Without Facts, Republicans Blame Terrorism for Malaysian Airline Flight MH370

missing plane

Stand aside, reasonable Americans. The Republicans are here to make hasty judgments impacting the world at large before the evidence is even in, because it’s never too soon for another war.

Republicans are getting twitchy to start another fruitless ten year war on terrorism after the disappearance on Saturday of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, with 239 passengers and crew on board. Rupert Murdoch, Republican TV “news” network owner, announced at 11 AM this morning– sans evidence, “777crash confirms jihadists turning to make trouble for China. Chance for US to make common cause, befriend China while Russia bullies.”

No, not exactly. Yes, there were passengers traveling with stolen passports, and this raises questions, but it’s not Defcon 5 yet. Nothing has been “confirmed” yet.

On NBC’s Meet the Press, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) — a “moderate” Republican who has been called “the Patriot Act’s most fervent fan” (aka, your basic old school neocon type who held hearings over the “radicalization of Muslim Americans”) — clung to the terrorism explanation, saying we can’t rule out terrorism, which is very helpful what with Rupert and his Saudi Prince owned network (Prince Alwaleed bin Talal owns a 7% stake in News Corp) pushing for Obama to band together with China, against Russia.

(So tricky, Rupert. We almost didn’t see where this was going.)

First President Obama’s deputy national security advisor, Tony Blinken, explained, “We’re actively looking into all the questions that this raises. The F.B.I., the National Transportation Safety Board, the Federal Aviation Agency, all of them are heading to the area to help in the investigation. Lots of questions have been raised; we don’t have the answers yet. We’ll get them… We don’t want to get ahead of the facts.”

Oh, no sir, that’s not good enough. TERRORISM please. Code Red. Initiate launch. To wit, watch Rep. Peter King (R-NY) on MTP:

Representative King tried to reach that middle ground between pushing the red button for Murdoch and just doing his usual 9/11 terrorists are everywhere bit, “David, it does. I mean, first of all, we don’t know, but you’re right, this is a real red flag. And there’s a number of other factors: The fact that the plane just has disappeared, that there was no distress call, there was no mayday, there was no signaling at all of any trouble. The fact that it came out of Malaysia, which has been a hub for Al Qaeda activity. Prior to the attack on the U.S.S. Cole, there was a meeting in Malaysia. So many of the 9/11 hijackers went through Malaysia.”

“We cannot make any conclusions, but considering what’s happened in the past and considering where this occurred and considering the stolen passports we have to consider the issue of terrorism and exhaust every possible investigative technique.”

This is not King’s first go at rushing in with judgment sans fact, and he does seem to see “9/11 terrorists” everywhere. He’s old hat at seeing boogeymen under his bed. In 2004, King charged, “80-85 percent of mosques in this country are controlled by Islamic fundamentalists …. This is an enemy living amongst us.” Between his hearings and his rhetoric, King smeared Muslims so much that he was called the “New McCarthy” in 2011. Yet, he’s seen as a “moderate Republican” now, which only reveals just how far crazy they’ve gone.

See how I can say nothing at all and still make my point, Fox News 9/11-Iraq WMD style (insert scary words, mitigate them with fine print, repeat scary words, associate scary words with new target):


This is dangerously close to their utterly empty justification for attacking Iraq.

Meet the Press explained the situation calmly prior to King’s hyperventilation:

The plane, a Boeing 777 200-series, nearly 12 years old, that’s considered middle age for planes. In August of 2012, that very plane lost a tip of a wing after clipping another plane on the ground in Shanghai. Now, while that wing was repaired, investigators will want to know whether that repair in any way contributed to the crash. Clearly, this is eerily similar to the Air France flight 447 which disappeared over the Atlantic in 2009. While search teams did find pieces of the wreckage, it took two years to find the body of the plane on the ocean floor, but of course was an Airbus A-330. This is a Boeing 777.

