Fox News’ Attempt To ‘School’ Jon Stewart On Food Stamp Abuse Blows Up On Them

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During Thursday’s episode of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart replayed a clip from an earlier episode where he mocked Fox News for exaggerating the scope of so-called food stamp abuse. He then showed how Eric Bolling of the Fox News show The Five responded. Bolling tried to ‘school’ Stewart on how the network was merely trying to highlight rampant waste and fraud in the program. Of course, Stewart was able to brilliantly take down Bolling and the network on this claim.

First, Stewart responded to the clip of Bolling defending the network’s coverage by saying the following:

“You thought we were ridiculing you for exposing government waste? No, that’s a reasonable thing to expose. What we were ridiculing was the way you exaggerate the scope of public assistance abuse through random, often unprovable anecdotes.”

He then proceeded to do an awesome and vicious summary of how the network has shamed and ridiculed poor people over the past few years. He pointed out how the network devoted SIX segments to the ‘mooching surfer’ who was able to get an EBT card, and then used him as the face of millions of people who seek food assistance. Stewart also played clips of Fox News personalities and contributors mocking and insulting impoverished people in this country, calling them ‘moochers’ and ‘parasites’, while insinuating that they live the good life.

After highlighting the network’s derisive commentary on the poor of this country, Stewart then moved to how Fox News has covered corporations abusing the tax laws of this country. The anger was palpable with Stewart in this portion of the segment. He played a clip where it was stated that $3 billion has been lost on abuse, fraud and waste in the food stamp program. He contrasted this with another clip of Bolling stating that $4 billion in subsidies to oil companies was just a pittance.

Stewart claimed that Bolling was the ‘worst math teacher ever’ by essentially claiming that $3 billion is greater than $4 billion. The segment also moved on to showing other Fox News’ contributors, as well as 2012 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, justifying tax shelters and loopholes so that corporations and wealthy individuals can avoid paying billions in tax dollars. He focused his attention on how Fox seems to not have a problem with the ultra-rich hoarding money and avoiding paying their fair share, as they’ve stated that this should all ‘trickle down’ on the less fortunate.

Of course, as Stewart pointed out, that doesn’t appear to be the case. He helpfully featured a clip about JP Morgan Chase making millions off of EBT cards over the past few years. Chase got so much business from the EBT card venture that they had to create more customer service jobs. Wouldn’t you know, those jobs were outsourced overseas so they could pay those employees $3.25 an hour, rather than that largess being ‘trickled down’ to the American public, many of whom were being forced to use these very same EBT cards due to lack of good employment.

In the end, Eric Bolling and Fox News thought they could take on Stewart and call him out for being unfair. As is nearly always the case, Stewart was able to turn it around and make them look even worse than they did initially.

40 Replies to “Fox News’ Attempt To ‘School’ Jon Stewart On Food Stamp Abuse Blows Up On Them”

  1. Fox News. Doing its best to turn Americans against Americans. We see it here on these forums, when fake conservatives complain about other Americans and refuse to mention what corporate America is doing to us. Corporate America including Fox News.

    Remember this Stewart segment every time a fake conservative comes here and whines about the poor. Remember that fake conservative is probably pretty close to being poor himself and how much he must hate himself to go against other Americans yet totally approve of corporate welfare

    This is where the hate comes from.

  2. That was a great show I got a good laugh out of it. They should know by now that Jon Stewart will not let them have the last word, especially Fox news.

  3. Darn it. I can’t see the video because I’m in Canada. I guess I’ll have to wait until it gets posted on YouTube.

  4. That is Stewart at his best. He’s the one TV personality who calls bullshit – and does it eloquently with great humor. We need another dozen just like him. Hmmm… actually, right now we need several dozen.

  5. I find it ironic that the congress is the same as Fox
    and belittles the poor, takes food away from hungry children and wants to take health care away from everyone – that Boehner has extended an invitation to address congress when he comes to Washington and meets with the president on 27 March.

    Boeher who is a catholic and refuses to help anyone but himself does not seem to think about the irony of the situation.

    wonder what John Stewart will do with that!

  6. Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow are the two TV personalities I’d rather not tick off if I were a politician or Fox News idiot.

  7. It certainly was a fun watch for us enlightened ones. The problem remains, however, that Foxiods are impervious to correction, no matter how far out to Uranus they are. My guess is that there will be a Fox response to this latest from Stewart, it will be predictably stupid, Fox viewers will take it as a smashing take down of Stewart…and so it goes.

  8. Only in america!!! yep, it’s that time again PoliticusUSA, REALITY CHECK TIME! First of all FUX NEWS is nothing more than angry, bitter, LOW intelligence, caucasian neo confederate TELEVISION, where else could HILLBILLIES like sarah palin and $HIT for brains ted nugent be thought of as patriots??? Secondly, theres a reason why the majority of it’s viewers were born when Abraham Lincoln was studying to be a lawyer! Thirdly, I guarantee you that 3/4 of FUX viewres are on food stamps and living MONTH to MONTH on SOCIAL SECURITY, so as usual, FUX NEWS viewers are EXACTLY what owner rupert murdoch called them, WHITE TRASH MORONS, go google it my ”Over the hill gang” republicans.

  9. Thank the republicans for realizing that our current gov. spending is unsustainable. These citizens shouldn’t be completely reliant on the gov. It’s sad that this is the future that you want. Not to mention poverty today is yesterday’s middle.

  10. You can do things like modify your header, or use an add on called “Media hint” and then you can view sites in the USA just fine. I am watching this clip right now, from Calgary.

  11. Great cliche speech. Too bad it has nothing to do with reality since the republicans are in CHARGE of government spending

  12. You’re right, citizens shouldn’t need to be reliant on government – they should be being paid a living wage by their employers, so they don’t need government assistance.

