Just Like Clockwork, John McCain Goes On TV And Declares That Obama Is Weak And Timid

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Early on Monday, President Obama announced that sanctions would be imposed in response to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. The sanctions announced were economic in nature and meant to target specific individuals that are responsible for pushing forward the illegal referendum in Crimea. This is obviously the first step of ongoing economic sanctions that will be directed at Russia if it continues interfering with the sovereignty of Ukraine. The President also wants to work with member nations of the European Union and G-7 on other diplomatic solutions.

It didn’t take long before you-know-who found a television camera so he could criticize the President. MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell had Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) on her show Monday and gave him the opportunity to call the President ‘weak’ and ‘timid.’ Below is video of McCain speaking with Mitchell:



During the interview, McCain constantly referred to the President’s timidity and weakness, and was angry that the President didn’t explicitly state on Monday that he was going to send military assistance to Ukraine. McCain said that the United States needs to send over military advisers to Kiev and start training troops over there. He also feels that the US needs to send over weaponry and military equipment. While he didn’t explicitly state it, McCain would really like for the US to commit to sending troops over to Ukraine.

Once again, this is just McCain shaking his fist at something the President did and getting angry about it. He’s using this crisis to undercut the President at every possible opportunity, just waiting for the President to make a statement or take action so he can immediately find a camera and complain about it. It is just so painfully predictable.

During the moments when McCain can’t find a news show that will have him on right away, he’s gone to Twitter to express his views. On Monday, those tweets included these gems:




The thing is, McCain has gone back and forth many times on his feelings regarding this crisis. Just this past Sunday, he appeared on CNN’s State of the Union (big surprise he was on a Sunday show) and basically agreed with the President’s positions on how best to handle the situation in Ukraine. Of course, he couldn’t come out and SAY that. However, everything he said essentially echoed the President’s stance.

That is probably why White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, when told by reporters that McCain called the President ‘timid’ on Monday, gave the following response:

“I didn’t see Senator McCain’s comments. I have noted that they have fluctuated somewhat in terms of his evaluation of the President’s performance every several days. The President’s focused on making sure that we support the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian people.”

Carney also mentioned that military assistance wasn’t off the table when it came to Ukraine, but that the focus was on the start of sanctions against Russia as well as providing financial assistance to Ukraine. Currently, a $1 billion aid package to Ukraine is waiting on Congressional approval. The plan is not to get the United States involved in a military action that could lead into a confrontation with Russia that could have serious worldwide repercussions.

McCain’s current state of mind is clouded by two things. One, he is an extreme hawk who misses the Cold War and still has a 1980’s attitude regarding foreign policy. Two, he just can’t get over the 2008 election. It angers him that Barack Obama is now a two-term President. Since he is still in the Senate, he is going to use every opportunity he can to sabotage President Obama. You know, because ‘Country First.’

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  1. Who cares what he has to say? Remember this idiot thought the grifter from Wasilla should have been taken seriously. May he go the way of fred phelps

  2. Anyone that would pick Sarah Palin as a running mate ought not EVER call someone weak, because being stupid is as weak as it gets.

  3. These people who invite John McCain on these shows – they do know he chose Caribou Barbie for VP, right?

    I just ask because clearly the man is not playing with a full deck so seeking his opinion on important and weighty matters seems to be…idiotic on their part.

  4. See I told ya his policies are dictated according to his meds. Yesterday the Aricept was working so he was coherent. Today its the Viagra so lets bomb the ruskies. Does it take a family member to sign him into a treatment facility?

  5. I remember not too long ago when another country invaded a sovereign nation. Hummm…what were the names of the players…oh, yeah, The United States invaded Iraq.

  6. everyone has something to say and sometimes what they have to say isn’t worth listening to – if the President felt it would be in or best interest to go to war over the Ukraine there would be a hoot and a howl that he was interfering with something that was none of our business – now he is being thrown to the dogs because he is NOT sending troops – which, in my opinion, is the correct response ………. what our country does not need to do is stick our noses into someone else’s affairs – I stand behind our president and have no more patience with those who search pretty hard to find something with which to criticize him !

