Bryan Fischer Explains Why God Did Not Smite Bill Maher for Calling Him Out on Friday

Angry GodOn Friday, Bill Maher, addressing Talibangelical displeasure over the film Noah, took the opportunity to denounce the God of the Old Testament as a psychotic mass murderer.

On Saturday, that God did not strike down Bill Maher, nor did he smite him on Sunday, when, presumably, God might have been resting with the rest of his flock. But on Monday, when Maher was still among us, Bryan Fischer was forced to do some very painful thinking.

Since it was inconceivable that God would not strike Maher down for the public denunciation, cognitive dissonance came to the rescue and told Fischer that God must have spared Maher to give him a chance to repent. You know, like he did with Lot’s wife.

Oh wait…

Well anyway, Fischer had this all figured out:

So Bill Maher has been created by God. God created Bill Maher. God gave Bill Maher freedom of choice. Bill Maher is a free moral agent. And so the decisions Bill Maher is making right now, to blaspheme God, to ridicule God, to mock God, he only has the ability to do that because God has given him that gift. The gift of free will. The gift of judgment, the gift of discernment, the gift of this enormously precious gift of being able to make decisions of our own lives.

This is factually incorrect. The only reason Bill Maher was not tortured and then burned at the stake by the end of business Friday by people like Fischer, was because of the secular United States Constitution. That right of free speech was granted to Bill Maher by the First Amendment of the Constitution, not by God, but by men, for free speech is nowhere granted by the Law of Moses.

In fact, God denies to men and women the right of free speech in his Third Commandment, saying:

“You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain.”

Paul of Tarsus repeats this injunction in his letter to the Galatians, writing that God will not be mocked without consequence, the whole “reap what you sow” thing we hear about so often. Once again, Bryan Fischer seems to possess a special copy of the Bible.

Look, it’s not really free will when somebody is holding a sword over your soul, is it? As Himma (2006) has pointed out, giving a robber money as the alternative to being shot does not imply consent to give the robber money. By the same token, being offered hellfire as the consequence of exercising free will is not really granting free will.

If you want to know what biblical free will gets you, ask Adam and Eve.

At this point, Fischer is forced to rationalize Maher’s continued existence:

So Bill Maher now is using this for profane and blasphemous purposes and the only reason that Bill Maher after a tirade like that, there is absolutely only one reason why Bill Maher draws even another single breath and that is because God is merciful, God is compassionate, he is abounding and steadfast love and loving kindness.

Oh…THAT explains the whole flood thing. God was being merciful and compassionate. So Bill Maher uses the Bible to show God is a psychotic mass murderer and in defense of God, Bryan Fischer uses the Bible to show that all that psychotic mass murder is really just tough love, a manifestation of boundless mercy and compassion.

I wonder if that was Lot’s wife’s last thought as she turned into salt. I wonder if that was the last thought of Israel’s pagans as they were killed and tortured for believing in the wrong God, or the last thought of all those people, men, women, and children, in those cities that merciful and compassionate God ordered destroyed, the last thought of all the women God ordered raped and enslaved, all the babies whose heads he ordered be bashed in while their mothers were being raped and enslaved.

Free will? It wasn’t as if Solomon’s hundreds of concubines filled out applications for the position, Mr. Fischer. But maybe sexual servitude is a sign of mercy and compassion as well.

I don’t know…I’m really not getting this whole mercy and compassion vibe.

That is the only reason Bill Maher gets to draw another breath after saying those kinds of things to the potter. Why does God allow Bill Maher to go on these blasphemous rants? Because he is waiting for Bill Maher to come to this place of repentance. And he is continuing to extend to him his grace and his patience and his mercy. Now eventually, the clock is going to run out for Bill Maher and maybe when he reaches the end of his life and he doesn’t turn before the – before he reaches the end of his life that he’s gonna have to face God with those words and he will be judged on those words, because Jesus said, we will be judged by every careless word that comes out of our mouth, and Bill Maher might have thought he was being hip and kinda trendy kinda cool and all that, but he’s gonna be judged for those careless words. God hopes it doesn’t come to that. I mean, God, by all rights, could take him right now and Bill Maher would have to face judgment by the end of the day. Why doesn’t God do that? Because he is patient with Bill Maher. He doesn’t wanna have to do that. He wants to give Bill Maher the time to come to his senses and to come to a place of repentance.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it, if God can be so patient with one guy why he is destroying entire cities full of innocent people for the sins of the few, killing birds, setting fires, causing earthquakes, sending hurricanes and unleashing volcanoes. Maybe the big guy is a little bipolar?

