As ACA Soars: Darrell Issa Launches a New Bogus Obamacare Investigation

Darrell Issa

After his Benghazi and IRS scandals flopped, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) is launching another investigation into the ACA and the security of the website.

In a letter, Issa claimed that Tony Trenkle, the former chief information officer for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), was not honest with his committee:

Based upon additional information obtained by the Committee, it appears that you were not candid and fully forthcoming with the Committee. We therefore write to ask that you make yourself available as soon as possible for another transcribed interview in order to clarify your role and actions implementing ObamaCare.

In your testimony, you stated ‘I don’t recall’ a staggering 95 times in full or partial response to Committee’s questions. Your memory consistently failed when you were asked about…the federal exchanges and the security risks you had knowledge of prior to the Oct. 1, 2013 launch.

It isn’t a coincidence that Issa is suddenly interested in the ACA just as sign ups are reaching their peak. This is another bogus attempt by Republicans to convince the uninsured not to sign up for the program. The backbone of Issa’s investigation is concerns about identity theft. However, there has not been a  documented case of identity theft related to the ACA website. identity theft is a Republican fantasy that is on par with voter fraud. Rep. Issa is working hard to derail the ACA while finding the scandal that he thinks will bring down President Obama.

Everything Darrell Issa does is for political show. His constant grandstanding and abuse of power has worn thin. His “investigations” are a twisted distortion of the concept of public duty. Issa isn’t a public servant. He is a disgrace to the House, who should be removed from office in the name of protecting the integrity of the House.

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  1. This is out of the belief that “if you keep investigating, you will eventually find something, even if it’s not related”. Since this worked for the GOP with Bill Clinton, they now figure they have 2 more years to hopefully get dirt to impeach Obama and/or against Hillary Clinton should she run in 2016.

  2. Every Republican since Bill Clinton has wet dreams about being the next Ken Star. To relentlessly investigate, spend zillions of dollars and ultimately fail to bring up the president on real charges. Ken Star brought up bogus charges of “Getting his Knob polished out of season.”

    It was all a bitter campaign to steal the presidency of Bill Clinton and the the impeachment charges were blackmail to get Bill Clinton to repeal Glass Steagall .

    The GOP so desperately want a repeat of 1998 that the lengths they’ll go are desperate and straining,

    The problem is that President Obama has a blameless private life and he’s two steps ahead of this bunch of stumble bums.

    Plus it didn’t help that the main voice for impeachment, Newt Gingrich turned out to be a serial cheater himself and wrecked his own presidential ambitions trying to destroy President Clinton.

    Beware. When you stare into the abyss the abyss stares right back at you.

  3. identity theft is a Republican fantasy that is on par with voter fraud. Rep. Issa should be removed from office in the name of protecting the integrity of the House. With as many petitions to get rid of him – you would think that someone on the HILL would do something!
    Petition: Denounce Darrell Issa
    Petition: Impeach Issa
    Petition – Make them pay or they will do it again:
    Petition: Tell Darrell Issa to Stop The Politically Motivated Witch Hunts!!!

  4. I am SO sick of this idiot. What he has done is waste millions of dollars on his witch hunts. He has to be accountable to someone. Maybe its time he gets investigated. He would look great in handcuffs.

  5. The integrity of the house no longer has meaning. The republicans have seen to it with their brain dead tea bags that the house is nothing more then a cement brick tied to Americans legs

  6. ACA Soars
    Kaiser has reported,

    that almost twice as many people (that have had some personal experience with the law) have said someone in their family has been negatively affected by the ACA, than the number of those who have said they have seen a positive affect.

    That should matter, shouldn’t it?

  7. I will keep this short and sweet. I would not give this man the time of day. He’s lost all creditbility in these wasteful scandal investigations.

  8. Cherry picking again
    When it comes to next steps on the law, a majority say it should be kept in place, including 48 percent who want Congress to work to improve it and 8 percent who say it should be kept as is. Fewer say Congress should repeal the law and replace it with a Republican-sponsored alternative (12 percent) or repeal it and not replace it (19 percent). Like opinions on the law overall, views about next steps are deeply divided by political party identification, with most Democrats preferring to keep the law in place and a majority of Republicans wanting to see it repealed. Among independents, more than half want Congress to keep the law as is or work to improve it, while a third prefer to see it repealed.

    “That should matter, shouldn’t it?”

  9. charlie, charlie, charlie…..

    shame on you. I went to the link you posted. You’re a despicable little liar, aren’t you?

    What – did you think no one would check the link???

    How come you didn’t quote the truth about the report?

    Why did you twist the one little piece that sounded negative, (but wasn’t really), and leave out all of the rest that was NOT negative? Whydja do that? Hmmm?

    Little bit of a troll, are you?

  10. The word ‘petition’ means to beg. Petitions are about as useful as carrying a cardboard sign on a street corner. If you really want to make an impression write a letter, yes snail mail. Use your own words. Especially effective if your congresscritter is a republican. Tell them you are sick of all the waste of time & taxpayer money and are going to take your vote elsewhere unless they straighten up. Then convince at least one other person to do likewise.

