Paul Ryan Claims Black Men Are Lazy And The Cause Of Poverty In This Country

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Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) was on the conservative radio show ‘Morning In America’, which is hosted by Bill Bennett. Bennett is the former Secretary of Education under President Reagan. He is also known for gambling away millions of dollars while at the same time preaching about living a virtuous life. Anyway, Bennett had Ryan on to discuss Ryan’s recent ‘War on Poverty’ report, where Ryan stated that anti-poverty programs developed under President Lyndon Johnson and after were actually the root cause for the continued existence of poverty in this country.

During the interview, Ryan used thinly-veiled ‘code’ language to claim that black men do not want to work and are satisfied with being poor. He also stated that anti-poverty programs create a culture of laziness and that what we really need is for affluent white people from the suburbs to spend more of their time mentoring those in the inner-city. Obviously, the answer for those living in abject poverty in a jobless environment is to have someone come down from their lofty perch and whitesplain about how to lift yourself up by your bootstraps.

Below is an excerpt from Ryan’s conversation with Bennett:

 ”We have got this tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work, and so there is a real culture problem here that has to be dealt with…you need to get involved, you need to get involved yourself, whether through a good mentor program or some religious charity, whatever it is to make a difference. And that’s how we resuscitate our culture.”

This is Ryan’s way to justify that all social programs need to be gutted. Basically, rich, white people will fill in the gap and provide mentoring to the poor, inner-city black folks that they moved far, far away from. At the same time, there is no need to raise the minimum wage in this country and we also need to destroy unions, since they drive away jobs due to their demands for a living wage for their members. In the end, Ryan’s solutions are for there to be no social safety net and the driving down of median wages. But, no worries. The free-market and basic human decency will provide all the solutions needed.

What is especially disgusting here is the notion that all poverty is centered around inner-city black men and that nobody else utilizes the social programs that Ryan demonizes. He is making sure to stoke the racist flames already ablaze within the Republican Party by going down this route. Ryan is essentially doing the same thing that Reagan did when he brought up the ‘welfare queen’ myth.

To make matters worse, Ryan cited Charles Murray, who is the author of The Bell Curve. Murray has argued that intelligence is genetic, and that whites are naturally more intelligent than blacks. He has also claimed that all social welfare programs will inevitably have a negative effect on a society. Overall, Murray’s studies have been used by many to justify their notions of white supremacy.

Ryan has long been touted by the Republican Party as extremely intelligent and a real ‘wonk.’ I guess the fact that he uses numbers a lot to make his points makes him appealing in that regard. It gives the appearance of being knowledgeable and exact. However, he is just using smoke and mirrors to push forward a Randian vision of how America should be. Basically, the wealthy should be coddled at all times and they will decide how much to trickle down upon the masses.

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  1. Don’t be alarmed folks, this is the tip of the iceberg.

    Watch what happens on the day of the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act. The American Right will echo 5hat Blacks were better off under Jim Crow segregation.

    Remember, you have been reminded.

  2. Wow I cant even come up with words to describe this guy. Every time he opens his mouth crap falls out. I wonder if he is planning on going to one of those neighborhoods and do some mentoring? Maybe he will take a brown bag lunch with him.

  3. Paul Ryan was RAISED UP on welfare–foodstamps, cash assistance, medical coverage, social security and college tuition aid, not mention countless other benefits along the way. All from the government, and all to not only him, but to his family as well. For years and years. He got his alright. Now he wants others to resort to their bootstraps.

    This guy is a first class self-absorbed self-centered _ R I C K. Vote him gone asap!

  4. “…. the answer for those living in abject poverty in a jobless environment is to have someone come down from their lofty perch and whitesplain about how to lift yourself up by your bootstraps….”

    yes, massa; I’ll be good massa; yes, massa; I’ll be a good worker, mass; if this isn’t a step back into the 1800’s I don’t know what is!!

    all citizens (white, asian, hispanic, female, and black) need to be offended. part of the issue though, there will be a number of people that will see nothing wrong with this philosphy

  5. As a teenager, Paul Ryan’s father social security benefits help provide food, shelter, education, and healthcare. Wonder where Ryan would be today without that assistance?

  6. Our hospital ran out of silver spoons when I was born. But being white, guess I got a pass and was born just a poor white girl who went on to college on a scholarship. We had one black girl who’s father apparently had a job so she could go. Ryan is an idiot!

  7. I think he is doing one of two things. Trying to tell us he isnt running for president or else trying to tell the tea bags he is the man for the job

  8. after what happened in Florida we need to come out and vote……it will be our fault in Nov if the GOP take full control of Congress.

  9. This is the man GOP offers as their idea man even one repub They are dangerous. The tea party Ran Paul and this guy want to distroy. The United States and our constitution. VOTE them out.

  10. Get real! ANYONE here who claims to be shocked by paul ryans racist rant is either naive or lying! This IS the GOP!! it’s always been about racist rednecks talking that dog whistle crap! their neo conservatives thrive of this stuff! hey folks, do you remember when bill bennett the racist GOPer said about 10 yrs ago ”HYPOTHETICALLY, IF WE ABORTED EVERY BLACK BABY, CRIME WOULD GO DOWN” wow bill! and that’s NOT a racist jab?!! Now watch!! some republican DOUCHEBAG with a woman’s screen name will bore us with some BULL$HIT that republicans aren’t racist and how this article is just a liberal smear campaign!!! WATCH!!!

  11. Go check out and they have a whole list of comments postings and mindless utterings of these goofies.

  12. The worst disincentive to work is a labor climate where the harder you work, the behinder you get, and that’s exactly what the GOP is trying to create, first, for the forty-seven percent, and then, for the ninety-eight.

  13. The only reason Paul Ryan is saying all of these things is because he being paid to say them. This fool is obviously a puppet!

