Bill Maher Calls God a Psychotic Mass Murderer


Bill Maher has upped the anti-religion ante by calling God a psychotic mass murderer.

Video clip:

Maher talked about why conservative Christians are so upset about the movie Noah:

Because this made up story doesn’t stay true to their made up story. The thing that’s really disturbing about Noah isn’t the silly. It’s that it’s immoral. It’s about a psychotic mass murder that gets away with it, and his name is God.

Genesis says God was so angry with himself for screwing up when he made mankind so flawed, grr, that he sent a flood to kill everyone. Everyone. Men, women, children, babies. What kind of tyrant would punish everyone just to get back at the few he is mad at? I mean, besides Chris Christie.

Hey God, you know you’re kind of d–k when you are in a movie with Russell Crowe, and you’re the one with anger issues. You know, conservatives are all going on about how Americans are losing their values and their morality. Maybe, it’s because you worship a guy who drowns babies.

This is where I always groan when Maher starts in on one of his anti religion rants. People like Bill Maher can be just as closed minded as the religious extremists that they criticize. The debate surrounding religion is a discussion of beliefs, which means that neither side can ever convince the other that they are right.

For those of us who believe that people are free to believe or not believe in whatever they choose, the whole exercise is an endless, pointless, circular waste of time. Not all believers or non-believers, depending on which side of the fence you are on, are bad.

I am sure it made Bill Maher feel good to know that he made some Christians angry by calling God a psychotic murderer, but don’t we have more important things to talk about?

Earlier this week, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) asked President Obama to come up with a five year plan to combat child poverty. Sen. Sanders said, “This is not only a moral issue of whether or not we protect the most vulnerable people in our society – the babies, the children, our future – but it is also an economic issue. What kind of future will America have if a substantial number of our children grow up in poverty poorly fed, poorly housed, poorly educated?”

Isn’t this more important than some philosophical debate about religion? Are we really that well off as a country that we can afford to sit around and discuss the motives of God? I don’t think we are.

When conservatives try to use the Bible as a basis for public policy, that is when the separation of church and state must be defended. As a country, we have a lot of work to do, and I find it disappointing that, with all of the problems facing the nation today, Bill Maher decided to use his ample platform to indulge himself with yet another rant about God.

When Maher goes off like this, it is a reminder to the folks at home of just how good it is to be Bill Maher. As a millionaire, Maher doesn’t have to worry about having to put gas in the car. He probably doesn’t wince when he sees that his grocery bill has gone up again this week because food prices are rising. He doesn’t have to worry about the things that keep most people awake at night.

I am happy for people who are in those positions. Good for them, but whether not God is a mass murderer falls pretty low on the list of priorities if you don’t have a job, or your kids are going to bed hungry tonight.

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  1. You sound like a mad Christian lol really God did kill them all, in the story. It’s not like the story says all died and floated happily into the sunset lol.

  2. Whether a universal godhead exists or not doesn’t depend on the preferences of a bunch of squabbling germs on a damp grain of sand circling a smallish yellow spark. It does, or it doesn’t, regardless of their wishes. This is simply about the arguments of the germs.

  3. I admit that I am getting tired of seeing lol used everywhere, in and out of place, like ketchup on everything, including ice cream. What is cogently stated is better without it; the incoherent is not made more palatable by its use.

  4. Great article and this is why I try to sitar clear of the god talk. I don’t care what you believe in as long as you don’t enforce your beliefs on me. Then we have a problem.

  5. Maher is abrasive, but taking down the absurdities isn’t out of place. It would be well to remember that the people offended by his calling out the moral morass of fundamentalism are doing everything in their power to force their dubious morals on YOU…

  6. While you are beating your chest over Maher’s choosing to comment on a current movie, why don’t you start bombarding your morals-obsessed GOP slacker politicians for continuing to beat the same dead abortion and homosexuality horses while they SHOULD be working on creating jobs?? Huh???

  7. Finally, a realistic and truthful portrait of God.

    I am sick of the sugar-coating of this celestial misanthrope.

    Well done, Maher!