  7. You notice that he was on MSNBC, on Andrea Mitchell
    (aka Mrs Greenspan) show, she is one of the few rethugs on the channel and he always goes to her, someone else might ask him a question.

  8. When are the Democrats going to call out McCrazy and Ms. Lindsey for their clearly UNPATRIOTOC behavior. In the early days of the run up to the invasion of Iraq anyone who questioned the administrations LIES had their patriotism called into question. AFTER the occupation began any criticism of the policy in Iraq was also meet questions of the speakers patriotism.

    In a time of war it is not productive to call the leaders personal judgment into question publicly. That is the work of the ENEMY.

    So Senator McCrazy are you in cahoots with Vlad?

  9. “Remember this idiot thought the grifter from Wasilla should have been taken seriously.”

    And he still sings her praises, publically anyway, because not to would be having to admit he made a mistake.

  10. Seems I remember if anyone dared to imply GWB or DC had lied. They were told America love it or leave it! Hey John boy the same goes for you and all your neo-con buddies. Why do you not all volunteer to head to Russia and take them on and then do not come back! If you love America you would do so ASAP.

  11. Does anyone besides the Republican stenographers in the MSM really give a flying funk what John McCain has to say-about ANYTHING?

  12. Senator McCain is a sore loser. He has never recovered from losing the election to President Obama. We should thank our lucky stars that McCain and his sidekick never, ever got into the White House.

  13. Ol’ John Boy never fails us does he.
    The author of this article got that right. He has turned into a Palinbot.

    Just as bad as John Bolton on Fox news blaming the missing Malaysian airplane on Pres. Obama.

    Happy St. Pat’s Day everyone!
    (Like the green background here PoliticusUSA!

  14. Me thinks Sen. John “Fix the dang fence” McCain fell in love with ol’ Putie after drooling over that photo of Putie riding shirtless on the horse.

    Poor John. Losing two elections for him really did him in.

  15. Ty,
    I read once a long, long time ago that the MSM has been inn “love” with Sen.McCain. They think he can do no wrong. They love having him guest on the Sunday talk shows. They always give the senator a free pass.

  16. Phil,

    I think Sen. McCain gets joy in jerking the president around.

    Here is a comment he made awhile ago. Articile quoting Sen. McCain…

    “Do I fight? Do I enjoy it in the arena? Hell yeah, but that doesn’t mean that I’m angry. It means that I like to go in and do battle with them. My favorite was Ted Kennedy. We would go face to face. One time we were right at each other, and then walked off the floor and Ted said, ‘we did pretty good, didn’t we?'”

  17. Right. I can’t read Miss Mitchell at all.

    Am I the only one who recently found out that Miss Mitchell gravitates towards republicans!

  18. You read my mind. Without disrespecting his service nor his unfathomable ordeal as a POW, he’s still fighting the war nobody won, still trying to bomb Vietnam by proxy.

  19. Why should anyone listen to what McClown has to say, since he is not even right as often as a stopped clock which is right twice a day? He’s still simmering in his bitterness at being denied the presidency, which he apparently thinks he was entitled to. I am so thankful that he and Simple Sarah lost in 2008. It’s obvious that neither one has ever gotten over losing, but if he had won, this country would have lost big time.

  20. I guess you and I have a different definition of the word “ordeal”.
    He was ‘captured’ and sent to a hospital for treatment immediately after his plane went down.
    Then he sang a tune or two….or …..three…..four…..

  21. Thanks Moongal, you beat me to it. The only ordeal McCain went through in Vietnam was a result of his incompetence in flying planes, any planes. His self-crash caused his injuries, not torture of any kind. He was treated very well because of the respect his “captors” had for his Admiral Father & Grandfather. Collaborator should follow his name, not war hero or patriot. He proved that later by his selection of Sarah Palin as his VP. Not getting elected saved his life – and ours.

