Morning Joe for President?

President Joe and Vice President Mika?
President Joe and Vice President Mika?
MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Scarborough, the Gingrich Republican who wept over Chris Christie’s dishonesty but quickly found a new man-crush in Bobby Jindal, is apparently thinking of tossing his hat in the ring in 2016. Scarborough wants to “save us” from Hilary Clinton, he told a panel at the Northeast Republican Conference (NERC) in Nashua, N.H.

“We don’t need to elect another Clinton for eight years.”

This got an “Amen!” from the crowd.

We need a Scarborough instead?

Molly Ball at The Atlantic writes, “Sure, why not?”

Let me count the reasons, Molly.


I have been thinking about what eight years of Scarborough might look like, and I am sorry, my brain shut down and I spent several long minutes staring at my monitor without really seeing anything. I simply could not do it. And I will never get those minutes back. Thank you, Molly.

But look, Morning Joe has demonstrated the Republican ability to stare facts in the face and reject them, a prerequisite for any Republican candidate for office. He has what passes for conservative cred and he has demonstrated it on his show for all the world to see.

“Joe Scarborough was a rock star this weekend,” said Republican New Hampshire state Rep. Joseph Sweeney. “He energized the crowd.”

As Sweeney told Newsmax, “Congressman Scarborough inspired us to keep fighting for Republican values and gave a great roadmap for how we start winning again.”

See what I mean? The guy’s a natural! Conservatives subjected to displays of reality rejection react like a crowd sprayed with Ann Coulter pheromones.

Oh wait…um, yeah…well, anyway…

I apologize for that, but it had to be said.

I won’t address Sweeney’s comment about “Republican values” because I have no idea what he’s talking about. Near as I can tell, Republicans have no values, unless what he means by that is starving old people and children and kicking veterans out onto the street.

According to Newsmax, which seems sold on Morning Joe,

His latest bestseller, “The Right Path: From Ike to Reagan, How Republicans Once Mastered Politics – and Can Again,” has drawn sterling reviews and may offer a blueprint for Scarborough’s campaign platform if he decides to enter the 2016 fray.

Garry Wills, by the way, begged to differ in reviewing the book for the New York Times, exposing Morning Joe for the intellectual light weight he is, and writing that, “Scarborough’s silly picture of American politics leaves out most of the things that matter.”

Again, the man’s got Republican cred, cause that’s what you gotta do to make it as a Republican in today’s GOP: leave out the stuff that matters. Like feeding the kids.

Ike was on the right path? Really? Both Democrats AND Republicans wanted him to run and he said no to both, initially, only finally running at a Republican. But there is nothing remotely Republican about him, look back across more than a half-century. The champion of the Crusade in Europe would not even qualify as a RINO today.

And Reagan? There isn’t a Republican alive today who can get Reagan right. Reagan is and will forever more be, the guy they need him to be to justify what they want to do today. The Reagan Republicans remember has more joints than an action toy and puts any contortionist ever born to shame. Literally, Republicans can and have made Reagan into anything they need him to be, all the while ignoring every fact attaching itself to his name.

In other words, the term “Reagan Republican” has no meaning at all. None. It’s as subjective and, come to think of it, as now oxymoronic a term as ever coined, because like Ike, Reagan would barely qualify as a RINO today, the way he raised taxes and grew government.

Just to prove my point about Reagan, listen to Jennifer Horn, chairwoman of the New Hampshire Republican Party:

“He was engaging, humorous, and insightful in his remarks,” she said, adding, “no one agrees with anyone all of the time, but Joe offered a vision for winning in 2014 that focused on the core GOP principle of limited government and that is something we all feel passionately about.”

What does Reagan have to do with any principle of limited government?

Scarborough argues for a “principled but pragmatic” approach but principles and pragmatism seem a reach for Morning Joe, if you’ve ever watched him. Sure he has his moments, like when he eviscerated Sharron Angle or called out Arizona’s immigration law as totalitarian. But he also thinks Fox News isn’t any more biased than other networks.