  8. The Bible says that “GOD” is a real killer of “innocent” people and children on this planet. Why would any good person truly want to follow this evil “GOD”(if he does exist)? Unless you were taught (brain-washed) by his “Priests” too both fear and obey him and them. SCAM… In my opinion.


  10. It’s a reality check. If people didn’t cite the bible as 1) literally true, and 2) the legitimate basis for our society’s morality and laws, would Maher be talking about it at all? No. They’ve opened the door. This book is what they want us to follow. Okay, in that case, what exactly is in there? Get it out of politics and we’ll stop talking about it as a political matter, too.

  11. Lets all vote and elect Bill Maher to hold the office of “GOD” on this planet. Uh, I actually meant to say the office of the President of the U.S.A. (that should actually suffice). In my opinion.

  12. I question God. I rescue animals & it’s unbearably sad. To see innocent creatures hungry on the streets, feral colonies of cats with FLV. Or pets abused by humans. Dogfighting is the worst. They can’t defend themselves. I have several rescued animals. One’s a pitbull. She’s small & timid. They used her for “practice”. Overpopulation could be reduced by spaying & neutering. That’s not God’s fault. But if I had the power nothing would suffer. Jesus died for our sins. But nailing him to a cross? Rather extreme of God to allow it. Maybe I’m over simplifying.

  13. As for Maher he admitted he was pals with Ann Coulter. That’s galling hypocrisy. I don’t like him. But I do hope he flips a GOP seat.

  14. I never figured that myself. I mean christians and people have free will, god wrote that in the constitution on the 7th day. If they have free will, how can he punish them?

    Further, Noah is just another story plagiarized from the dim past. You know, the story of the Black Sea spilling over, flooding the entire Middle East and described by Gilgamesh??

  15. Of course, the story of Gilgamesh never mentions the Black Sea, much less that it spilled over… the only reaosn you even know the name Gilgamesh is ebsue you kow its the original flood story the Bibel plagiarised.

    I’m sorry but, the Anti-Christain routine is gettign old. God isnt a mass Murderer and the story of Noah was misrepresened by Maher and the peopel here, and I really dislike how peopel can say they dont want the Chistians to ram their beelifs down our throats only to ram their own morality and views down evryone else.

  16. The archeology shows the black sea was the cause of a giant flood around the time of Gilmagesh.

    The nice thing about living here is we are allowed to have an opinion. And to give that opinion. Which is different from trying to get laws passed based on some religious values.

    God isnt a murderer? Go back to the old testament. Of course that was “before” god gave man free will.

  17. The allegories and parables presented in the Bible are akin to a docudrama — a fictional account of early human history inspired by and loosely based on actual events.  These scriptures were designed, in part, to provide answers for people who asked questions about matters which they could not yet comprehend and to provide guidelines for expected moral behavior as determined by the religious order of the time.

    Spirituality is another matter entirely.  Organized religion and spirituality are related, but not equivalent.

    There is nothing inherently mutually exclusive between the belief in a supreme spiritual entity — and with it, an inward search for meaning and purpose — and the convictions of the scientific method.  The apparent conflict arises when one equates the existence of “a Higher Consciousness” with the validity of the allegories in that popular work of fiction known as the Bible. 

    Bottom line – the Christian conservative extremist’s interpretation of God is …

  18. Problem with your logic Mr. Easley is that Christians intent is always “do what I say, not what I say.” It’s their way or the highway. That’s why Conservatives can act like such repugnant ignorant Douchebags and get away with their arrogance. Too bad.

  19. Bottom line – the Christian conservative extremist’s interpretation of God is a deity who not only is a mean-spirited, Machiavellian, vindictive, micro-manager in desperate need of anger management, but also one who lacks the compassion to worry about the collateral damage done to the innocent.

