocked as to her interview with crist, she should have had her facts together, anyhow she should not even listen to FOX NEWS, THEY LIE SO MUCH AND THEIR NEws SUCKS, get back on track Candy or we will stop watching your show, we want true facts, seems everyone today in the republican party is on Obamas back, he is so trying to get things done but the NO PARTY is hindering it!!!something has to give!!!

  14. I am having the opposite problem from a “family glitch”. being self-employed, and not qualified for any subsidy, in a state that has not expanded Medicaid. I cannot afford to pay to keep my daughter on my policy. She lives in the town where she goes to college, is 20, and should be able to stay on my policy until she is 26…WRONG! I am sending her an extra $76/mo. to purchase her own insurance through the federal exchange. If I were to add her to my federal exchange insurance plan, her cost would be over $300/mo.

  15. It’s not a fact? That’s priceless. I am one of the ones who did lose the insurance I had. My family had a policy that was affordable and adequately met our needs. Then we received a notification that because our plan did not meet the minimum standards established by the Affordable Care Act, our policy would no longer be offered. Instead, we were offered a policy that doubled our monthly premiums, tripled our maximum out of pocket expenses and discontinued coverage for several name brand prescription drugs, including that needed by my son for his Type I diabetes. Yes, we now pay the full costs of his prescription because we already went down the road of the so-called generic equivalent and found it is not effective for him. I’m sure I’ll be labeled as a paid troll for Republicans or some other outrageous claim because you are too stupid to realize how much your party screwed over the American people. On behalf or others like me, GO F*CK YOURSELVES!

  16. LOL, not smart enough to go through the exchange? Figures. Your insurance company had since 2010 to upgrade their policy. They didnt. Its not Obamacares fault. Nor do you have to stay with the same insurance company.

    You’re a paid republican troll. Feel better? Its your own stupidity that your paying what your paying

  17. I have read it and I went through the exchange for my insurance. I dont buy your premiums have doubled. Seen this story before

  18. I have watched several of her shows recently. She makes me feel uncomfortable because she seems like a confused and unhealthy person living on the dark side. Maybe, she should be moving on now.

  19. Is Candy getting the boot when CNN starts the layoffs and is hoping Fox will pick her up and she is practicing ?

  20. Here are some questions that I believe are very interesting:

    How many people died in the 911 disaster? How many will die as a result of the defunding?

    Who is responsible for the greater act of terrorism?

  21. I would think long and hard before quoting Politifact on anything. By virtue of simply mentioning them I have already dismissed this article as nonfactual and not worth reading. Politifact is about as trustworthy as Fox News. Someone can tell the truth, the 100% truth, but Politifact will call it a lie or half truth just because they “feel” like it was dishonest. Rachel Maddow already caught them in a complete lie which they refuse to apologize for, but rather insist their “feel” about the story justifies it. The taint of their foul is spreading to you and I’m all but ready to “unlike” you on facebook because of it. I cannot be reading untrustworthy blogs and articles, once I know someone uses untrustworthy sources I eliminate them from my feed.

  22. I could care less how you are an ignorant stupid a-hole! But telling us to go F#&k ourselves is too funny. Especially from some homo republican that has been taking it in the ‘behind’ from your GOP bosses, that your name should really be Ben Dover. Lying scumbag.

  23. That is of course your opinion. Run with it

    But I think your opinion is tainted with the fact that far more republicans have been caught lying then you can handle

  24. I stopped watching her months ago when I noticed how much her right wing was showing. She lies, just like the rest of them, and I once that she was much better than that. Maybe she just get paid by the Kochroaches too. Anyway, I change the channel when she comes on now.


  25. Did you go to the actual ACA website and shop around, or did you just accept the updated plan offered by your ins carrier? That would make the difference in your claim.

  26. Ed is correct. My husband and I are middle class business owners and we both have individual plans. We do not qualify for subsidies. My kids have Chip. We pay a monthly fee for Chip, but that price is FAR less than it would be to add them to one of our policies. A lot of people do get CHIP for free though, so it is definitely something to look in to. Plus, CHIP insurance is so much better than that of our own private plans.

  27. Lying republicans liars lying republican lies. If one day you say someone is a serial killer, and the next day you explain, with a snide smile “what I really meant, he kills off a box of cereal a week”, the damage is done. The word went out, this is what lying republican liars do. They lie republican lies, then latter if ever, say that it came out all wrong. No, it did not come out wrong. Lying republican liars lying republican lies is exactly what was meant. The GOP lies, what else does a political party do with absolutely nothing to offer 99 percent of the people of this county do. They lie, the republicans are God Damned liars.

  28. Our power is in our ability to not buy, not tune into those radio & TV stations and to argue respectfully and at every opportunity. Talk to the people you meet in the stores, banks, daycare….give them a nugget of information to think about…it may just be the comment that gets them away from the liars. Those of you w/kids talk to them about their responsibilities to keep informed as to what their government is doing or not doing!

  29. Candy is a goober cow; she’s looking for a gig as the female Rush Limbaugh!!!
    In fact, she looks like Rush’s twin sister!!!

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