Ted Nugent Loving Republican Tom Tancredo Getting Crushed in Colorado Governor’s Race



Immigrant hating, gun loving, Republican ex-Congressman Tom Tancredo has enlisted the help of washed up rocker, turned raging gun nut Ted Nugent, in his bid to become Governor of Colorado. However, a new poll released by Public Policy Polling (PPP) reveals that Tancredo is slipping in the GOP primary field. More importantly, the poll also finds that Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper is crushing Tancredo by a 50-36 margin.

Colorado voters apparently are not embracing Tancredo’s right-wing crusade as his numbers appear to be tanking. In December, Tancredo led the GOP field by 19 points. That lead has dwindled to a 4 point margin. The entry of Bob Beauprez into the race has given Republicans an alternative to Tancredo. However, neither Republican is well-liked. Less than a third of Colorado voters have a favorable opinion of either of the two leading GOP contenders for Governor.

By contrast, Democratic Governor Hickenlooper has a modestly positive 48/41 approval rating, putting him in a relatively strong position to win re-election. In a head to head match-up, Tancredo trails Hickenlooper by 20 points with women voters and by 22 points with Hispanic voters. Tancredo’s weakness with women and Hispanic voters underscores the GOP’s ongoing challenges with non-white and non-male voters as they attempt to cobble together a winning coalition in the face of party leaders who continue to make racist and misogynistic remarks.

Tancredo, like Texas candidate Greg Abbott, decided that campaigning with Ted Nugent would be a good way to shore up his base. However, like Abbott, the toxic embrace with the outspoken musician is a double-edged sword. Tancredo has been unable to close the gap, as he still trails Hickenlooper by double digits. Greg Abbott still leads Wendy Davis but his lead has shrunk to single digits, and more Texas voters think his support from Ted Nugent hurts him more than it helps him.  Republican candidates trying to appeal to their base in order to win GOP primaries do so at their own peril. By attracting extremists into their camps, they may indeed win the Republican primary, but at the cost of losing ground in the general election. Tom Tancredo appears to be headed straight down that path of making himself un-electable.


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  1. Even if Wendy loses, it will be relatively close. Indicating to Texans that their time is close to being over.

    As for pure little ball of hate Tancredo, his time is over. Like Pierce, his butt buddy, neither will hold office again on a state level

  2. Man I wish every repub running for anything would get Ted Nutbag to campaign with them. Just keep them talking and they will unravel like a ball of twine.

  3. Anyone that even associates with the slimebag pedophile Nugent should be regarded as damaged goods. I think there are a lot of cocky Republicans in for a very big surprise, the people in this country have had their fill of these conartists, I wouldn’t be afraid to bet that the more Koch money that is sunk into one of their campaigns is like pouring acid on an open sore.

  4. Gee, I guess the GOP rebranding is not going so well. Come on Reince, tell these guys what to do! I mean, In know it’s tough when the ACA is working, when the GOP Congress still refuses to lift a finger to help the poor and middle class, when your Governor buddies insist on stopping unions, gutting education to pay for more corporate tax breaks, and telling women the lay down and enjoy being raped, but you must have some ideas left in your bag. I mean, Benghazi and the IRS scandals worked out so well for you too. Issa is such a great guy, isn’t he? Lies and gets caught, and blames Dems. And that used to work out for you. Guess what? Voters can read. Voters can Google. Voters are sick to death of being lied to and manipulated by American Crossroads, the Kochs, and Rove. Hang on, Reince..the ride is going to get rougher for the GOP…and just in time to save the republic.

  5. Send Wendy a donation , even $10.00 to help her campaign. Get rid of the Texas women haters……I don’t live in TEX AS, but I sent a donation.

  6. The key to any Democrat victory is turnout and these Republican, TEAliban, fascist SOBs have successfully intimidated Democrat voters into not voting. Spend money on getting people, all people, to the polls and Demos will win. Altho, I really have little hope for a state that sends scum like Ted KKKruz to Congress.

  7. I donated to her campaign but I dont live in Texas either. I sent moveon.org something too since Jindal is suing them over the billboard.

  8. Third time lucky, for us not Tancredo. Maybe with his third consecutive loss he will quit running for a gubmint paycheck

  9. Thank you for sending a donation, payday is Friday, and I will be sending a donation…we need all the help we can get!!!!

  10. I just can’t imagine why the good folks of Colorado aren’t chomping at the bit to elect an anti-Hispanic pro-automatic weapon lia(R).

  11. tancredo and nugent, a marriage made in hell, the GOP is a complete FREAK show!! you got klan members like nugent, tancredo, palin, gingrich, santromun spewing their customary racist side show then you have their religious right holier than thou FREAKS trying to sell phony morals with a heaping dose of HATE! listen religious right any group that allows those creatures I named here to represent YOU! you’re got ZERO to say about morality! ZERO!! BTW if any black man would have done the things $HIT for brains nugget has done, A- he would have gotten his A$S sent to Nam!! $HIT running down his leg or not! B- and for his molestations of little girls?? oh the police would have FIXED him LONG before any judge would have seen him!!

  12. Americans are tired of the hate and lies of the hating and lying republicans. The GOP is not needed, the GOP is not wanted, the GOP is not relevant, the GOP is now rejected as the sickness of hate and lies they are.

  13. I’ll warrant that since this article has been posted that within 48-72 hrs. Ol’ crusty butt crazy Theodore Nugent will be firing blanks at we sane people and serving up another comedic dish, the air promise crammed.

  14. Lia(R)… Good one,ibwilliamsi. ‘Cause all Republicans are liars. Listen, the only way the Republicans are going get back in to power is to run Conservative candidates. The wishy-washy moderates get slaughtered every time. The dirty little secret in this country is that the majority of legal voters are conservative; they are just afraid to admit it, and they don’t go to the polls in big numbers if they are not excited about a candidate. Take gay marriage–talk to your friends and ask them if they support it. 75% will say yes. Yet, at the ballot box they vote it down more often than not. What Rebulicans need are representatives that share their true values and aren’t afraid to push the conservative agenda.

  15. Really? Do you know any Republicans? If you say no, you are ignorant. And if you wear around the bitter attitude you displayed here, your Republican friends will never tell you what they really feel. They’l just smile and nod and think you are ignorant.

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