  14. If this man ever becomes President, there will be blood in the streets. And I don’t mean just the Black Americans will rise up all minorities and thinking Americans will impeach, this racist douche bag. First he wants to starve little kids, then has the gall to say that black men do not want to work. I know a lot of black men that would do anything for a job. I know a lot of black men with a job. Lying Ryan, knows nothing about minorities in American, nor does he care to learn. There is a special place in hell for Mr. Ryan.

  15. How ANY black person that votes GOP needs to get psychiatric treatment and a serious BEAT DOWN!! you listening clarence thomas? condi rice? allen keys??

  16. He’s talking about “white collar” crime, right? Because I don’t know any poor people who can afford to live in the “inner city”. They got ousted to the boondocks decades ago.

    ”We have got this tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work…”

  17. Please, Someone write a truthful screenplay of Ayn Rand! We need a movie showing how the selfish, ‘I’ve got mine…so screw you’, Ayn Rand philosophy has taken over our American Republican Party!

  18. Will someone take Ryan in the “HOOD” and let him talk that to the Black MEN who live there. Please take picture so we can see the Beat Down.

  19. Paul Ryan is just another REPUBLICAN RACIST, BIGOT!! He is just like so many old white, rich, so called “men.” He claims to be a Christian especially, Catholic. The Catholic Bishops attacked him for his propose budget as have many other people and groups. America is in danger of becoming just another footnote in history as republicans DESTROY AMERICA!!

  20. OMG! What a disrespectful, arrogant, self-absorbed, pseudo-intellectual, racist sociopath. Why is it that all these RWNJ say the most offensive, racist, obnoxious comments (about rape, women, minorities, poor people) and no one in the media calls them out on it? Almost everyday, some conservative says something outrageous and traditional media never blinks an eye. What is up with that? Can someone please explain why they get a free pass?

  21. The simple solution is to have people work for their benefits. The people would gladly work to receive benefits. Nobody wants to be given things with nothing expected in return. This way the stigma of getting something for nothing would be eliminated, and the people would gain job experience to go on a job application. Maybe a potential employer could gain some tax reduction incentive to then hire these people.

  22. Really….let’s review laziness…sitting in Congress or the labor black men do in this country….I think it’s safe to say our men are far from lazy. A little tired of the modern day slavery maybe but lazy….NOT! After all the free labor you have stolen from our people you should never fix your lips to spray insults since you are still reaping the benefits of our labor! No wonder you caused your party a loss idiot!

  23. If you add up all of the GDP of the U.S at the start of the Civil War it came up to about 2.5 billion. If you add up the worth of slaves it comes out to 3.5 billion. Just sayin

  24. I think Ryan’s comments were aimed at city men in general, considering he has no use for the homeless, either. It’s quite obvious he doesn’t spend much time in cities other than D.C. and in his own state which should only be red out of embarrassment for having elected this crackpot to the Senate. He’s beyond racist. His digs are aimed at anyone in the middle class or the poor because he’s a damned Tea Party member who licks the asses of Charles and David Koch and, in fact, has replaced monotheism with two gods. Yet another step backward with the conservatives. His idea of religious charity I’m sure does not include the Tea Party-backed evangelicals which make up a group of radical extremists out to spread their hatred for everyone else throughout the world. Just ask Reverend Lively if that isn’t so.

  25. Nin,

    I think LyinRyan is a disgusting pig. He lied about being poor – his father was an attorney, his family business to this day builds roads on “government contracts”. He tried the “poor kid” routine which backfired – he used Social Security dollars for college as his father had died. So he went to college on taxpayer money rather than borrowing from Mom or taking out loans. He was NEVER poor.

  26. When Rachel gets wind of this you will se Lyin Ryan try to walk it back. All Rachel will do is open some of Murray’s writings and read excerpts of the racist bullcrap in them, and Ryan will have to try to distance himself from old Bell Curve Murray, like he did Ayn Rand when he said once he required his staff to read Atlas Shrugged.

  27. He really doesn’t need to be answer too because he don’t believe what he is saying, he just talking to hear himself talk. He thinks the more off the wall he sounds, the more he can make the president do something stupid like give up obamacare to help the economy. That is all they care about, is obamacare, they eat, sleep on ways to get rid of obamacare and nothing is working. They are steadying painting themselves in a corner by cutting foodstamps, wic, and other services for the american people that when the next budget deal come through with the president that he get it all back and all they can do is stand their with their mouths wide open wondering what in the world happen. The president is going to let continue to dig their own hole and when it is time to throw the dirt he will cover them up and walk away. But it will destroy the party and it will take years to form another party, hopefully by time all the old white men will be sitting at home on their porch sipping ice tea…

  28. Hey Karen, Can you please show me in his statements where he said anything racist? Last time I checked a region, or area of a city, is not a race.

  29. Not only are you ignorant you are a first class racist. I bet you thought Willie Horton was a ad about crime in general or when Reagan invoked the mythical welfare queen. Get a life and lose the white sheet

  30. Ryan is racist slime, pandering to the racist slime that is the Republican base.

    But you already knew that.

  31. I’m still trying to wrap my head around his obsession with elementary children eating lunch without “working for it” or whatever. It really irks him that these 5 year old aren’t cleaning school toilets & mopping the cafeteria floors to earn the food to put in their empty stomachs. This jerk couldn’t manage to carry his home state, or home town in 2012. But why is he in congress at all? His ideology is cruel & twisted. He hides it behind an oh golly shucks veneer. He tells fake stories, washes clean pots & pans & now is using “dog whistles” like all his flat out racist Republicans. He’s no better than a Steve King or Steve Stockman.

  32. Let me help you with a name for this miscreant. He is an INBRED BIGOT. His momma and sister are the same person which is responsible for his mental retardation.

  33. Ryan has been on the government dime his entire adult life. What “real job” did he ever hold down. What does he do now? Can’t call it work when they purposely accomplish little to nothing. He’s a taker, a government moocher who’s schedule has him “working” less than half the year. Thank God too, when they are “in session” they do neat stuff like shut down government.

  34. I just remembered Newt Gingrich made the exact same “inner city” comments but did mention “blacks” specifically in his little rant. Newt also said if kids want free lunch they should clean toilets or mop floors for a free lunch. Yeah, great minds think alike I guess (sarcasm).