  22. Obama is smart enough to realize that anything coming out of John (warmonger) McCain’s mouth should be ignored. McCain is a bitter frustrated senile dangerous, old warmongering madman. That knows absolutely nothing about foreign affairs or the military. Plain & simple John McCain is a war loving, war crazy, war thirsty, war hungry warmongering war nut. Who no longer has the mental competences to be in the senate. McCain lost it mentally since his landslide presidential defeats.

  23. You nailed it. McInsane is on that list. Publicly he loves it, privately he hates it. He does admire his Putin as much as he hates our President.

  24. The GOP extreme right-wing megalomaniac torrent is fratricidal to America, both foreign and domestic! Their 24/7 individual and collective outlandish tongues, emboldens the Putins’ of this world!

  25. Grumpy McCain loves to complain and always wants to bomb someone. I have to say that Obama is more.than ready to stick his nose in other people’s business and bomb, kill and obstruct their activities.

    The US is the only world.power. China is getting stronger (due in a large part to our trade policies) but remains primarily a regional power. Russia is insular, and important primarily due to its energy reserves. This leads to us taking an role in places like Mali, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, and of course Iraq, Iran etc.

    And Obama leads our efforts and it very much includes killing people and putting advisors and troops on the ground. You cannot base your support of his acions in the Ukraine on some idea Obama is not an imperialist warmonger and murderer of women and children. It comes with the job.

  26. It’s easy for YOU to talk, Senator McCain. You are not the president with presidential responsibilities.

    You are a SENATOR and need to focus on getting the Senate and your friends in the House, to do your/ their job for which you/they get paid by the American people — represent the American people! BTW, insist on bringing President Obama’s Jobs Bill to a vote and let’s get the economy moving again.

    It’s your duty!!!

  27. That might explain why Little Frilly Britches has had those panties in such a wad the last few days.

    Isn’t it about time those two makes another trip to Israel at taxpayers expense?

    Another thing I am wondering about, why is it America’s job to interfere in the Ukraine’s affairs. Because there are many immigrants are in the US? Ooops sorry, no immigrants are supposed to be mentioned except Mexicans and the need for walls. The ones that come by plane and ships are different.

  28. I did get a chuckle out of that piece. John “found” a camera. Lawdy that man carries one in his pocket. And all his aides/bodyguards we pay for have to carry one too. Andrea Mitchell is no surprise..I can’t forget what her husband did as his share of setting America up for this take over. Somehow I just can’t believe she didn’t know what was going on. But money always trumps country or anything else.

  29. If you run for POTUS and give political birth to such an evil, twisted, passive-aggressive force as Sarah Palin, you just don’t get to talk ever again.

  30. McCain has the audacity to call the president weak & timid sooo,I wonder what state of mind he was in when he chose Scarah PaYme,a scar on this nation till eternity and its about time ole man McInsane retired.

  31. Worthless POS crashed at least 2 expensive military airplanes trying to become a pilot before he was shoot down and imprisoned. To bad he was unaware of Louie Zamperini’s resistance to his World War II captors and survived his imprisonment. Maybe McCain wouldn’t have caved to his captures punishment if he was true hero. Death before dishonor.

    Don’t knock the CIC McCain, shoe respect.

  32. McCain is a war monger he thinks because Obama was not in the military he is weak and not qualified to be commander and chief. I will say he has a history of saying good things sometimes.

  33. Why are McCain’s military records still sealed? What was his father hiding when the records were sealed?

  34. John McCain is a sore loser and bitter old man who can’t get over losing to a black man.

    Also, too, remember the 1967 USS Forrestal fire.

  35. Yeah, he was so ‘weak and timid’ when he handed you your wrinkled, out of touch, old grey ASS in 08, then again when he sent in the Navy Seals to do what your buddy GW couldn’t/wouldn’t do and got Bin Laden (and over a dozen other terror leaders) and then again when he won re-election…

    Soooo timid and weak, right Johnny baby?

    John, do you even know what day of the week it is today, you clueless, hate filled, useless, butt sore OLD FART?

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