Wacky CPAC On The Attack With The President and Hillary Clinton As Prime Targets



I might be a little late to the party, but there’s no way a political scribe can ignore the March 6-8 happenings at the Gaylord International Hotel.

In the political version of open mike night at the Laugh Factory, the Republicans; I’m sorry, the homophobic, extremist, radical, bigoted bible-thumping corporate and Tea Party-controlled right-wingers, wrapped up their three-day orgy of Obama-rage and Hillary-hate at the 50th annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). The last speaker, possessed of no political portfolio of any kind at this point, was the bespectacled spectacle, Sarah Palin. Ms. Sarah delighted the radical faithful with a rambling palaver of snarky insults and no content. She was quick to point out that the Republicans were the first to put a woman on the ticket “In this century.” Yeah, the GOP was only 28 years late with the move. The late Geraldine Ferraro was Walter Mondale’s running mate on the 1984 Democratic ticket.

But enough about Palin. I don’t even know what she does anymore. She’s certainly not much of an influence within her own party. The traditional end-of-session straw poll gave that meaningless result to arguably the most radical of radicals; chip off the old block, Rand Paul. He garnered 31% of the attendee’s vote for president. Please, Lord, make that happen!”

For the record, a jobless Palin commanded a mighty 2% of right-wing voter love. Ted Cruz, placed a distant second at 11%. Maybe it’s because Ted can’t decide between the American Presidency or the Prime Ministership of Canada. Cruz still holds a dual Canadian/American citizenship. A Cruz Republican primary opponent agreed to debate Cruz on the condition the debate was conducted in Spanish. Cruz declined, saying his Spanish was a little “rusty.”

As for the great accomplishment of having this century’s single female on a presidential ticket, there’s little chance that there will be a promotion anytime soon. Condoleezza Rice tied Palin’s 2%, while Ayotte, Haley and Martinez couldn’t even dent the 1% mark.

Speaking of the fairer sex, Carly Fiorina told the audience, “We declare the end of the Obama era.” She’s right, of course, but he’s leaving because of term limits; quite different than Fiorina being forced out of her position as Chairman and CEO of Hewlett-Packard back in 2005. So thrilled were shareholders to get rid of her incompetent stewardship that HP stock soared nearly 7% on the news. Her ill-advised Compaq acquisition resulted in years of stock price stagnation and lagging sales. She still walked away with $21 million stuffed into her Prada handbag.

There’s an interesting figure who placed third at 9%. His name is Ben Carson. He’s a black, retired Yale-educated Neurosurgeon and professionally, the real deal. He’s been honored repeatedly as one of the finest practitioners of his craft and was somewhat of a prodigy having accomplished some great things at an early age. And as a bible-thumping, gay-bashing right-winger, Carson is a perfect fit for the CPAC crowd. Yes, gay-bashing. On Fox News (where else?), the good doctor got himself into the political ICU with the following comment on same-sex marriages: “Marriage is between a man and a woman. No group, be they gays, be they NAMBLA, be they people who believe in bestiality, it doesn’t matter what they are. They don’t get to change the definition.” Whew!

Backpedaling like a football cornerback defending against a Pro Bowl receiver, Doc Carson almost immediately told CNN that he loved ALL people whether they were straight or gay, including, we must assume, gays in NAMBLA, or them thar’ sheep-loving gays. The Koch brothers and the Tea Party are going to send this bigoted homophobe into every African-American nook and cranny in the country, hoping that pure hatred will swing African-Americans his Tea Party way. Black or not, this kind of hatred could propel Carson into a genuine contender.

Chris Christie was there on the heels of his vengeful, multi-day, “let’s stop traffic on two George Washington bridge access lanes for a week and stick it to that Fort Lee Mayor who refused to endorse me” debacle. Medical emergency? Getting your kids to school? What does Christie care? He only cares about getting back into the race and his fourth-place straw poll finish at 8% suggests that his pro-life speech and his statement, “They’re the party of intolerance, not us” may have breathed a tiny bit of life into his effort, but his campaign is still on life support. Oh well, he can always call Dr. Carson.

There were 20-some prime potential Presidential or Vice-Presidential prospects wandering the floor of the Potomac Ballroom where most of the non-backroom action took place. There were also a few speakers with no chance at either office. Ralph Reed comes to mind. Then there was the absurd rifle-brandishing Mitch McConnell. Marco Rubio is trying to get back into the game. With his 6% straw vote, there’s lots of work to be done. Along with numerous colleagues, Bobby Jindal was doing “Meet & Greets” after his speech. That cost the suckers extra bucks for the privilege.

Newt Gingrich gave a Saturday speech, looking his age (he can barely outrun vulnerable young females anymore) and irrelevant. Utah Senator Mike Lee’s bromance with the filibustering Cruz earned him a position at the podium. Earlier in the festivities, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott followed Paul Ryan to the stage in the battle of the Cray’s.

The lesser guests attracted little ink or media light. Here’s the full schedule. Amazingly, somebody will still sit through a John Bolton speech. You remember Bolton as the fox in the hen house Ambassador to the United Nations for a brief period from 2005-2006, even though he repeatedly professed to hate the UN long before his appointment. He’s now a senior ‘Fellow’ at the American Enterprise Institute.