  11. BTW – Issa does this for the money – he fundraises millions off of every scandal he fabricates.

    Not to mention the tens of millions of OUR money that gets funneled to “pay” GOP attorneys for all his bogus “investigations”.

    Issa should have been brought up on ethics charges long ago. He gives junkyard doga a bad name.

  12. I just read that Kaiser report Charlie. Shame they didnt break it down by intelligence level. The same people that ” dont know or refuse” are the same idiots that drive around without auto insurance. They are also the ones who run to the ER because they have no doctor or insurance and dont plan on paying the bill. They are to stupid to realize it drives the costs up for everyone else.

  13. Wanna get rid of Issa? Get the GOP out of control of the House.

    EVERY House seat is up for re-election in Nov., including Issa’s.

    He may have a “safe” seat, due to gerrymandering, but if the GOP loses control of the House, Issa loses his Chairmanship.

    Now is the time to get out and get active for Nov. If we do not get Dems out to vote, we do not take back the House and Issa stays.

    It’s as simple as that.

    GOTV – get out the vote. Start now. Make sure everyone you know is registered to vote. Make sure your state has not changed it’s voter laws, Get educated. Vote early and spend Election Day getting people to the polls.

    It’s not too early to start. It’s time.

    Think of what we could accomplish for our nation if we could get the science deniers out of power.

  14. “I do not recall” why do these words sound so familiar……..oh ya the famous words of the Republican God Ronald Reagan during the Iran Contra hearings………..just saying

  15. “We therefore write to ask that you make yourself available as soon as possible for another transcribed interview in order to clarify your role and actions implementing ObamaCare.”

    Uhm, nah, I don’t think I will. I’ll be busy that day, scratching my Issa.

  16. Cherry picking again
    The poll I linked to doesn’t matter?
    Why would I care about any opinion of someone who has had no experience with the law whatsoever?
    (Kaiser also states the majority of people haven’t had any personal experience with the law…so far.) The end results and experiences of those who HAVE been affected – whether it be a positive or a negative – should carry alot more weight, don’t you think?
    Look at the favorability among the uninsured on the same page. The main reason we were given as to why the ACA was so necessary was to make it easier for the uninsured to get coverage. If that’s the case, why do the uninsured actually not like ObamaCare more than the rest of America? And why now can the uninsured pretty much get an exemption for practically any reason at all? We overhauled the entire insurance system for the sake of the millions of people that now don’t have to participate? What?

  17. Get a grip, ral, and try to make sense.

    Why would I put up a link if I didn’t want any one to follow it?
    How about just addressing my point instead of attacking the messenger?
    Which part of the poll I pointed to was good news?

  18. You are siting Kaiser Permanente, one of the worst abusers of their customers in history. They were notorious for rejecting claims, even gave bonuses to the adjusters who could find creative reasons for rejecting claims. They made billions getting people to pay for policies and one of the worst when it came to pay outs and rejecting for preexisting conditions

    Stop posting links for foxes guarding chicken coops.

    We are NOT stupid.

  19. If Democrats don’t get off their
    butts and VOTE this year, we are
    gonna be in BIG trouble!
    We need to RALLY!
    Talk to your friends & neighbors.
    Make sure you, your family & friends
    are ready. Plan an activity around
    going to register to VOTE.
    Plan another on Voting day.
    Maybe a VOTE & lunch date or a VOTE
    ’em out party!
    We can fix this.
    We can take OUR Country back.
    We can move FORWARD!!


  20. Over 5 million and rising has signed up
    So? The majority of the sign-ups were people that already had insurance and when we started this whole health care debate, 85% of the country had health insurance, and 95% of the 85% were satisfied with it.
    This was done for the uninsured and most of them don’t seem to like it and now don’t have to comply or pay the fine if they apply for the exemption.
    And besides, Democrats are now saying the law should be “mended, not ended”, or whatever they’re chanting these days, yet every time any negative affect of the law is mentioned, you deny that any hardships exist at all for anyone.
    The law is NOT benefiting everyone and the administration has recognized that injurious affects have come from it for millions of people. Why can’t you recognize it too?

  21. Astorix at 1:43 pm

    Stop posting links for foxes guarding chicken coops.

    It’s biased polling now?
    Okay, but *ral* up there ^^^ seems to think the majority of the report was positive and I picked out the one negative.

    I guess any *good* news in it isn’t reliable either then.

  22. “The Sky Is Falling,” Says Anonymous Chicken
    By Ed Kilgore
    I’m sure many of you saw a certain headline from The Hill today: “O-Care premiums to skyrocket.” At first I thought the source was The Drudge Report.

    If you actually read the accompanying article by Elise Vieback, the rather alarming assertion is mostly a collection of blind quotes from “health industry officials.” Yes, one former Cigna executive went on the record to say his “gut” tells him premiums could go up, which is of course very convincing. Otherwise the closest Vieback gets to attribution is an “insurance official who hails from a populous swing state.”

    In an updated version of the article, Vieback does quote by name two experts—who deny the whole premise of her story.

