Obamacare Enrollment Continues To Surge As 5 Million Americans Have Now Signed Up



The Department of Health and Human Services broke the news on Monday that 5 million people have now signed up for healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act. With 14 days left in the open enrollment period, it appears that the final numbers will come close to or even reach the initial Congressional Budget Office estimates of 7 million people signing up in the first year. While the CBO has since amended that number down to 6 million, don’t be surprised if this final push gets it well above that.

Below is the press release from the website of the HHS:


As this historic open enrollment period enters its final weeks, millions of Americans are finding quality, affordable coverage thanks to the Affordable Care Act.  Fernando Valdez and Denise Schroeder were part of a weekend wave of consumers signing up for new coverage and bringing enrollment nationwide to more than 5 million through the Federal and State-based Marketplaces since October 1st.

Fernando Valdez, 25, of El Paso, Texas woke up early on Saturday, after his mother insisted that he walk to an enrollment center and enroll in Marketplace coverage.  Now, he will pay $22 a month for his health insurance.  Fernando said that he walked away knowing that if “I get into an accident I will not be in trouble with trying to find health care.”  Read more about Fernando’s story at: http://www.elpasotimes.com/news/ci_25353816/enroll-el-paso-makes-push-get-residents-enrolled?IADID=Search-www.elpasotimes.com-www.elpasotimes.com.

And Denise Schroeder says she now feels like “I have a whole new life” after enrolling in coverage in recent days.  Denise, a small business owner in West Chester, Pennsylvania who runs “Happy Heart Clown N’Stuff” which does balloon decorating and entertainment for parties is also a cancer survivor.  Because she had cancer, Denise knew she couldn’t let her health coverage lapse, but the $880 premium she was paying each month wiped out her savings account, and she said it was killing her.  But after working with an enrollment navigator, she enrolled on Thursday in a Silver Plan for $22 a month.  When she saw the new premium, she cried.

You can find more stories like theirs at http://www.hhs.gov/healthcare/facts/mystory/index.html.

Consumers like Fernando and Denise are coming every day to check out their options for affordable health care at HealthCare.gov or seeking help from a trained representative in person or via our 24/7 call center.  The last several days have been the busiest since December, with the Call Center taking more than 198,000 calls on Thursday alone -the busiest day since December 23—and more than 130,000 calls over the weekend.  Last week, HealthCare.gov saw more than 4 million visits—and an additional 1 million visits this weekend.

With only two weeks to go, we’re continuing to work hard to ensure that every American who wants to enroll in affordable coverage by the deadline of March 31st is able to do so.  So don’t delay; tell your friends and family to sign up today.


Three weeks ago, ACA enrollment passed 4 million. Since then, we’ve seen another million sign up. No matter how much Republicans try to deny it, the ACA is going to be a rousing success in in its first year. Conservative pundits had a field day laughing at the ‘paltry’ enrollment numbers in October, apparently unaware that fewer people sign up at the beginning of an enrollment period than at the end. The message a few months ago was how there was NO WAY that millions of people would sign up for Obamacare. Conservatives kept bringing up that 7 million figure from the CBO and pointing out how much lower the final enrollment figure would be.

For months, the narrative, repeated over and over by the mainstream media, was about the ‘botched’ rollout of the ACA and the ‘disastrous’ Healthcare.gov website. While news anchors and pundits were repeating the same talking points day in and day out, whatever glitches that were hounding the website were found and fixed, and people in need of affordable health care continued to sign up.

Now here we are, two weeks away from the final deadline of this enrollment period, and we now see 5 million people have signed up. 5 million people have obtained quality healthcare because of this law. All despite the numerous roadblocks thrown up by Republican lawmakers trying their hardest to make the law fail before it even had a chance to be enacted. How many more would have had a chance to sign up already if the majority of states would have set up their own healthcare exchanges? If Red state governors would have allowed Medicaid expansion to take place, as provided for by the ACA, how many more people would have health coverage right now?

That’s the thing. Even with the petulant obstruction, 5 million people have signed up for healthcare under the ACA, and in the years to come, tens of millions more will. It is the law of the land. It is here to stay.

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  1. Looks like there’s a good chance ObamaCare will reach it’s 7 million enrollment goal by the end of March.

    Republicans failed to stop ObamaCare.

  2. The RWers haven’t conceded a thing even with all the news of millions of enrollments.

    Now, on every blog site and news site that has a comment thread they’re asking, “OK, but how many have actually PAID for this Obamacare? The HHS can’t tell us that. Insurance companies are going to go belly up.” Gloom, doom, negativity, bah humbug.

    Gawd, if I had to be around some of these RWNJ people all the time, I might have to be medicated.

  3. I guess they haven’t stopped complaining enough to realize that the insurance companies don’t plan on losing their new customers, KarenJ503. I refuse to believe that the insurance company executives haven’t thought about payment plans. Some people are too busy focused on the negative to consider that other possibilities might exist. You can finance everything from cars to those fancy rims for cars these days, so I don’t find it at all impossible that insurance companies have tossed around some ideas for helping those who haven’t paid yet by making payment arrangements with them.

