As Ratings Plunge NBC Considers Dumping David Gregory From Meet The Press


NBC’s Meet The Press is cratering under David Gregory, which is why the head of NBC News is meeting with him to discuss “format changes” to the show. If Meet The Press continues to struggle, Gregory will be gone.

Politico reported:

NBC News President Deborah Turness is in Washington, D.C., this week and will meet with “Meet the Press” host David Gregory and executive producer Rob Yarin to discuss changes to the format of the show, network sources said Monday.

The meeting, which will take place on Thursday, is part of Turness’s ongoing effort to improve “Meet the Press,” which has suffered in recent years and came in third place behind ABC’s “This Week” and CBS’s “Face the Nation” last quarter.

Sources said that improvements to “Meet the Press” will be one of Turness’s chief concerns on her two-day visit. The show’s fourth-quarter ratings marked the lowest total viewers “Meet” has had in a fourth quarter since 1991. Its ratings in the coveted 25-to-54 demo were the lowest in the show’s history.

Since Meet The Press follows the virtually the same format as every other Sunday morning news show (some form of guest, roundtable, roundtable) there isn’t a format change that can save the show. The reason why younger people aren’t tuning into Meet The Press is that the current show caters to Republicans, and the base of the GOP is old, male, and white.

If Meet The Press wants younger viewers, the show needs to feature guests that have appeal beyond the base of the Republican Party. Young people aren’t going to tune in to watch John McCain’s 7 millionth appearance in a Sunday show. Meet The Press could attract more viewers if the offered a diverse guest list. Hispanics and African-Americans are virtually invisible on the show. Women are usually banished to the roundtable segments and are mostly members of the media.

Better guest booking would only solve part of the problem. The biggest issue that Meet The Press has is David Gregory. The current host isn’t interesting. He doesn’t appear to be well informed. Unlike when Tim Russert was leading the show, the interviews are rarely sharp and challenging. NBC’s dream of restoring Meet The Press to its former glory will probably have to involve getting rid of Gregory.

The tinkering with the format of a struggling show is always the first step before major changes are made. NBC will try to make some changes to guests and/or style of the show, but if ratings don’t pick up, it will be Gregory’s head on the chopping block. David Gregory was always an odd choice to host Meet The Press. He is a bland personality who appears to be more interested in pushing the Beltway Republican agenda than challenging newsmakers.

Under Gregory, Meet The Press is just another dull Sunday show that is overloaded with Republican guests. In December 2013, it was reported that NBC was considering ditching David Gregory, and replacing him with the Morning Joe crew from MSNBC.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and David Gregory could soon be out as the host of Meet The Press.

101 Replies to “As Ratings Plunge NBC Considers Dumping David Gregory From Meet The Press”

  1. Gregory just sits there and lets the repubs spout their lies without ever questioning them, I think he belongs to the Chuck Todd school that feels it is not his job to know the facts.
    It would have helped if he had not had just about all republicans on his show with a token democrat every now and then.
    I gave up watching long ago!

  2. Change the format back to the old days when you had 3 host to question the guest. My three would be Melissa Harris Perry, Martin Bashear and just to keep it in the family Ross Douthat . I know he is a idiot but you got to have a cons voice on there and he is not as crazy as the rest of them

  3. As long as they don’t replace this presstitute with more presstitutes. Otherwise, we might as well spend Sunday morning watching toonies.

  4. I use to watch Morning Joe. I STOPPED after Joe did nothing but rant. He lost his Starbucks support because of one of his rants.

  5. Honestly, I don’t watch because if I wanted to see BS on that kind of level, I could just turn in Fox “News” any hour of the day and see the same thing.

  6. Just dump MTP. Dump every Sunday Republican Propaganda program. You can call it “Sunday News” all you want but it’s lies and propaganda. It has been for decades.

  7. I dont know much about Mr. gregory personally. From watching him host it seems he thrives on controversy rather than discussion and debate. It seems he misses opportunity to pursue fact filled discussion with knowledgeable experts.

    It could be a matter of the show not reflecting his personality nor personal beliefs. There may be a different types of formats that would better use his skills and abilities. I dont get bored as a long time watcher of Meet the Press, I get frustrated and change the channel.