Some “Who Dat’s?” uttered a few words. They included Justin Pierce; not the gifted young actor who committed suicide some years ago, but the Arizona state legislator, now running for Secretary of State. Legislator Pierce’s only gift is pushing a bill that allowed businesses to refuse service to perceived male gays and lesbians for religious reasons. Even wildly right-wing governor Jan Brewer had to X that one out.

Face it; Pierce fits the CPAC gay-hating mold to a “Tea.”

A few far-right corporate and foundation types grabbed the mic for their 15 (seconds) of fame, but none of them mean anything to the average American, especially Donald Trump, possessed of some fame, if nothing else. The John M. Ashbrook Award went to somebody for something. There was a tribute to the late Andrew Breitbart, Tea Party-revered for his role in bringing down ACORN, an organization that found housing for the poor. He also called Congressman John Lewis a liar for saying that some Tea Party types had called him (Lewis) the N-word. When Ted Kennedy died, Breitbart called him a duplicitous b*****d and another name for a certain part of the male anatomy.

Grieve away Tea Party adherents. Andrew was clearly one of yours.

In summation; CPAC was what’s it’s predictably been over the last decades. A political pep rally hate fest featuring people who, in the big picture, matter little.

25 Replies to “Wacky CPAC On The Attack With The President and Hillary Clinton As Prime Targets”

  1. These people will not matter in the long run, none of them will ever be president. But they do make our lives miserable and keep the country from moving forward. The sad fact is that people do not vote these people out of office and continue to vote against their own best interests.

  2. The clown carnival came to town provided a few laughs and now they are gone. Even that esteemed doctor isnt going to stop the bleeding. As the country moves to the left the USS GOP Titanic slowly slips into the water. And the band plays on.

  3. I love to hear you all rant and rave and talk about “moving forward” while you borrow (steal from our kids and grandkids) our country into oblivion. You discount CPAC like the participants are traitors to America. You like to beat up the Republicans, but don’t know a thing about red and blue state level government or you would shut your traps. You rush into obammma care like sheep to the slaughter. Do you not know that obammmacare is the largest transfer of liberties from the people to the government. Can you say “IRS ran”?
    Wake up and quit destroying America. How is democratic ran Detroit doing these days? How about Chicago and Illinois? On and on, our country suffers in the wake of devastation called “Democratic rule”.

  4. the participants are traitors to America. Period

    And you are living on cliches. totally willing to give up your rights for someone like Cruz, bachmann and rand paul.

    No, Obamacare is not a transfer of liberties. You really should read things for yourself.

    BTW, why do you worry about the kids when you support not giving them a clean country to live in? Or even being responsible to the land you live on. Stop being a joke.

  5. Oh BTW, Obama is the lowest spending president since Eisenhower. And the House owns the purse. Talk to them about spending, then learn civics

    You have your talking points down well grasshopper

  6. If the Democrats are so terrible why are the red states the lowest in income healthcare education etc. Take a look at a map.

  7. Hey, Clayco, you do know that Bush started two wars OFF THE BOOKS, as well as ramming through Medicaid Part D Rx plan with no funding source? The reason we’re in debt is because the GOP can’t stop spending for war and the military. When a Dem is in office, expenses are down..the debt is falling faster than in the last 50 years, and government is smaller than in 1960. But I guess Rush won;t tell you that, will he? Also, we have not started any wars under Obama, which makes the GOP twitchy,’cause their big war donors want action and US cash. Cheney and Halliburton made billions on Iraq, as did the paid killers from Blackwater.
    And I do know about red/blue government. My state is now under the thumb of Koch/sponsored Rick Snyder, who has cut school funding by billions, not for rtax reform, but to cut business taxes. We still have one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. We voted out the emergency manager crap in November 2010, and Snyder had the same law passed by Xmas.

  8. Fox Breitbarts brain and palin dont tell him those facts. He sucks up every lie told at CPAC and thinks he is part of somehting

  9. All of the GOP and Tea Party’s CREAM OF THE CRAP are barking, yelping and howling at CPAC, it appears. Maybe they just want to pull Sarah Palins dog sled for her. In my opinion.

  10. Hey clayco if you want to get informed please read The Abject Failure of Reaganomics. Reavan left us in debt. H.W ran that debt higher. Clintin left us with a surplus. Dubya got that credit card and went crazy. Now Obama is fixing the mess.

  11. Oh sugar – I’ve been hearing that RW rant for over FIFTY years since I had the deep misfortune to grow up in the buckle on the Bible belt. It hasn’t come true YET, but our warnings about massive economic collapse due to sucking up to corporate greed has.

    You really need to get on board with facts. The old are no more sucking the life from the young than the young are sucking life from the old in taxes for education.

    It’s a balanced issue of investment – yes INVESTMENT – in the well being of us all. It’s that thingy we call in the Constitution, the “general welfare”. We’re doing it better than they used to once rapacious capitalism dug in. Old people used to die horrid deaths for lack of income and the young were abandoned by us all.

