The NRA Launches a Terror Campaign Against The U.S. Senate Over Obama Nominee

NRA public health expert

Every nation of any repute has several intelligence agencies within and outside the military armed with advanced technology and well-trained operatives to seek out potential enemies that pose an existential threat to its survival. It is hardly debatable that America likely commits more of its resources to thwarting dangerous threats to Americans than most other developed nations, but there are still independent organizations far outside the government that believe their special  insight allows them to identify threats the intelligence community deems pose no danger to America or its citizens abroad or domestically. Although some groups operate in the shadows to avoid drawing attention to themselves and their questionable tactics such as secretive and racist vigilante groups patrolling the borders to hunt down and kill poor Hispanics seeking a better life in America, other organizations are well-organized, well-funded, and very vocal about their value to America through propaganda Adolf Hitler’s Nazis would envy.

America’s most powerful Nazi like organization has once again taken a page right out of their forbearers in 1930s Germany and tasked its ministry of propaganda to terrify the public and members of the United States’ Senate to oppose a man the NRA believe poses an existential threat to America and their organization’s influence over society. Their target is not in competition with the NRA to rule over America, and in fact has no ambition to become a tyrannical dictator, but he does hold opinions that do not comport with those clamoring for anarchy in the streets, violent rebellion against the government, and roving bands of armed vigilantes taking the law into their own hands. This man who has garnered the undivided attention of America’s shadow government is a medical professional chosen as the nation’s leading spokesman on matters of public health.

The man on the National Rifle Association’s hit-list is Dr. Vivek Hallegere Murthy, an internist and former emergency room doctor educated at Harvard and Yale that President Obama nominated to serve as America’s next Surgeon General. It is likely Dr. Murthy will not even be afforded a confirmation vote due to intense opposition from the NRA that deem him an existential threat to America because he has advocated for sane gun safety laws, and supports the Center for Disease Control’s effort to study the effects of gun violence on public health. The NRA fully understands the devastation from guns on public health and consider it their crowning achievement they are rabid to see increase with their goal of gun proliferation and arming every man, woman, and child in America.

The problem for President Obama’s nominee is, besides being a highly-educated Black man and physician, that many Senate Democrats from states where guns are more important than food and water are nervous about supporting an emergency room doctor the NRA has deemed an enemy of State with a view toward shredding the Constitution and destroying America. The NRA propaganda ministry understands they can use gun rights issues as a powerful weapon during an election year, and they attacked the surgeon general nominee and confirmation as their latest ploy put a stop to any attempts at federal firearms safety measures such as background checks for new gun purchases. The NRA understands that an emergency room physician is well-acquainted with the threat to public health of a population, including terrorists and criminals, with well-stocked armories and ALEC and NRA-written legislation giving legal cover to shoot other Americans; particularly when white people shoot young black men.

In February, the NRA wrote a letter to senators warning there would be a heavy price to pay for confirming Dr. Murthy saying, “Dr. Murthy’s record of political activism in support of radical gun control measures raises significant concerns.” NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam said recently that “We’re forced to get involved and voice our opposition because of the likelihood he would use the office of surgeon general to further his preexisting campaign against gun ownership.” The NRA said Saturday that the organization was simply responding to the White House decision to nominate a gun control advocate. Past Surgeons General, including Reagan-appointee C. Everett Koop, spoke out on the public health threats presented by guns, and in a 1992 essay Koop co-authored a paper entitled, “Time to Bite the Bullet Back.” When Murthy testified at his confirmation hearing, he testified that he had no intention of using the surgeon general’s office as a bully pulpit for gun control, but the NRA will not allow anyone in government holding an opinion contrary their gun-proliferation agenda. When he was nominated, Republican senators brutally criticized him for co-founding a doctors’ organization that backed President Obama.

Like ninety-percent of Americans, the American Medical Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics, Murthy considers gun violence a public health concern and believes it is entirely appropriate to discuss the issue with patients. Murthy’s mortal sin was expressing his support for tightening restrictions on who can buy guns and how they can be purchased; the NRA regards Murthy and 90% of Americans radical for supporting safety measures to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists who readily purchase firearms on the Internet or from unlicensed backyard gun dealers. Murthy’s belief that gun violence resulting in death and injury is a public health problem is in stark contrast to the NRA that considers gun violence a valid means to measure the success of their propaganda campaigns against gun safety measures such as background checks. That campaign included a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid saying “Given Dr. Murthy’s lengthy history of hostility towards the right to keep and bear arms, along with his calls for the full weight of the federal government’s health apparatus to be used to target lawful gun ownership, the confirmation of Dr. Murthy is a prescription for disaster for America’s gun owners.” Murthy said in his confirmation hearing that his primary public health focus was spinal cord injuries and obesity. The NRA sent out warnings to gun owners and tasked them with contacting their senators and demanding they vote against Murthy to preserve their 2nd Amendment rights and preserve the Constitution.