I wish Fischer had been blessed with some self awareness, and that he could hear himself talk. He says God gives us the freedom to make decisions about our own lives but then, like his God, denounces all those who make what he perceives to be the “wrong” decisions. If God is so full of love, why is Bryan Fisher so full of hate?

There is a reason the word heresy is taken from the Greek word for “choice.” And the one thing Bryan Fischer and his friends on the Religious Right absolutely do not want you to have, is choice. And that includes, especially, Bill Maher, who just got away with speaking truth to power.

Not thanks to God, But thanks to the First Amendment.


Himma, K.E. (2006). Legal, social and ethical issues of the Internet. In H. Bidgoli (Ed.), Handbook of information security, volume 2. New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons.

50 Replies to “Bryan Fischer Explains Why God Did Not Smite Bill Maher for Calling Him Out on Friday”

  1. I think the question is how. How? is this god supposed to kill Maher? something biological, such as a heart attack? cancer, or maybe just old age?

    or.. will he use the weather? have him freeze? blow down a tree on his head? or maybe god will inspire others to take direct action and murder him.

    Fischer should first explain how god was planning on killing Maher before claiming he just decided do it.

  2. What Maher failed to mention is that the deity of the Torah and Christian O.T. was the greatest abortionist of all time in that he slaughtered all of the innocent, unborn babies in their mothers’ wombs right along with everyone else. This has been explained to me by deep believers to be a result of the deity’s possession of complete and perfect “future knowledge”. He knew all of the pre-born children were going to grow up to be wicked people deserving of the wrathful vengeance of a loving god. (eye-roll)

    While I’m at it, consider that by their own account, this deity is most likely gay as well (nttawwt). He creates a universe full of billions of galaxies & mega-trillions of stars, sets up this wonderful planet & populates it with male and female animals of all types, then creates a special garden and populates it with his boy-toy….who is unhappy enough with the male only situation to cause the deity to relent and give him a wo-man as well. just sayin’……

  3. I find it hard to believe there is even an audience for this idiot. He keeps worrying about ACA causing massive debt. How about the churches televangelists and all the other religious organizations start paying some taxes? Hope I dont get struck by lightning today.

  4. The bible was written by those who would use its fiction to subjugate and oppress…love, compassion, mercy, not so much.

  5. Bryan Fischer is another on like Fred Phelps is obsessed with what gay men do in the privacy of their own homes, his twitter is littered with daily rants about gay men.

    So much so that people regularly answer “just come out already” before getting outed like Ted Haggart and Larry Craig.

    It’s guys like this is the reason why I am a non-theist,
    A crazy acquaintance started out with a sci-fi story that began:

    “God was disgusted at the state of the world and burned but, but in his infinite mercy spared two women” his infinite mercy?” Sounds very finite to me. It’s like living with somebody who abuses you 23 hours a day and you are grateful for that one hour he doesn’t beat the crap out of you.

    But of course the dork writing this story didn’t get it and neither does Bryan Fischer. Christianity is the perfect while male religion because there are all sorts of justifications for violently oppressing other people.

