Wooing the Ladies: Mitch McConnell Fundraiser Thinks Wives Are Obligated to Have Sex

mitch mcconnell

Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has some pallin’-around-with-a-misogynistic-dinosaur problems, according to a report from Alexandra Jaffe at The Hill.

Jaffe writes that the Republican Senator will be having a Wednesday fundraiser co-hosted by a conservative talk radio host who tells women to have sex with their husbands no matter their mood. Naturally this same man thinks feminism has destroyed women, and he has warned them that they only have a few good years to snag The Most Important Thing Eva, a Man. He has written things like this, “most women are not programmed to prefer a great career to a great man.”

This is exactly what Mitch McConnell needed to do in order to prove that the War on Women is imaginary, eh? GOOD GOING TEAM MITCH. (I gotta ask, is the McConnell campaign deliberately trying to sabotage the Republican Senator?)

The invite for the March 19 event in California lists conservative talk radio host Dennis Prager as a co-host of the $15,200/$30,400 luncheon/fundraiser, via Political Party Time:

Luncheon Fundraiser for McConnell Victory Kentucky

Jaffe directs the reader to a few of Prager’s op-eds for conservative publications like TownHall.com and National Review. In the National Review, he argued against sexual “hookups” (psst, Team Mitch, this is probably not a winning strategy for a candidate — see Cuccinelli and his desire to ban oral sex), fearing as he does that a “promiscuous” woman gives herself depression and destroys marital sex once she lands that All Important Man.

While arguing why careers shouldn’t matter to women, the Precious Mind of Prager tells us that women are like fish, “But most women are not programmed to prefer a great career to a great man and a family. They feel they were sold a bill of goods at college and by the media. And they were. It turns out that most women without a man do worse in life than fish without bicycles.”

That there is a butchered analogy. The original quote was from Gloria Steinem, who said, “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.” It means women do not need men, just like fish do not need a bicycle. Naturally this idea destroys Prager’s only in, so he can’t believe it’s true.

In McConnell/Prager world, women are programmed to be dependent on a man, to whom they get to owe sex. Every girl’s dream.

Yes, Prager made that argument in a TownHall article entitled “When a Woman Isn’t In The Mood, Part II”, as Jaffe pointed out. Prager tells us that women ought to have sex with their husbands even when they aren’t in the mood, though he kindly gives a pass for illness. But ladies, do not “deny” your husband sex because of your mood. Prager compares women saying no to a man not going to work because of his mood. I am sure he didn’t intend to made sex equal to work in this scenario. Or maybe he did.

He writes, “Why would a loving, wise woman allow mood to determine whether or not she will give her husband one of the most important expressions of love she can show him? What else in life, of such significance, do we allow to be governed by mood?”

It’s always concerning to hear a man like Prager obsess over why he believes that women should have no right to turn him down for sex. I want to gently remind Prager about the free market, and how a man who is being rejected a lot might want to work on his product instead of trying to guilt a woman into having no freedom.

But one gets the sense that Prager can’t function well in the free market of sexual attraction.

At any rate, this clearly fearful, controlling person is co-hosting a fundraiser for the Senate Minority Leader. Team McConnell is foolishly not worried, and tried to hang their hat on McConnell’s record for caring about women.

I’m not sure if they meant his voting no on the Violence Against Women Act — calling it a “distraction”, or his vote against Equal Pay — calling it a “special interest vote”, or his votes against raising the minimum wage when over 250,000 Kentucky women would benefit from an increase in the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. Maybe he was referring to his colleague, Senator Ted Cruz, leading the entire Republican Party in shutting down the government, which resulted in the closure of rape centers around the country due to lack of funding and obstructed rape investigations.

Which one of these votes is “standing for Kentucky women?”

Maybe when Mitch McConnell says he’s standing for Kentucky women, we need to take it in context with the company he keeps. I shudder to imagine what this means. One thing is certain, though. We can understand why the Republican feels the need to call the police on reporters who might ask a question.