  35. His budget’s are now a target for criticism even by the GOP because they are too harsh & full of crap that doesn’t work. He plagiarizes other’s work then twists it to suit his Ayn Rand agenda. The economist’s work he lifted from aren’t happy he bastardised their studies. He talks about black men being lazy. What’s worse than stealing other’s intellectual property so you don’t have to put out the effort yourself?

  36. After watching 3 re-runs of the TV show “The Wire” Paul Ryan can claim to know all about inner-city black men, and their alleged problem of napping in Ryan’s hammock!!!!

  37. Black men are not lazy.Most black men do have jobs. People Are poor because they don’t earn enough to live on which he already knows. And there are people who are out of work.and haven’t found work yet. some of whom for reason i don’t understand voted republican in the last election.If he and the republicans are so concerns about jobs,why didn’t they pass Obama jobs bill? It was blocked in the senate and not voted on in the house.why are they against repairing and upgrading our infrastructure? He seems to be letting his true colors show in addition to lying again.

  38. What is his reasoning as to why some whites are poor? I guess that is the Black mans fault too. Everything that goes wrong in America is the fault of every other race except whites. We are not the United States of America. There is no unity in all the racism and hatred in this country. When the slaves were set free they should have run for the nearest border and never looked back.

  39. Sorry, but I still see lock-step compliance to Koch brother’s will across the GOP spectrum!!! They all want to demonize the poor; eat their children!

  40. I suspect Mr. Ryan has a finger on the pulse of economic development in urban area of Wisconsin like Milwaukee. I suggest he take a look at how often the states department of economic development has located or relocated a major employer into a major urban city. It’s easy to blame someone else for all the problems of inner cities, it’s something totally different to stick your neck out far enough to solve them.

  41. If you know his history, then you would suspect he is under the pulse of the koch brothers and ALEC, and is basically useless

  42. Interesting- direct quotes of the radio spot, with no direct racist quotes whatsoever…Easiest way to spot the extreme liberal- see how often he waves the racist flag. Easiest way to spot the extreme conservative- see how often he shouts the anti-communist slogans. Are you disputing that a lot of inner city people are subsistence lifers? I see it everyday- people living off the system who are able bodied, and are not looking for work.

  43. Great observations James. The question should be who are the real racists when ‘inner city’ is mentioned and the assumption is ‘black men’. I happen to see ALL races in the ‘inner city’. Black, White, Asian and Hispanic’.

  44. Then you see your own kind on the dole
    Another finding of the study is that the distribution of benefits no longer aligns with the demography of poverty. African-Americans, who make up 22 percent of the poor, receive 14 percent of government benefits, close to their 12 percent population share.

    White non-Hispanics, who make up 42 percent of the poor, receive 69 percent of government benefits – again, much closer to their 64 percent population share.
    Them damn facts get in the way of your overt racism everytime

  45. Hey Mr. Ryan, I am black, and have really served this country — 25 yrs. USAF. I retired back in December of 2010 and earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in IT after retirement.

    You, on the other hand, have not even done what you were elected to do–you went to college using funds from a program that you and your cohorts in crime are continually trying to cut.

    You are disgrace and more lazy than anyone you claim that is lazy. So, you should spend more time doing your job than expressing your worthless opinions.

  46. Paul Ryan fell in love with African American Woman in college! If they got married with kids, Ryan kids would of Lazy Black men.

  47. Interesting numbers djchefron- so his comments- aimed at inner city poor, are racist…but 42% of the poor are white and only 22 percent of the poor are black. Wait. I must be confused, that sounds like he’s anti-white! Damn racist pig! How dare he want to take away those programs from those 42% of the poor whites(sarcasm intended in case you think I’m actually being racist).

  48. “The Little Street”, q.v.; William Hickman, q.v.; Marion Parker, q.v. Everything you could need for that is right there. Somebody get me some quite modest backing, I’ll write the damn screenplay with pleasure.

  49. Sure, Deric, I’ll grant you that he didn’t say anything overtly racist, but he did cite Charles Murray in the interview. You know, the guy who said that whites are naturally more intelligent than blacks. Apparently, PR agrees with this whacko. Is this not even a little bit racist? And I’m sure Mr. Ryan was including poor inner-city white men as well in his condescending diatribe. He seems to show nothing but contempt for poor people. His lack of empathy is astonishing to me. I still say the man is a complete sociopath.

  50. Paul Ryan, is a fraud, first of all he can’t be a Republican and Catholic at the same time! From the statement above he sounds more like a White Supremacist racist with his discriminative behind. Well, with that remark, he just put the GOP party lower then low.

  51. Paul Ryan jumped off the deep end with those comments. His credibility is in jeopardy now. Poverty is not a simple a problem to remedy. Ryan proves its money before people when he thinks cancelling food stamps will help get people back to work. Actually that will make people hungry and hungry people tend to get angry if others are eating just fine and they are not. I would tend to disagree with Ryan on people’s motivation to work instead of getting a handout. When one begins working again it isn’t long before the pride and self-respect is restored regardless of the socioeconomic group to which one belongs. Ryan seems to believe that his austere program of national self-rehabilitation is the only way and is exempted from modulation in order to work. His big mistake is putting dogma before people. I have to admit some of the things he has said are scary and don’t really build a humanitarian way for people to regain their self-respect and their value of their lives.

  52. Not everybody who is rich attained that status through hard work and ethical/legal behavior, nor did all of the wealthy acquire their fortune on the backs of the downtrodden.

    Not everybody who is poor is a lazy, shiftless parasite on society, nor are all poverty-stricken families doing all that they can to improve their situation.

    Life is not a comic book. You will find examples of noble, ethical, hard-working people at both ends of the socio-economic spectrum.

    That being said, there are notable situations where people made fortunes at the expense of the rest of society. We can start with the upper management of the energy/petroleum industries, and then move on to Wall Street/banking industry executives. Far too many of these individuals regard Gordon Gekko as a role model.

