Climate Change Denying Koch Brothers Are Deemed a Threat to National Security

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It is generally expected and hoped that a country’s national security is not threatened by domestic traitors who deliberately jeopardize their homeland for monetary rewards. It hardly matters how powerful and efficient a nation’s military is when its mandate to defend the country is undermined from within the government due to the machinations of the country’s domestic enemies. One of the greatest assets protecting America’s national security is its intelligence community and military that spends a great deal of their time identifying and assessing threats to national security and evaluating terrorism threats at home and abroad. Recently, the Department of Defense identified a major threat to America’s national security and in doing so exposed domestic enemies intent on reinforcing the threat with millions of dollars for propaganda, blatant lies, and diversion.

The nation’s enemies are a familiar cult led by the Koch brothers who, with their foot soldiers in the Republican Party, teabagger movement, and evangelical Christians, are working in concert to enable terrorism and threaten America’s national security in the pursuit of power and money. Last week the Department of Defense and Pentagon identified global climate change as a threat to national security and warned it will increase terrorist activities that will certainly affect America. One might think an ominous national security threat warning from the Pentagon would engender a response and call to arms to confront the threat and minimize its danger, but there has been as little reaction to the DOD’s warning today as there was in 2006 when the Central Intelligence Agency and Pentagon first alerted the nation to the real and present danger climate change poses to national security.

The only politicians acknowledging the Pentagon and intelligence community warnings are President Obama and Senate Democrats who spent more than 14 hours around the clock Monday night to draw attention to the incredible dangers posed by climate change, and to compel congressional Republicans to stop ignoring the national security threat before it is too late. However, Democrats and the President are up against a formidable foe in the Koch brothers’ John Birch acolytes that could not possibly care less about climate change or the threat it poses to national security.

The Pentagon is not the only national agency that has warned Americans about the threat climate change poses to the nation. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the federal Government Accounting Office (GAO) and a preponderance of climate scientists (97%) have all warned the nation’s leaders about the increasing danger to America of ignoring global climate change. However, there is little activity to combat the threat to national security and increased terrorism because a substantial number of Americans are inclined to believe the traitorous Koch brothers instead of the agencies tasked with protecting America and scientists who have warned for well over a decade that climate change is a legitimate threat to America at home and its interests around the globe.

The Pentagon’s report, 2014 Quadrennial Defense Review, identified the impacts of climate change they call “threat multipliers” that “will increase the frequency, scale, and complexity of future missions,” and outlines some “creative ways” of addressing them. The QDR reports that climate change will “devastate homes, land, and infrastructure,” as well as “exacerbate water scarcity and lead to sharp increases in food costs.” According to the QDR, the desperation that many people, particularly in poorer regions like southern America, will face due to climate change impacts could lead to “resource competition” and “terrorist activity. The pressure caused by climate change will influence resource competition while placing additional burdens on economies, societies, and governance institutions around the world. These effects are threat multipliers that will aggravate stressors such as poverty, environmental degradation, political instability, and social tensions; conditions that enable terrorist activity and other forms of violence.”

What the report did not cite were recent examples of increasingly severe weather events as a result of climate change that already devastated entire regions in America whether it is the worst drought over the past 500 years in California, increased flooding and wild fires, or Hurricane Sandy that wreaked havoc on the Eastern seaboard precisely as climate scientists predicted 6 years ago. However, it is unlikely to sway many American’s opinion on climate change because the Koch brothers, evangelicals, and Republicans still claim climate change is a liberal conspiracy and hoax to assault the dirty energy industry, or god’s vengeance on America because gays exist, women use contraception, or Americans elected an African American man as President.

The media is as guilty as the Kochs, Republicans, teabaggers, and the religious right for the threat to national security because they perpetuate the population’s ignorance about climate change and its effects the Pentagon warns threatens national security. There has been a concerted effort by main stream media to bury information about the legitimacy and devastation of climate change at the same time they promote Kochs’ misinformation denying climate change even exists. The Kochs spend tens-of-millions of dollars on conspiracy theories about climate scientist’s perpetuating a hoax on Americans, and evangelicals claim god controls the climate to punish immorality and welcome climate change’s devastation because it will bring about the end times. Teabaggers and Republicans draw from both the Kochs and evangelicals to enrich the dirty energy industry that in turn brings greater campaign contributions. Denying climate change is big business for Republicans because it equates to greater power and riches despite they are traitors for jeopardizing national security.

