Rush Limbaugh Comes Up With Crazy Theory That Malaysian Aircraft Was Shot Down



On Friday’s airing of The Rush Limbaugh Show, the conservative radio host decided to voice his theory on what happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. The plane has been missing nearly a week now with no sign of any wreckage in that time. The plane lost contact with air traffic control roughly an hour after takeoff, midway between Kulala Lumpur and the coast of Vietnam. Tracking data, confirmed after the fact, revealed that over an hour after air traffic control contact, the plane was tracked hundreds of miles off course over the Strait of Malacca.

Anyway, networks and newspapers have thrown out many possible scenarios on what happened to the plane over the past few days. With each passing day, and no sign of the missing jet, more and more theories get bandied about. El Rushbo decided to toss his hat in the ring and postulate his own theory. Below is an excerpt from Friday’s show:


RUSH: Now, the Malaysian airline.  I’ve got a theory.  Let me try this theory on you.  Of all the search teams, which do you think is the best, has the highest available tech?  Well, you got a ChiCom search team; you got the Malaysian airline search team; you got a US search team.  Which team do you think probably — (interruption) It is us.  If you want to find out where the plane is, my theory is look at where the US is searching.

How about this?  How about this theory?  How about the jet is flying along and you have a total electronic failure but the engines keep working?  We’ve been told that the engines, the airplane kept sending data somehow, pinging a satellite even after it was lost from radar.  There have been so many confusing reports about whether or not the data that was pinging was coming from the engines or not.  I mean, it’s just impossible to keep up with this.

But what happened if — and my guess is as good as any.  You’ve got an airplane flying along, you have a total electronics failure, but it continues to be air-worthy, the engines are working.  I don’t know if this is possible, given electronic ignition and all that, but let’s say it is.  So then the crew says, “We got to get back home.  We got to get back to Kuala Lumpur.  We can’t fly with no electronics.”

It’s dark, nighttime.  They fly over a bunch of unfriendly countries, and they can’t identify themselves, and they’re not identified, there are no lights on.  There’s been a total electronic failure.  What if some hostile country flew up there and shot it down and then discovered their mistake and nobody wants to admit what happened?  Have you heard that theory from anybody?  Okay.  Is my theory as good as anybody else’s that you’re hearing out there?  Yeah.  I think my theory holds up, and it works well.


Now, I think everyone is used to Rush just spouting unverified craziness on a daily basis. In fact, it is pretty much a given. Still, this is pretty nuts, even for Rush. In order to believe this theory, you have to first check your brain at the door. First off, Rush admits to not knowing if the plane could fly if it completely lost electrical power. But, it doesn’t stop him from continuing on and dishing out more of the silliness.

After theorizing that the plane lost all electrical power yet was somehow still able to fly, and thereafter turned around and was trying to get back to the original airport, he then states that another country shot down the plane and is just keeping its mouth shut out of embarrassment. Wouldn’t a satellite or radar have detected a fighter jet or missile shooting down a large airliner? Also, wouldn’t there have been quite a bit of debris that could have been easily found if this would have occurred?

Does Rush have any idea which country may have done this? Considering the plane was last tracked between Malaysia and Indonesia, is he thinking one of those countries would have shot it down? Because, quite frankly, for his theory to fit, those are really the only two that would have done it. Are they considered ‘unfriendly’ countries? Do they have a habit of shooting planes out of the sky and then being quiet about it?

Rush is really just tossing crap at the wall just to do it. This whole little conspiracy theory sounds like something that would come from Alex Jones or Glenn Beck rather than Rush, to be honest. Maybe he’s trying to nudge in and grab a little of their audience. He probably needs to, considering he’s been hemorrhaging listeners recently.

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  1. Bottomline, if a black or hispanic talked this nonsense about WHITE america, that show wouldn’t have lasted ONE day!! all these corporate big wigs like SEARS and every gun shop would have organized a protest and got that minority SACKED! it’s hilarious how republicans play victim but NEVER take responsibility for being toxic individuals themselves.

  2. This sorry slob doesn’t ever recant a story that he’s wrong about and by the way, wasn’t he suppose to leave the U.S. if Obama was re-elected.

  3. Electric ignition? Really Rush?

    The plane has multiple redundancies. No electrical failure. This plane is designed better then the Ferengi’s planes. This is a Boing 777 that is only matched by the French made Airbus 380.

    Rush shouldnt give his opinion when it makes him look so stupid. Now the 15 year olds will run around saying it has an electrical problem

  4. No offense Justin, but your speculations ain’t much better than Limbug’s.

    Instead of a stupid political bullshit article, thank you for adding to partisan hackery, why not get onto twitter, reddit, facebook and ask a pilot what an aircraft should do if it loses all communications while on a scheduled flight from point a to point b.

    Neither you nor rush baby are the first people to have considered this.

    If you had any knowledge or respect for pilots and engineers you might consider they have planned for such an occasion.

