Chris Christie’s Comeback Is Dead as His Approval Rating Plunges to a New Low

chris christie

Fox News and the Republican Party are failing the revive the corpse of Chris Christie’s political future as a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that the New Jersey governor’s national approval rating has hit a new low.

According to The Wall Street Journal:

Overall, the potential 2016 contender was viewed positively by 17% and negatively by 32% in the new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll. That’s a stark contrast from October, when the Republican governor was on the verge of a landslide re-election on Democratic turf and viewed positively by 33% and negatively by 17%.

Feelings about Mr. Christie have soured among independents (12% positively/28% negatively), Republicans (23%/ 29%) and Northeasterners (28%/25%). In fact, not a single group of voters viewed Christie more positively than negatively in the poll.

One hates to say that Christie is definitely finished as a serious presidential contender because a lot can happen in a year, but these numbers are some of the worst in memory for a presumed frontrunner. It wasn’t just the scandals that did Christie in. It was also the fact that he courted the media attention. He badly wanted to be the frontrunner.

Christie got burned by setting up a scenario where he was the inevitable Republican nominee. However, with that presumption of frontrunner status came increased media scrutiny that turned what might have been a regional story into an epic national scandal.

Gov. Christie should probably abandon his presidential ambitions. He is going to have his hands full trying to finish his second term in New Jersey. The Republican establishment has no potentially electable candidate to back in the GOP field. They must shudder at the prospect that Rand Paul could swoop in and grab the nomination.

Without an electable candidate for the establishment, 2016 is looking more and more like a Hillary world that Republicans will just be living in.

19 Replies to “Chris Christie’s Comeback Is Dead as His Approval Rating Plunges to a New Low”

  1. Good article!

    May I go off subject and ask if anyone knows(special election Florida) how long this seat has been held by a republican?

    Also, how long will Jolley’s term be?

  2. Watch Rand Paul all of a sudden go on a nice streak using the words liberty for all and professing his love for women.

    And then gays who will all of a sudden have all the rights in thew world according to him

  3. dmhlt – Thanks for your info, I wondered about that, also when a serving rep dies I thought the governor had the option of deciding who replaced him, and does he just serve out the rest of the deceased person’s term.

  4. Jolly will only hold the Florida seat till November and its up for grabs again. Watching one of the news shows the reporter was at a nursing home interviewing people about voting. One said she voted for Jolly because she always votes republican! On Christie he is a lame duck.

  5. Was Florida one of the red states that did not take the medicaid expansion, I had wondered what they will do with their nursing home occupants when the federal money runs out from regular medicaid, most nursing homes rely on medicaid.

  6. jolly won but by only 2% in a district that is pretty pro GOP for around 40 years, I personally was invested in that race financially but we’ll see in Nov. and for christie??? LMAO! stick a fork in his FAT A$S! he’s done

  7. Seeing Christie at CPAC, I think he’s losing weight. Had this State corruption been revealed of any Governor…they would probably lose weight!

    Even if that Bridget gal takes the whole wrap for BridgeGate…Christie will never be able to come back.

  8. I wonder if folks who live in Nursing Homes in Florida have to go somewhere else to vote. Back in the day our precinct was in a Nursing Home. Gotta get that “deathbed” vote.

  9. Well, he’s losing weight because he had lap band surgery last year. Looks like he’s lost a good 100 lbs so far, which all politics aside, good for him.

    About this though: “They must shudder at the prospect that Rand Paul could swoop in and grab the nomination.”

    I absolutely believe that if the GOP establishment doesn’t want Rand Paul as their nominee, he shall not be. They’ll pull the same shenanigans as they did on his pappy during primary season. I can’t stand either one, or all of them, but geez, there’s this thing called ethics. But you know the GOP, if they can’t win honestly, then by whatever means and if that includes cheating, so be it.

  10. I think about how Chris Christie was riding high last year this time, and crapping on those who had the temerity to just disagree with him about anything. What a difference a year makes!! His reputation even among Republicans has gone from sugar to shit, and he has only himself to blame. I can’t help feeling a satisfaction at seeing him reap what he has sown through his bullying hubris. Even better, his henchmen are going down with him.

  11. Too bad the same can’t happen to Republicans in congress before 2014 election. Democrats have got to find a way to expose what the GOP/Tea Party stand for. none of it is good for the average american. They are at the beckon call of the Koch brothers, that’s it. It’s who they work for. If voters know this & still vote them in I give up on humanity. Let the Koch runned GOP Congress squash Republican voters like ants. Don’t they realize they are being used as suckers for the 1% to advance while their quality of living deteriorates.

    Christie’s no different, he’s a union hating, teacher hating, anti-women, anti-fair wage plutocrat. He doesn’t need the Koch’s since he uses the Port Authority as his personal bank & campaign funding. His cronies got too arrogant & brazen & got them all busted.

  12. The Jolly win has me bummed today. Don’t know why exactly. I can’t face the reality that over 80 thousand people know this sleazy Scott Walker clone has the same radical agenda as the rest of them & won. Voucher Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. They really want to gut all three. Jolly admits that’s what he stands for, probably voted on, yet the old white people in Pinellas went for him anyway. Why, why, why??

  13. Then Democrats and Independents have eight months to get their act together and to make sure that voters get to the polls in November! As always, a lot is riding on this election!

  14. I like the guy, but I smell the rhino establishment when I closely examine his politics. Perhaps they’ll move on to someone else or better yet, the rhinos will just switch to the party of who they really are, democrat.

  15. One would think that a governor, whose state had been struck by arguably the strongest & largest hurricane in recorded history for this area, would now be convinced of the true cause of fossil fueled Global Warming, and would be on the vanguard of pursuing and encouraging Green Energy technologies. Not so. Concerned more about his deep-pocketed campaign contributors, he has a state agency ban the sale of the most promising electric car to date. Why? Because it is sold direct to the customer instead of through a middle man, aka a “car dealership”. This betrayal is equal to, or worse, than having closed that busy bridge.

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