Democratic Senator Hammers The Lying Koch Brothers With Hard-Hitting Ad

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Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK) has been in the crosshairs of the Koch brothers and their SuperPAC, Americans for Prosperity, for the past few months. Obviously, the Kochs feel that Begich is vulnerable in this election cycle as he represents a state that went for Mitt Romney by a fairly sizable margin in the 2012 Presidential election. Of the $30 million that AFP has spent on ads so far this election cycle, nearly a million dollars has gone towards attack ads against Begich.

One ad that AFP ran came under fire not just for twisting the truth (a Koch specialty) but by using a paid actress from Maryland and portraying her as a legitimate Alaskan resident and voter. After AFP ran another attack ad, this time falsely claiming that Begich supported a carbon tax, Begich had enough with the Koch brothers’ interference in his reelection campaign and decided to fight fire with fire. On Monday, a new ad was released by Begich hitting the Kochs for lying to the Alaskan people, killing jobs in Alaska and interfering with the state’s political process.



It is about time that Democrats stood up to these shadowy billionaires who are trying to pervert the democratic process of this country. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has already made his feelings known about the Kochs, recently taking to the Senate floor and calling them out for spending millions of dollars to spread lies. With this ad, Begich is stating that he isn’t scared of a couple of men who don’t have the guts to speak publicly on their views, instead using their billions to cynically influence elections and funnel money to the candidates who will do their bidding.

Hopefully, more Dems will follow Reid and Begich and speak out against these secretive lie-peddlers who want nothing more than to have a rubber-stamp Congress at their disposal. All the Kochs want are paid-for Republicans in office that will push through laws that will kill any and all regulations, allowing more money to inevitably find its way into the Kochs’ pockets. That’s all they care about. They don’t care about this country or democracy.

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  1. I’ve been a huge supporter of Bernie for over 8yrs, if he ran for president he’d bury the GOP in bigger numbers than Obama flogging of the neo confederates! yes I’m voting for Hillary but I want better! much better

  2. Keep up the good fight Sen. Begich.
    Keep telling the truth and the wise people of Alaska should have your back.
    One should never be afraid to tell the real truth to you constituents.

    A supporter from Ohio.

  3. The problem in America has never been Blacks or Browns but White people. It is Whites who have run the country to the ground, it’s Whites who delight in their greed thereby ruining other countries just so a few of their people can amass insane wealth, it is Whites who are the troublemaker in this country and around the world. They created all the troubles the world is going through because of greedy and hunger for supremacy! I hope that you good White people are seeing through your fellow Whites now and seeing that they are the real trouble maker but they’ve managed to project their bad behavior on Blacks and Browns, for centuries.

  4. More and more proof every day, that the republican political party have only one thing for 99 percent of the American people, lies. The GOP is a political party of liars and lies. The lying republican liars and their republican lies are it, just republican liars and just republican lies.

  5. Dems need money to compete with the Koch suckers. This is about money. Give whatever you can. Those $5s, $10s & $20s really do add up.

  6. I know a lot of folks are too young to realize this, but the Dems have been traumatized for the last 30+ years as the voters shifted right. The voters have been brainwashed and propagandized by the repubs and thankfully many have awaken. That’s the reality of it all. It will be fixed when we get more Dems elected.

  7. With Hillary a lot of Dems should be elected to the House and Senate too. That is what is needed. Legislation starts in the House and Senate. Just think of all we could get done?

  8. Here is the list of household items made by Koch that we boycott. This is attached to every shopping list.
    Angel Soft
    Mardi Gras
    Quilted Northern
    Soft ‘n Gentle
    Vanity fair

  9. The 72 billion dollar Koch brothers have already spent 30 million dollars across the country to buy the Senate in 2014. The Koch brothers and and other outside groups headed by strategists like Karl Rove see Senator Mark Begich as a easy Target. Alaskan Senate race Polls remain close.

    The Koch’s ideal America? Lower Wages. No Obamacare. No Social Security. Tax breaks for billionaires. No Medicare. Dirty Water. Dirty Air.