  5. It is impossible for that aircraft to lose all communication. Even in the event of total electrical failure which BTW is almost impossible they still would have VHF radios to send out a distress call which in event of an emergency a small propeller would deploy and use wind power so you can have power. Remember the plane has redundancy’s for such emergencies. So before you spout nonsense you should know what you are talking about

  6. Nahh, that ain’t batshit crazy enough, El Rushbo! I was a’listennin ta Wingnut Daily Chief Espeeonaggy Correspondent Chuck Numbnuts on the Pastor Whackjob Radio Fap-a-thon, and he had him a real, live, terrorism expert from InfoWars Redstate FOX dot com who said Obama disappeered that airplane with his Kenya witch doctor voodoo power and is gonna use it to kidnap all the witnesses who can prove that beeyotch Hillary was killing Ambassador Stevens at Benghazi! with Vince Foster. Occam’s Razor, baby!

  7. Meh, he’s just channeling his “inner Palin” (i.e., throwing out popular conjecture as a matter of affirming his wisdom).

  8. Rather than his usual sources — bad dream, thin air, his ass — Rush’s “theory” may have been pulled from a report dredged up by whichever Rush-flunky is charged with monitoring wackotic* “news” feeds:

    “Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 shot down by U.S. Carrier Strike Group Five”

    (Just for perspective, other articles on that site include “How the Zionist Banksters Celebrated the Robbing of America!” and “FBI declassifies files showing Hitler did not die in Germany.”)

    *wackotic — adj. of or pertaining to a wacko on narcotics

  9. Surprised he didnt spin it into some sort of Obama communist liberal plot. If he wants to leave the country I will chip in for an airline ticket.

  10. A giant UFO beamed up the aircraft and is probing the passengers before they invade earth.

    Just joking, but wait it’ll come out by Alex jones pretty soon. And of course Obama is in cahoots with the aliens to take over the world. Because he is a evil Muslim Kenyan genius out to destroy the angry white Christian male world and enslave them.

  11. Okay, god forbid I should EVER agree with Rush Limbaugh, but it’s not farfetched to think the plane might have been shot down as Korean Air 007 back in 1983. That plane – on a flight between JFK and Seoul, via Anchorage – strayed over Sakalahn Island and was shot down by the Soviets.

    If that happened here, and no “state” admitted it, I suppose it might never be solved. Saying that, I kinda doubt that was what happened, but it is a possibility. Surely stupider ones are being bandied about.

  12. “It’s dark, nighttime. They fly over a bunch of unfriendly countries, and they can’t identify themselves,”
    Does the Limprod actually have any knowledge of geography? They apparently flew over Malaysia (it’s Malaysian Airlines, right?) and then probably over the island of Sumatra, part of Indonesia. Indonesia and Malaysia had some territorial disputes back around the ’60’s, but I don’t think you’d consider it actively hostile. The next country south and east from there is Australia. So where’s this “bunch of unfriendly countries”?

  13. he then states that another country shot down the plane and is just keeping its mouth shut out of embarrassment.

    Would you listen to some radio equivalent of organic kale?
    I’m still going with the Illuminati. So much imagery-pizzazz.

  14. Well look at Martin Bashir with his slavery comparison to poor little Sarah Palin, the sexting queen. But I diverge slightly.

    Simply, Rush Limbaugh is allowed his opinion of what may have happened. Now mind you, that opinion based on what is heard from the media, carries as much weight as the patron at the local Irish pub on St. Patrick’s Day.

  15. Katz.

    Yes. Jim Wright is always excellent in his analysis of situations like this – a true gem of the internet. Stonekettle is one of the BEST blogs on the innertubes.

  16. I have to say that is OXYCONTIN is one hell of a drug! the fat racist parasite must have been high as kite when he said those remarks. I waiting for him to say that Obama had it shot down!

  17. I have no idea as to what happened to that plane. Those lost souls…well one day we will hopefully know. Until then, keep them in our thoughts.

    As for Puss Limpoop, well who really cares what he has to say. When I hear people quoting the Tubster…I know all I have to do, is whip out my shiny pocket watch, wave in front of their face….and then they are mine…all mine. I can make them cluck like chickens, go oink….the sky is the limit.

  18. I’m waiting for his head to explode. He gets out of breath just sitting on his lard ass ranting all day. His fat face gets red & the steam rises from his scalp. The glutton is a heart attack waiting to happen. Good news, I detect senility from clips of him on tv lately. Maybe he’ll forget who he is & go away.

  19. They’ll blame Obama for the Malaysian plane crash. I think Hannity already did. That’s how sick their hatred for the black President is.

  20. Well, I never thought I’d say this, but I actually agree with him. What if it happened more like this: The plane appears to be hijacked & begins flying towards a military base. With all communication off, it would be pretty close before it was realized on radar that this plane is NOT flying on a normal commercial path & it appears dangerous. Forced to make a decision, a country shoots it down & immediately goes to figure out what just happened. Upon realizing what it is, & the next day seeing the world looking for it -realizing this is the plane they’re looking for, & there were innocents, you clean up the wreckage (&probably notify other countries to coordinate the story you’ll feed the public and stage the discovery). Especially in the case if it was hijacked and that was apparent. Now you’re screwed. You can’t come forward and say what you did, lest you want pandemonium. But you had to do it. Oil/debris was found 2 days into this, and then it was “oh nevermind. It was nothing!”

  21. Sadly, all intel points to the fact that it went down south west of Australia where there are no countrys to shoot it down.

    But it well could have been hijacked by several different groups or people

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