  53. Wonder how his black ex college girlfriend would react?
    The ones who protest the loudest…… can you say men’s room at the airport?

  54. Took the words right out of my mouth!! I totally agree. Who were the lazy ones when slaves were working in fields, nursing babies, cooking, cleaning and sexing the slave owners and their families? And it urks me when people generalize black men as the ones who are unemployed and getting benefits. If all white men are employed then why the hell are they in the unemployment and welfare lines? If folks had good jobs I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t need the benefits. Now they want our children to take over where the slaves left off just to eat lunch. Mind you, he is referring to kids of all races not just black kids. He is suggesting a new generation of slavery using our kids as the new slaves, he knows damn well there are laws against child labor. He is a lunatic.

  55. If Paul Ryan becomes president, I don’t think this country will ever recover. The divisive rhetoric he spouts is lapped up by angry masses of people who think that poverty is created because people just aren’t trying hard enough and are morally deficient and that government programs are just handouts that encourage laziness. I feel that the country will move too far right to ever return, just as it moved way further right after the “Reagan Revolution”. I’m scared.

  56. PLEASE! When a politician in Wisconsin says the “inner city” they generally mean Milwaukee. The inner city of Milwaukee has a predominantly black population. It is and has always been code for white racists (like my parents) to say the N word (with a wink and a nod to their other racist cohorts) with the same level of (im)plausible deniability that you are suggesting.

  57. Extremists of Paul Ryan’s kind, operate from the same plantation mentality they always have. They try to be more media digestible [today]with their contemptuous venom, but where they’re coming from is never in doubt. The hypocrisy of a democracy they always espouse but purposely never deliver on, is evident in the continuous derailment of resource job training programs that would be a true stimulus to eliminating the very problems he decries. These sentinels of mediocrity are always ready to cite the price of everything but not the value of nothing.

    Although Ryan and his crowd advocate ongoing manipulative attempts to maintain status quo control thru political rules and regulations, as opposed to the violence and intimidation tactics (of the not too distant past),the day is approaching when his brand of politics will be in the demographic minority where it counts…..the voting booth! The chickens will come home to roost!

  58. Congressman Ryan has lived almost his entore life on the government tit, coming from a financially comfortable family (wealthy by many standards) who collected Social Security death benefits which got squirreled away for him; right up to the funds he collected for college.

    Past that, he’s never worked in the private sector, and in the House of Representatives, we can credit him with having a part-time job.

    The arrogance of the 21st century GOPTP is stunning…even dismissing their inherent racist bent, it boggles the mind that the very people who’ve created the financial catastrophes, responsible for people needing public assistance, have the gall to condemn and denigrate those in need.

    This article states, “Ryan has long been touted by the Republican Party as extremely intelligent and a real ‘wonk.’”, and I would counter that the congressman is a despicable ‘Wank’-er.

  59. It’s amazing how Paul Ryan talks about the problems with “American Culture” and America only has the culture it has “Appropriated” from others, mainly Blacks in America. I don’t know if he could handle knowing that. The only culture he understands is capitalism. There’s more to life than money.

    “Some people are so poor, all they have is money.”
    ― Patrick Meagher

  60. after remarks like these, I wonder if even the rethug blacks will be able to stand beside lyin ryan let alone vote for him.
    I wish he would find his special place in hell, sooner rather then later.

  61. You must be thinking of the rethugs in the house! they are the ones sitting on their behinds, working only 113 days for the next year, with great pay, medical, retirement and every day perks, all the while calling others lazy, gifters, takers.

  62. You have to wonder how many of the morons who touted this fool as a “rock star” (until his little pea-brained self got turned into hamburger by VP Biden in front of the whole planet) could struggle through that flaming pile of crap that is Atlas Shrugged and actually summarize it briefly and coherently? I mean, the right wing’s moronic so-called leaders struggle with understanding Green Eggs and Ham, as we’ve seen recently. These clowns think they should get to run the world by divine right? No thank you!

  63. “The free-market and basic human decency will provide all the solutions needed.”

    That was good for a laugh. Thank you. Spot-on imitation of the deluded or just plain malevolent.

    The market is purposely rigged and either the word “human” or “decency” doesn’t apply to the market riggers, not sure which.

  64. Amen again.

    Those lazy black guys could pull themselves up by their own jockstraps and get a fine job at McDonalds or Walmart for minimum wage- get screwed out of overtime- have no benefits and just be happy – don’t worry.


    They could run marathons and try to beat Mr. Ryan’s 2 hr time— lying sack of shit.


    Move to Wisconsin where they will be truly welcomed by the Tea Party people.

  65. Has anyone done the obvious homework on Paul Ryan’s family business interests? I would wager that someone in his family has business that is benefiting from government tax breaks or subsidies that are not available to common working folk. People who share his philosophy are almost always revealed to be hypocrites when you take a closer look.

  66. The family business built roads in Wisconsin with taxpayer funds. When his father died he received Social Security benefits. So in other words he is a double dipping hypocrite.

  67. Paul aka DA LYIN’ KING Ryan is the gopee poster boy of what “faux intellectualism” looks like. The ability to recite a few six or seven letter words without stuttering, doesn’t make him one of the smartest men in the room.

    The cause of poverty in this country are the laws, regulations, policies crafted by dyed in the wool RACISTS over 400 years through political graft, greed and corruption by which this nation was founded upon.

    All bought and paid for in the sweat, blood, tears and lives of slaves and indentured servants past and PRESENT.

    But you won’t hear about this or read about it in those white washed history books used to teach the likes of assjacks such as him.

  68. You cant make this shit up. Now here is the denial
    “This isn’t a race based comment it’s a breakdown of families, it’s rural poverty in rural areas, and talking about where poverty exists—there are no jobs and we have a breakdown of the family. This has nothing to do with race.”

    So in white rural America is the lack of jobs but in the inner city it’s all about the lack of a culture of work.