  8. I started watching MTP when it was in black & white…I have not been able to watch a single program completely since Gregory started as host. He is a smarmy know nothing jerk. Get him the hell off this show…

  9. Replacing the scurrilous Gregory with the equally scurrilous Scarborough may make for a more lively show, but not one with any more integrity or diversity. Gee, if there’s going to be a political bent to the host, why not a liberal rather than a conservative? Since the hosts of all the other Sun morning shows are either conservative as well or trying to be neutral (w/o much success), a liberal might gain a ratings edge. If not a liberal, at least someone who will challenge the prefab talking points all the Republican guests bring to the table (and Dems if they do that, though they don’t). But will they? Nah.

  10. Gregory could put you to sleep. I wouldn’t like it if Scarborough was there either. Since MJ said that he wouldn’t rule out a presidential run, he’s been toeing the TP line. I think his morning show has suffered, I know he lost one viewer here.

  11. What part of YOUNG PEOPLE DON’T IDENTIFY WITH THE REPUBLICAN PARTY don’t you get? Replace Gregory with a younger LIBERAL host that will nail Republicans on their lies! Republicans line up to go on the program (i.e. John McCain) so they can rant & rave about the President (who young people elected twice) and spew their disdain for the very young people you hope to attract! Wake up, go left! Evolve or become extinct!

  12. Meet the Press is no longer watchable unless you like to hear somebody spewing right wing talking points the entire show. The Morning Joe crew would be no better. I would like to see Rachel Maddow at the helm. She’s sharp and knows the issues inside and out. She wouldn’t use softball questions on the GOP nutjobs they showcase every week.

    NBC, you need to dump David Gregory.

  13. David Gregory lets republicans lie and does NOTHING…just sits there with that smirk..and why would they replace them with what is equivalent to a Hannity and Colmes show? Morning Joe has lousy ratings too…..Joe is a loud mouthed Hannity…and Mika is a FAKE dem who is just as mousey as Colmes

  14. It will take them a long time to restore their reputation. I used to watch this show or DVR it every week. Haven’t watched it in like forever! David Gregory wouldn’t make a pimple on Russert’s behind! Tim Russert is spinning in his grave.

  15. LOL you think gregory gives a damn?!! he knew when he let republicans run “roughshod “DID I SPELL IT RIGHT?!! on the show he was making plans to jump to FUX NEWS! and of course FUX NEWS will sell him as their LIBERAL counter balance, see that’s how republicans rig the game, they get one of their hand picked republican stooges and rebrand them and call them liberals!! they actually have the audacity to call megyn kelly a liberal!! yeah, RIGHT! and dick cheney has a soul! RIGHT?!

  16. I’ll believe NBC wants to get rid of Gregory when he’s gone. After all, he’s kept his job this long because they’re playing for the same team.

  17. The format is fine…Gregory is the problem…Get rid of him, please…I want my Meet The Press back….

  18. Corporate actually controls what happens on these Sunday so called news shows. None of them are decent representations of journalistic integrity. When Tim Russert died, so did Meet the Press. After that it became the right hand of the GOP including all the lies, fake scandals, misinformations, bigotry, racism and attacks. Repeated right wing guests were never challenged. There’s no way Tim Russert would ever have let the GOP get away with their lies. He was a true and dedicated journalist who was known for doing his research and really knowing and understand all the facts. And if he didn’t know, he would stay at work researching until he found out the truth. Gregory has never been a drop of that kind of journalist. How he ever landed that position is beyond me unless you go back to the biased corporate takeover of MSM information. Joe Scarborough would be just as bad because he has a desire to be the POTUS and thinks he could do it better than President Obama.

  19. I am glad that they are getting rid of Gregory because, I could smell a rat when I heard him the first time.
    He was all for the Republicans and had more of them on the show then Democrates and when he did have both he leaned more toward the Republicans and gave them more time. I seen when Chuck Todd was on and he was talking Gregory tried to make him say something other than what he was saying. And yes he did back lash President Obama alot and Made him look like he didn’t know what he was doing.
    Yes I agree get rid of him and put someone in there that will be fair to both.