    It’s perfectly suited for psychos,

  6. bryan fischer is a byproduct of ronnie reagan’s insane idea to recruit religious churches that have NOTHING to do with christianity. The GOP makes the taliban look like girl scouts, fischer like most of the religious right are blasphemers themselves! their not out here because they believe in the teachings of Christ, their doing all of this for their TRUE god! his name is M O N E Y

  7. ” Leon Festinger and his collaborators examined conditions under which disconfirmation of beliefs leads to increased conviction in such beliefs in the 1956 book “When Prophecy Fails”. The group studied a small apocalyptic cult led by Dorothy Martin. Martin claimed to have received messages from “the Guardians,” a group of superior beings from another planet. The messages purportedly said that a flood would destroy the world on December 21. Three psychologists and several more assistants joined the group. The team observed the group firsthand for months before and after the predicted apocalypse. Many of the group members quit their jobs and disposed of their possessions in preparation for the apocalypse. When doomsday came and went, Martin claimed that the world had been spared because of the “force of Good and light”[51] that the group members had spread throughout the world…” Wikipedia

    Fisher is NOT original; this is how cultist “play”.
    He and his minions are about to super nova…

  8. Don´t blame God for all the pain and suffering in the world . He does not work that way . He´s a loving Father who is giving people all over the world a chance to repent . He loves and forgives . Those that do not repent will find out later what happens . Don´t be in that line .

  9. You wrote a small novel here, and all you had to say was God does not punish people. That is your opinion and I respect that. My opinion is that the world has it destiny it is a living thing, and the earth is Gods and he created every living thing on it and as the man and the women he created Jesus Christ and he die on the cross for all of us for our sins, and it is written each one of us will have our judgement day one by one not man and wife together each one of us alone. What happens to us now is our fate in this old word and not God punishing us because he doesn’t that day will be on judgment day when we will pay for our works, and if you believe, and I do we all know the wages of sin but know one knows what God is gone to do with each one of us when we receive our judgment. Our ways are not Gods ways his ways are higher than the clouds and his thoughts are not our thoughts, we have know idea and it is written.

  10. The fact that this guy DOES have an audience, that there are people out there who not only listen to his tripe but actually believe it, is the really scary and sad part. Makes one wonder how these types of people have time in their day to accomplish anything other than considering other people’s sexual activities, which are none of their damn business to begin with. Fischer will end up like Phelps, eventually rejected by his own organization, a mere pathetic, bigoted hypocrite.

  11. “To argue with a man who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”
    – Thomas Paine, The American Crisis No. V (1776)

  12. Willie,Willie, Willie..Sigh!..The reason why this God person did not smite Bill or ANYONE for that matter is that he simply DOES NOT EXIST!!!Join the rest of us sane earthlings and denounce this Santa Claus for adults, you will find that things are much simpler and life easier to live and deal with.

  13. Oh and Willie…I call that fantasy out every day to challenge me and I’m still here bringing reality to idiots like you who are still a slave to your own weak minds and immature actions.

  14. It’s absolutely amazing to me that you’re so blind, you don’t see the contradiction in your own sentence. What will this loving, non violent god of yours do if we don’t repent? Give us a stern finger wag?

  15. Free will is the greatest excuse a religion could come up with.

    Except we have Fischer who in the past has spoken of how his god punishes people for their actions and decisions(for use of their free will), but now Maher is saved by the cause of free will.

    Wait a sec, the room is spinning.

    Its so convenient to use death as an explanation of gods wrath, or the lack of death on gods love. That universe creating old testament killer must be busy as heck circumventing his own free will clause

    Not even Hinduism could come up with that one.

  16. Had to weigh in on the free will. If man truly has free will then tell your god you choose not to go to hell on judgement day.

  17. Here we go again, so anyone who has a faith in a higher being is “insane”?? when are you going to get it through your head? your entitled to believe or not but why all the juvenile rants called believers foul names, you do realize your insulting MANY liberals who believe also, RIGHT? did something happen in your childhood to make you this bitter and angry? give it a rest buddy.

  18. So we shouldn’t blame God for the great flood that wiped out everything except his chosen few? Who should we blame? How is the great flood a sign of God’s love and mercy?

    Those above are the points that were being made. But you completely overlooked those points.

  19. I’m one of those who believe that everyone that believes in a god, any god, such as the god of the Old Testament is insane. Why do I believe you are insane, because you reflect the definition of insanity.

  20. So clearly Breitbart was a lost cause. And also too, it now makes so much more sense why goadd allows charlatans, grifters and hate mongers like Fischer and Pat Robertson to live so damn long.

