Senator John McCain Still Can’t Accept the Country’s Rejection of Him



My colleague and Senior Editor, Justin Baragona, did a marvelous job identifying and assessing Arizona Senator John McCain’s hypocritical, warmongering bologna on MSNBC earlier this week in the aftermath of the laughably suspect Crimean referendum. However, I’d like to take a step slightly farther back in time if we could. I’d like to travel back to last weekend when the ersatz maverick sullied my favorite morning read, the Opinion page of the New York Times.

Though the piece was actually published on Friday, March 14th, it wasn’t until Saturday that I scrolled the headline, Obama Has Made America Look Weak, across the screen of my smartphone. Similar to what I imagine were the conscious streams of many an unprepared liberal, my first thought was: “I hope this is just an ironic hook, but something tells me I am about to read the words of Lindsay Graham or John McCain.”

There are times I hate being right and this was certainly one of those. But it was about to get much worse, with McCain opening his assault with a tried and true journalist trick of the right wing trade: the rhetorical question that actually affirms that which it proposes to query. McCain asks, “Should Russia’s invasion and looming annexation of Crimea be blamed on President Barack Obama?”

The fact that he immediately responds with “No” means absolutely nothing. As Billy Crystal’s titular character wonders aloud in 1980s romantic comedy classic, When Harry Met Sally, “Oh geeze…what are we supposed to do? Call the cops? It’s already out there.”

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to make a citizens’ arrest of Senator McCain, for a veritable truckload of irresponsible, reactionary 20th century battle rhetoric he’s vomited up on the voting public since President Obama was inaugurated. I said it last week and I’ll say it again. The lack of public support that McCain and the bulk of his partymates have shown the POTUS in one delicate, dangerous international imbroglio after another, is nothing short of treasonous. Short of the divided loyalties of the Civil War, American history has seen nothing to rival it.

Of many instances in the Op-Ed where McCain claims not to impugn President Obama’s foreign policy as the root cause of the Crimean standoff (before doing exactly that), I think this was my favorite. McCain writes, “More broadly, we must rearm ourselves morally and intellectually to prevent the darkness of Mr. Putin’s world from befalling more of humanity.” Yes, pick up the weapons of “American exceptionalism,” which worked so well for us in the aughts. And it is just me or does the Republican party’s 21st century version of national superiority sound and feel an awful lot like the international bludgeon that many on the right would like us to wield in perpetuity? Violent wish fulfillment disguised as patriotism is a special kind of hypocrisy.

Earlier in the piece, McCain not so slyly makes the following observation about the general Obama military strategy: “In Afghanistan and Iraq, military decisions have appeared driven more by a desire to withdraw than to succeed.”

Um, yes, yes they have Senator McCain. And you want to know why? I know this is a trifling consideration for your party, but disengagements from money and life wasting Middle East quagmires have been more commonly referred to in the last decade as “the will of the people.” And I won’t even try to ask you to explain where it is that President Obama is supposed to “succeed” in Afghanistan and Iraq where his predecessor couldn’t. Should he continue looking for Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction then?

I applaud the New York Times for its long-running and dedicated efforts to bring all voices to the proletariat. But as for Senator McCain, the people outside of Arizona have spoken again, and again and again. They don’t want war. They don’t want shoot first and ask questions later diplomacy. And sir, they don’t want you in charge. Please find a way to support your Commander-in-Chief. Barring that, silence is golden.

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  1. I think he is trying to hang in there till he literally dies on the Senate floor. Hoping he will be entombed in the Senate like a saint. Saint Senator McCain.

  2. He merely echoes the insanity of his party’s line on danged near everything = screaming childish blanket opposition on everything, followed by incessant lying hypocrisy taken to hyperbolic heights not seen since the 1860s. The majority of us, at least the ones with intact firing neurons, realize that the only persons or factors controlling Vladimir Putin’s actions are not controlled by Pres Obama, just as they would not have been affected or controlled by the blessedly fictional Pres McCain or an equally fictional Pres Romney.

    John McCain’s words, behavior, and actions label him far more effectively than anything anyone else could have. Put simply, his bitterness, his blatant hostility, his never-ending fury at all things Obama – he has placed his own chapped-cheek butthurt far above his own country and its citizens. That, by any measure existant, spells traitor.

  3. These old republicans are out of touch and they cannot understand that the people have spoken! No War, we are sick of losing our children for oil so the rich can get richer while we do without. They can’t sell us anything anymore!

  4. Yes!! Palin is one of the most arrogant, egotistical, ignorant, hateful, virulent human beings ever! She’s all about snarky rhetoric, dishonesty, pandering and panhandling. I can’t think of one redeeming quality this woman possesses. Not one! McCain knows this, but is too arrogant himself to ever admit he made a terrible choice when he chose this loser to be his running mate. THANKS JOHN McCAIN. No, really! Thanks!!