  20. Yes less GOP, they have their channel where they can fill the heads of its viewers misinformation. Need younger more forward thinking individuals for the 21st century on your show.

  21. Morning Jackass. If we ever get a taste for jackass N’ Eggs for breakfast, just tune in daily. If ya’ can supply your own hip boots.

  22. Joe Scarborough would also allow Republican talking points to go unchallenged. He does it every morning. People want to hear real news with real information and facts. The Sunday shows bring out the same old tired white male Republicans and their endless attacks on the POTUS. Not one has ever given the POTUS the benefit of the doubt. They attack while the world listens. It would be refreshing to have a passionate person who is dedicated to research and sharing the truth. It would be nice to have a real shakeup like Rachel Maddow, Keith Olberman, or Matin Bashir. The GOP make the US seem like the worst place in the world to live. The Congress starves children, allows VETs to be homeless, won’t support the unemployed, and in five years have refused to sign a jobs bill. They’ve been blatantly racist, anti-gay, anti voting rights, anti civil rights, anti regulation & women’s rights. They make us sound like a third world country with all the white people allowed to carry weapons to kill.

  23. If they can get somebody like Tim Russert, I’d start watching again. Someone who calls people out on their bullshit would be nice.

  24. Gregory allows the focus to remain on the healthcare roll out but no one even talks about the government shutdown by the GOP that cost the US taxpayers billions. How can that be? No one talks about how they voted against the Vets. No one finds it unconstitutional to attack voting rights. None of these so called journalists speak on behalf of the kids and innocent people gunned down because of our gun laws. No one talks about the privately owned prisons designed for profit from organized racism. All these Sunday shows talk about is the healthcare role out, the fake Benghazi scandal, the fake IRS scandal and whatever else they can make up to blame on the President. How about talking about something real? How about we stay out of war? The GOP love the soldier but hate the Vet. And they don’t believe in paying the bill for war just making money off it for their private businesses. Get Gregory off the airwaves or force him to be real!

  25. “…replacing him with the Morning Joe crew from MSNBC…”

    WHO?? I wouldn’t consider ANYONE from that show except Mike Barnicle.

  26. I watched without a miss before Gregory took over – and now I don’t care if I see it at all. I used to like him on GMA but he isn’t hard enough on the lies and innuendo, he doesn’t play hard ball – He acts like he’s a Republican with narrow views and no challenges. Bill Moyers would be great but he’s nearing retirement age – Chuck Todd isn’t any better right now – I have no problem with them interviewing right leaning people but challenge any one-right or left for facts to back up what they say

  27. Joe Scarborough IS a Republican! He was a Rep. Congressman who left a dead intern in his office that has never been explained.

  28. The Morning Joe crew (plus Chuck Todd and Chris Matthews) would just be another “Ode to the Beltway” and a more than a nod to the Republicans. Joe NEVER challenges the Republicans like he does the Dems. He still wishes he was in Congress. I’m as sick of hearing about his time in the ’90’s as I am of Matthews still wishing he was in the ’60’s. What does that have to do with today and tomorrow?

  29. He is a Republican shill and has dragged this once excellent and interesting show down the same dirty tea trodden path the actual party has been Palin/Ryan/Koch O’fied into….

  30. I think “Meet The Press” should have a pool of reputable reporters from Al Jazeera, CNN, MSNBC, Free Speech TV and even Faux News along with other independent stations providing a forum of different perspective’s for current political events/issues. The moderator can keep them on point and control the conversation. By providing broader perspectives on topics, NBC will be reaching a much more progressive group of people and NBC will be providing those reporters and experts a Worldwide platform to reach a larger group to reach. Something like this will freshen up the whole political reach and this will entice the young and give something the old can debate. Bring reputable experts from opposing/various points of views to provide broader rational thinking that will make people think about a much bigger picture.

  31. There’s not one redeeming quality to this guy. What was Gregory before MTP? He rarely challenges blatant lies by Republicans. I watch & think, why don ‘t you follow up with the obvious question! You could pull any GOP hack off the street to do that. He sucks.

