Greg Abbott Falls into Wendy Davis’ Trap, Admits He Would Veto Equal Pay in Texas

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It’s the War of the Roses and Greg Abbott’s new tactic is to stop hiding that his office doesn’t pay women equally. Now he’s just coming out with it — doubling down on misogyny. After Greg Abbott (R-TX) was busted for claiming to support equal pay but paying the women in his office less than men for the same jobs, he finally admitted that he would veto equal pay in Texas.

Shortly after the brush fire of pay inequity within his own AG office came to light, the Dallas News reported Wednesday, “Abbott’s campaign told the Associated Press that he would have vetoed the bill, also. His answer came two weeks after Abbott had declined to answer the veto question.”

Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott says he would not sign a bill to make it easier for women to bring pay discrimination suits, hoping to get past an issue that has dogged his campaign for weeks.

It looks like Abbott thinks if he just admits this, we can all move past what Republicans deem to be a distraction. Meanwhile, Wendy Davis is surging in the polls and the issue of fair pay is catching fire.

While Abbott’s position is not news to those who have learned how to read between the lines, it’s sort of a bold new strategy for Abbott. Up until now, he’s been telling anecdotes about his wife and daughter and talking in very general terms about how much he supports equal pay. Now, instead of playing folksy family man, his new approach is he doesn’t care that he is feeding right into Wendy Davis’ attacks. He isn’t even going to deny that he is a misogynist.

The Davis campaign just managed to back Abbott into a truth-telling corner, from which he has revealed just how out of touch he is.

Wendy Davis campaign spokesman Zac Petkanas noted dryly, “On the day that Texans discover Greg Abbott pays women less than men in his office, he announces he would veto equal pay legislation that would help his employees address this discrimination. Texans are tired of business as usual from Greg Abbott and support Wendy Davis’ fight on economic fairness for all hardworking Texans.”

Greg Abbott just scored a touchdown for the other team, and proved Wendy Davis right about him. And here Texas Republicans don’t think women can negotiate.

They haven’t really met Wendy Davis yet, apparently. But this is just like Republicans — they fight the battle they want to fight, not the battle they are in.

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26 Replies to “Greg Abbott Falls into Wendy Davis’ Trap, Admits He Would Veto Equal Pay in Texas”

  1. Will Abbott admission on the equal pay bill bring Texas women to their senses? Will they finally wake up and smell the coffee? I hope they will finally wake up out of their comas.

  2. All Wendy Davis has to do is hammer that point until it’s as flat as a CD. Between this pay issue, the choice issue, denial of Medicaid expansion(which effects women more), I can’t see the majority of women here voting for Abbott. The issue now becomes getting them out in record numbers to vote, because that’s what it’s going to take to win this thing.

  3. Somebody please get this guy a pair of boots, he just keeps stepping in one cow patty after another!

  4. Each Abbott screw up brings Davis that much closer. Keep it up big boy… What was a slam dunk election is now a real race. All Davis has to do is just keep the white hot spotlight on Abbott and she just might turn the trick. Wow! In Texas! Who’d have figured that?

  5. What was the term from “Nine to Five”?

    “You’re nothing but a lying, hypocritical, sexist, egotistical bigot”.

    The Republican Anthem…..if the shoe fits, wear it.

  6. Abbott could be caught on camera eating live puppies and Republicans (both men and women) would still vote for him.
    I very much want Wendy to win but sadly, a Democrat still faces a very steep uphill climb to win in Texas.

  7. Foolish man. In order to try and comeback against Ms. Davis, he just hung himself. Give ’em enough rope…

  8. Please Wendy win!! Otherwise Texas is going to suffer the same brain drain that hit Indiana, West Virginia, And is now hitting North Carolina.

  9. The question is not that he won’t support equal pay, it should be Why does he not want to pay women for the equal work of what a man does? Are women less than a man? I’m pretty sure women work harder than a man every single day. Maybe he should try an be a woman for a month? A week is to short, a month allows him to feel exactly what a woman feels like after a months worth of work, lower pay, and has a lot more work than he ever realized, and won’t be treated equally to his counter parts as a woman.

  10. John, could you possibly come up with a more appropriate phrase than “turn the trick”? The connotations are varied, but the Free Dictionary and the Urban Dictionary inform us of one that’s not exactly what one should use in conjunction with Wendy Davis’ campaign.

  11. Sadly, most Republican women won’t even be aware that Abbott thinks they are inferior and not worthy of equal pay. The news sources they listen to won’t have any of this information available. They will just vote for the person their husband or boyfriend tell them to vote for, or they just blindly vote for the “R”, like they always do.

  12. Even more important, Wendy’s Lt Gov running mate, Leticia Van de Putte, must win. That position, believe it or not, is THE power position in Texas government.

  13. Does anyone out there know any Republican woman who is well-informed, thoughtful, insightful, compassionate, and smart? I don’t!

  14. Texas women wake up! Our votes could put the Republicans “out to pasture” Republicans have voted against every bill that came came for the benefit of women from violence against women(1 in 4 women are abused in Texas) to equal pay. 77 cents on the dollar is not acceptable anymore.

  15. Texas women wake up! Our votes could put the Republicans “out to pasture”. The Republicans have voted against evey bill that would benefit women, from violense against women(1 in 4 women in Texas are abused) to equal pay. 77 cents for women and $1.00 for men for performing the same job, is NOT ACCEPTABLE Anymore.

  16. The only way Wendy Davis has a chance is to get every Democrat and then some to vote. No sitting out this one.

  17. Hi Karen,

    Turning the trick applies to all sorts of situations. Any word or phrase can carry sexual innuendo so typically, one looks for context and/or intent. I was obviously aiming my content to the election – not casting aspersions on Davis. Sometimes, PC just get’s in the way of discussion.

  18. Sad to say, Michigan is in a world of hurt because of the teabagging repubs running Lansing. They have the governor by the balls.

  19. All the women I have talked to are voting for Greg, They tell me that Wendy does not rep them on their beliefs

  20. May be you should move from Texas the best state to live in due to us being conservative, not Obama and Davis progress left wing policies

  21. They do have good fires and they are allowed to kill eachother. But I bet owning women is the best part

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