  21. God didn’t take Bill Maher because (s)he was too busy sealing the Pearly Gates against Fred Phelps’ arrival.

  22. All I can say is this- Grow up!!! There’s ‘Real’, there’s ‘natural’, and there’s supernatural, of which we have no proof. Aesop’s fables, sounded good at the time, but are of no use in the real world…
    At least he was a real human being…

  23. This is what I need to know. If anyone can go to heaven no matter what they’ve done in life so long as they take Christ as their savior and mean it in their hearts they go to heaven. So what’s the incentive to be good now. My prime example, Hitler. If he did that he’s in heaven now. But if I’m a great guy, helps others,takes care of animals & children, lives a clean life and respects my elders I don’t get to go to heaven unless I did also. Now how is that fair. Then I get,” Don’t worry. He’ll answer when he stands before god,” Big damn deal!! HE’S STILL IN HEAVEN ISN’T HE.It was ok to let it rain for 40 days and save some animals & selected humans.It was also ok to destroy 2 cities cause most of the population was evil. But that is a loving and caring god, right?? And out of all the millions of galaxies out there Earth is the only one with humans. Right. And if that is the case, I’d rather be with my friends in hell than all you in heaven. To many idiots up there for me.

  24. Personally, I’ll be in the line to go to the halls of my fathers. You get in whatever line you like, but if I’m wrong, as Radbod the Frisian told the missionaries, “I’d rather go to hell with my ancestors than to heaven with a parcel of beggars”

  25. Repent for what? Falling for the trick-fu*k with the apple? God is sooooo pissed, only HE can make himself feel better. So he comes down to earth and ‘dies’ to lay another guilt trip. Extortion, human sacrifice and war follow. Humans’ only hope is that things get better when they die. Dying is the great payoff lottery win.

    No thanks.

  26. @tommy, maybe you should stick to talking politics rather than religion, because the new testament was designed to replace many outdated principles of the old testament. Secondly attitudes like yours is exactly why SOME spiritual people don’t flock to the liberal camp, why can’t we agree to disagree without the juvenile name calling? and using your method of insanity that means MLK- Mother Teresa- George Washington Carver- Georges Lemaitre – Johannes Kepler – Albert Einstein- many of the civil rights leaders from the 60’s so all these people were INSANE? interesting.

  27. I love the heathen quote that floats around in a circle of friends:

    Asatru is a religion for wolves, not for sheep.

  28. Unfortunately, most of y’all don’t appear to be using the New Testament that way, you treat it like an ala-carte menu. Too many “Christians” picking and choosing the bits that reflect their personal psychoses and biases rather than understanding how very, very high Jesus set the bar.

    I like Thomas Jefferson’s approach: chop out all the crap, leave the philosophies of Jesus, and what’s left actually ain’t half bad…

  29. Ah, to be a fly on the wall when Fischer faces his day of judgement. At least he will have lots of other faux xtians to keep him company.

  30. Someone needs to explain to me how this person knows the thoughts of God. He speaks as if he knows God personally. He may since God lives inside us all. Bill Maher is not speaking against the REAL God, he was telling us about the hypocrisy of the Christian right using the stories in the old testament as how to live your lives instead of living according to how Jesus told us to live. Get with it and shut these charlatans down.

  31. As always, when stymied by their lack of facts and rational reasoning, the religious reich falls back on threats from their “god”.

    The reason Bill Maher was not destroyed is that there is no god. Just a delusion supported by the gullible and the liars that prey upon them.

  32. I can explain it. It’s because, like all religious people, he was making it up. There is not a single bit of evidence anywhere in the universe that supports the notion of any god.

    Only gullible fools, liars, and hypocrites say differently.

  33. One correction to the article: the constitution does not grant us the right to free speech. It secures to us our right, which is unalienable.

  34. The right of free speech is not an unalienable right. The bill of rights is not a list of unalienable rights. The unalienable rights are far loftier then that, the right to life, liberty and to pursue happiness etc as outlined in the declaration. The right to bear arms is not an unalienable right for example. Nor is the right of free speech

  35. What a coincidence! What Fischer said is the exact same reason why I never smote HIS silly ass, only different.

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