The Pentagon has issued the same warning that climate change represents an increasing threat to America’s national security for the past 8 years, and for the duration Republicans, the Kochs, and evangelicals have fought tooth and nail to increase the danger to America. As leaders of the movement to increase the threat to national security the Koch brothers, who know without a doubt climate change is a legitimate threat, are proving they have no regard for the imminent danger to America or its people their industry and campaign to deny climate change is responsible for. In 2012 the Kochs funded a study to disprove the Earth’s climate is undergoing a dangerous man-made change that belied their claim it is a hoax and verified what 97% of climate scientists’ data-driven results reveal as a real and present danger to the planet and America’s national security.

It is reasonable to assume that if intelligence agencies and military leaders in any country on Earth identified a legitimate threat to their national security, the entire nation would mobilize to mitigate the threat immediately. However, America is unlike any country on Earth because it is home to a substantial movement actively working to increase the threat to national security because the Kochs, Republicans, teabaggers, and evangelicals are traitors who hate America and ignore the Defense Department’s warnings to hasten America’s demise.

16 Replies to “Climate Change Denying Koch Brothers Are Deemed a Threat to National Security”

  1. The entire Reich Wing from the Koch’s to Kooks whole plan in a nutshell is to like Nero, burn this nation as Rome burnt to re-build it in some dystopian Reich Wing dream. Which will be a nightmare for all Americans and this world. If we do not stand up for the Reality of Truth that the Dems. hold dear, then we deserve the result. It’s time to stop messing about and to totally DESTROY the whole Reich Wing and their financial security.

  2. Its all about the profit. The koch are deep in oil and are part of the causes of pollution in this country. They dont care about pollution, they dont care about the citizens of this country’s health and they dont care what we pay for food and water.

    No surprise the Bush family is buying up land in South America with huge water aqua firs under it

  3. What does the Koch family intend to do a few more billions of ill gotten gains?

    The Bush family have always been open to taking opportunity from any situation, I cannot forget this Grandpa Bush’s family supported the Nazis in WW2.

  4. The Kochs are disgusting. They pay off the politicians or pay the fines and keep on going. Maybe when one of those natural disasters wipes out Kansas they will change their minds.

  5. “Treason doth never Prosper; aye and what’s the reason? When it depth prosper none dare call it treason…”

  6. Well isn’t that interesting. So Kochs & company destroy the environment, create competition among the “underclass” for resources, and now the Pentagon weighs in with a “national security threat” … the biggest “threat” I see is that the underclass will die off leaving the rich without houseboys, maids, gardners and childcare.

    Is it possible the conspiracy theorists are right and the US is getting ready to round up the poor so the precious rich might be kept safe?

    This is rather scary.

  7. Do the Koch brothers have children? The silver lining of their existence is knowing they’ll die fairly soon. Their appetite for greed, power & global destruction is unprecedented. No signs of them retiring. You’d think they’d be winding down the evil empire at their age. It’d be a relief if the tainted gene pool stopped with them.

  8. It is interesting that these climate change deniers who are afraid of clean air regs hurting their bottom line, do not seem to know that China who has no
    clean air regs are now having to pay people a premium just to work there in the polluted air, so I guess the bottom line there suffers.

  9. Just some information that liberals don’t want to know:

    The Koch Brothers have
    1) Donated 100M to NY Presbyterian hospital.
    2) Donated 20M to Johns Hopkins Cancer Research.
    3) Donated 30M to Memorial Sloan-Kettering.
    4) Donated 15M to Cornell Medical Center.
    5) Donated 25M to Hospital For Special Surgery (NY).
    6) Donated 25M to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (Hou).
    7) Donated 10M to Jaffe Food Allergy Institute.
    8) Pledged 35M to Smithsonian.
    9) Gift of 20M to Museum of Natural History.
    10) Gift of 65M to Metropolitan Museum of Art.
    11) Gift of 100M to Lincoln Center.
    THESE TOTAL 445M dollars. They are such awful people.

  10. And this has to do what with what they are doing to you and the country?

    All you are doing is showing their tax deductions. ALmost all billionaires give money to causes

  11. These same people want all regulations gone in order to pollute your land for their profit, do away with all regulations that determine a workers rights, safety and benefits including overtime pay, required vacation time. They demand the Keystone pipeline that carries very toxic crude be put across our water aquafirs and will not pay for cleanups. And this is just a microcosm of what they want

    In other words you support the very people who could care less about your rights, your life or anything else about you. Its the same as putting as shotgun in your mouth and pulling the trigger

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