But Morning Joe has also shown he can look facts in the face and see…well, I don’t know what Joe sees but it isn’t facts. And if he can’t grasp the issues sitting at his desk with a team of writers to back him up, I fail to see how he’s going to manage it under pressure as the president in the Oval Office.

Sorry…I just went blank again. Honestly, I can’t go there. Not without a trauma team standing by.

And look, even if Morning Joe could find principles and pragmatism, how is he going to get any votes? As Sarah Jones noted here a couple of years ago, he doesn’t seem to get that the GOP is full of extremists. Principles and pragmatism don’t get you votes in today’s GOP.

Which leads to the question: Is Morning Joe planning on running as a Democrat? Because right now, (and you can ask Charlie Crist) that’s the only way a Republican is going to get any votes for principles and pragmatism.

30 Replies to “Morning Joe for President?”

  1. The only reason why people wax nostalgic about Ronald Reagan is that he was the last popular Republican. Republicans try to forget Bush 1 and GWB.

    Nobody wants to look at what Reagan actually stood for because it’s hard to tell. He was already in the throes of Alzheimer’s disease by the time he became president and it only got worse by 1988. So he was very pliable to selfish special interests and believing the Hollywood scripts he was given. He actually believed the “Star War’s defence shield would actually work, thought that ketchup was a vegetable, thought that trees caused our worst pollution and thought that throwing millions of people in jail for smoking a plant was a good idea.
    He also planned his days out by an astrologer. Talk about a malleable mind influenced by woo.
    It is hard to tell how much of the whacky things he did was because of the rotten voices whispered in his ear as his mind was going. Imagine if Dick Cheney had been his VP instead of Bush, Sr.

  2. Am I the only one who thinks it’s wrong for MSNBC to allow one of their morning show announcers to be so partisan? To go to a republican event and talk about his own candidacy?

    Why is he allowed to do this? This is in your face partisanship that should not be tolerated.

  3. Please run Joe, America is waiting for complete & definitive answers on the Dead Intern incident in your Fort Walton Beach office. Many would like the case reopened.

  4. He has a bit of a temper. What about the young lady that died in his office? You don’t hear much about that. Also the opposition researh will be interesting. This man has a lot of bones in the closet. I don’t think he’ll ever run.

  5. Yes Diane, many have been chastised by MSNBC & Phil Griffin for far less, many were fired and or forced to apologize—- Keith, David Shuster, Cenk, Martin, Melissa, Lawrence & many more while that arrogant windbag Joe is allowed free reign.

  6. Now, I was thinking that. There are some things even a Republican will have trouble with, if he runs for President.

  7. Reagan was this nations greatest traitor who has no claim to fame. Reagan will never be an equal to Ike

    Limited government is code for “can we get it small enough for the koch to own it?” Or then best one “Can we use this to hide our real problems and have just a small government with a huge military?”. Is this country capable of handling an ever increasing population with a govenrment for a few people who dont want to pay taxes?

    Scarboro is in lockstep with that. At least he isnt with the xtian fundies that we know of.

  8. A great post!!!

    I also remember that St. Ronald Reagan, cut funding from the Legal Services Corporation that supported legal services for the elderly, from veterans, interfered with airport tower employees’ strike, and warmly embraced the “religious right” and “Ralph Reed’s christian coalition” into government. At the moment I can’t remember what else he was responsible for.

    Reagan was an actor who played his greatest role.

  9. Well you he brings “fair and balanced news”, oops that’s that other channel. I would vote for Clintons dog before I would vote for this goofy. Another thing I am sick of is these repubs shaking Ronald Reagans skeleton in my face. This man accomplished nothing at all. Well he did manage to double the debt, raise unemployment from 7% to 11%, slash education, welfare benefits, HUD, deregulated everything he could, oh and get busted in the Iran-Contra scandal cause we don’t deal with terrorists. Oh yeah this is the guy that said trees cause more pollution than cars. The only ones who benefited from RR was the rich cause according to Ronnie math if they pay less taxes there will be more money kinda like 1+0=3.