  32. ’bout time…MSNBC is my FYI minus Gregory who has transformed Meet the Press into Meet the Republicants and I say, send him packin’ on over to fake news where he belongs and shoud have been a long long time ago.Dump the chump! & replace him with Luke or Rachael.

  33. I agree 100% …Luke is exactly the right choice….he’s young, smart and experienced on the Hill…besides even older people would love the idea that he is Tim’s son !

  34. From my POV, the biggest problem MTP has is David Gregory. He’s one of the worst prepared hosts of all Sunday morning “news” show hosts. I think his major problems are that he leans right and is a very lazy SOB. THIS comes shining through every frigging Sunday, and it has caused the program to lose viewers by the millions. Tim Russert prepared himself to discuss the week’s chosen topics, even if he sometimes expressed his own opinion, but Gregory just appears to be a warm body occupying a seat on the set. He’s an embarrassment and offers nothing substantive to any discussion. I’m sure that Scarborough, Mika, and Tim Russert wouldn’t be able to increase the program’s ratings, either, since they all carry water for the GOP. What is needed is someone who knows history, politics, economic/foreign policy. someone who is also willing to challenge the lies of anyone who appears on the program and isn’t lazy but is well-prepared—someone exactly like Rachel Maddow or Joy-Ann Reid.

  35. I don’t mind David Gregory and I think that reairing the show later in the day on msnbc might make viewers tune into cbs or abc and with intentions of catching meet the press later…

    My first choice when we lost tim russet (who I adored) was chuck todd and I wouldn’t mind rachael maddow (she is so quick and smart), but david gregory does come across in a bipartisan way most of the time….

  36. When MTP became a repub love fest, I quit watching. Contrary to repub lies, the MSM is not liberal. They are repub corporate owned and repub corporate board run. When the news departments went to “for profit” we lost all hope of balance, fairness and the truth.

  37. Well, don’t worry. He has his reserved seat with FOX NEWS. Did I say NEWS? Sorry, the ANTI-OBAMA PROPAGANDA MACHINE.

  38. Personally, some of the top brass at NBC, should take a very hard look in the mirror and do the right thing, step aside and let others do the day to day programming. A crowd that has their hands on the pulse of the public, not the crowd with their hands on the publics money. Micro managing just isn’t the way to go, when dealing with the public.

  39. Joan,
    That was a little spooky; as I scrolled, I was just thinking the same two people, in the same order.

    Perhaps they could try a little platooning, rotating three or four hosts.

    Bashir, Olbermann, Fugelsang, ?

  40. in the old days “Meet the Press” had 3 journalists on a panel that questioned a ‘newsmaker’ It was a lot less personality-driven and a lot more news driven. Then it became “Press the Meat” and Dancin’ Dave has continued the tradition of providing ‘favors’ to certain people, a soft shoulder to cry on, warm lips to rain tender kisses on the wrinkled asses of people like John McCain and Karl Rove.

    They need to go back to the old format.

  41. Luke is just another light-weight. He got his job over many smart people who have already paid their dues.

  42. They are considering “changing the format?”

    Perhaps it would help if David Gregory would not suck up to his Republican guests so much.

    Perhaps it would also help if David gregory would not be so abusive and dismissive of his Democratic or Progressive guests.


    Nah! Just dump the loser. He’ll land on his feet – at Fox News.

  43. get rid of David on mtp, bring either keith, or martin, or both. Don’t bring Tim son in. He not a very good reporter at all

  44. also get rid of morning joe. he is a joke. and why does nikka put up with him. Mike and willy are the the best., also mike and mark, don’t put joe on mtp, I turn the am show on and if I see joe I turn the station to cnn.


  46. I don’t think it’s ever occurred to NBC that when they hired David Gregory to moderate Meet The Press, HE CHANGED THE FORMAT. That’s the problem!

  47. You are right! Keith will never return to MSNBC or NBC. But, I do wish they would bring back Martin Bashir. He was railroaded by Palin and her fake claims of what was really said. Mr. Bashir was always respectful to all guests and would become so indignant when he had a guest spout the Repug talking trash points. I sure wish he was back.

