As The FBI Investigates Her, Michele Bachmann Calls Obama Lawless


Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is back with more hypocrisy. As she stands at the center of at least two federal criminal investigations, Bachmann is claiming that President Obama is a lawless president.


In the same interview where she claimed that gay people are bullying America, Bachmann also said, “Why should they? They’ve used the courts so brilliantly over the years with activist judges. And now they’ve got a president that’s making, he’s a lawless president who’s violating the Constitution with every executive order. Was it just yesterday that he changed Obamacare again for the bajillionth time? And so if I am a businessman and I say to my lawyer, can you tell me how I am in compliance with Obamacare? If I’m the lawyer, I would think do I look at the statute book and, what the law says, or do I have to go and dig up all of Jay Carney’s comments, the president’s press secretary, or the president’s press releases, or the tweets that he does on Obamacare? Because what’s law? What is law? Is it a president’s speech, or is it the law?”

If Bachmann wants to talk about lawlessness, let’s talk about an elected official who is truly lawless. Let’s spend a moment discussing a member of Congress who is being investigated by both the FBI, and the Department of Justice.

Bachmann and her husband Marcus are currently being investigated by the FBI for possible money laundering, mail fraud, and wire fraud. The FBI also found information relating to potential illegal coordination between Bachmann’s 2012 presidential campaign and a super PAC. The FBI turned their information over to the Department of Justice, who launched a second federal investigation into the Bachmanns.

The President Of The United States has never been accused of committing a crime, much less investigated for any wrongdoing. Yet to Michele Bachmann, who is facing numerous criminal investigations, the president is a lawless criminal who is trampling the Constitution.

The investigations have already cost Bachmann her House seat by pushing her into “retirement,” and it takes a hypocrite of the highest degree to call the president lawless while facing potential criminal charges for breaking numerous laws during her presidential campaign.

Some people like to laugh at, or mock Michele Bachmann, but it is the hypocrisy and abuses of power that make her unfit to hold elective office again.

President Obama isn’t a danger to our democracy, but disgraced soon to be a former member of Congress Michele Bachmann definitely is.

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  1. michele, Michele?, MICHELE!!!!! wouldn’t it behoove you to concentrate on what little time you have as a free citizen rather than talking about Obama? my advice to you miss bachmann would be to STFU and figure out why your so hopelessly mentally ill. As you so eloquently stated that there are traitors in our government why didn’t you tell us you were referring to YOURSELF????!!!

  2. It’s funny this broad goes around saying such horrid things abotu gay people when her husband is gay!

  3. Shes like the old tired rock star who is down to playing roadhouse bars in the middle of nowhere because they cant accept that its over. If Obama were the dictator and lawless person they claim he would issue an executive order for her and her cronies to spend some vacation time at the sunny resort called Gitmo.

  4. I wonder how much it would cost taxpayer for federal’s multiple investigations into Bachmann’s lawless behaviors?

  5. I don’t believe she would ever admit that her spouse is gay. The sooner this idiot is out of office the better. Every time she opens her mouth all that comes out is hatred. Our state will be much better off. Hopefully her replacement will be Democrat.

  6. Hey! she’s so much better looking than sarah palin!! I never ever EVER understood the sexual fascination over palin! but then again I’m not a lame, viagra pill popping, rogaine using, elderly, caucasian republican male either.

  7. Why is it that the whole time President Obama has been in office everyone in congress or the senate meaning all the people who did nothing to help the Americans fight against him the whole way. Not one of them has fixed a thing. He won the Office of President not one time but two times because he wa voted in by the American people. They have not tried to work with him in anyway. To me and most of the Americans here want to know why they are not listening to us. If you people meaning the ones that has only complained and Hated on the President look at yourselves and open up your closets and let all the skeletons out you would be looking stupid. Get over it and help us as a people. We have absolutely no faith in the Government and I do mean all of the Government. Why would we want any of you to run the Country when all you all have showed us was your ass. None of you all have done a thing. And Mrs Bachman or whoever you are dont you think you need to keep a low profile right about now?

