Updating the Upchucker. Oscar Pistorius Puts On A Show



A few weeks ago I submitted some pre-trial observations about South African, Oscar Pistorius, killer of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in the early hours of 2/14/13. Oscar is the almost mythic paralympian who overcame enormous odds to make an international name for himself in the world of track, running assorted sprints on “blades” replacing two lower limbs amputated before his first birthday .

I’m willing to cut those who have overcome great physical and mental challenges a break and that includes Oscar Pistorius. Let Oscar be petulant, gun-obsessed, self-centered, emotionally abusive and unfaithful in romantic relationships, arrogant…I’ll cut him some slack because he overcame that double-amputation to set the track world on fire.

But I won’t cut him a murder break. By his own admission, we know he killed girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, rather brutally by blindly firing four shots through a toilet door where she had barricaded herself, presumably from Pistorius’ jealous fury. The last shot tore into her brain; two others hit her in the arm and hip and an apparent defensive wound was found between the base of two fingers.

There was a time when I, as an avowed bleeding heart liberal and sports nut, loved Oscar’s story.

That was then, this is now. Sadly, Oscar Pistorius has turned out to be pure pond scum. A theatrical clown putting on a self-pitying show in a Pretoria courtroom for all the world to see. He spends the days of his trial for the murder of his beautiful young model, law school grad girlfriend, by weeping incessantly, burying his grieving head in his hands, even vomiting when he hears of the results of his filthy deed.

Let’s review. Among the early witnesses was Michelle Burger, a lady living in a neighboring estate who heard shots and desperate screams piercing that deadly Valentine’s Day morning around 3AM.

The witness also said the person screamed terribly and yelled for help (‘the person’ clearly meaning Steenkamp). Objectively, the witness added that she heard a man yell for help before the shots were fired. That would have been Oscar. Was he so dense, he didn’t recognize his girlfriend’s screams? More likely he was setting up a scenario even then to explain his actions.

Burger’s testimony contradicts Pistorius’ version of events, because he said he thought Steenkamp was in bed and he did not describe any woman screaming. Burger said the screams were blood-curdling. Her husband would later testify that the screams continued throughout each shooting until the very last shot, then they faded away.

A pathologist witness told the court it would be abnormal not to scream after being shot in the hip and arm.

On cross examination, defense attorney, Barry Roux attacked the initial witness by saying she added “blood curdling” to the statement she gave in court, a term she did not use in the police report in describing the screams. Is that all you got? Does attorney Roux really think the judge, Thokozile Masipa, who will make the final determination of guilt or innocence, is that stupid? If he does, big mistake. The judge is a black female and former social worker and advocate. She is known as being very tough on defendants found guilty of heinous crimes against women. No favoritism there. Roux even went so far as to suggest that the “shots” the witness heard, were actually the sounds of a cricket bat being used to knock open the toilet door. Another problem in logic. There were shots. Four of them. Is the defense suggesting there were none?

On a different day, a radiologist neighbor claimed he was awoken by “three loud bangs”, which he believed to be gunshots, followed by screams that sounded like they came from a woman, and then heard three more bangs that also sounded like shots. Later the defense got him to say Reeva could not have screamed after she was shot. After a mortal wound to the head, no. But you can scream at the top of your lungs if you’re shot in the arm, hip or hand. Been there, done that!

One of Pistorius’ lawyers read Oscar’s account of that early morning killing. Oscar claimed he talked with his girlfriend in bed before going out to a balcony off the bedroom to fetch two fans. He then said it was so pitch-dark, he didn’t notice that Steenkamp was no longer in bed. He later surmised she must have gone to the bathroom while he was on the balcony. If it was as pitch-dark as Oscar claims, how could he navigate through the bedroom to place the fans? There’s also the matter of his statements in his application for bail. Only one fan was mentioned at that time. He came in from the balcony and closed the curtains and blinds. Obviously the intent was to make the room dark for sleeping. Steenkamp’s absence could have easily been seen prior to the closures.

He also said he heard the toilet window open and grabbed his 9mm. He said nothing about hearing screams. Wouldn’t Reeva scream at that point or flee the bathroom intruder(s)? To match Pistorius’ story, all her actions were counter-intuitive. Were any fingerprints taken from that window at the time of the slaying? There is such a thing as shoddy police work, and if that was the case at the crime scene, Oscar might just prevail.

The defense continued to challenge the screaming accounts of the first and second day’s neighbor witness. “We know Reeva was in the toilet (a room within the bathroom). We know it was locked, you could hear increased fear, anxiety? You heard that out of a closed closet in a house 177 meters away?” The window from which the woman and her husband claim to have heard the screams faces Pistorius’ house. It was open as the couple was having AC trouble.

For the defense, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t claim the bad guy(s) got in through an open window and then insist that the toilet was closed completely off. If it was open, was Reeva desperately trying to escape? On the other hand, the “can’t hear the screams” defense is not without legitimacy. I expect the defense to present experts who will insist that under the existing conditions and factors, screams could not be heard at the distance described (if, indeed, that’s an accurate number). Problem is other neighbors gave virtually matching accounts of shots and screaming as well. Even Pistorius said he screamed. The first witness said she heard a man’s scream.

Another day of testimony told us a bit about Pistorius’ character and ongoing gun fetish. He carried a gun into a restaurant with three pals. At their booth the gun accidentally fired. A boxer friend in attendance told how Oscar passed it under the table so the boxer could take the blame. Later testimony would reveal a shot through an open sunroof. A Tuesday witness told of Oscar’s “Big love of weapons.”

