Paul Ryan Tries To Walk Back Racist Comments By Saying He Was ‘Inarticulate’



A day after appearing on a conservative radio show and making racially-tinged comments blaming poverty on ‘inner city’ men, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) released a statement on Thursday ‘apologizing’ for his choice of words. Basically, this was the standard non-apology where Ryan stated he was ‘inarticulate’ in getting his initial point across. Below is the full statement:

After reading the transcript of yesterday morning’s interview, it is clear that I was inarticulate about the point I was trying to make. I was not implicating the culture of one community—but of society as a whole. We have allowed our society to isolate or quarantine the poor rather than integrate people into our communities. The predictable result has been multi-generational poverty and little opportunity. I also believe the government’s response has inadvertently created a poverty trap that builds barriers to work. A stable, good-paying job is the best bridge out of poverty.

The broader point I was trying to make is that we cannot settle for this status quo and that government and families have to do more and rethink our approach to fighting poverty. I have witnessed amazing people fighting against great odds with impressive success in poor communities. We can learn so much from them, and that is where this conversation should begin.


The only reason Ryan’s now trying to apologize for this radio interview is because it blew up in his face. He thought he was on safe ground by saying this on conservative talk radio. He figured that only die-hard racists and old, white conservatives would be listening to Bill Bennett’s show and that he’d be able to get away with blowing his dog whistle with no worries. Unfortunately for Ryan, his comments went viral and everybody knew exactly what he he meant. Basically, it was clear that he said that poverty in this country is due to black men being lazy.

This is twice this month that Ryan has looked absolutely foolish when trying to discuss the War on Poverty and his supposed ‘solutions.’ After a speech at CPAC earlier this month, Ryan was forced to acknowledge that a story he used to justify the elimination of free school lunch programs was a fabrication. With that blowing up in his face, we now see him trying to atone for being outed as a racist. It has not been a good March for Ryan.

Ryan can say all he wants about being ‘inarticulate’ or that he had a tough time trying to make the ‘broader point.’ However, when you bring Charles Murray into the conversation, you are tipping your hand that your ‘broader point’ is that you believe that blacks are less intelligent than whites and genetically less likely to be successful. Also, in his ‘apology’ statement, he mentioned that government has to do more to combat poverty. Yet in the radio interview, he said that we should merely rely on more affluent suburbanites and religious organizations to help fight poverty, as they can take time to ‘mentor’ those in the inner city.

Ryan is hoping to secure the 2016 GOP nomination for President. Making ‘inarticulate’ statements like he did on Wednesday isn’t going to help him. While tossing around racist comments might actually appeal to the hard-right base of the Republican Party, I am pretty sure it will be a non-starter with the vast majority of voters in this country. It will be very, very difficult for Ryan to move past this. It’s possible that it might disappear after 48 hours and not come up again. However, it seems more likely that this is going to stick to him like glue.

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  1. I think he can stick his comments and his great big ole ‘RedMeat’ dog whistle up his idiotic ass! That’s what I think of him and his damn comment. No one specific ethnic group has the corner on laziness! I know hard working people of ALL ethnicities, and a few lazy ones of ALL ethnicities. If his ignorant ass wasn’t so ‘inarticulate’ and stupid, he’d know that there are many causes to poverty, not just in the ‘inner cities’ but in rural ones and everywhere else too! Primary is THE LACK OF JOBS!! if he wants to point to anyone and call them lazy let him start with his ass-backwards, imbecilic, hate mongering, ignorant ass self and the rest of his low brow GOP colleagues. Lazy?! That’s why his Congress is the worst one in the history of this country and the laziest bunch do do-nothing’s that have EVER existed!!

    Paul Ryan has as much ‘sense’ as a baboon’s butt!


    Dog whistle must be really loud and shrill.