  8. Michelle Bachmann can hire herself out as a real scarecrow when she gets out of prison. In my opinion. She will do very well (the poor crows).

  9. They can sure show up when its time to vote themselves a pay raise! Bachmann keeps talking about gays being bullies, wait till she gets to prison. Shes gonna be someones bitch.

  10. It’s just like this numbskull to deflect from the reality of her self-inflicted predicament to focus on President Obama. In the time I’ve learned about her history and how she got elected, I have to conclude that those who voted for her are just as hopelessly brain-dead as she is. While it looks like she’ll be out of circulation soon, there are others just as moronic and morally bankrupt waiting to take her place. I just hope Minnesotans got a wakeup call and choose not vote for anyone else like her ever again.

  11. I feel the same way. Never and I mean never Thot quitter Palin was a looker. A lot of her admirers prob are all still living in hill billy town of Wasilla
    If they want to see some “lookers” they shud head oot west

    Between both Bachmann /Palin with all that hate in her heart makes up two ugly b****es.

  12. Maybe I’m a stickler for details but I’d still like to know why she flat out quit the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Church shortly after she entered politics. Decide money was more important, darlin?’

  13. What do you need you don’t have? Seriously – what has government abandoned you over?

    It would be so helpful if you could explain how you have been failed by the entire government of the United States of America. I honestly want to know. I walk freely, speak freely, have a chance to get a job, home, basic of life. So if you don’t – I’d really like to help advocate for you.

    Please tell us what the government should have done that it is not doing? We are listening. Thank you.

  14. This woman is a waste of space, she not authored one bill since she came to congress, every time she talks in that whiney voice I want to throw up, wnat in the world do we pay her for?

  15. i hope they burn your dumb ass beyond all recognition! you stupid ass moron!you should just behave and STFU!

  16. Well how about the farm subsidies Michelle Bachmann gets for a farm that does not farm anything, which she has done for some time now. That is stealing as I see it, for this poser of false Christianity. She needs to be investigated in every nook and cranny of her whole existence and her husband as well. And check out that whole foster parent scam she has her fingers in also.

  17. Bachmann is the Anti-Gay, Anti-Christ, of 2014. She is the hypocritical spokesman of the Republiclan Party. She cherry picks the Bible as all GOP do for their own political gain. Jesus Christ never said anything about being gay but of course they need a reason to ignore the middle class and work strictly for the rich. Jesus respected all people and didn’t discriminate against anybody. Bachmann and all the GOP look for an escape goat for their short comings. The Gay Community is it~

  18. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?? You say she’s being investigated, but you make it sound as if she’s been convicted.

  19. Very wide-sweeping comments…”cherry picks the Bible as ALL (emphasis mine)GOP do…” and “of course they need a reason to IGNORE the middle class and work STRICTLY for the rich.” (emphasis mine)”Jesus respected all people and didn’t discriminate against anybody.”

    Jesus loves sinners. We are all sinners. Calling sin “sin” is not discriminating against a person. Liberals and homosexuals often say Christians who call homosexuality an “abomination” (Biblical word, not mine), are haters. To the contrary, calling sin “sin” is wanting what’s best for the sinner. We are to love everyone but not love sin.

    In reference to the quotes above, I am GOP and conservative, and I am not rich, and I am not ignored by the GOP.

  20. How can you love Jesus when you support a party whose very platform goes against everything Jesus taught?

  21. Its not a christians place to determine is someone is sinning. If jesus loves sinners then christians should too.

    But we know better dont we.

    bachmann is not a christian, she is a fundamentalist and she does not consider you a christian. You might want to read up on that

  22. You are not only ignored, you are little more then a baby machine to most of the fundies that are discussed here and by most of the GOP. You might look at their votes against women.

  23. One of the candidates running to replace Bachmann is Eagle Scout and Harvard Ph.D. Jim Read.

    He stands in rather stark contrast to Bachmann and any likely GOP contender-his work ethnic and level of personal accomplishment is simply enormous. He is focusing his campaign on issues of good government. His website is

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