Chris Christie Has Police Remove Protesters Who Question His Use of Sandy Relief Fund


Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) demonstrated his willingness to abuse his power today by having police remove protesters from a town hall who questioned his handling of Sandy relief funds.


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The group rose up in unison after Christie finished answering a question about why parents who send their children to Catholic schools have to pay taxes to support public schools and started shouting at the governor, blasting him for his handling of Hurricane Sandy relief aid.

One of the protestors called out a chant and the rest echoed it, line by line.

“Governor Christie, we are here to demand, you stop your corrupt uses, of Hurricane Sandy money,” they said. “There are still families without homes who have received no aid.”

Christie responded by having police remove the nearly two dozen Rutgers University students, and others who were chanting. Christie then blamed the protest on public sector unions, “Congratulations, everybody. You are now seeing the latest gift given to you by the public sector unions in the state of New Jersey. This is what they do.”

President Obama gets heckled, and he doesn’t resort to using the police to throw out those who question him.

A real leader isn’t afraid to answer questions. A real leader doesn’t have to use the police to silence voices that challenge him, but hiding behind the police is the new normal for Republicans. Mitch McConnell called the police on a reporter whom he feared would ask a question yesterday.

There seems to be an endless supply of scandals surrounding Chris Christie, but the most troublesome one is his handling of Sandy relief funds. Christie was a jerk for closing down bridge lanes, but if the governor abused his responsibilities with Sandy relief funds, he may have harmed his own citizens.

Gov. Christie isn’t fooling anyone with his attempts to avoid answering questions about his handling of the Sandy relief money by blaming unions.

Chris Christie can’t hide forever, and he can’t call the cops on every single citizen who demands that he be held accountable. New Jersey residents need to hound the governor every single day until he is held accountable for his corrupt handling of Sandy relief funds.

21 Replies to “Chris Christie Has Police Remove Protesters Who Question His Use of Sandy Relief Fund”

  1. Christie has destroyed any ambition he had for 2016. Now he’s working on annihilating what’s left of his reputation. What a thug.

  2. I would love to see ‘ Fat Boy’ in jail for misusing Federal Relief Funds after Hurricane Sandy.

  3. Seems like every repub politcian they have is under investigation for something. I guess that it the new strategy by the repubs just have the police silence anything they dont want to hear or answer. Christie is supposed to be such a tough guy. What a woose.

  4. They had their own question…But in typical Christie fashion he only answers the questions he wants to answer.

    I’m so glad his Presidential ambitions died on the vine.

  5. And they call Huey Long a crook… Huey had nothing on these guys, he was only overtaking one state – these guys are worthy of a RICO prosecution.

  6. At the same time, the people need to act like humans and ask the question in a manner that wont get them kicked out. If he wont answer the questions then you resort to acting like college kids.

  7. In all fairness, though, we don’t know how many times he dodged the question at this meeting, or if he refused to hear it at all, or what events that night led up to the protest.

  8. Christi can make things easy for himself by just answer the questions. What happen to the sandy funds? Why haven’t people been able to move back in their homes. Just answer the questions Gov. Christi.

  9. And he had the gastric bypass all for nothing, he was in his mind going to be such a slim and handsome president.

  10. How ANY republican can honestly say their proud of the GOP is beyond me!! republicans are always screaming and yelling about FREE SPEECH and the constitution, followed up by french kiss the founding fathers tribute, give me a BREAK!! what FAT BA$TARD and many other GOP politicians have done by refusing to answer questions or simply endure a uncomfortably jab by calling in the DAMN police sounds like something the founding fathers would have found completely appalling!! I wish the GOP would just DIE ALREADY!!!!!!!!

  11. BTW , could you imagine if Obama called in the police every time a heckler put on a “WE ARE ANGRY REPUBLICAN WHITE GUY” performance?? FUX NEWS- LIMBAUGH- BECK- PALIN- even ronnie reagan from the grave would be CRYING and WHINING how Obama is a commie, nazi, muslim, SATANIC dictator !! GOP, just go AWAY!!! roll over, cough and DIE!!!

  12. I agree, maybe someone should have told that to joe wilson that before he made a damn fool out of himself.

  13. Except that President Obama already has been called every one of those names & worse, even before his first inauguration. If he did all the things that they do on a regular basis, Gawd knows what would happen. Maybe then they’d love him. He’d be them.

  14. Christi only cares about his family and cronies…

    F**K everybody else and the Bridge they rode in on.

  15. This man is NOTHING but a Repug Thug !

    So he showed some courtesy to the President doesn’t mean he gave up the GOP stance that Thuggery makes Corporations happy, and a happy Corporation means a full Donations Chest from the Corporate Thug kings !!

    The GOP Thug Stance is their ONLY stance!

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