Here Comes Wendy: Democrat Davis Surges In Texas Governor Race


Republicans in Texas are back on their heels as Democrat Wendy Davis has cut Republican Greg Abbott’s double-digit lead down to 7 points in the race for Texas governor.

A poll by the Emerson College Polling Society has confirmed that the Wendy Davis campaign is on the rise in Texas. The first poll taken after the Texas primary has found that Democrat Wendy Davis has erased Republican Greg Abbott’s double digit lead. As recently as three weeks ago, a Texas Tribune poll found Abbott leading Davis by 11 points, but Abbott currently leads Davis 49%-42%.

Two developments have put Greg Abbott on the defensive. First, his decision to campaign with Ted Nugent has hurt him with voters. Forty two percent of those polled felt that campaigning with Nugent had no impact on their support, but 39% said that it hurt Abbott, and only 13% felt that it helped the Republican candidate.

Texas pundit Harvey Kronberg recently discussed Wendy Davis’ growing momentum. Kronberg said, “We are seeing something none of us has anticipated, and that is the Abbott campaign is on the defensive. First, they had the Ted Nugent experiment which was supposed to be about the second amendment and ended up being about child predators. The second event was the Lily Ledbetter Act which is about equal pay. They want to talk about process. But the message that is breaking through now anyway is about equal pay for women. If you have a series of additional issues like that that seem to put the republicans on the wrong side of women, then all bets are off as to how this election will actually turn out.”

Republicans thought that they would have this contest in the bag by now. They attacked Davis early and often with snide comments about “abortion Barbie,” and they even tried to smear her life story. The Davis campaign has been aggressive. They pounced on the Ted Nugent story, and have hammered the Republicans for their refusal to support equal pay for women.


There is a lesson in what Wendy Davis is doing for all Democrats across the country. Davis isn’t trying to be Republican lite. She is waging a campaign on her terms. The fact that she has put the Republicans on the defensive in flagship red state of Texas is quite an accomplishment, but the Davis campaign does not appear to be content just to go down swinging.

Wendy Davis is mounting a legitimate challenge to the Republican stranglehold on the governor’s mansion, and her campaign is doing it with issues like equal pay. If Davis can successfully shrink the margin to five points or fewer, she has a chance to win.

Texas is definitely becoming more competitive, and Wendy Davis is among those leading the charge to turn Texas blue.

34 Replies to “Here Comes Wendy: Democrat Davis Surges In Texas Governor Race”

  1. I suspect many Texas Republican women are rooting for Wendy Davis.

    Just as many conservative woman will want to vote for Hillary Clinton.

  2. Not to worry, Someone in the national dimocratic party will send Slick Oily and Madam Hillary down there and Ms. Davis will end up underneath a landslide!

  3. Republicans are circling the drain. They are out of new ideas and all the old ideas are outdated and irrelevant. Trickle Down Economics nearly destroyed our economy and the global economy. The GOP are no longer the party of fiscal responsibility.
    It’s over, they are grasping for something to hang onto, the Tea Party, and the TP are like a lead weight to a drowning victim, taking them all down.

  4. I haven’t voted in an election since Ann Richards won the governorship…I’m betting on another woman and it feels good!!

  5. I like Ms. Davis and I think she would do a lot of good in Texas and I think it would really be a shot in the arm for Democrats across the country. I’d vote for her if I could.

  6. Great news for Wendy Davis for coming up from behind. Now is the time to PUSH, PUSH, PUSH, just like the filibuster. You have worked hard so far but it’s not time to let up one iota. Your campaign needs to hit the areas state wide multiple times and over and over until election. Put WENDY DAVIS IN THEIR FACE. SHOW TEXAS HOW STRONG YOU ARE FOR THEM!!!

  7. Yep. Repubs are using the same old hate everyone but white voters and it is disgusting. I say this as a white woman who would never vote repub. They offer me nothing but hate, fear and lies.

  8. I am a 60 year old native Texas female, and I am so ashamed of what this state has become. Just a bunch of hateful, redneck, bible thumping nuts. I am voting for Wendy Davis.

  9. Texas women have to keep quite to avoid the beatings. I suspect you are right. Watch what happens if Wendy gets elected. Texas women will get blamed.

  10. Keep up the great work Senator Davis I think the women’s issues alone will help you win. The republicans have voted against every bill that would benefit women. And I really like your stand on education. After all, according to Brookings Institute, Texas ranks 51, which includes DC in High School Diplomas. This just has to improve, and I know you can make it happen.

    Come on Texas women, for the sake of our Texas youth, get out and vote.

  11. Rick ooops Perry leaves his people without medical insurance AND leaves poor women across the state with no low cost well woman care AND of course, no POOR woman can get an abortion in Texas now (Remember!! Even before Roe… any woman with some $$ in her bank account on a weekend trip south could get a safe legal abortion and come home with a tan!) .. Those 33,000 will even MORE so, without access to low cost contraception, will have unwanted and unaffordable children! What the hell is Texas going to do about that!? We all have read the horror stories re: the Child Services in Texas. What is to HAPPEN to those kids!? Disgusting creepy old Texas MEN have lived with their heads up their a$$es for SO LONG, they have come to like living in the DARK, and have become ADDICTED to the stink! May every one of these anti woman and pro animal cruelty politicians ROT, from the inside out, stewing in their own evil bile, and sooner rather than later.

  12. Don’t count on Republican votes for this woman. And let’s wait for an UNBIASED polling organization to tell us the truth.

  13. Wendy Davis is a disgrace. Just this week, it has been reported that she used her office to generate work for her own law firm. She gives attorneys a bad name!

  14. 32 percent of Texas women view her favorably while 46 percent view her unfavorably. New poll just came out.

  15. Thank you for actually showing true polls. I love these little liberal polls. You have to look at real ones. The one you have is from the HUFFINGTON POST!!!! How liberal can you get?

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