  3. BULL$HIT, pure unadulterated BULL$HIT!! republicans are so predictable and cowardly!! ryan knew damn well what he was saying! His message was a shout out to the tea party freaks!! and of course they’ll throw him a bone with contributes towards his campaign trust fund! isn’t hilarious that in the 21st century republicans actually raise money by being redneck, rabid, racist, mouth breathers?!! but I forgot! republicans aren’t racist! it’s us DUMBAS$ES who keep misunderstanding their points!! The neo confederate moment is desperate and EVIL!!

  4. Paul Ryan is just an example of a person that forgot where he came from, if it wasn’t for his mother being on assistance, he might of ended up in a world where he didn’t have a job. He wants to make accusations about other races of people, it’s the white people who are the largest number on assistance. Oh by the way, I’m a white guy that believes in telling the truth.

  5. Inarticulate? Right… and I’m the King of Siam.

    Can’t tell me that wasn’t motivated in some way, shape or form by his half-assed ideas that have popped out from him as of late.

  6. Can this man say anything without having to backtrack? And, we the people , are supposed to trust and believe. Might work if you can’t read or hear.

  7. But he is always inarticulate, he is a Rethuglican afterall, does this means this will now be his excuse for all his moronic comments in the future?

  8. another paid shill being used to spread hate and try to stir the pot n give them the uprising they are so desperately looking for~divide n conquer thats what they do-just ignore them and unite brothers n sisters of all races all lands all gods all one with Gaia~~

  9. Hey LyinRyan: “A stable, good-paying job is the best bridge out of poverty”.

    When do you the GreedPigs intend to pass President Obama’s jobs bills – he’s offered several – GreedPigs will not even vote on them.

  10. Tim,

    I am surprised that you fell for LyinRyan’s “being on assistance” BS. His father was an attorney; the family business to this day is building roadways on “government contracts”. LilPaulie did not have to borrow money to go to college because he received death benefits as his father passed away. THEY WERE NEVER POOR.

  11. OMG OMG OMG White men are such evil racist bigots. They ruined this country for us. Their money (that they made through OUR hard work)should be given to women and minorities and send them off to start their own country with no money and see who follows them.

    Like Oprah said, they have to die before there is no racism. I HATE them.

  12. Hey NeverVoteFor, bet that baboon’s ass is much more aware of reality than that blue eyed roach. That baboon’s whatch-ma-call-it knows when to relieive itself. Ryan’s got a rock solid clog. Because he can’t figure out why his stomache hurts so bad it gives him a headache.

  13. What part of world wide web does this idiot not understand? Its a connected world and your gonna get busted saying racist crap. Take to the “inner city” of his choice and let him tell them face to face how lazy they are. What an asshat.

  14. On the Washington Post Ryan brought out his one black friend Bob Woodward to defend him. Woodward likes speaking at RNC events and hanging around his RW buddies. Gimme a break.

  15. Why is it that Republicans are ALWAYS saying they “MIS-SPOKE”. Even Romney said his comments about the 47% is not what he meant to say. Are you kidding me. Do they really think we are that stupid that we cant figure out exactly what they are saying. There is a bible verse (Luke 6:25) that says “A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” The Republicans today are so filled with hate and bigotry the words are spewing from their mouths. It is only when they are questioned about their comments do they suddenly claim to have inadequate speaking skills. Please….give me a break. If Mr. Ryan really thinks “A stable, good-paying job is the best bridge out of poverty” then he should push for raising the minimum wage. However, I have a feeling THERE is where he TRUELY MIS-SPOKE :(

  16. I believe with all my heart that he meant exactly what he said the first time. He is only pretending to walk back his words because of all the resulting and totally predictable backlash as the result of articulating his senseless bigotry. With all his myriad faults, “misspeaking” and being “inarticulate” are not among them. He’s just one of many hateful morons on the far right who say ugly, divisive things in order to appeal to his base.

  17. White people better wake up. The dog whistles are against the coloreds but it will be your kids in the end will suffer

    In the post, titled “Public education in America is socialism, what is the solution?,” Brenner laid out his argument. He noted that the Tea Party, which “will attack Obama-care relentlessly as a socialist system,” rarely brings up “the fact that our public education system is already a socialist system[…] and has been a socialist system since the founding of our country.” He addressed teachers unions — “an outgrowth of our socialistic education system” — which he granted originally improved things “temporarily” before they ultimately “became bureaucratic and they started to take the place of school boards and school management.”