    We get it. Its always the lazy shiftless negro. Just STFU

  69. Lyin’ Ryan is at it again. He never learns, does he? Intelligent wonk? Not so much. Actually, not at all.

  70. No one can receive benefits for life, there is a limit as to how long you can be on them. You also can’t receive cash if you do not have dependent children, or disability, and some families and individuals that do get food assistance get less than $40 a month. It’s been that way for a long time. There is no living the high life with champagne and steak and caviar on foodstamps. Especially since no matter how little we spend on the safety net, the right still complains and demands cuts. We hear you loud and clear that you just want to let the poor starve…it hasn’t made your side very popular. But when an old speech comes out of Candidate Obama saying we should stop building strip malls and other crap in the suburbs that they have in abundance and invest some money in minority neighborhoods and businesses, all of a sudden that racism that doesn’t exist is in full force towards whites. Sure seems odd to me.

  71. It kills me how many Republicans (Limbaugh is the worst I’ve heard)try to claim that they value children’s lives more then the left does when they spend so much time spewing hate speech and shaming poor kids for the crime of being hungry. Then they have the nerve to claim they are Christians. They are just plain disgusting and evil, they have all the money and privilege in the world and can’t enjoy it because they are too busy sweating that a kid may get to eat without EARNING it. And they have the nerve to call President Obama a baby killer. I’m so sick of their hate for everyone who doesn’t bow down to their satanic philosophy of every man, woman, and child for themselves. That whole party is sick and rotting from the inside out.

  72. We all know, the shock is that they are so comfortable just putting it out there when they have to know they are going to be destroyed this November…but they can’t resist just all out disrespecting and blaming everyone else for the problems THEY caused. I think America is sick of being tormented by this congress who only want to do a few hours work when they want to tear the country down and make us suffer. Then they jump in front of a camera, bitch and moan cause Obama played golf for an hour or had a nice dinner with Michelle and boy is he lazy, then they hop on a plane and go home to their mansions for a couple weeks. They have no ideas they just want to rule over us and rob us blind, not carry out our wishes or better our lives. I hope to God everyone is going to get out and vote this year because they HAVE to go.

  73. This is why nothing ever gets fixed. Nobody actually wants to talk about the issues, they’d rather just call someone a racist. If you’ve ever been to the inner cities it’s pretty obvious there are some serious issues. It doesn’t matter what race it is. The fact so many see this as racist commentary tells me two things. The first thing is it says more about the people than think it’s racist than Paul Ryan. The second thing is it’s easier to ignore a problem than take a stand.

  74. Then tell your bagger friends to pass the jobs bill, fix our infrastructure and the Veterans job bill and you would have a lot more credibility Beauregard

  75. Can I just point out the fact that in his quote, Ryan never refers to race at all? I think taking what he said and twisting it into racial slurs is ridiculous. Just because he said “inner city” doesn’t mean anything. White people can live in the inner city too, you douchebags.

  76. When you quote a white nationalist then you are a racist but worse than that he is a hypocrite who has been sucking off the government teat since he was 16 and never held a real job his entire life. Plus you are a idiot.

  77. Here comes the flood of ryan apologist!! here comes their simple minded BULL$HIT about his inner city comment! listen if you don’t have enough common sense to know “INNER CITY” is synonymous with black people! maybe you should STFU! Now if ryan said “THE RURAL” areas everybody would have thought he meant “WHITE BACKWOODS” this is the problem with GOPers!! they NEVER confront the racist in their party!! they just haphazardly try to sugar coat the HATE!!

  78. @baltics, are you really that stupid???!! so when you hear the phrase “INNER CITY” WTF do you visualize? a bunch of rich caucasians?? or some asian families?? you can’t be that ignorant??!! can you?

  79. Name one black man that’s even half as lazy as politicians who are CONSTANTLY on vacationholidayretreatrecesshiatus? A black man in a welfare line puts in more work than a republican politician.

    Dear Republican politicians:

    I am NOT Ukrainian.
    Not a single Ukrainian in the Ukraine voted for a single one of you. Not even one.

    Jobless americans, including 200,000 military veterans–of which I am one–are sick and tired of your crap, your laziness, your “look at this, don’t look at that” game, your insistence on holding us hostage while you play political pocket-pull, and your heartless, shameless war on us–half of whom are the very people who voted for you. You’re all about to get fired. You ticked off waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many people. You haven’t worked a week all year, you lazy parasites.

  80. Democrats have to be floating in the clouds right now, knowing this one issue has to have won them potentially 2 million voters defecting from the republican war front. Yes, a lot of us didn’t come to our senses until these lazy parasites reached into our pockets–so be it. When does it NOT come down to an issue that affects us personally? Almost never.

    Both parties have ruined the economy and the job market, but it is only the republican party that is waging war on american families, playing games while our lives unravel and our children starve.

    Guaranteed, winning any office or seat as a republican in the next election will be like catching farts in a bottle–damn-near impossible. And that’s as it should be. Fire them all. Never forget. Fire them all.

  81. Yeah Theo. Like a Jobs Bill to help inner city folk or Veterans. We have seen how Ryan’s ilk have responded to these ideas.

  82. First I don’t like Paul Ryan and Obama is on my list as well, but with Paul Ryan, he needs to pull all the welfare numbers and social program numbers and compare them. he will find out that there are more WHITE people on welfare and using free programs than there are BLACKS. Black men want to work but as soon as the WHITE people in the office see his/her face all of a sudden they are no longer taking applications. Please. Fix your house/neighborhood before coming down off your perch to try and help us clean ours……

  83. Right, of course, when he said “inner city” he meant lily-white college graduates who can’t be bothered to find a job.

  84. There was no racist comments. Senator Ryan was discussing the issues of the inner city and lack of effectiveness with government programs. There are code words used by people but not in this case. The majority of responses I have read are vicious personal attacks that have no basis in fact or rational thought. People who resort to cursing and name calling forfeit the expectation of being taken seriously

  85. You know when you are talking to an idiot when they don’t even know the persons position in government. Senator Ryan?