  5. I been saying exactly this for years now. John McCain can not accept the fact that the American people very soundly and overwhelmingly rejected him “twice”. With his outdated, out of touch, views and his warmongering mentalities. The fact of the matter is evident that John McCain lacks the knowledge, qualifications, intelligence, character, judgement, credibility, and integrity to be president. Plain and simple John McCain is a warmonger that the Defense & Oil Industries own. John McCain certainly is NO military or foreign affairs expert. He’s a pathological and compulsive liar, that tells one blatant lie after another. McCain stands for tax cuts for the super wealthy, large corporations even those who ship their jobs overseas and of course his love of wars. McCain is anti people from women, gays, elderly, veterans, all people of color, all minorities in general, sick, weak, disadvantage, poor, working poor and middle class. McCain even voted against the MLK Holiday.

  6. Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone, exposed him for exactly who he is. He is no hero, and his legacy will be Sarah Palin.

  7. I think Senator McCain,Has in all aspects lost his hold on reality, This is not Vietnam, yes he is a Vietnam vet maybe he is having delayed reactions form his time as a pow at the Hanoi Hilton, yes I commend him for surviving that but there is need fornew blood in Washington the type that works for the people and not their private lobbist funde bank accounts. He needs to retire now!

  8. WTF other than putting on military gear and leading an invasion into Crimea/Russia do the neo-cons want Pres. Obama to do? Violent talk? Blustering? Posturing? If so, they’re sh*t out of luck with this president because he has no inclination to engage in sabre rattling. He learns from history. I remember the sabre rattling that went on before these same d*cks decided it was OK to invade Iraq, and I also know the results–death, maiming, psychological trauma, displacement of Iraqi citizens, an exploding deficit, a fearful populace, a thriving weapons industry, a world made less secure, the loss of our respect among the nations and peoples of the world, etc. The American people have been there, done that. If McCain, Romney, Kristol, the Fox talking heads and others want a war, they can combine their money, hire mercenaries, equip them, buy armament and other weapons of war and have at it. No one’s stopping them. If they feel so strongly about intervening militarily, let them.

  9. They want to constantly send our children , Sons and Daughters ,Dads , Moms ,Uncles and Aunts into harms way , for what ? To fill the pockets of their “Rich B_sterd Defence Contracter buddies ! Rather , this time it´s in Europe and they want to handel it their way , diplomatically first . Hey quit with the LYING and tearing down the President every chance you get . Want to improve your status ? Get Congress to pass Jobs bills and start working to repair the infrastructure of America ! That´ll create jobs andget America´schildren out of poverty by giving them a decent education and food on the table . Quit trying to ruin and privetizing our public education system for your “Rich B-sterds ” Personal gain . Quit calling the poor 45% who are children , “Bums” ! You want to bring America back
    from the brink as you @ holes like to call it ?
    Then educate our children , feed them , then get
    them a job instead of sending their jobs to China
    you Far -Right Baboon !

  10. John McCain got his commission with help from his dad, his dad wanted him to join the military, he graduated about 97th in a class of 100. McCain then went on to get a reputation of being a terrible pilot who was responsible for the destruction of a couple of aircraft that he piloted, one with the loss of life of sailors on an aircraft carrier.McCain was sent to fly over Vietnam where he crashed into a rice paddy and was rescued bu a Vietnamese farmer, he was held by the Vietnamese in a camp for the remainder of the war where he received preferential treatment for his co-operation with the enemy.He is ho war hero.
    His constant criticism of his presdent at this time would be considered treason if Obama was a republican.

  11. It was observed years ago that “the military is always fighting the last war”. So goes John McCain.

  12. The comments concerning McCain are all, correct. That is how he got the name “SONG BIRD” Torture did not ruin his arm, the plane crash did. Song Bird he was, Song Bird he still is. He is a man with out any redeeming qualities. No respect for Women , or anyone but himself. What he called his wife in public was deplorable, shameful, base and showed no respect for any women. Just filthy rotten and vile. That is my estimation of John McCain.

  13. The God Damned lying republican liar Mitt ( liar ) Romney can’t seem to realize this country rejected him either. This country does not need the GOP, this country does not want the GOP, this country finds the GOP not relevant, we reject you GOP.

  14. McClown is an angry, bitter old man who refuses to accept the fact that a number of factors contributed to his 2008 defeat. Of course, having an arrogant, ignorant airhead like Simple Sarah for a running mate was one of them. The others specifically had to do with his own shortcomings. He exposed himself as an out-of-touch-with-reality saber rattler, and he shed any honor or dignity he ever possessed by pandering to the basest prejudices and worst fears of the GOP base. He ran a horrible campaign, with his ineptitude exceeded only by that of Willard Romney 4 years later. He is still seething with hate and anger at having lost to “that one” as he referred to now-President Obama during one of their debates.

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