    The writing is on the wall. Will you be able to read it or is your racism that strong that you will sacrifice your own kids?

  18. Maybe instead of ridiculous income inequality or wealth redistribution plans start pushing for economic growth. A rising tide lifts all boats. Of coarse the dems only push ever closer to socialism.

  19. Socialism? I see you are stuck on cliches.

    Ridiculous income inequality or wealth redistribution. You have got to be severely fucked in the head. Check the market.

    The US has one of the highest income inequality ratings in the world. 93% of the new income for the last 5 years has went straight to the upper 1%. Now you whine about wealth distribution. You actually know nothing about it. A successul country’s wealth is like this: 20% upper class, 60% middle class, 20% lower class. Our country is 80% upper class and 20% lower and middle. But you want economic growth dont you? Well dickwad, you wont have any type of economic growth with 80% of the country wealth at the top. Further, to show how ignorant you are, when Obama said wealth distribution he meant with jobs. The one thing you are against evidently.

    Now move along and show others your ignorance

  20. Instead of using that bunch of free time he and his buddies put into the 2014 calendar to go into inner city communities around the country, Ryan produced a research report and distorted the researchers’ work so it appeared that they agreed with his goal of axing the social safety net. What he did is similar to watching a “National Geographic” special on white gorillas and declaring one’s self an expert on them. He’s willing to do anything except engage in first person interactions with the poor. I have no experience growing up in a single parent household, living in the ghetto/inner city, or with food insecurity, and it would be wrong of me to draw conclusions about people with these experiences without having spoken to them and seen how they live. His observations are colored by inaccurate info he reads which has been written by other wackos and is the reason he’s under attack. He’s not looking to understand the poor but for a reason to further oppress them. Asshat.

  21. This prick is worth $. 7.6 million mainly because he married well— he is from Janesville, Wisconconsin that has 14 blacks total—- so he is qualified to talk about inner city black poverty.

  22. That’s what they say, ” a stable good-paying job is the best bridge out of poverty” Why then do rethugs continue to blow up the bridge? Or say no, to build them?:)

  23. The US also has the highest corporate tax rates in the world. And then you plan to raise them, taxes on non renewable energy and use that money to fund your nanny state ideology. And if there were demand for skilled workers, then they would have to pay them more. Obama is very good, like all democrats, at pretending he has created jobs. All of the increases in job outlooks, have come from people leaving the workforce.

    Then you spend trillions of dollars for what? There has been no growth, no better healthcare and no signs that it will get better. Let’s not forget which party destroyed the housing market.

  24. And you are very good at expressing your opinions totally without facts to back them up

    Bush destroyed the housing market. Read his 2nd inaugural speech

  25. This is standard Right Wing operating procedure.
    Make a statement supporting an outrageous, untenable, vile position on an issue that contains some off color language. In response to public anger, they apologize for the off color language.

  26. Yes, the US has some of the highest corporate tax rates in the world.

    However (and this is a big HOWEVER), corporate taxes are grossly under-collected in this country. Virtually no corporation pays the high rates because they take advantage of so many incentives and loopholes.

    Why is that every time a conservative uses the tired talking point of “We have the highest corporate tax rates in the world,” they forgot to mention the “under-collection” of such taxes?

  27. When did Oprah say this?

    And thank goodness Paul Ryan doesn’t represent every white man in America.

  28. Even so, how did Paul Ryan ever think that telling this lie would help him? If it were true, it would expose him as a hypocrite who “got his,” but doesn’t anybody else to have any.

  29. My memory is not always great, but didn’t he use the “I didn’t articulate” excuse/non apology before? He and all republicans have learned quite well say something nasty and mean spirited especially about The President and minorities and their rewarded with a wod of cash and votes. And they’ll say and do anything to try and take back the Senate and White House…ANYTHING!

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