  20. I can’t think of more vital questions than whether god exists and, if so, what behavior god truly demands of humans. Imagine if these questions were completely clarified tomorrow. As it stands, we have a world with hundreds of religions and gods. As a result, the odds favor than any one religion has less than a 1% chance of being the one “true” religion. Basically, the odds favor that billions of us have based moral codes, legal structures, and personal belief systems on faulty information. Finding the one true answer to the question of “god” should be our PRIMARY focus as humans. If every human had complete, unquestionable information about the existence and nature of god, it would have a far greater impact on our world than a cure for cancer or a program to fight poverty. It would be momentous.

  21. If you decide there are no gods, based on the fact that there are so many gods, then your primary focus should be on your life and your actions in this life.

    How did man survive throughout the last 200,000 years? Not by religion, but but the need to survive. If you kill another human you will probably be killed. SO dont kill. These realizations did not come from religion. They were in place long before religions

  22. I don’t need a god to recognize that social contracts and brain biology lead us to behave in certain ways, such as not killing others and doing good works for fellow humans. But it would be an amazing development if ALL humans had complete clarity tomorrow. Imagine if we all knew the meaning of life tomorrow, definitively with no ambiguity or need for irrational belief or faith. Imagine if god called a worldwide press conference to announce the one true religion: “God to speak at 3 p.m. on Monday to clarify worldwide confusion. Early speculation is that the Jewish faith is most accurate, but others are suggesting that Buddhism will be the name called when god speaks. We are hearing whispers that Southern Baptists and American evangelicals expected to be deeply disappointed by announcement.” The world would be altered in what I expect would be a cataclysmic way.

  23. “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.” Sinclair Lewis-

    He predicted today’s Republicans who worship at the alter of the Kochs. “Born again Christians” like Palin, Cruz & Nugent. They use religion as an excuse to spew their venomous vomit. Hate mongering in the name of God is a money making racket.

  24. Obey only the GOP’S GOD or all of you truly sinful, evil, people, will be thrown into the deepest, darkest, and hottest, pits of Hell by the GOP GOD’S armies of mighty (flying-monkey) angels and his many “human” priests (who speak directly to and for their GOP GOD). The GOP priests and their GOD’S angels are all recruited from the finest stock and blood-lines (inbreeding- required) of the Tea, Nazi and Republican Party memberships. You will have no other choice but to obey them or go to prison as mere slave labor, or be executed and tossed into the pit. If we allow the GOP and their GOD to dig their way any deeper in our country’s (U.S.A) Government offices, systems and programs this really could happen. To us all. As crazy as it sounds. In my opinion. Can we even take the chance that it wont happen? Get these GOP devils and their GOD out of our county’s government offices now before its too late.

  25. I agree with you, John. Try growing up knee deep in rural Indiana fundamentalism where you were harassed for suspected of being Jewish. Try watching a kid slam his girlfriend’s head in his locker because he thought women should be submissive to their husbands. He was so abusive towards her her whole family had to intervene.

    I am not sanguine about these people because they made it their mission to kill abortion doctors and their staff members because their dystopian book of fairy tales read aloud by their ministers conveyed the message that they should.

    Doesn’t anybody remember Matthew Shapard, the gay boy who was beaten to death and tied to a fence because of people like this?

    I do believe in another side. I think there is a spiritual component that is very much another world as the physical plane.

    What I DONT believe is the psychotic version of the Biblical deity and while Bill Maher goes overboard, he still has the right to do so. The theocrats would like us not to.

  26. I mean, I can’t even discern what talent Bill Maher is supposed to have. He’s not smart, he’s kind-of marginally funny, his stupid ass doesn’t understand that many Christians (the people he’s mainly attacking) see the events of Genesis as sort-of metaphorical*, he’s not funny, he’s weird-looking, his level of hypocrisy is staggeringly obvious and did I mention he’s not funny?

    The only reason people gravitate to this cocksucking dipshit is because he’s saying what they’re thinking and… well… have already said. He just says it on TV instead of the comment box. And so they think that he “legitimizes” them when he just shows to the rest of the world how vainglorious and short-sighted they are.

    *Case in point, the fact that most religions have a similar story suggests that this is sort-of a metaphor for the continental divide. But I’ll bet Maher and his fans could never understand that.