    Say no to the 72 billion dollar Koch Brothers!

    Alaskan Democrat Senator Mark Begich in 2014!

  10. This is the best strategy the Demos have. Don’t take the bait and waste ti and money going afer on of their lackeys in an election that can fund 1000 to 1. Occupy the Kochs themselves. They cab quietly sign anything thy want to take power except power over us. This ought to be the wake up call of a life time. If they want into political power on that level we should make them pay with their anonymity and luxury. Hey republican voter, ever stop to wonder which Koch brother owns you?

  11. Frankly, I blame the Democratic Party, and as a Democrat I am quite peeved with their talking points when it pertains to the ACA. “It’s not perfect but we can fix it!” WTF!! Is that all about??!! It implies that the ACA is broken, and that Democrats themselves are falling for the bs that Republicans and their RWNJ supporters are throwing out there!! I hear silence if it’s not saying “We can fix it! We can fix it!” coming from the Democrats. Does that really inspire anyone from the base to go out and vote?? I think not!! They need to “poke” these Republicans in the eye and tell them to their faces that they are lying about the ACA and why do they want to take access to health care away from their constituents?? Instead I hear *crickets* coming from the Democratic Party in their defense of a law they voted for and passed! If it was “broken” when they passed it or while in committee, why didn’t they fix it then??!! Thank you Harry Reid and Mark Begich for showing scared Dems how it’s …

  12. Mark Begich was born on the Iron range of No. MN. For a long time I have watched and listened to what was going on in Alaska. Especially after Palin came on to the scene. Finally, I hear from Begich some of the Iron range attitude of fight. Unions are strong here and the people do not take lightly, freedom of thought and action. Thank you Mr. Begich, keep up the good fight and beat those evil men of great money with no real character or honesty.

  13. perhaps I should explain to those who do not know what the “Iron Range” is. It is that part of Mn. where the iron ore, for the two world wars was mined. Where the iron ore for all cars was mined, house hold appl. etc. With the iron ore being almost depleated, after the wars, and ore from outside being shipped in, the taconite(left over lower content ore) is now being used. Usually, the No. part of Mn. is solid Dem. But in recent elections, there has been some changes. During the last election we, did get rid of a rethug Rep and gained a dem Gov.
    The “Iron Range is a unique part of Mn. with many nationalities living and merging together

  14. Warren buffet says tax the rich higher and then uses the government spend money on his ventures (Goldman Sachs) and regulate the consumers dollar into his pocket. If you think that the Kochs are bad maybe you should look into just how corrupt the liberal versions of wealthy are.

  15. You do know reading is fundamental:Goldman Sachs’s business model and access to credit were under threat in September 2008 after Lehman Brothers collapsed and Merrill Lynch & Co. agreed to sell itself to Bank of America Corp. Buffett’s investment, along with funds from the U.S. government, helped Blankfein stabilize his firm and boost equity. Goldman Sachs repaid taxpayers in 2009.

    So what part of your original statement that Buffet said tax the rich and give me the money for Goldman Sachs is in the article?

  16. Warren purchased a LARGE share of a FAILING company. Soon after the US Gov gives Goldman a massive bailout. If you buy a company and with the expectation that it will need the government to bail it out, i think that you are guilty of robbing the taxpayers and you have no leg to stand on when you are asking for government to tax high income at a greater rate. (Buffett Rule) Maybe uncle Warren should take less rather then tell others to give more.

  17. HUH???? Do you even understand WHAT YOU ARE SAYING!!! I give up how the fuck can you robbed the taxpayers when you repaid every penny with interest back to the government? I see you were asleep in 2008 when Bush approved the terms of the loans and have no understanding of what went on.
    “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” –M. L. King “

  18. James, I think you’re working too hard to single out Liberal donors as more corrupt than Koch brothers. In matter of fact, Koch brothers are racking up their profits based on more than 12% (above 8% is considered corrupt) of profits from taxpayer subsidies. Buffet’s companies only bring in 7%.

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