It is likely that President Obama considered an emergency room physician with no opposition from the medical community a good, and safe, choice to be Surgeon General, but he miscalculated in choosing an educated Black man who holds the same opinion as 90% of Americans on gun safety. The powerful group yearning for a nation of armed citizens cannot have the nation’s top doctor concerned about the effect of gun violence on public health to prevent more dead and wounded Americans, so they exercised their influence over the United States Senate to block Murthy’s confirmation. The NRA resorted to their typical fear-mongering propaganda to warn gun fanatics that a Surgeon General whose job description is spokesman on matters of public health was poised to shred the Constitution and restrict their right to possess battlefield weapons; even if they are convicted felons and terrorists.


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  1. National Republican A-holes…Good God…when will we get these NRA killers off our collective throat? Palin rails against a President who has done nothing to take away anyone’s guns, let alone their rights, while she supports these people who want nothing less than gunfights on street corners. They already have children being killed every day in the ‘safety’ of their own homes either by a sibling, an idiot father ‘cleaning an unloaded gun,’ or they shoot themselves. Is this really the message the GOP wants to send? We fight food stamps, and free lunches, and education, but we LOVE kids and guns in the same room!!! Come on, Democrats, we must vote out the crazy before they talk over this country and turn us into Saudi Arabia.

  2. I find it incomprehensible that anyone can deny that there is an epidemic of gun violence in this country. After Sandy Hook NRA’s leader LaPierre came out and blamed the mass shootings on video games, movies and television. His answer of course is that we need more guns. He had the audacity to blame society for not arming up schools saying we care more about our money than our kids that’s why there are armed security guards in banks.
    I find it humorous that the NRA is now placing ads to battle the tea party darlings that have supported them so staunchly. Maybe the division will create an opportunity to reign them in and get something done with respect to passing some meaningful legislation.
    One last thing before someone objects as I am sure someone will say they need their guns. I am an Hon. discharged Marine whose job in the Corp was training people on the firing line. I am a gun owner now. It is locked and for a last line of home defense. I am not a hunter of any animal.

  3. JADF is very fatigued right now, so his profound and polished comment is simply:

    Godd@mn, this country is full of @$$holes!

    BTW, RMuse, someone with a name like Vivek Murthy is not “black” in the sense of “of African origins”.

  4. We live in a country in which the central government is not trusted. It goes back in history when Anti-Federalist decried that the Constitution gave too much power to the Federal Government. Ten Amendments were added, yet we have arguments and debates.

  5. The NRA is #1 Lobby group responsible for the promotion of more gun sales to Terror Groups then any other group.

    The Manufactures of these guns are also responsible for the guns getting in the hands of the drug cartels and criminals on the streets.

    Any person or group that supports the Gun Manufacturers and the NRA are also responsible for the deaths from those guns.

    You will answer for it all very soon. No way around it..

    Have a great day.

  6. the NRA is a racist criminal organization that seeks to control and undermine democracy for the gun makers by using their political whores in the GOP and weak and spineless Democrats(who should be primary ed) We will never had peace or prosperity in this country until they dismantled!

  7. The NRA must be destroyed and that is final! I call them, NO Responsibility Accepted, Never Responsible for Anything, Not Real Americans.

  8. The NRA leadership, and those members of the NRA who truest and believe those leaders, have made the United States of America one of the most unsafe countries in the civilized world.

  9. [yawn] Meanwhile here in reality according to the FBI UCR, homicide rates are at near record lows. Yeah, I know, you’re completely ignorant of that fact since it isn’t something the mass media spoonfeeds you.

  10. Oh yeah the NRA is so racist that they spent millions supporting a black man, Otis McDonald in McDonald v. Chicago. Gun control is racist. It is ALWAYS used to disproportionately disarm minorities by racists like you.

  11. Based on your babbling, ranting, rambling, lunatic post, it’s highly unlikely you will be voting out anyone crazy.

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