We’ve got two or three weeks to go. More Pistorius’ histrionics, more distorted claptrap from team Oscar, a bunch of overpaid, say anything, professional defense “experts” and ‘Oscar as Jesus’ character witnesses.

Speaking of vomiting.

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  1. I’m an older woman with a degenerative muscle disease. It began to handicap me when I was about 10 years old. I keep going and going – I just get slower and limp more, and being in a wheelchair isn’t a matter of “if”, it’s a 25 year long trip to “I have to give up walking now”. I feel qualified to make the following statement:

    People who are disabled, especially those who are disabled from a young age, don’t know what it’s like to not be disabled. It’s just our life. We don’t need anyone to cut us a break for bad behavior because we overcame a deficit most people don’t have, and it’s a mistake to do so.

    Everyone has deficits. Everyone has something to overcome. Some people are champions at running, and some of them don’t have legs. Good for Oscar for having a goal, but he didn’t get to the pedestal alone. Most people like him deserve more recognition for getting out of bed than he deserves for being a great runner.

    I hope they fry him, but it’s not likely.

  2. Fry this POS already. He shot his gf while in a fight with her. He’s guilty. His alibi and statements make no sense. Stick a fork in him because he’s done.

  3. With all the gun worship that Pistorius seems to display, I suspect that someone feels very inadequate in the penis department.

  4. If he was here the pubs would have him running for office. He fits their criteria toting guns and violence against women.

  5. I think the nausea and vomiting are real, and the remorse as well, but they are for himself and the deep s… he’s in, combined with a hope that it will cause others to feel sorry for him. Plus, people with explosive anger are always (i.e., every time) sorry, and great at sucking women back in with that ‘guilt’.

  6. Just as in cases here in the U.S., Oscar will not be found guilty. Just because it’s South Africa doesn’t mean that there is not the same Gun worship by the weak minded and the immaturity towards women.If you use a gun your not guilty that’s how it always seems to be.

  7. This article is a bit blind to other probabilities. It hits close to home for me & my husband. While dating, one night I slept at his place. I woke at 2am to use the restroom. It is located in a 2nd pitch dark room adjacent to the bedroom. I flushed, & headed to the bedroom. a few feet short of the doorway, my then boyfriend stood in the doorway holding a large hunting knife. I froze. He called out gruffly “who’s there?” I said “it’s me.”, he lifted the knife as if readying an attack. I said it again 3 times. He still stood defensive and didn’t recognize my voice due to just waking, it being dark, the adrenalin and he could swear he saw me in bed asleep when he got up. He was very scared from previous break in and came very close to stabbing me out of fear and confusion. It still makes us emotional thinking about it after 17 years. I’m not saying he didn’t do it but I’ve got give the benefit of the doubt. BTW gun lovers don’t = GF killers and I hate guns.

  8. He surely is pouring it on real THICK! I’m not buying it though. I certainly that the judge is not buying it as well…in the end, when they or she renders their verdict.

  9. I don’t agree that the vomiting was real. The first thing I immediately thought was he’d chugged some Ipecac. It produces immediate and continuous vomiting. Comes in a tiny bottle, not difficult to consume while bent over with hands over face or in a water bottle.

    He’s pulling out all the stops, fake crying, fake vomiting, poor disabled me, feel sorry for ME, bad bad intruder climbing into my upstairs bathroom window & locking himself into the toilet stall. Yes, definitely believable. NOT!

  10. First if all, if you live in a sexual relationship with someone with no children around. Why would you lock the toilet door? wouldn’t you just close it, if everything was fine.
    Second of all, why didn’t he wake her up if there was a suspected intruder, instead of letting her sleep.
    Third of all, his aim was near perfect. He must be an excellent marksman too make every shot count.
    A lot of Pistorius’s testimony does not make sense to me. I hope he gets his up and commence.

  11. Totally agree. We don’t have sympathy upon a murderer just because he was or is some kind of celebrity. However, I wonder what a pure pond scum is really mean. Definitely a bad word.

  12. Guilty. It seems these days if you have a high paid defense team you are gonna walk. Therefore MONEY will buy Freedom…been that way from the beginning of civilization.
    Great acting, court gimmicks and no common sense. We have lost common sense and therefore these rediculous cases allow murderers to walk.
    We are going in the wrong direction on this. Defense teams have to many options, antics and loopholes to achieve a non-guilty verdict even though they are guilty as hell.
    With all the information in this case, it does not take a rocket scientist to see that this man…who has taken the life of a beautiful and accomplished woman is going to get off.
    Women…do something please. Write letters. Be heard. Don’t accept this. Stop letting money and privilege do these things with no consequence. I am sick of seeing this continue in the wrong direction. Please speak out and be heard.

  13. In his native South Africa he is hailed as a hero because of his olympic wins which hopefully wont blind people to the fact he murdered his girlfriend. The pathetic show he’s putting on in the courtroom is so unrealistic i cant believe anyone would be taken in by it.
    He’s showing his true colors which all happen to be different shades of yellow.

  14. This sniveling, self obsessed wimp deserves to die in prison. Despite all his phony weeping, vomiting, head in his hands and other displays, anyone in their right mind can see thru all this crap. Man up Oscar – you did the crime now get ready to do the time.

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