Obama Has Last Laugh As Funny Or Die Video Bumps Healthcare.gov Traffic Up 40%



On Tuesday, the comedy website Funny or Die posted a video featuring the President being interviewed by actor Zach Galifianakis. The interview was part of a comedy series of Galifianakis’ known as ‘Between Two Ferns’, where the actor performs comedic interviews with well-known people. Overall, while the video was generally regarded as very funny and showcased the President’s comedic skills, conservatives still found a reason to whine and complain about it.

In the end, it appears that the President will have the last laugh regarding the comedy stint. In just 24 hours, the video was viewed a whopping 13 million times. 54,000 viewers of the video immediately went and visited the federal healthcare exchange website, Healthcare.gov. This led to a one-day increase of 40% over the site’s normal traffic for the previous month. The video will likely still continue to get millions of hits over the next few days, so it won’t be surprising if the ACA website continues receiving higher-than-normal traffic in that time.

Obviously, this will come as more bad news for critics of the ACA, especially for Republicans who still think they can go about repealing the law. Not only did the President come off as much ‘cooler’ than the normal Republican due to the hilarious sketch, but he was definitely aware that the video would help in the final month’s push in enrolling more people in individual healthcare plans. As always, the President is two steps ahead of his critics.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney had the following to say about the video:

“Very quickly this video went viral and not just because people thought it was funny and the regular viewers of Funny or Die clicked on it and watched it, but that it was getting folks – the video itself was causing the action that we hoped it would cause, which is getting folks to go to HealthCare.gov and look at the options available to them and hopefully enroll.”

Currently, it is estimated that 4.2 million people have signed up on the state or federal insurance exchanges. Roughly 25% of those are young adults, aged 18-34. While critics have pointed out that optimistic estimates early on wanted 40% of new enrollees to fall into that age group, the law will remain economically feasible with the 25% figure. With this video hitting that target age group specifically, it is very possible that the final figures will show a nice little bump in young adults signing up.

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  1. The ACA has personally helped me and allowed me to get my sister a fantastic package compared to the ripoff POS my mom was paying out of her Social Security to try to give this 51 year old $14K a year some health care. They didn’t consult me and mom didn’t know she bought a “catastrophic only” policy of around $150 a month. My dad died of colon cancer at 63 and my sister had never had a colonoscopy yet. She had one with the crap insurance and was left with $3K in bills. They found and remove 6 polyps and ordered another colonoscopy. I went to the ACA exchange, found her a policy for one tenth the premium that gives her routine care. The second colonosopy left her with almost nothing in the way of side bills. Even though the web site was screwed, I don’t think they should have piled on in admitting it. I know what it’s like to sit all day in the ques at the local Dept of Social Services when I need Medicaid. People who bitched about the web site have no idea how easy POTUS made this…

  2. Jimmy, congratulations, I am sure your story has been similar to experiences all over the country and we need to hear more of them, right now Boehner is trying to do more stuff to make the ACA fail by taking money out of it to supposedly shore up medicare – this from a hypocrite that is trying with Paul Ryan to destroy Medicare too!

  3. Hey Mike, what do you think is wrong with folks who are against others getting health insurance? Either they sign up or they get fined.

  4. Funny, while Mr. Obama plays celebrity, REAL IMPORTANT things are taking place all around the world… Ukraine crisis, NSA spying, Our endless war, Debt, A rigged economy, Rampant cooperate crime, Fukushima, a missing plane, Americans starving… And our president of this great nation makes his #1 priority to pretend to be a celebrity so he can pitch everyone why they should purchase his brilliant healthcare plan while attempting to mass appeal to target groups in very specific and strategized ways, in order to sub/consciously coherece his audience in “trusting” someone else with out asking any questions. all doing this while trying to stay very trendy with one of the most significant generations to come ; the millennials those who are young growing into the workforce, grown up with the internet. Who created the notion of going viral… who grew up with movies like the hangover… Those who will be paying for these older politicians as they steal everything. Perhaps, even the internet

  5. everyone should have decent health insurance. it should be MANDATORY. in THIS country, no one should have to die simply because they can’t afford medical attention. AND minimum wage should be kept up with the cost of living. what the hell is wrong with “MAN”?

  6. well.. not free… it is paid for by a combination of customer premium payments, tax increases in rich people, savings from overpayments to private medicare providers (medicare advantage) and the diversion of federal payments that were already being paid to hospitals that had high numbers of uninsured defaulting on their bills.

    but for people earning 130% of the poverty level in a non gop controlled state, yes, Medicaid is free to the recipient.

  7. A skit that only 4% of the population even knows about boosts your numbers by 40%… what does this say about your numbers to begin with?

  8. Thomas, it is clear that you are full of misinformation about President Obama and his activities. Clearly you are a faux news fan. I wonder if you are sick of all the lies and decided to check in with the truth. If you are looking for the truth, I would suggest that you forget all the lies you have heard over the years and watch CSPAN, read a wide variety of newspapers, go to the congressional and senate websites to learn what people are voting on and how they are voting. When you learn the truth, come back and be welcomed to this website!

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