Republican Who Posted That He Ate His Battered Women Plain Refuses to Apologize

kyle tasker

New Hampshire State Representative Kyle Tasker refuses to apologize for a very offensive comment about battered women that he left on a Tea Party Facebook page.

Tasker (R-Nottingham) posted an explicit graphic showing a male figure performing oral sex on a female figure, with the caption “50,000 battered women and I still eat mine plain” beneath it.

On Thursday Tasker told WMUR that he has nothing to apologize about because his “intent was pure.”

“I didn’t mean that as a joke, it was a t-shirt print I thought was pretty ridiculous that someone would wear that around.”

After the incident, Tasker said he didn’t think the image was offensive but he figured if they went around wearing the t-shirt it might not be so great. But perhaps that’s because some Republicans want to ban oral sex all together (see Virginia), and not because making a joke about how you eat your battered woman is not funny. You know how squeamish Republicans get over sex jokes. Now, eating a bunch of women who are going to be murdered? LOL! That’s funny.

Also, Republicans get really upset when anyone suggests healthy food to the public in general (they have suggested that Michelle Obama is a nanny state dictator for her Let’s Get Moving healthy food suggestions), so battered anything is just another hee-haw moment for them.

We can’t expect much more from the juvenile mind that also dropped one of his two loaded guns on the State House floor and excused it by saying it was bound to happen one of these days. “All I could think of was, it was bound to happen one of these days, I come here too often for that not to have happened.”

If he shot someone by accident, would that also be “bound to happen one of these days because he comes there too often”? With a great mind like this, it’s not hard to sort out why we are subjected to bathroom humor of junior high school boys.

In truth, Tasker made a joke about an epidemic that kills more than three women a day in this country. Yes, more than three women every single day are murdered by their husbands or partners.

So go ahead, Tasker, drop your loaded guns and make jokes about having oral sex with battered women. You look and sound like a little boy who should be in his bedroom being forced to learn how to speak in public before his parents will let him out.

Tasker thinks it’s LOL funny that he made a joke about oral sex with battered women. This is like making a joke about having oral sex with a murder victim. He won’t apologize, though, because his “intent” was pure — just like his “intent” was pure when he dropped that loaded gun. So sorry you got shot, his intentions were good! Also, he has made a big stink about how he has a right to free speech, so he’s not even sorry you are offended by his carelessness and childishness. It’s his right to be a walking disaster, so there.

Anyone getting the sense that Tasker is a loaded gun without a safety switch?

h/t The Huffington Post Amanda Terkel

26 Replies to “Republican Who Posted That He Ate His Battered Women Plain Refuses to Apologize”

  1. And they call it, “reaching out to the women voters.” Paul Ryan and his “inner city lazy black men.” He calls that reaching out to the minority voters. And the dummies keep voting them right back in.

  2. Because apologizing would imply he was “wrong.” And Republicans can’t be wrong. At best, he’ll grudgingly come up with a “my words were poorly chosen” and/or “my meaning was misinterpreted by the evil lamestream media” dodge.

  3. But he fits the current requirements for the Republican party, doesn’t he? Now if he claims he was the victim in all of this, he’ll go far in the party.

  4. Rep. tasker is just acting like the typical republican male, so wheres the shock???? the really shocking NEWS is how republican women just tune it out!! they hear this FILTH coming from their party EVERYDAY and their response is ALWAYS the same, they go into their DEAF DUMB and BLIND posture!! But whats beyond INSANE these same republican women without hesitation will hick their lily white rear ends on a liberal website and LO and BEHOLD they can’t stop talking!! I bet at least 10 republican women will throw up utter nonsense here about how this article is bias and a lie, WATCH!! BTW I just discovered MLK was a republican!!! well according to a republican woman here. and LL Cool J is a republican BFD who cares about him?

  5. good grief NH…. i thought that you were way better than this semi neanderthal??? have you really changed that much since i lived there???