  48. I believe Rachel Maddow would be perfect for this show and have thought so for quite some time! MTP used to be a ‘have to watch or tape’ show for many years when Tim was host. Became clear quite early on that Gregory was in over his head!

  49. Gregory is terrible and allows GOP talking point to go on endlessly and never be challenged. His lineup of guests is always radically skewed 3 or 4 to 1 Republican & Tea Party. I stopped watching a while ago. Gregory is a ball-less tool!

  50. ” Tim, Tim, Tim…….”
    Oh, Tim enjoyed making Administration guests hot,
    but it always stopped right there.
    Week after week, for months, nothing but Clinton’s cock,
    then, effectively rubber-stamping every known lie about Iraq, Saddam, yellow-cake….
    Davie’s doing his best with, ” But, what about….?”
    Never just repeats the damn facts.

  51. Screw format changes. Get that pussy out of there and move Rachel Maddow in and watch all the Republican pols potty in their pants as they will be deprived of their favorite tactic ..making up crap
    then lying about it. Unlike “Softball” Gregory, Rachel would nail them to a wall

  52. Forget format changes. Get Gregory out of there and move Rachel Maddow in and watch all the Republican pols potty in their pants as they will be deprived of their favorite tactic ..making up “facts” then lying about them anyway. Unlike “Softball” Gregory, Rachel would nail them to a wall

  53. If Gregory is demoted (any other possible position for him at NBC would be a demotion), will he quit (if possible) and go to Fox to whine about his treatment?

  54. Amen to that.I would nothing better that to watch a GOP/Teanderthal fill his britches full to overflowing when forced to answer Maddow.That would be fun to watch.

  55. Rachel immediately jumped into my mind as the person to take it over. While yes, she is liberal, she is also fair, and probably the smartest person on television . . .

  56. Bashir or Maddow would be great there.Keith Obermann would better taking over Morning Joe and getting rid of the Right Wing Nut Job Joe Scarborough .I avoid Morning Joe because of the Right Wing Nuttery,I’d watch a documentary on the physics of Black Holes rather than watch Morning Joe.

  57. Haven’t watched MTP in years because of people the likes of David Gregory. It really has become ‘Meet The GOP’.

  58. David Gregory and Chuck Todd are Republican Tools. A true journalist ask the hard questions no matter who’s sitting in the chair and they don’t let BS lies go unchallenged. You can’t socialize and accept paid speaking engagements with the people you report on every day.

  59. I like Rachel but I would prefer someone that doesn’t take any crap like Chris Mattews or give it to Martin Bashir..Even Alex Wagner is a good choice as long as it’s not anyone from Morning Joe or Andrea Mitchell..Joe we know is a Repubican stooge but Mitchell is like Gregory nothing hard-hitting about her. She leans repubican and softball questions to them when they’re on her show.

  60. Tim Russert was sharp. Fair, honest & knew every detail inside out. Nothing ever got past him – and EVERY Sunday morning it was the only show I watched. When David Gregory was named new host – I was shocked that NBC would even consider such a total dimwit – Gregory is a CLUELESS LIGHTWEIGHT and an insult to Russert and the gravitas of what used to be a Sunday must-see. RACHAEL MADDOW – is the ONLY host that can truly replace Tim Russert. I’m sure he’d agree. She is young, sharp – and smart! And a woman would be nice. The demographics and rattings would confirm that it a very short time. Get rid of David Gregory and his MTP TRAINWRECK!

  61. I totally disagree with all these commenters. Gregory is smart and often asks tough questions. I suppose it would improve the show if he played harder ball, but he’s great. I’m an Obama-supporting Democrat who never voted for a Republican in my life. Gregory isn’t a Republican. If you want liberal tv, watch msnbc. I like to hear viewpoints which counter my own. Most of my fellow liberals sadly prefer the safe confines of shows which reinforce rather than challenge their beliefs. (Just like faux news viewers) resulting in liberals who aren’t capable of effectively debating conservatives. I’m not afraid of them. Listening to their smartest thinkers only strengthens my ability to confront them. Know thine enemy. Stop plugging your ears and hiding from them.

    Stay strong David. Expose more hypocrisy and get in the guests’ faces a little more. Other than that, I say, keep up the great work.

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