Obama Blasts House Republicans For Stomping All Over The Constitution


In a statement of policy, today, the Obama administration laid into House Republicans for trying to assume unconstitutional powers with their bill that would sue the president for doing his job.

Here’s the statement from the Executive Office Of The President:

The Administration strongly opposes H.R. 4138 because it violates the separation of powers by purporting to permit the Congress to challenge in court the exercise by the President of one of his core constitutional functions – taking care that Federal laws are faithfully executed.

Congress ordinarily has the power to define the bounds of the Executive Branch’s enforcement authority under particular statutes, and persons who claim to be harmed by the Executive Branch’s actions may challenge them as inconsistent with the governing statute. But the power the bill purports to assign to Congress to sue the President over whether he has properly discharged his constitutional obligation to take care that the laws be faithfully executed exceeds constitutional limitations. Congress may not assign such power to itself, nor may it assign to the courts the task of resolving such generalized political disputes.

If the President were presented with H.R. 4138, his senior advisors would recommend that he veto the bill.

The ENFORCE Act is a piece of House Republican legislation that would take away President Obama’s constitutional power to implement the law. It is ironic that while screaming about President Obama making his own laws, House Republicans are trying to steal the president’s constitutionally mandated powers, with a piece of legislation that allows either the House or the Senate to sue President Obama if they don’t like the way that he is implementing the law.

In case anyone needs a refresher, this is not the way our system of government is supposed to work. Congress passes the laws, and the president implements them. Congress does not have the ability to pass and implement their own laws. For decades, the courts have agreed that presidents have the power to implement the law. The only requirement is that they must implement the law within a reasonable period of time.

The ENFORCE Act is even worse than the usual grandstanding propaganda that House Republicans try to pass off as legislation. What Republicans are proposing is a fundamental transformation of the separation of powers. The president and his administration are correct to smack down this awful piece of half-baked legislation. The bill exists for the purpose of letting House Republicans go back to their districts and campaign against “Obama the dictator.”

House Republicans are frustrated because their power is diminishing as President Obama gets more willing to act on his own when and where he can. The Founding Fathers built a perpetual tug of war between the executive and legislative branches into our system of government. The separation of powers exists for a reason, and Republicans don’t get to trample the Constitution just because they don’t like the current occupant of the White House.

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  1. The Constitution became outdated when a black man took office. Just like facts, lies and deception is the new norm for the Republicans.

  2. Will they ever do ANYTHING in congress? All they do is blame our President for EVERYTHING. Pass a jobs bill, pass an infrastructure bill, help the American people. Quit your crying and do your job.

  3. Harry would never let it through the senate so the Veto pen can rest for now. As far as the house they are the worst the country has never seen.

  4. All these no good bastards are doing is building a rotten election campaign such as talking impeachment, ACA and now this, it will all come up in their talking points political commercials, they are nothing to be proud of. This is a new breed of Cretan or scum suckers. I really can’t communicate how discussed these people me, all because of racism. Where were these people when GW sold his snake oil to the country, never once did this bunch of lemmings break ranks.

  5. I had to download and read 4138 for myself. Sure enough authored by Issa and his usual gang of scumbags. Funny how they dont like the courts “making” law but if Obama does something they dont like then they want a three judge panel. They make me ill.

  6. I just hope after the 2014 election that the Democrats will take over the house and all the obstructionist, the ones that really violated The Constitution, will be arrested and serve prison time.

  7. Why aren’t they working on the problems facing this country on a daily basis?

    They think this is all just a game – it’s not. There are real issues to deal with and real people to help and these idiots are busy acting like two year old children (my apologies to two year old children).

    They think governing is a dirty word, something to be avoided, yet they CHOSE to working in government. Why don’t they just retire if they find governing so distasteful? Not like they do anything useful anyway. I doubt we’d miss them.

  8. its an age old problem that our forefathers knew would happen-that’s why they sat down and worked out there differences and formed a legal document called the constitution. the far right, and the far left need to do what is right and work it out.

  9. Governing is distasteful to these cheats, but taking the money, paid as salary, along with the medical, retirement, and perks, is not so distasteful that any one would quit. easy money easy job and they have the gall to call others takers.

  10. working things out is NOT on the rethug agenda, only total capitulation is on their menu. Hopeing the Koch brother wills make it happen. Then and only then will the rethugs be happy.

  11. You know, there is a way for conservatives to get the President to do what they want. It’s called “win the election”. Oh, you didn’t? Then deal with it until you do.

  12. Geez, if he would only go after them for their other CRIMES. This troupe of baboons that has occupied the House is a creation of Grover Norquist and other meddling megalomaniacs. The first time they hald the debt ceiling hostage, it was not politics but a criminal act of extortion of the highest order that threatened every one of us in ways even they could not predict. That’s what you get when Presidents who are Democrats stand for this glaring bit of totalitarianism in the opposition where a pledge to a totality becomes the price of Congressional Office. When a totality like that exists, democracy is lost because no matter who they float for election in the states where the outcome will be red no matter what, the policy will always be the same. They become loyal not to Norquist or the voters but to the GANG they have become. Loyalty is their constant weapon against each other to get the outcome of the overlords.

  13. He already it. And he has 3 years to do so much more if he’d get serious about how the repukes have redaran the lines between politics and crime. He listens to their offense, which keeps him on defense. Regardless of whatever they say, if the law is on his side, he will prevail and Americans will come to his rescue. But he only shows his Irish in small spurts. Greatness is within reach, he just has to start the clock of justice ticking on domestic enemies who have lied themselves into position of legislators. This is not paranoia. Every case goes to court because it’s a matter of persuasion that the law is what it is and has been broken. And I for one can think of a handful.

  14. It would help everyone a great deal if the Right Wing would take the time to actually READ the Constitution one day. More and more it seems the conservative method is to simply make up whatever you want and attack anyone who presents the facts to contradict them. I am still laughing over their latest attack on Neil DeGrasse Tyson for his “blind faith in science” (the best oxymoron they’ve come up with since “compassionate conservative”). And who can forget Jon Stewart’s evisceration of Andrew Napolitano’s idiotic insistence that (a) the Civil War wasn’t about slavery (b) Lincoln started the war and (c) slavery would have gone away all by itself.

    Until conservatives discover the difference between fact and fantasy, they are doomed.

  15. I totally agree. I think the reason that the Republicans are building an anti-Obama campaign is because theyhave nothing to say that interests the majority of Americans. That is why there will be another Democratic President in 2016. History was made in 2008, and history will be made again in n 2016. God bless America!

  16. I agree 100%. Extremism in BOTH parties is killing our country. A little common sense here please? God bless America!

  17. Well, I would take strong exception to your claim that
    “… facts, lies and deception is the new norm for the Republicans.”

    I don’t think there’s anything “new” about it. It’s been in their DNA for decades!

  18. If this piece of legislation were allowed to pass, then it would make the Congress a body of Dictators, or in other words, a communist politburo…..

  19. And Republicans call Obama a dictator? They need to look in the mirror to see who the real tyrants are.

  20. There is a great need to have all republicans pulled from any form of elected office, every single one of them. The GOP is public enemy number one, it is time for those that will burn this country to ashes all because a black man was elected and reelected to the presidency to be yanked from the power to be able to light the match. The GOP must go, one will cut off a toe to save the foot and body from gangrene, we must save our country and cut off and burn the republican party, that is a sickeningly diseased limb. Now.

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