  6. I would hope the women of that state express their freedom by voting him out asap. If that kind of speech is acceptable to that state I would never admit to being from there. It’s no wonder the GOP is in the shape it is in if that kind of speech is not offensive to them. Social media is not the place to spew that kind of filth. If he wants to think like that, fine, but I don’t need to hear it. Battered women are not a joke.

  7. If a democrat had said something like this, the GOPTPers would be outraged and calling for him/her to resign. That they continue to overlook this kind of BS tells me they’re just as fake and corrupt as the politicians they support.

  8. I personally think this guy is an absolute pig. I think the repubs are spewing this trash out daily because they are confident they are going to sweep in November. God I hope not. I just read a couple studies that the repubs have a higher rate of divorce. Eight of top 10 states in divorce were republican. They have higher rate of extramarital affairs and internet porn consumption. Also higher suicide rate than dems. I guess living that self-righteous sanctimonious judgemental life really takes a toll on you. Thankfully Im blue through and through.

  9. First off: Lame joke. I wouldn’t make that joke. Not only is it tasteless in every sense of it… it’s not that funny.

    Secondly, how can this guy sleep at night knowing that he has the mindset of American Pie’s Stiffler.

  10. Kyle Tasker offensive comment about battered women… Mika, and the republican women, where’s your outrage? Seems a though, they are the kind of women that Defend and Love the Abuser.

  11. Take note that in 2012 Akin’s inflammatory stupidity about women’s bodies ‘shutting the whole thing down” in “legitimate rape” move GOP women to vote for Claire McCaskill. McCaskill got a spine, stood UP to Akin, and she WON when she was on her way to losing.

    I’m not at all sure women hear this and vote mindlessly. I think they don’t talk about it, but the ballot IS secret. These kinds of remarks may bit this idiot on the butt yet.

  12. Talking about womens bodies, I know we have all seen or heard about the Koch bros ad with the woman who says she has leukemia and cannot afford her Obamacare, I wonder why they are not touched by the fact that Walker of Wisconsin has just stopped health care for lots of women who have cancer?

  13. This guy is a young punk who obviously hasn’t been knocked on his ass by life.

    He looks like a former jock bully in high school just continuing his jerk politics and jerk life.

    To be republican when your young is so cute and precious. To be republican when you’re old is suicidal.

    And yes I am counting the 1% too. They think they’re insulated from the damage they are doing to the 99% and the earth but they are not. In every instance and in every society when there is too much inequality there is a revolution.

    Tick Tock,Tick Tock.

  14. This is why Rethuglicans should never try to tell “jokes.”

    I wonder how much more it will take for “conservative” women to realize how they are being used and vote these diseased and depraved men out of office?

  15. It isn’t as if anyone expected something intelligent, sensitive, or even mature from most Rethugnicans.

    We have to admit, this one did not let us down, did he?

  16. These same silly women will also listen to the blathering nonsense from the likes of Simple Sarah Palin who tries to project Republican oppression of women onto Democrats. It’s like these Republican Neanderthals just can’t help themselves. It seems to be a compulsion among them to alienate as much of the American populace as possible, in this case women. I have as big a problem with women who condone this idiocy by their silence as I do with members of religious and racial minorities who are equally enabling it with their own silence. They are supporting folks who not only don’t care about them but also actively work against their interests.

  17. I agree with your assessment, Astorix, well done. Sooner or later, you reap what you sow. Wouldn’t it make a better life for all of us if we were each compassionate, merciful, at least AWARE, if we understood the tremendous position of privilege some of us are fortunate to have? I think so, but I’m not holding my breath.

  18. I’m quite sure the republican, or any republican sees anything wrong with the post. I’m also sure they are really good with battering women too. The same thing as putting women in, and keeping them in their place. Lets face it women, the GOP have you all fitted for collars, leashes and muzzles, they just need to win control of the United States Senate and the Presidency. You will all never be seen or heard from again. The republican war on women is real.

  19. There is Nothing unusual about Kyle Tasker.

    I live in New Hampshire. This state has a whole bunch of Ass Clowns like Kyle Tasker.

    You can thank Our Pathetically STUPID Voters for
    electing another Village Idiot to Public Office.

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