    No idea how you could say today’s poverty is yesterday’s middle class – that’s not true by any factual standard. If you’re saying that because 15k is the line for poverty for a single person today, and that would have been middle class or upper middle class in 1950. If that is what you’re saying, then your statements are even more valueless than they seem.

  13. …but, but they’re (Fox Lose) not talking me. Fox is talking about those Liberal, lazy, “iinner-city” moochers!

    Fox Viewer

    (Ms Snarky)

  14. Listen @Ms. Snarky, if you stopped watching FUX NEWS and taking nips of your cooking sherry in between commercials you’d actually learn a thing or two lol
    sign, Mr. T

  15. “He played a clip of Fox News stating that $3 billion has been lost on abuse, fraud and waste in the food stamp program.”

    Not that I like being put into the position of defending Fox News, but the clip Jon Stewart plays is from “The Cycle” on MSNBC.

  16. OMFG Eric Bolling brought the number up on that putrid show the 5 or whatever that I am quite sure you find informative. Can you really be this dense?

  17. Colin, seriously?

    It really doesn’t frigging matter man. The 3 billion dollar number has been mentioned on Fox News MULTIPLE TIMES (Youtube it for proof)…and the fact that this specific clip was not from them makes ZERO difference.

    The point stands, and so does the fact that Fox News most certainly DID report that number.

  18. Relax a bit, maybe?

    I’m only pointing out the error in the original article. I’m not asserting that it somehow defeats the efficacy of Jon Stewart’s arguments.

    Perhaps you might want to figure out if the person you’re arguing with actually agrees with you or not before getting upset, or can you just really be that dense?

  19. I’m not suggesting it does matter. I’m merely pointing out an error in the original article. What’s wrong with that?

  20. We learned that 3 is larger than 4 according to faux news. Ha ha. Does anyone know a member of “anonymous”? If so tell them to shut down faux news for a day. I can see it now the nursing homes erupting in fury!

  21. This was an epic beat-down. John Stewart absolutely napalmed Bolling. What a comedic masterpiece tonight!

  22. “Not to mention poverty today is yesterday’s middle.”

    It’s fairly clear that you don’t have a grasp on basic economics.

  23. Jon Stewart is my hero. And he knows exactly how to do the only thing that really works. Expose the hypocrites and use their own words and actions to do it. Get people to laugh at their shenanigans and really notice how they work.

  24. I totally agree with you. I tried to have a conversation with a person yesterday when he brought up the “obama care” problem. I told him how my young adult daughter was able to get medical insurance now and he became instantly angry and asked me to stop talking to him on the subject. The anger is just below the surface with these people. I remained calm which seemed to anger him more. What a way to live, sad.

  25. I removed the direct reference to Fox News in the article to avoid any further confusion. While Fox News has referenced that number many times in making its case against SNAP, it is true that the actual clip that Stewart played stating $3 billion was from MSNBC.

    Hopefully this will allow everyone to make up, shake hands and get along. :)

  26. If the waste and fraud in the Food Stamp program is $3 billion how much of that money is recovered by processing overpayments? I spent 17 years working for my state’s agency that administers Food Stamps. Many month’s I processed a dozen overpayments.

    There are regulations governing what can be bought with Food Stamps. The regulations are enforced by the grocery stores. Most stores use computer cash registers which automatically determine which items can be bought with Food Stamps. I am sure there is a much greater problem in very small stores.

    The Food Stamp regulations do not forbid buying lobster or organic fish. I am sure the Faux News people would be the first to complain if people were not free to buy whatever food they want.

  27. That is brilliant. If we can make 1.73 on every government dollar we give out why don’t we give all Americans food stamps! We will be out of debt before you know it! Please think before you regurgitate failed democratic policy. Learn to think for yourself.

  28. So if you get more than you put in its a failed policy? Folks its teabagging fools like this that crashed the economy. You cant make this shit up

  29. Don’t you love the fact that even though 99% of anything a conservative posts is taken verbatim from Fox or Drudge or WorldNut Daily, any time someone provides them with a factual, verifiable rebuttal they claim WE are the ones who don’t think for ourselves? I guess they spend so much time not thinking they don’t recognize it any more when someone else actually DOES think.

  30. I trust you realize that under President Obama’s leadership we have slowed the growth of Federal Spending to its lowest level since Dwight Eisenhower was President, or that he made good on his promise to cut the Federal deficit in half in his first four years. And the funniest part is that the one area where we desperately NEED significant spending cuts – the military – is the budget that the conservatives refuse to cut!

    We do not and have not had a spending problem in recent years. That ranks only slightly behind “death panels” as the biggest lie the Right has pushed. The problem is a lack of revenue, largely due to the Bush tax cuts for millionaires. Restore the tax code to Eisenhower levels, when the top earners were paying a 91% marginal rate, and the rich will still get richer, just not by starving children to death, denying them an education, and forcing them to work for pennies.

  31. Jon Stewart is hilarious. Unfortunately all of our elected leaders seem to be more interested in their own wealth and power than anything else. We are around 17 trillion dollars in debt, and the people are suffering. It’s time people, and corporations paid a flat, and simple tax, and it is High Time the people started paying closer attention to where our money goes. Right now, the foxes are guarding the henhouse, and refusing to let the farmer see what’s going on in there. we are divided by which half truth we believe, they have us so busy calling each other stupid, and hating them for being so hateful, we don’t even notice how suddenly elected officials are worth a lot more money than they were when they got elected. Do some poking around, personal wealth has exploded, even the Presidents. Meanwhile, the astonishing amount of money we collectively pay in taxes isn’t enough? Have you seen some of the projects we fund? every time they cut spending, it hurts US no waste gets cut.

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