Yes, there are things to be concerned about and they are rightfully being investigated. But while we discuss cutting off funds to Putin and his allies (including the folks bankrolling the conservative summit in Moscow this year?), let’s not fall for the neocons’ blatant attempt to use a missing flight to reignite their failed but lucrative “war on terrorism”.

How about we get the facts first, from reputable people who have not already lied to the country in order to justify a war they couldn’t win.

And while we’re on it, Obama is the guy who got Osama; whereas, Republicans seemed to prefer incompetently bumbling about after Osama in order to justify spending more resources on endless war. If it’s terrorists you hate, Obama is your guy. If you’re just looking for lucrative contracts for your buddies and a bunch of scapegoats to get you there, Rupert has you covered.

17 Replies to “Without Facts, Republicans Blame Terrorism for Malaysian Airline Flight MH370”

  1. The only evidence they hav e is 2 guys used 2 stolen passprts who just happened to have 2 tickets that were in sequence.

    But their part owner Murduck spoke and they must roll with it.

    we say over and over this is the worst republican party ever. But we got to get rid of them somehow. They are running a PR campaign for 5 years that is unprecedented in size

  2. At least they are consistent. Pretty much everything they’ve said about anything in the past 6 years alone is without fact.

  3. all over Asia, people are also coming to the conclusion that it was Muslim terrorists. It really is a reasonable conclusion. Do you know about the Muslim insurgency that is happening in the south of Thailand (bordering Malaysia)? Did you hear about the Muslim attacks in China over the past several months? Do you know the two guys who used false passport bought their tickets at the same time AND sat together?

    I know we may like to believe the world will be all better once we get out of Afghanistan and Iraq, but I think that’s not the case.

  4. There is some evidence that the plane, which previously had a wing shear repaired, may have disintegrated in flight. As no evidence of explosions has been reported either from terrestrial sources or from satellite, and no manifesto has surfaced, there is no reason for concluding, at this point, that terrorists did it at all, let alone their origins, affiliation, or motives.

  5. The world of the American men and women in uniform in Afghanistan will know their world is a much safer place once they get out of Afghanistan. The odds of great harm befalling them are much worse than yours. Evidently you don’t know much about life in a war zone.

  6. Sorry Jake but the terrorism theory doesn’t make sense. Terrorists always do one thing and that is they claim credit for their acts. They want the world to know what they did so they can terrorize the world. Another thing they do is leave witnesses. But they didn’t do that this time. I won’t discount the very slight possibility that this was terrorism but it is extremely unlikely. It just doesn’t fit with how terrorists act.

  7. Exactly. I don’t know why these supposed journalists don’t confront these politicians with questions like: If this was an act of terrorism, why hasn’t any group taken responsibility? Especially since terrorists want to spread terror. Another question would be: Since in the past almost all terrorist acts were performed so other people can see the even, how do you explain this not happening here?

    While we can’t completely discount the possibility this was terrorism it doesn’t fit the mold of most past terrorist incidents.

  8. I think I know why they are banging the war drums so hard….aside from the usual profiteering that is. I think it’s all about 2016. “They” think that if we are at war, then Americans will be reluctant to elect a woman as president.
    As if one of those chicken hawks would be better than Hillary. Ha! I would trust Hillary if our nation was at war, so much more than one of those clowns.

  9. That is because they have Fox news(?) at their beck and call running their garbage 24/7.
    I don’t think the republicans would be quite so strong if fox was suddenly gone.

  10. Yep. This sort of point to the idea that the GOPers are terrorists. _They_ want to ‘spread terror’.

    Seems to fit to me.

  11. Right. Kind of like when the Boston Marathon explosion happened, and certain media outlets were so sure it was the work of some right wing group.

  12. I take it Jake was too young to be on Southeast Asia and is talking out of his ass. It very well could be terrorism, but the facts aren’t in. Now MS-LSD (as Sarah calls them) could make up a crazy theory of their own. They could say that it was because George W. Bush and his whole administration have been tried and convicted of war crimes in a Kuala Lumpur court, and that it was some of Johm Bolton’s friends. Anyone can make up crazy theories.

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