  10. Morning Joe interviewed the owner of Newsmax last week and treated it as a legitimate news rag. Now Newsmax writes favorably of Joe.

  11. Haven’t anything to add to the comments, except agree with loud voice of agreement. Ronnie was there god, morning Joe is (?) yOU NAME IT. all the other rethugs in the waiting line of the Presidency are cheats and lie with such ease. Who in their right mind would ever….vote for any one of them. Don’t answer that question, I KNOW plenty of rethugs who are willing and waiting for another round of Kock rule and law.

  12. Morning-Sickness Joe would not be good for the office of President of the U.S.A. because he really just loves himself, his kind and his very sick, evil, demonic, Republican-Party policies way too much. In my opinion. The man is really a very loud mouth clown (watch him daily and see) just like all the rest of the retarded Republicans are. The U.S.A. does not need anymore of his kind in our Govt. Offices. Reject Morning-Sickness Joe for President.

  13. You got that right. How is it that Joe has a teevee show, and Gary Condit’s career was ruined? Why did then-Governor Jeb Bush help Joe cover up the whole affair??

  14. The arbitrary internment of Haitian asylees, and the bald legal assertion that they were not “persons” within the purview of the Constitution and could be selectively detained by the Executive on the basis of race and denied due process (HRC v. Civiletti, Louis v. Nelson, Jean v. Nelson, etc). It was the rehearsal for Gitmo, which is preparatory to…God knows what, but, if they manage to take over, we’re likely to find out.

  15. He will never run! just Google him! He left congress when a female worker in his Florida office was found dead one morning, while he was in congress.. under some very strange circumstances and he has a long running feud with the daily Koss founder about his probing into the story!

  16. What a load of crooks, Joe (dead intern) Scarboro, Huckabee who wanted to round up the aids sufferers
    into camps away from the general public and not give them drugs to help the disease. who also had a son who was a dog torturer who hung a dog from a tree and stoned it to death and Daddy hushed it up.
    Christie the crook, Rand Paul who thinks we should not give people health care and a father that let a young employee of his die because he got sick and could not afford health care.We also have another Bush, whose brothers mess of wars and bankrupting the country still lingers, not to mention torture.
    We could go on and on!

  17. For him to even get the GOP nomination, he would have to outcrazy a bunch of other crazies. As far as being “pragmatic” is concerned, there is nothing about the modern Republican platform that remotely approaches pragmatism. Besides, he doesn’t seem to have been that great a Congressman, aside from the issue of a dead young woman in his office.

  18. Joe got some questions to answer about his office while he was in congress; he won’t run for anything, too risky to bring up the past.

  19. Gee Joe…

    Gonna drag the ghost out of the closet of the dead woman they found in your office…

    Maybe they will open that cold case back up.

  20. “At least he isnt with the xtian fundies that we know of.”

    Have no fear, Shiva! If what has happened to GOP presidential candidates in the past holds true, if Scarborough runs, it won’t be very long before he’s playing the role of the #1 Religous Fundamentalist in the good ole U.S.A.

    These tools have never seen a role they’re unwilling to play as long as it gives them the result(s) they desire.

    Remember how fast Romney went from “moderate” to extremist, and how malleable his positions on the issues were in response to the push-back he received from the far right?

  21. Morning Joe has no right to talk about and criticize anything or anybody until he fully explains how that dead girl ended up in his office when he was a representative in Congress. Did he think we would have such short memories?

  22. That HAS to be a joke…but then I thought the same thing about all the candidates last time. If I had to bet money, I would think all the comedians got together and pooled their money to pay him to do this.

    I am still waiting for a real explanation of the dead girl in his office. Just his name brings back that image.

  23. Joe Scarborough for Pr3esident? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Eghhh! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! have to catch my breath! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Surely somebody is kidding, right?


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