Conservative Leaning Poll Shows Governor Scott Walker On The Ropes In Wisconsin

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A newly released poll by Rasmussen Reports shows the Wisconsin Governor’s race to be a dead heat. Incumbent Republican Scott Walker and Democrat Mary Burke are tied at 45 percent each. The survey of 500 likely Wisconsin voters may raise some eyebrows as Scott Walker, who won in 2010 and beat back a recall effort in 2012 has been considered my most pundits to be a favorite to win re-election.

Burke, the former executive for the Trek Bicycle corporation has proven to a more formidable opponent than expected. Many prominent Wisconsin Democrats passed on running against Walker because he was viewed as being too strong to defeat. Burke, however, stepped into the void and she now has Scott Walker on the ropes.

Governor Walker has been mildly damaged by an ethical cloud surrounding his office and by emails released demonstrating that his staffers, when he was Milwaukee County executive, were mean-spirited and bigoted. Nevertheless, Walker has weathered the storm around him better than either New Jersey Governor Chris Christie or disgraced former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell have handled their respective scandals. Unlike Chris Christie, Scott Walker still seems to have his presidential hopes intact for 2016. However, if Mary Burke can pull off the political upset and bring Walker down in 2014, that would seriously damage his future prospects for pursuing a higher office.

Wisconsin voters may have grown tired of Walker’s policies which attack so many different constituencies. His ambitious efforts to curtail reproductive rights, suppress voting rights, and dismantle labor unions may be his undoing. Walker may have survived the 2012 recall election, but right now he is on the ropes in 2014. Rasmussen polls traditionally have been slightly friendlier to Republicans than the actual election day results that they are measured against. For this reason, Mary Burke has the momentum going forward. The race is tied at 45, and hopefully for Governor Walker, it goes downhill from here.


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  1. If the people of Wisconsin re-elect this sorry piece of crap, they deserve the screwing that they will get.

  2. Well, they thought he was on the ropes once before and the good people of Wisconsin did not knock him out.

    Think they’ve learned a lesson there?

  3. How many GOP governors are under investigation for something? Its like a job requirement with these clowns. Think he will get any teachers votes? Ha! I hope the pubs decide to run him for prez in 2016.

  4. This is encouraging, since Rasmussen generally lean far to the right. They showed Romney beating Obama right up until the day before the election. Of course the Koch machine will go into full speed to start its campaign of lies and will flood peoples mailboxes and emails with phony ads, all with untraceable return addresses. My dad is nearing 80, and is disgusted with Walker, but is afraid to vote for the Democrat for fear of alienating his republican brother, on whom he is dependent for rides. A lot of people especially in the Northern part of the state won’t for a democrat because they believe the tea party line. They are scared of the dark people from the Milwaukee area taking their jobs (what few that remain) and they hate the Indians who “take our fish”.

  5. The state is deeper in debt, has less jobs and the school system has been raped by this moron. Can even republicans be dumb enough to vote for more of the same?

    I hope not but I know better

    And as for you Wisconsin Dems, not running because you might get beat means you should be a republican. A Dem should run no matter what.

  6. Wisconsin has been transformed into 2 states under Walker.

    Wississippi, and Wiscompton.

    Wississippi is the rural red part full of bigoted low information voters who have been given the official wink and nod go ahead to hate anyone that isn’t a white anglo saxon protestant heterosexual NRA member.

    Wiscompton is the urban areas that have been strangled by budget cuts, voter suppression, and police shootings.

    Wisconsin has NEVER been like this. There has never been this edge of nastiness and corruption that these republicans have brought to the capitol. I have seen power change hands several times in my lifetime and it has always been amicable. Maybe heated, but NEVER this lying sneaking devious blatantly corrupt stuff Walker has brought with him.

    Walker will inevitably have the money advantage, at least 2-1. Last time it was 8-1 or 12-1 depending on which numbers you look at.

    Plus the fishy numbers that come out of Waukesha county where 10000 votes appear 3 days after…

  7. NOW something I’ve read about Walker makes a whole lot of sense. The WI Supreme Ct may overturn the voter suppression law the Walker legislature passed, and Walker has said if the WI Supreme Ct rules against the law, he’ll call a special session to rewrite and pass the bill again. He insists that a voter suppression law must be in force before the next election. This sounds a lot like what Snyder and his buddies did when the citizens of MI voted to rid the state of his emergency manager law. If Walker does this, there should be no way anyone in WI should vote to reelect him. The group, Friends of Scott Walker, is being investigated to determine if any campaign finance laws were violated. I hope it’s discovered, before the election, that Walker colluded with the group, or that the group engaged in voter suppression in the recall election. I think Walker knows he’ll lose without a new voter suppression law in place before November. With such a tight race, Walker’s goal is clear.

  8. It’s high time everyone living in Wisconsin that has seen the terrible destruction of almost everything we hold dear by Walker and his Tea Party cronies in Madison, get out the vote . . . the VERY vote that he will do his damnedest to suppress. If you live in Wisconsin and you are not angry you are completely brain dead. I hope the polls that show Walker in a dead heat with Mary Burke are true. Now is the time that we, the ANGRY, must do our best to educate our fellow Badgers and MOBILIZE the very voters that Walker is attempting to quash. Wisconsin cannot take another term with Walker, Norquist, and the Kochs at the helm. Sand mining alone should have all of us pissed off beyond belief!!!

