President Obama Showcases His Awesome Comedic Skills With Zach Galifianakis

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Comedian and actor Zach Galifianakis does a mock celebrity interview show for the Funny or Die website known as ‘Between Two Ferns.’ Typically, he gets a well-known personality on and asks them inane or embarrassing questions while also showing a lack of knowledge on any subject they discuss. The whole bit revolves around him being a totally inept interviewer for a low-budget show who somehow gets high-profile celebrities to come on.

On Tuesday, a new episode premiered on the website with Galifianakis interviewing the President. The thought of an active politician, let alone a sitting president, doing a comedy bit is in itself cringe-worthy. Making this even more potentially awkward for the President is Galifianakis’ style of comedy. He is less conventional and tends to push the envelope in regards to what’s funny. Typically, he tries to see how uncomfortable he can make the audience or even the participants in a given skit or bit. For the President, this is nowhere near the same as going on The Tonight Show or even Saturday Night Live.

Below is the video:



As you can see, the President not only avoided looking like a stiff, but he was able to roll with the punches and throw some haymakers of his own. What is amazing here is just how good Obama’s comedic timing really is. Another thing to notice with this bit is the subtle way that the President was able to use Galifianakis’ silly and outrageous questions to highlight the absurdity of Republican talking points that have been used against him during his time in office.

The President is obviously a very good sport and is willing to drop his guard and allow his image to be subjected to a little comedic mockery. He can take jabs and digs and not come away with hurt feelings. That is because the man is extremely confident and has great self-awareness. He doesn’t have low self-esteem. The President doesn’t need constant positive reinforcement. He doesn’t need his ego stroked at all times. Instead, he can poke fun at himself and be comfortable with others doing the same.

On the flip side, do you think President George W. Bush would have done something like this? Do you think his ego could have handled an alternative comic lambasting him with questions or one-liners about touchy and sensitive subjects? Do you think he could have successfully traded off lines and barbs with a comedian without it coming off as forced? I think we all know the answer to that.


Video Courtesy of Funny or Die

12 Replies to “President Obama Showcases His Awesome Comedic Skills With Zach Galifianakis”

  1. Well done, Barack Obama! Very funny. And also reached his target audience with an important message. This guy should be President. Oh, wait. Right. Never mind.

  2. Great skit maybe Obama will take up acting after his term is over. I loved the 3 inch vertical lift comment.

  3. Dubuya? You mean the guy who, when asked about the Iraq War, couldn’t apologize because to do so would admit he was wrong? Yeah, that guy would never go on Two Ferns.

  4. that’s why i love and adore this Preisdent…….he knows when to relax and hang loose and i think that’s why so many people can relate to him because he operates in the same wave length as normal people.

  5. Our President is a VERY COOL guy. He is also one of the smartest men in the country. I don’t know how he keeps doing what he does with all the BS he is faced with every single day. He will be remembered as one of the BEST presidents we’ve ever had. He has dealt with more adversity and outright HATE than ANY other president ever in office. I can’t say enough about him….smart, funny and very cool.

  6. I could not get the video to download on my computer
    but I know it must be really good because the right wing heads are exploding with indignation apparently
    since it went on the White House website it has had thousands of hits.

  7. Have you read the twitter posts from the republiklans? They are upset saying Obama should be working instead of doing two ferns. One said he has time to do this but he cant find time to work with the repubs? WHAT? I would love to see any of them go on there and get roasted.

  8. How do you work with the republicans when they say the only negotiating they will do is on cutting the taxes on the rich?

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