  4. If the red states would quit blocking access they would be at 7 million already. What I find crazy is that the government mandates that you have auto insurance, home owners insurance if you buy a home, and we insure just about everything else. Yet these people bitch about health insurance. If you are not insured and go to the ER that bill will be thousands of dollars for anything. When you cant pay it that bill is passed along to the taxpayer. Your health is everything why not look out for your health before anything else? The GOP healthcare bill they put forward is just a mirror for the ACA basically. If the Grand Obstructionist Party would help, or at least get out of the way this can be a success. Hopefully those 5 million signed up will turn into 5 million Democratic votes in November.

  5. If you want a good laugh go to Washington Post fact checker. Boehner got the big 4 pinnochios when he said the ACA has resulted in a net loss of people with insurance. A pretty good read.

  6. Morning Joe or Fox News would never report on this. Boehner and Ryan still talking against the plan without having a alternate plan.

  7. They tried to bring down the web site, they have argued against the ACA every day and voted about 52 time to repeal it, the Koch’s have spent about 27 million in every state to bad mouth it but Obama is going to get the last last laugh, I have never seen a president who has had so much opposition and it looks like he has done what presidents have tried and failed to do for 50 years.

    Regarding the Koch’s, I was saying to my husband yesterday ‘what kind of person (billionaire) who has the best of health care in the world would spend so much to stop the poor from having healthcare’ It has to be said -one who is evil to the core.

  8. I signed up for the affordable health care and cannot find a Doctor in my area who excepts the HMO plan! I will continue to look for a quality Doctor who will except this plan!! Even the PCP who is embossed on my Health card does not except the insurance! (whats up with that)!!As a consumer who signed up for affordable health care I am now second guessing !!

  9. Let me just set you all straight: PBrown “Looks like there’s a good chance ObamaCare will reach it’s 7 million enrollment goal by the end of March.” Sorry to destroy your unsubstantiated remarks, but if you look at the facts, the 5 million number is artificially inflated by team Obama. Best case estimates show 20%-50% of those 5 million have not paid their premium so they DO NOT count. 6 states used prisoners to boost the numbers. Enrollments from Jan to Feb DROPPED from 1.2 million to 900k. Joan “They tried to bring down the web site, they have argued against the ACA every day and voted about 52 time to repeal it” Tried to bring down the website? How, Republican cyber hackers? And now, Dems are trying to raise the bailouts to insurance companies with our money to artificially lower the premiums. Insurers offer lower rates, and get a big check at the end of the year. It’s all fake! http://washingtonexaminer.com/number-of-obamacare-sign-ups-is-greatly-inflated/article/254

  10. If a federally mandated health care program which forces you to buy an “amazing” plan or be taxed really was the God-send Dems claim, it would sell itself. You would have 50 million signups, not struggle to get 5 million (and thereby miss every goalpost set by the CBO and Obama’s team). Blame the website all you want, every American knows about Obamacare by now and how to sign up, and you have super low enrollment with 20-50% refusing to send in a check. If it was some great thing, you would exceed expectations, not constantly revise your expectations so low that when you hit them, Dems are able to actually cheer. If Bush was running this, it would be the biggest joke on every liberal website for the next 100 years.

  11. Hilarious! This is targeted at the uninsured, not the entire nation. it will take time but the people who want it will sign up for it.

    Bush ran the prescription healthcare plan and that is the “biggest joke on every liberal website”

  12. You just don’t get it, do you?

    People with insurance through work don’t need to worry about Obamacare.

    That’s what President Obama said : “if you have insurance through work, if you like your policy, keep it. Nothing in this Act requires you to change your coverage or your doctor”.

    Of course, mentally impaired Conservatives pretend Obama was talking about the people with Individual Insurance.

    No… he specifically said “If you have insurance through work”.

    So hundreds of millions of Americans needn’t bother worrying about Obamacare.

    We had 48 Million uninsured and 12 Million in Individual Policies.

    That’s who Obamacare applies to.

    So the initial target was 7 Million; we’re at 5 Million already and we’re not at the deadline yet.

    The program is viable. The younger people are procrastinating, as usual, but the signups are trending younger as we go.

  13. I am a insurance agent and can tell you that I have no problem with the ACA. It is great for people and it is great for my industry. When it comes to paying premiums, many people have not because they simply can’t. I don’t mean they can not afford to, I mean the insurance companies, with the exception of a few makes people wait to pay. When they signup a few companies will allow you to make payment over the internet at healthcare.gov, but most do not. Then the client has to wait to here from the carrier in order to pay. If they call them after the 72 hours that it takes to get application there is a 9 out of 10 chance that they can not fine that person. These are glitches that will be fixed in the near future and the ACA is here to stay.

  14. Shiva it is the insurance company that creates the network and excludes doctors or tells them that they will cut their reimbursement rate for services if they take ACA plans. I am soooo proud of the doctors and hospitals that did not let this deter them and accepted these plans.

  15. Yes, the insurance company creates the network.

    And the providers (Covenant Health in this case)can refuse to accept that network. Its odd that some doctors take it and some done. Zero doctors at Covenant Health accept the network, doctors not in covenant health do.

  16. Right on! The conservatives are a like chiggers. They are irritating but they don’t keep you from going hunting and fishing. An ignorant man is to be pitied. He has lost but he doesn’t know it. A fool is not to be pitied. He knows he has lost but pretends he hasn’t.

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