    Get over the knee jerk and pay attention to FACTS. But if you can’t – go away because we’re tired of the ignorance you’re displaying.

  12. Next year it should be called LoserPac Sounds about right.None of those fools are going anywhere. The reason palin was there is because she pisses liberals off according to the guy that introduced her. Well he’s right and that’s sad. We have serious problems and these idiots think pissing the other side off is the way to go. And palins comment about nuclear armaments. She should be forced to watch the aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and then read about the effects of radiation but she’s a shill and couldn’t comprehend anyway.

  13. Ignorant individuals piss me off. Neither the federal government nor the IRS is “running” Obamacare. Insurance companies are the main players in the exchanges. The federal government is insuring that we all get a certain level of care for the bucks we throw at health insurance companies. If this is what you object to, you’re a coward who is too afraid to stand up to your insurance company and demand that it provides adequate healthcare to you for the premiums you pay. The IRS’s primary job in Obamacare is to do the same thing it does with income taxes–collect payments. If a person doesn’t buy health insurance, s/he will have to pay a fine to the IRS. You can bitch and bitch, but the Supreme Ct. decided that the ACA’s insurance mandate is legal, and that the IRS can collect fines from those who choose not to buy insurance. I’m glad I invested so much time into my child’s education. I would have been appalled had she grown up and spread ignorance over the inernet.

  14. These folks who participated at CPAC are already bereft of any ideas or policies that benefit everyday Americans. In addition, they are driven by hatred of the current Democratic and the likely Democratic nominee for the 2016 presidential election. While they are unmistakably buffoons, they are also dangerous and destructive, as shown by the obstructionism of those who are in Congress and those who are in state mansions across the country. Their “patriotism,” such as it is, depends on whomever is currently in the White House. In addition, they have nothing but disdain for large segments of Americans. Both of these circumstances make their proclamations of being patriots sound very empty, because all they care about is being in power without really governing.

  15. Neil, if only little sarah, with the big mouth, could feel the effects of Hiroshima and Nagasaki herself. rethugs like her need to be taught with more then just facts, they need to be confronted or have the experience.
    In my life experience I, have found that when talking to some people, you need to speak in their language. If they swear, you need to swear bigger and better then they.
    That is the rethug , tbagger, GOP of today. We Dem’s need to speak in the language they understand. Down dirty, mean nasty .

  16. I find your comments about Detroit amusing since the Republican governor of the state where Detroit is located has made matters worse with his atrocious “Emergency Manager” law.

    The GOP has had control of Michigan for a few years now and the state has gotten worse, not better. So, sure, Democratic Michigan governors may have not been the best, but why conveniently ignore the disaster caused by the GOP fuck-up currently in Lansing?

    At least when Democrats clean up after a GOP mess, there’s progress. This even includes Bill Clinton. All a Republican does is make a bigger mess (regardless of who caused it first).

  17. That’s right, Sally. The GOP has been in power in Michigan for quite some time now and have not improved things at all.

    But, of course, Clayco would never see that. He would conveniently blame the Democrats for Rick Snyder’s mistakes. He would blame past Democrats for current GOP mistakes. It’s a 30-40 year habit that’s pretty hard to break.

    Clayco probably still thinks it’s 1984.

  18. They also refuse to admit the statement that Detroit has lost a huge number of jobs over the last 30 years because of the big 3 as having anything to do with Detroit’s woes

  19. You’re spitting out the usual misinformation / lies that are TGOP generated. You need to get your information straight!

    Also, you forgot to mention that each TGOP “repeal” of the Affordable Care Act, costs the American people $1.45 million each. Also, you need to consider how much the TGOP government shutdown cost the American people.

    Remember, the Republicans spend and the Democrats are let with the bill. This is historically true.
    So, get the facts, face the truth and THEN speak out!

    Hate, racism is destructive.

    Read and learn the U.S. Constitution!

  20. I inadvertently left out the word, “LEFT” in the following sentence:

    “Remember, the Republicans spend and the Democrats are LEFT let with the bill. This is historically true.”

  21. @claydough, you do realize rick “THE DICK” snyder (R) is governor of Michigan, RIGHT?! BTW, nobody is beating up on republicans, your party is just being exposed, if your crying now, wait till the midterms and 2016, I guess you’ll have to get back on your meds again.

  22. Hey dude. First the tax and spend shit is older than your underwear change. If you numbnuts don’t wake the hell up to global warming, it won’t matter if we get another Dumbya in and he spends 20 more freaking trillion bucks because we won’t be alive.

  23. WASHINGTON, D.C. — By now, and by god, it should have settled permanently in the consciousness of the nation what a huge and untoward gamble with the country John McCain and his campaign took in 2008 when they elevated Sarah Palin from her rightful place on the tundra to the political celebrity she currently enjoys. McCain should pay a heavy price for unleashing this ignorant, two-wheeled bilewagon on the country’s politics. If you think she’s a legitimate political leader, you’re an idiot and a sucker and I feel sorry for you.
    Read More

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