  9. voter ID is unconstitutional according to Wisconsin constitution. But Walker et al will do everything they can to keep working people from voting.

  10. How many Dem politicians are in federal prison for corruption? Oh wait lets not bring that up on a far left site. Nothing to see here but demonizing all Republicans.

  11. I voted Democrat for 36 my question to you is Do you want the “Lyin Queen” running this state? You will never know what the truth is from that (b)itch. As the Democrats record has proven the last 5 years, they are out for the hispanic votes, and care not waht you or I think. Every member of this administration needs to be replaced. Dems and Repubs alike.

  12. Just so we can vote in the next group that doesnt care?

    The Dems already have the Hispanic vote. And have had for some time.

  13. can I ask how many of you posting here actually live in Wisconsin?? because most of your facts are just idiotic! theres a reason walker was elected and then again with the asshat recall. I am neither repub or dem..I vote on their policies, and what will best help me and the city I live in. id vote for this guy, with all his issues than a lady who out-sources work to china anyday of the week…now go back to Illinois and worry about the deficit the dems have put you all in! and the unions for that matter…you ignorant sheep!

  14. I do live in Wisconsin and this governor has brought this State backwards and he is now taking away our voting rights. He lies about everything and only serves his friends and no one else. He is very vindictive and also won’t answer questions only to people who agrees with.We are behind other states and just his rich for will see any tax breaks My taxes have gone up since he came into office. He is really dishonest and that’s putting it mildly. Mary Burke is very honest and I hope will give our Unions back which we so badly needed and we will once again have open government in Wisconsin again and have mining regulations back so we Wii keep our waters safe.Mary Burke Will be a great governor.

  15. The Kock brothers are actually 59th in the donation lists. The 58 above them are all unions or lefty’s like George Soros

  16. Scott Walker has taken a state from fiscal emergency to solvency. Reduced the strangle hold the unions had on the state, and tried for free and fair elections. After a college student from Madison actually went on the radio after the last election and stated that she had voted for Obama six times, obviously election reform is needed in Wisconsin. If Wisconsin votes him out, they deserve what they get, send him to Illinois, we need him to set our state right.

  17. I agree that if middle class voters in Wisconsin vote for Walker again, they are naive, dumb, uninformed! He has made life for the wealthy in Wisconsin WONDERFUL! For the non-wealthy, AWFUL! He refused Federal funds for Medicaid low-income and poor needy families so they could get healthcare! Now these poor people are suffering from lack of healthcare! DOES he CARE? NO! He’s out to get rid of unions, he cut funds for public schools, He’s declared war on women’s rights! Jobs are few and mostly low paying ones. middle class families are suffering with no extension of unemployment benefits. Low minimum wages are forcing many families to live under the poverty level! If ANYONE votes Walker back in office, they are sticking a knife in the backs of the non-wealthy!!!!!!!

  18. Haters Love To Hate. You tried to knock him off in the General Election with a campaign of fear and by running one of the most negative campaigns in state history against him and you LOST. Then the Loony Left from all around the Country was summoned to Recall him, saturating the airwaves with their millions of dollars in dirty money and by putting leftists on every street corner. Then when you LOST the Recall (by a larger percentage than the General Election, you tried to smear and discredit him by using the power of your left leaning Liberal Local Prosecutors in Milwaukee trying to link him to a “scandal” that most reasonable people think was a sham. On the same day they announced the “investigation” into “the scandal”, Mary Burke declares her candidacy. Coincidence? NO! 20,000 emails and 3 years later No Link to the “scandal”. Now you’re freaking because Wisconsin’s economy is on the move and business is good. Face it, you’re Jealous haters, everyone knows and you’ll LOSE in Nov.

  19. You might want to research the findings against him.

    You might also want to know Wisconsin is deep in debt, the schools are devastated and is 49th in job production. All since Walker.

  20. I do live in Wisconsin and this governor has taken Wisconsin backwards and we do not have a surplus that is just another Walker lie.He still has not answered about the Secret E-Mails which were right by his desk in Milwaukee County.As far as returning money back to the taxpayers our taxes have went up every year since Walker has been in office and ours went up another $100:00 dollars again this year.He has put everything on a crit card so we will be in debt for years.He has taken money from education , we no longer have planned parenthood and the worst thing he did was take voters rights away.Signed into law no weekend voting when he knows in Milwaukee district that’s the only time some people can vote.There are also other places people can only vote on the weekends.There is no voter fraud in Wisconsin and he knows it.Why would a governor make it harder for people tovote?Think about it.Wake up WISCONSIN and vote the governor out. No more lies.

  21. Maybe if you provided a crediable link(s) to information that supports your opinion people would take your statement seriously.

    Until then, “I know you are but what am I?!” taunting is ridiculous trolling and will be treated as such.


  23. And this has to do with the polls in Wisconsin? Wisconsin is still in debt to the tune of around 1.7 trillion. And all you want is a koch owned governor

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