  86. No, Ryan’s comments are still aimed at blacks because he doesn’t know the actual statistics on poverty.

    The GOP has always used racist dog whistles to portray social safety net programs like welfare as “black” problems when whites use these programs just as much. The reason has always been to encourage whites to vote against these programs. For the last 40 years, the GOP has been trying to get both the middle-class and the poor to vote against their best economic interests and using racist dog whistles has been one method. Starting and perpetuating their silly “culture war” was another.

    The problem is that this strategy is slowly becoming more irrelevant and it seems that Ryan didn’t get the memo. As the country becomes more diverse, this GOP strategy is failing to work as each year goes by.

  87. Sorry, Cortney, but you’re wrong. Ryan was using code words.

    And if government programs are such a failure, then why has Ryan and his family benefitted so greatly from them?

  88. I hear you. But we have empathy. They’re consumed with envy, hate & greed. Angry that a poor kid’s free lunch is taking something from them. Being billionaires like the Kochs is never good enough. Only happy when they’re screwing somebody over & polluting the planet. They don’t want free citizens. They want personal slaves working for peanuts. An Oligarch society that just benefits them.

  89. Enjoyed reading all of you all’s comments. Life is too short to be stressing over all this stuff. But we have to let go and let God. Believe me he will fix it, it may not happen when we want it, but when it do, it will be on his time. Think about the rich man and Lazareth. MY question is, how did a lot of these people become rich. Some people went to College and parents worked hard and spend all their hard earned money, which wasn’t very much to send their kids to College, and some mistreated others to gain wealth. took, lied stole from others and cheated as some still are in order to become wealthy, and continue to do so this day. But God knows all and see’s all. May God Bless America.

  90. I thought the typo was appropriate. When you have been shat upon “Shat” is the right word every time.
    The culture that needs alteration is the culture of greed.
    Conservative principles start with buy low and sell high, the lower the better and the higher the better. And the more desperate a labor pool becomes, the lower the price of their labor.
    “First they came for the trade unionists.” The minorities were the last on the list.

  91. What he said was correct and did not call Black men lazy…..this article blatantly lies about Mr. Ryan’s comments during the radio interview,

    ‘Ryan used thinly-veiled ‘code’ language to claim that black men do not want to work and are satisfied with being poor’……and ….”This is Ryan’s way to justify that all social programs need to be gutted”…….WHAT?. How was this derived from what the congressman said?

  92. So then Einstein why did he walk it back saying in rural areas its lack of jobs but in he inner city is the cultural? You are just as racist as he is and the sad part is you cant even admit it. And as far as gutting social programs, I suggest you read his writings on the matter. You big dummy

  93. Any democrats favorite argument is to play the race card. If you don’t think the inner city is screwed up then you are indirectly supporting a nanny state. Most of those people don’t pay anything in taxes, but have a free life. Not to mention the costs overwhelm the gov. and are driving national debt.

  94. Most intelligent people knew exactly what he was saying. Inner City?

    But there are always some like yourself who are in denial. Just like Ryan is when he went back on TV to announce he just said it wrong.

  95. @cortney, please help me with something, WHO IS SENATOR paul ryan?? last time I checked he was CONGRESSMAN paul ryan, looks like you just ”outed yourself as a FOOL, wouldn’t you agree? BTW, take you boyfriend @jr and stop watching FUX, it’s killing your last remaining “BRAIN” cell

  96. Well when you say racist things expect to be called out. Evidently you know nothing about the budget because if you did you wouldn’t make an asinine statement like that.

  97. We are DOING better than that Sir! We are pooling our resources and buying land and producing our own food for ourselves. We will create industry and business, and of course jobs for OUR people so that we can finally do for SELF and NEVER rely on the bloodsuckers of our communities again!

  98. Did you read the quote objectively?? Or did you read it under the assumption that Mr. Baragona’s interpretation of this quote must be correct? I live in “inner city” Atlanta, where that quote is word for word true. There is a growing number of homeless people here who many are homeless due to drug addictions. Many of them have drug addictions because it was easier than dealing with the immense hurt in their lives. Good men, in Atlanta have rolled up their sleeves and spend countless hours helping to pull these men and women out of situations that they cannot get themselves out of. Not by giving them some money, but by getting them clean, inviting them to their homes, teaching them money and job skills. They are literally ending homelessness in Atlanta. This type of poverty cannot be fixed by throwing money and programs at it. This is a heart problem that requires intervention and love. Stop judging a helper and become part of the solution.

  99. I’m sorry if I missed something, but where exactly did he say BLACK Men are lazy? Journalists (and that is a loose term for the author of this article) are at partial fault for creating the racial divide as well. He didn’t say BLACK men…he said intercity men who don’t want to work and want to live off of the freebies. Are all of your intercities only made up of African Americans? They sure aren’t here in Milwaukee.

  100. He had to back peddle because of people like yourself got all bent out of shape over something he NEVER said! Stop playing the race card for stupid stuff like this! It has made the racist claim a joke because it’s your only defense when someone tells it how it is.

  101. He said it. Its no one fault but yours you cant understand what he said.

    If he told it like it is, then you are admitting that he said it. He made a very foolish statement about people for whom jobs are very scarce. And you have fallen into the fox news hate your fellow citizen trap

  102. Yes, the majority of people in the Inner cities are african American. Thank you for finally catching on. Milwaukee? Indeed

  103. Then he is a coward. Like all racist when their sheets come out at night. I mean what I say and say what I mean.

  104. @THEHURT, are you REALLY that stupid?? tell us when you think of people living in the INNER CITY who do YOU visualize??? another example, if ryan would have Florida Gated Community, what type of ethic group would YOU visualize first??? of course! wealthy or financially comfortable caucasians! If Jessie Jackson talked about HILLBILLIES!! you’d be screaming bloody murder because he was putting down Rural caucasian people! ARE YOU REALLY THAT STUPID?

