Obama’s Gigantic Victory Transforms America as Experts Agree ACA Enrollment is Big Enough


President Obama has managed to deliver a massive political victory, as health insurance experts agree that ACA enrollment is large enough for the program to go forward.

Forbes has the details:

Health benefits consultants agree with President Obama’s assessment this week that enough Americans have signed up to private health plans under the Affordable Care Act that it will work even though there could be up to two million fewer Americans covered than the White House had hoped.

“We would agree with the president, but it’s really on a state-by-state basis,” said Bryce Williams, managing director of benefits consultancy Towers Watson’s exchange solutions segment. “We don’t even look at the national enrollments. You don’t need to get to 6 to 7 million nationally.”

So far, however, health insurance companies have said the enrollment is trending younger and there have been few surprises that would require them to pull out of the program.

“Six or seven million people doesn’t sound like much in a population of 300 million, but when you consider that the majority of Americans gets their health insurance through employers, and another large chunk is covered by government programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare, you’re left with 12 million covered in the Individual market and about 48 million uninsured pre-ACA,” said Helen Leis, partner in the health and life sciences practice group at Oliver Wyman, “Six or seven million of that is good uptake after less than six months. We expect to see about 22 million lives on the public exchanges by 2018.”

After it became obvious that they were not going to be able to repeal the ACA, Republicans, and their right wing billionaires put all of their chips on preventing people from signing up.

The anti-Obamacare forces spent months deploying every tactic that they could think of in an attempt to dissuade the uninsured, especially younger people, from signing up.

From Sen. Ted Cruz’s faux filibuster to the Koch brothers creepy big headed Uncle Sam, to fake Obamacare victims, and Speaker Boehner’s phony sign up problems, their efforts have completely failed.

It is estimated that 2.6 million people have gotten covered under the ACA’s Medicaid expansion. The CBO originally estimated that 7 million people could be covered under the Medicaid expansion by the end of this year. That number looks very likely to happen.

At the low end of the scale, Obamacare could end up providing 33 million of the nation’s 48 million uninsured with access to healthcare. The ACA will likely end up covering 70%-80% of the nation’s uninsured over the next few years.

Republicans will try to spin the program’s failure to meet their subjective goal of 7 million sign ups as a public rejection of the Affordable Care Act, but it is clear, without the website issues during the launch of the program, the Obama administration would have likely surpassed their sign up goals.

Politically, the Republican Party has painted itself into a corner. The repeal or bust rhetoric that are hanging their next two political campaigns on is nothing more than a campaign to take away access to healthcare for 30 million people. This will play well in Republican controlled states that have already rejected the ACA, but it will be a disaster in the rest of the country.

President Obama has delivered what Democrats have dreamed of decades, and he is bringing this country closer to universal coverage than at any time in its history.

This is a presidential legacy defining moment, and some real change that people can believe in. It has been a long hard battle, but the president and his supporters are the verge of a victory that they have spent years fighting for.

18 Replies to “Obama’s Gigantic Victory Transforms America as Experts Agree ACA Enrollment is Big Enough”

  1. O they’re spin this into their favor and the media will be there to cheering them on (C. Todd, D. Gregory, E. Klein, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC). Or they going to ignore it or down play it..

  2. “At the low end of the scale, Obamacare could end up providing 33 million of the nation’s 48 million uninsured with access to healthcare. The ACA will likely end up covering 70%-80% of the nation’s uninsured over the next few years.”

    And to all the naysayers on the emoprog left, suck on that!

  3. As much as President Obama has restored America’s pride and honor already, this is clearly a defining moment in American progress that will be remembered for many decades to come right next to the abolition of slavery and the passage of the Civil Rights Act almost exactly 50 years ago.

    Thank you, President Obama. Thanks to you, we are once again proud to be Americans.

  4. Congratulations to our President! His vision is coming to fruition. I hope every elected Democrat out there STANDS WITH our President on the ACA and does not hide from it. Please support it, it is a good thing.

  5. They won in Tennessee. BCBS created a network(E) that they knew hardly anyone in east Tn would accept as insurance. In fact when before I signed up I looked at the insurer options. After I signed up there was only BCBS and a sign in all our local providers windows, “We do not accept BCBS network E”.

    So Tenn has everything down pat. Keep paying BCBS and keep looking for someone where you can use your insurance

    ACLU Tn is ignoring this

    But I am happy ACA is getting this many people. Sooner or later maybe pressure will change things

  6. Let the Teapublican thugs try and repeal the law now and take away insurance from everyone who signed up. I guarantee that if by some act of unbelievable luck that they do, it’ll be the final nail in their coffin, because the American people won’t stand for it.

  7. It sucks to be them. They’re going to have to manufacture some sort of new crisis before the next elections because “ACA is killing people” didn’t work out so well for them.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if they could run on “This is what is WORKING in America, and here is how we are going to make it even BETTER”. R’s want to drag us all down with their fear. Who needs to tread water when you can just trod on the bodies of the dead?

  8. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada.
    Our Governor, Brian Sandoval, was the 1st
    Republican leader to embrace the Medicaid
    Although I did not vote for him, I respect
    him for doing the right thing for Nevadans.
    I just cannot believe that ANY Governor would
    refuse to help the people of their state.
    Their ‘Sink the ship to drown the Captain’
    strategy is hurting people and they couldn’t
    care less.
    That’s egregious!

  9. I so agree with you Rhonda! Immensely! These states are being denied Medicaid Expansion which could favorably help millions of people. Now, my problem is, these are predominantly red states with the highest poverty rates in the country; well, how the heck could anyone of these families or people in poverty vote for Republicans. Of course we know racism has a big part by why bite your nose to spite your face! “I’m going to live this way and I don’t care who doesn’t like it.. and we all should live this way”.. is what I think they say to themselves. God bless their little minds.

  10. President Obama endured so much for this important piece of legislature to become law in 2010. He really is an inspiration. I can’t wait for universal healthcare in the us.

  11. Don’t people in Republican controlled states need health insurance? Will they not sign because of their hatred for the president?

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