  27. Bill Maher has the talent and the guts too be able to tell (with a lot of humor) the truth as he sees it straight into the faces of the “human-priests” of the “GOD” of the GOP, TEA, and NAZI parties and all of their followers. Plus the population of this entire planet. And he does not actually seem to give a damn what you or their “god” and his “human-priests” or their flocks of human-sheep think. In my opinion. Please pull your shallow-minded head out of your god’s “priests” asses (animal or human, take your choice) if you too also believe in and actually follow the Moses “God” scam and get real. Question: Do you have “god” or Moses direct contact phone numbers Nightwing83? If so please let us have them so we can all call them up and let them explain their sides of the story directly to us “nonbelievers” in their god’s scam-world. Ask their priests for the direct phone numbers they must have them. Come back and see us when you get them. O.K..

  28. If you believe in the bible, thats what happened! Your truth hurts at times! And Bill Maher IS smart! And talented, funny, shoots straightforward into the crusy truth.

  29. Its the truth! Remember the first born sons in Egypt, the flood??? If you believe the bible, its what happened. Your truth hurts at times. And Bill Maher IS smart, talented, funny, and shoots straightforward into the crusty truth!

  30. Maher should always preface with the fact that the imaginary deity known as God does not exist and he is only referring to certain peoples’ irrational beliefs.

  31. At another time or place, I might agree with you.

    But the Religious Right — people who believe the Bible is the literal truth — want to take over this country and remake it on their terms.

    People who worship a god who has no problem committing mass murder to make a point will have no compunction about about eliminating people they don’t like.

  32. It seems that every single comment that I try to leave is just… gone. I’ve only ever commented on two article threads here. Participating in one other of my commenting threads was quite nice because there was a robust debate going on in the other thread in which I had commented.

    And now? Here in this thread… All of my polite words are mysteriously missing (three times in this thread), censored, “moderated” by the thread moderator into oblivion, whatever. @Jason.Easley you sure look like the likely coward on this one.

    Would someone please take a moment and explain to me what is going on with thread moderation here? How can I frame my comments in order to get them past the not-too-moderate thread “moderator” at my beloved Politicus?

    So, here goes another of my carefully crafted comments flushed straight down the loo…

  33. I have no idea why your posts are going to trash. There was only one in there and it was about deleting polite posts.

    Jason does not moderate here. He is an author. But I digress. I have not read your posts so I will say this. Attack an author in a nasty manner will get the post kicked. Responding to others in a less then nice manner, calling people names, conspiracy theorys will also probably get you booted.

    I will watch for your posts in the future.

  34. some young college student friends apparently take Maher’s quips and “gotchas” as “gospel”.

    Sad…Some have changed their course in life and abandoned even looking at the faith they were taught…because a Smug guy sneers at their faith…and sounds off little witticisms.

    Bill Maher sneers well. He is said to be a millionaire. One of his sneers quoted to me was…a sneer about abstinence. Not a substantive comment, just a cleverly worded sneer.

    Some of the young’s almost blind acceptance of Maher’s pungent little rants… is one kind of child (youth) poverty – A poverty of mind. They accept the witty saying…mostly they lap it up… Many (tho not all of course ) don’t test, research, question what are mostly assertions.

    Agreeing that child poverty as noted above…needs to be addressed…which is why I support World vision however I can. (It’s one of the good organizations that helps the young – no matter what their beliefs. Clean water, microloans to women etc)

  35. LOL, people change their lives because of Maher? Arnt you out on a very thin limb there?

    Maher gives the reasons for his little rants. And them people who listen to him know the reasons. Nice try, but you cant pin people changing their lives on Maher. Perhaps they see what is happening here.

  36. May God have mercy on the souls of all who are making all these negative comments on this site about the Bible and God. As a christian I also have the right to say that I believe in God and do not queation why He does what He does because He is our creater and our lives are in His hands. You say you don’t believe in God. What if you are wrong? What will you say to Him when all must stand before Him on judgement day? And, yes I believe in Heaven and hell too. As Jesus said from the cross, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

  37. BTW, did you know the Egyptians started the judgement day business? You really know nothing about what you blindly follow

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