  105. And republicans have the audacity to wonder why black people don’t vote republican!! Anybody with ANY common sense knows what ryan meant, and the dog whistle he was blowing! just like the old Willie Horton ads republicans trotted out their to scare white americans! and about Obama being a muslim terrorist!! oh, I almost forgot! he’ also SATAN!! 666 RIGHT?!! you GOPers are so racist you don’t even see it!

  106. Hmmm . . . let me guess . . . white man right? So am I and find your response hinting that black people are all drug addicted homeless people makes you no better than Paul!

  107. Premise 1: Poverty is a problem. At the very least I think most people can agree that poverty causes problems.

    Fact 1: People living in poverty tend to have poorer health than those who do not.

    Fact 2: People living in poverty do not necessarily have the means (time or money) to acquire the skills necessary to improve the quality of life.

    Fact 3: People living in poverty don’t tend to have the time or money to make their voices heard.

    Fact 4: America the wealthiest nation on Earth but poverty is still a problem.

    Premise: Welfare/food stamps are representative of problems but are not the problems.

    Fact 1: As a nation, we have never actually addressed the inequity caused by discrimination.

    Fact 2: Supporting a family on a minimum wage job is not possible without benefits.

    Fact 3: There are a finite number of jobs at any given time.

    Fact 4: It is possible to work full time and be on food stamps and other Federal/State aid.

  108. Don Cristie? Really? You find one house negro and everything is all right. CamptowN races Do Da Do DA , Feel better Scarlett

  109. Yeah you right. 7% are sonderkommandos. No thank you. I will not stand by why some will send the many to the fate you racist wants. And if your dumbass think that MLK would endorse what the baggers are doing today then you are stupid and know nothing what that man stood for. Don’t you ever mention his name to support your racist views

  110. Can you say Dr. Martin Luther King, Dr. Ben Carson, Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas, Alan Keys, Allen West, LL Cool Jay, Condoleezza Rice, Don King… Are these “house negros?” (Your filthy words, not mine) Should I go on?

  111. Lets start with the living ones. Carson, really he only speaks for you racists because he wants to be like you. Powell, excuse me he endorsed the President twice. Keys what has he won? He went against the President and got his ass beat. West, was dismissed from the army because of torture and when he ran for re election got his ass beat because he is a nut. Rice is a war criminal who lied to your dumbass and 4000 American soldiers are dead because of that lie .Balsa planes flying 8k miles to drop WMD. You are stupid. Don King. There is not enough words to describe how he stole money from people much less his manslaughter conviction.

    You are a idiot that don’t know shit and before I really go off STFU DUMBASS

  112. @linda, take a break! the GOP is 90% WHITE, do the math ok and that list of yours is a joke! A- Colin Powell doesn’t hardly knowledge the GOP since the USED him to sell the Iraq invasion! B- MLK wasn’t a republican LOL C- it’s beyond apparent your a caucasian, because you feel like you’re an authority on EVERYTHING, when in reality you’re just a parrot! filled with misinformation. peddle that crap to folks on your level .

  113. See @linda is your typical white republican female, she’s an authority on absolutely EVERYTHING, she can tell black people whats racist and what isn’t, she’s just so brilliant but ask her how she feels about her OWN party calling women SLUTS, tells them RAPE ain’t no big deal, how her body isn’t hers and how her body has a anti rape pregnant gene and ”little miss know it all” goes in DEAF DUMB and BLIND mode. @linda, is a comedian unfortunately her jokes just aren’t funny! MLK a republican! WOW!! BTW that list she threw up here?? LL Cool J you republicans can have him! condi rice? she’s NEVER been BLACK, alan keys?? LMAO please keep him! he’s CRAZY as hell a FEW black people ride the GOP bus because their RICH and want government WELFARE from the GOP! ask charles barkey how he liked the GOP! LMAO

  114. It has nothing to do with whether or not you like the black republicans. You said black people don’t vote republican. Simply not true. That’s kind of like Obama saying the average family will save $2500 on their insurance and that you can keep your insurance if you like it… PERIOD.

  115. How do you know I’m a republican? How ’bout this to blow your theory. I voted for Obama!!!! And I’ve almost always voted Democrat.

    I just know that Paul Ryan is a good man. It has nothing to do with party affiliation.

  116. Why cant they keep their insurance? There is nothing in the #ACA that says they cant. While you are dumb enough to blame Obama, the healthcare insurance companys are laughing at you because they didnt upgrade their policys. And you fell for it.

    BCBS wanted me to pay 1100 per month before the ACA. I now pay 223. Screw you, your ignorance is outstanding!

  117. I”m done with you… Typical response when you have nothing to actually say. Just denigrate the people I listed. I said it didn’t matter whether you liked them. They are all republicans, as was Dr. Martin Luther King. Don’t believe me. Google it, idiot. HE WAS!

    Don’t bother responding as I won’t see it. Your comments, attacking everyone and everything aren’t worth spending my time on.

  118. LOL @linda, your NOT a republican and you voted for Obama?? LMAO you are hilarious, NOT!! for someone who isn’t a REPUBLICAN, you sure got their lying talking points down cold! you know damn well you got that BS from FUX NEWS and or the Grand Wizard limbaugh! you got JOKES, too bad they all SUCK!! BTW I voted for bush jr, TWICE! yee haw hold on! denzel washington told me to say HI, because he’s a REPUBLICAN too LMAO

  119. Sounds like someone isn’t taking their meds again,instead of wasting time on the internet I think studying for that GED would be a much better plan.

  120. This man is a pure racist. Just on population per population ratios only there are more “others” than Blacks live in poverty. 90% of this country is composed of others with Whites being the majority, What makes this man the worst and most dangerous, is he considered to be one of their most intelligent up and coming stars. What one can’t understand is this so called bell shape curve that he and others use to try to prove their color superiority. Their rush to color/ intellectual superiority never include that common sense (mother wise) quality. Lack of this are reinforced by Ryan and others, by continuous use of distorted numbers and race baited catch words to cover their racism. And to believe that this man ran for the second highest office in this nation. Mother wise tells one that there are those that are truly worried about this “Browning of America” thing. Further, it tells one that color superiority is the least of our future worries.