  23. @ Charlie, Thanks for being the voice of reason on this blog site. As I see it, most if not all people on this website will only see it their way, no matter what evidence you present. It seems some have been helped by the law, so good for them. I work in a hospital and hear all kinds of horror stories which I know are anectdotal, but so are the stories conveyed here. Personally, I have not been affected as my hospital provides excellent benefits, but time will tell.
    I think the best news for them in your link would be that most do not want Obamacare repealed but “mended”. The rest of the results are extremely negative, but no one here will see it or acknowledge it.

  24. . Personally, I have not been affected as my hospital provides excellent benefits
    Then WTF are you trying to say? The ACA wasn’t for you and you are a selfish asshole to deny people healthcare

  25. I plan putting a posting on Craigslist that if people need rides to the polls to let me know. In addition we are trying to see if the local taxi service could rides and free bus fare election day. Some people just need to get there.

  26. I am NOT aware that the ACA/ObamaCare bill/program has NOT caused serious pain and suffering among people who did in fact lose their medical insurance plans, their doctors, their hospitals, and/or their jobs or/and their medical insurance costs (premiums and deductions) increased significantly because of the complications of the bill/program in contrast to the Obama/Democrat lies and deceptions and broken promises that (A) “If you like your [health insurance plan, doctor, and hospital], you can keep it!” and (B) “For most families, their health care costs will decrease by $2500!” or that ALL of the ACA/ObamaCare ‘horror stories’ are 100% false (Harry Reid, Democrat). Obama’s/Democrats’ promise that “If you like _____, then you can keep it” has been identified as the lie of the year, and as a result, Democrats are panicked inre the potential outcome of the upcoming elections. Polls show most Americans don’t like/don’t want the ACA/ObamaCare—that is the political reality!

  27. @djchefron where did I say i wanted to deny people healthcare? Calling me an asshole is real mature and confirms you have no true arguments on this issue. And you’re a moderator on here??
    I work my butt off in the hospital taking care of every patient and would never deny them help. I have been known to help pay for their medication and/or find it for them as cheaply as possible. If you met me on the street or were a pt in my hospital, I think you would find me the opposite of an asshole. It’s easy to throw insults sitting behind a computer tho, isn’t it?

  28. And what is in the ACA that says people must lose their insurance?

    Nada. Its the insurance companys themselves who have caused people to lose their insurance and they did it on purpose

    Polls also show many do not like the ACA becuase it doesnt go far enough.

  29. what is in the ACA that says people must lose their insurance?
    The ACA requires insurance companies to include guaranteed issue, the “10 essential benefits”, caps on o/o/p costs, etc. in all plans that they sell beginning this year. Any plan that did not include these benefits became ILLEGAL. Obama “allowed” the insurance companies to continue selling ACA non-compliant plans after the outcry by those who received cancellation notices and who were promised over and over that “if you like your plan, you can keep it”.
    Now the funny thing is, that Obama is not actually changing the law. So if your health insurance company allows you to stay on your “old” health insurance plan that does not meet the requirements of Obamacare, it is technically breaking the law. And if I continue to purchase my “old” plan that does not meet the requirements of Obamacare, I am also technically breaking the law. It is just that Obama has promised not to enforce what the law says .

  30. Exactly and whose responsibility was it, since 2010 to upgrade said plans? Yes thats right, the insurance companys whop knew they could get away with not upgrading by offering higher priced plans.

    In eastern Tn BCBS created a new network for the ACA, and immediately the local healthcare providers said they would not cover that network. In collusion with BCBS.

    Blame your insurance companys, not the ACA

  31. whose responsibility was it, since 2010 to upgrade said plans?
    I hate defending any insurance company- truly- but in this case, insurance companies -without the force of the law -could not compel anyone to purchase benefits they didn’t want/need before 2014. It would be tantamount to Walmart forcing every shopper to buy, let’s say…a bag of kitty litter…if they purchased a gallon of milk.
    Policies for men could not include costs for maternity benefits before the law mandated it. Policies for anyone without children could not include costs for pediatric care before the law mandated it…etc, etc. And phone lines would have been jammed- up in every state insurance commissioners office and every state attorneys-general office by justifiably outraged consumers if any insurance company had even attempted it.

    And from what I’ve read, the provider networks have definitely been a source of alot of confusion for many, many providers and consumers.

  32. I hope that you will drive people to the polls that will decide on their own, think through the issues, study the candidates, and know that it is their civic duty to vote. Or do you want them to walk in lockstep? Will you educate them on real issues and explain to them how the democratic way will sustain this country well into the future and they will not lose any more freedoms with a democratic congress and why? Will you let them know it is a good thing to do to look at both sides of an issue and not just listen to sound bites? Or do you just want uneducated numbers of voters? Recently, I saw a video that was a reporter at a democratic function in DC and he asked people why they were ready for Hillary,and not one could come up with a reason other than she spent 8 years in the white house and she “had been” secretary of state. Not one accomplishment.. Just you want to just have numbers, not educated voters?

  33. And I wonder if you would do the same for voters in the deep south whose votes are being restricted, whos womens rights are being removed as easily as one take a sucker from a baby, who are being denied healthcare, who are being held back by false religious demands. Perhaps you could tell them how the tea party is now a religious outfit and has nothing to do with small government or spending

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