23 Replies to “Wooing the Ladies: Mitch McConnell Fundraiser Thinks Wives Are Obligated to Have Sex”

  1. Of course he would say this! I bet he is always in the mood to do his fair share of house work & that honey-do-list! Just sayin’

  2. Now I know rethugs really are Neanderthals. Comments like these confirm it. Disgusting, and very offensive. Makes me want to vomit. If any Women votes rethug, she deserves to be nothing but a way for the rethug in her life to use her, with no regard for her as a person.

  3. Gee the troglodytes haven’t learned a damn thing. Sometimes a swift kick in the ass can do wonders for their mansplaining asses.

  4. I guess according to the repubs then rape is ok if you are married. Hope those goofies and their sick friends keep talking all the way to election day.

  5. If any of these brainless neanderthals win any elections, then we will have definitely slide back down the evaluationery ladder.

  6. The jury is still out on this in many states, and most juries wouldn’t convict anyway. All it takes is one Christianist to ignore the judge’s instructions to cause a mistrial, and what woman in her right mind would go through that more than once after justice had already been stolen from her?

  7. Why would any man enjoy forced sex with a woman who was not “in the mood?’ Wouldn’t a warm, lubricated blow up doll be just as appealing? Real men care about the woman’s pleasure more than their own.

  8. Why is that nearly every single day a prominant dumba$$ Repub says or does something completely idiotic and contentious that is bound to offend an entire group of people (women, minorities, the poor) and the mainstream media rarely calls them out on it? They are allowed to say the most stupid, outrageous things and are given a free pass, except by the more liberal websites. Many people rarely hear about the Republican foot-in-mouth disease. I think many of the more moderate voters would be surprised by what these a$$holes are saying, but they just don’t hear about it.

  9. Mitch McConnell, this is all OLD SCHOOL (Catholic) thinking. We’re in the 21st century, not the Middle Ages!

  10. lol Show me a guy that says it’s the duty of a woman to never turn down a man and I’ll show you a selfish man that is destined to disappoint. It’s a circle.

  11. further comments on yesterday: When a man insists on sex, even when his partner does not feel like it, and demands it, THAT IS NOT SEX, it’s Servitude! Slavery! Something white Masters did to their owned people. People they did not even consider human.
    So I wonder, McConnel’s wife is Asian, I believe, does he consider her human or is she a slave to her owner?
    What a creep!!

  12. He’s referring to the contractual legal agreement his wife signed stating that she has to have sexual relations…..(just got a horribly bad visual)….. with him, or face a 10,000 dollar fine or five years in prison, (or both) for breaking the contract.

  13. The men have a greatadvantage , it’s called jerk off! If that were my husband, I would coat my vagina with alum,,,a rough ride for the f—–s!

  14. The stupidity of these misogynistic Neanderthals is absolutely sickening. Not even seeing fellow Republicans defeated for uttering such idiocy as “legitimate rape” seems to penetrate their thick skulls. It’s obvious that they don’t think of wives as equal partners with feelings of their own, but as subservient helpmates to their husbands. They claim to be operating outreach, but all they are doing is doubling down on the rank stupidity that keeps costing them votes from women and constituents from other groups. After all this, any woman who votes for them needs her head examined.

  15. I agree. I have been single all my life and have done well for myself without having a man. I have had many boyfriends and dates in my life, but have never met a man who would treat me as good as I treat myself. I am not a college graduate, but worked hard to get everything I have. I have not had to rely on a man who has a lot of money to accomplish what I have. I can say I did it all by myself and paid for everything I have and didn’t have to earn it by having a rich old geezer sugar daddy to get it. I guess Returd thinks he is God’s gift to women. Has he looked in a mirror lately–Old Snaglepuss probably has to use a penis pump to get it up?

  16. So none of you think there are ANY obligations in marriage? None? That’s fine. If sex isn’t an obligation in marriage, then nothing is. As long as you’re consistent, that’s cool. Your spouse can do or not do anything they want and so can you. Expect nothing from each other. He doesn’t have to talk to you and you don’t have to talk to him. Neither of you even have to be nice to each other.

    I have always held that marriage DID come with a set of obligations (sex being one of them) How nice to know I don’t owe my wife anything. I don’t even owe her consideration, or kindness or respect. I don’t owe her anything at all.


  17. Marriage comes with only the obligation to love each other. Sex is never an obligation. To think it is, is hilarious. Listen to the marriage vows, thats the obligations

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