  121. You better keep your eyes on those Blacks! You know how tricky they are! There’s a New doll coming out this Christmas. It’s called the “Welfare Doll”. You wind it up and it won’t work! I wonder how many idiots are going to come to Rand Paul’s defense? Shameful!

  122. I read his post several times James, nowhere does the race get applied or mentioned. So you are falsely accusing him of something that was never said. If you are stating you feel he is inferring, (incorrect again btw), then please say so and make this a legit conversation please.

  123. Let me guess, idiot right? Nowhere in Ryan’s comments does it mention a color, race or, political affiliation, you ass u me d he was talking about black men. Actually, I don’t know if you ass u me d that he was talking about a color, or know that the only way to get people fired up is to accuse someone who disagrees with you of being against a color. It has nothing to do with a color. It is about being responsible for your own life. I am white. (Oops, there I mentioned a color). I live in what is well below the poverty level. This is your fault. The choices I made had nothing to do with how my life turned out. You made your money and did not share it with me, knowing full well I was out here with way less than you have. If you had given me your money, I wouldn’t have chosen to do drugs and drink alcohol. You made me feel sorry for myself, so I had no choices right? Mc.D’s should be punished for paying $200/wk for work when welfare allows me to have more time to do drugs and make ba…

  124. You should be happy knowing that most of the rest of America knew exactly what he was talking about. That way you do not have to worry your little head about it. Look on the bright side, you can always deny that he walked back everything he said saying he said it wrong.

    As usual.

  125. Yes. Teach us proletarians how to play golf on weekends, take two-hour lunches and maybe a quickie afternoon delight with the secretary, avoid taxes and other smart stuff.

  126. Why is it OK for Obama to say it but not for anyone else to say essentially say the same thing? This is from Feb. 27, 2014. Obama “challenged black men to do better themselves, and said they must not make excuses for their failures or blame society for the poor decisions they have already made.
    “You will have to reject the cynicism that says the circumstances of your birth or society’s lingering injustices necessarily define you and your future,” Mr. Obama said.
    “It will take courage, but you will have to tune out the naysayers who say if the deck is stacked against you, you might as well just give up or settle into the stereotype.”
    “Nothing will be given to you,” he said. Right…

  127. Obama didnt call them lazy, but said work to make yourself better. Ryan is just plain stupid in the way he says it. And if you say thats not what he said, ask yourself why he had to backtrack himself on it

  128. Also in Atlanta. I have to agree with you 100%. This author apparently has no idea about southern urban culture, much less the underlying issues and causes of poverty.

  129. Much of the business from the north came to places like Atlanta and Tennessee. The poverty level didnt change nor did the education levels. The poverty is because of the leadership that keeps you in poverty. And they want you that way to take low wage jobs.

  130. You are so right Diana. Most of the runaways went to Canada. The “North” was not the northern states of America at all. They knew if they stayed here they would be taken back into slavery.

  131. Rather than listen to his constituent, Alfonso Gardner, a black man from Mount Pleasant, Wisc., and learn from someone, he was alluding to in his inflammatory and racist statement, Ryan goes on the defensive and tells him “You don’t know me so you don’t know who I really am,” Is it the job of Mr. Ryan to better acquaint his constituent as to who he is? His racist arrogance is getting in the way of his knowing who it is that makes up the diversity in the Republican Party; and which is the problem he shares with all the other white men (and women) in the so-called party of Lincoln.

  132. Because President Obama, being a black man himself, knows and has shared the experiences of these young, black men. Rep. Ryan only presumes such a knowledge, and not knowing the black experience, applies a prejudiced statement, monolithically, to a whole swath of people who are defined, enmass, by their race! The fact that you have to ask this question, illustrates just how far America is from resolving the issue of race!!

  133. So let me get this straight. The homeless are the sole cause for the last two Recessions? Seriously? Do you listen to yourself? That’s like arguing the high school dropout is the reason American schools are behind the rest of the world in mathematics.

  134. I agree with you. We need to stop blaming people. Since when black people need anyone’s help. We need to help ourselves.

  135. The only thing Paul Ryan is helping is himself. He is the poster child for white privilege and he is a bad man. Im white and I can’t stand this guy,or his republican cronies.All Ryan is good at is shaking the crab bucket,and for that reason alone, he is worthless to America in every way.
    It bears mentioning that once a week, an American senator is quoted saying something offensive,and 9.5 times out of 10,there is an (R)following the name. It is shockingly consistent and I imagine being a republican must be very difficult right now.

  136. Paul Ryan is insulated by privilege and is in a small minority (ironically).His myopic point of view does exist,and he represents a small but well funded group of people. His views on race and wealth distribution make him a bad seed.

  137. Funny how it’s racist to acknowledge the problem is real but not racist at all to assume said problem is black people when that was not stated.

    The problem is real and no it’s not just black people. The fact that black people assume it points at them in my opinion is telling but most of the people I’ve known who milk the system because they can have been white. Chew on that for awhile.

  138. Zaidi, I believe you are correct. Here in NE FL, we have so many out reach programs to help the needy, the homeless, and the children who are falling between the cracks. And
    it’s wonderful to see what good it’s doing, and see real life success stories. If Ryan is a racist, than so is Bill Cosby. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it’s time we give it all we have to help one another. It doesn’t matter what color the skin is, we in NE FL are doing our best to help those less fortunate. It’s not racist, it’s what God would have us do !!

  139. To everyone who reads this post, please keep in mind that November is coming and WE can eliminate this type of racist inbred garbage from enjoying the fruits from our VOTE(S). Please use your vote to allow As-Hole Ryan to find a job mentoring to a toilet bowl. I have NEVER seen a bigger POS!!! The only thing he has accomplished is securing in my mind that he is set on dividing the USA along racial lines, and preventing everyone from achieving their right to the American dream. HE HAS TO GO AND, ASAP!!!

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