Reince Priebus Inexplicably States That Voters Really Wanted Romney As President In 2012

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Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus appeared on MSNBC’s The Daily Rundown on Wednesday to discuss his recent assertions that the Republican Party was on the verge of a huge victory in this year’s midterms. Speaking with Chuck Todd, Priebus first tried to tone down his rhetoric from the previous few days and better explain himself. His purpose appeared to be an effort to explain the party’s improved ‘ground game’ and how they’ve made strides in improving data collection.  However, the interview will be remembered for an extremely silly and unbelievable comment he made.

During a discussion on the Republican Party’s message, Priebus pushed back on the notion that the GOP’s strategy in the midterm and state elections ends up hurting the party during Presidential elections. After Todd read a quote from a Democratic strategist saying the GOP can do no wrong in midterm elections but nothing right in Presidential ones, Priebus made the following statement:

“I mean, the fact of the matter is Mitt Romney won on the message. He won on jobs, he won on the economy, he won on the question of, ‘Who do you actually think would make a better president?‘ But where he lost was on the question of, ‘Who cares about you?'”

Here’s the video of the whole segment:


Ummm, what?!?! Did Reince Priebus just suggest that American voters actually wanted Mitt Romney as President in 2012 but just decided not to vote for him? That is just a crazy statement. Priebus does realize that Romney LOST in 2012, right? Basically, the winner of a Presidential election is the one that the majority of voters believe will make the better President.

Priebus will probably come out in the next day or two and say he ‘misspoke’ or was just ‘inarticulate.’ He’ll also likely say that he was right on the basic point that Romney was seen as the better choice on jobs and the economy than Obama and that Obama only won because he seemed more empathetic. Of course, that isn’t really true. Exit polls from the 2012 election show that voters were pretty much evenly split when asked which candidate was better on economic issues. Obama was far ahead on issues like Medicare and empathy. A large majority of voters also felt that Romney’s policies would greatly favor the rich.

Recently, Priebus has been displaying an air of overconfidence heading into this year’s midterms, likely due to the special election results last week in Florida’s 13th District. On Tuesday, the RNC head said that the GOP was looking at a ‘tsunami’ in November and that the party would pick up seats in the House as well as take over the Senate. Apparently, he also feels audacious enough to proclaim that Romney was actually the choice of the American public in 2012 and somehow they just mistakenly voted for Barack Obama. I really have to wonder how this man is still the head of the RNC.

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  1. Reince Priebus: Mitt Romney lost on “who cares about you”…Well, Reince if that be the case…the Democrats will have a “‘tsunami” in November.

  2. We’ve got to vote DEM in November!!!

    It’s important. Don’t go “Oh, jeez, I’m too tired”. VOTE!!!

  3. Oh please, someone stop this madness! I don’t know how much more of this ….(fill in the blank, I gave up using certain words for Lent) I can take.

  4. Yeah I wanted Romney like I want diaper rash. Is this guy delussional? Seriously its like he is sitting on a sit and spin.

  5. Wait a minute, wasn’t he the one that said the GOP’s new game plan was to steer clear making WILD and CRAZY statements to the press. And rein in they’re ultra crazy outspoken loons that terrify voters? smh

    Do Republicans hear themselves speak…..EVER?

  6. Yeah. In fact, he said that yesterday. Seems like a real short turn around time for ‘let’s dump our new plan for “let’s make something up to make ourselves feel good… oh, and make sure you bash Obama”.’

    I don’t think anyone wanted Romney. Hell, even the far right, as nutty as they are, didn’t want Romney. To say that the voters wanted him would be a huge lie.

  7. I’m a middle of the road sort. I’ve voted Republican and Democrat. My views are socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Living in GA during the ice storm finished Nathan Deal in my book. If I know an ice storm is coming with 2 days warning, so should he. Especially since The Weather Channel is right here. I’d been unimpressed with his response on many issues and his decision to make Obamacare are as difficult for Georgians as possible. But the behavior of the Republicans in DC make me sick! If Obamacare sucks. FIX IT! There was a reason we needed healthcare reform. DC caused the economic issues. Now my friend who can’t find work has sold all her furniture and has spent nights in her car. She’s 60 years old, and never was homeless before. I worked with her, and know she works hard. Before obstructing everything, maybe they should bring good solutions to.the table. This election, I’m thinking of the welfare of the American people.

  8. I am not disagreeing with you, but I think the words fiscal conservative no longer have meaning. Its more like destructive conservative to me

  9. What is all of this condemnation of Reince Priebus? Why how dare all of you chastise this man the great leader of the GOP. Just look at all that his party the GOP has said, done and accomplished. Then you dare to chastise him for being the head of the GOP and talking total nonsense. After all he is leading his fellow GOP members in their numerous fantasies for that is all they got.

  10. Without a doubt, that’s got to be a driving force. We can’t be complacent over midterms. Let Reince and the GOP continue their overconfident tear. We absolutely need to get out and vote!

  11. Actually, what he means is that their vote-hacking program preferred Mitt Romney, but then an unforseen difficulty came up.

  12. Reince Priebus Inexplicably States That Voters Really Wanted Romney As President In 2012

    I think the headline is mis-leading because there is an explanation for my Priebus said what he did :
    He’s a delusional right wing dumbass.

  13. uh no,
    We didn’t want Mitt.
    We did want a President who cares about US.
    The election proves that.
    Now we have a Congress and many in the
    Senate who have proven THEY don’t care about
    us either.
    They have done NOTHING for US!
    Their strategy is:
    ‘Sink the ship to drown the Captain’
    They could not care less about our Country
    or US, the American People, who pay their
    salary. Their hate for this President, and
    their desire to bring him down at ANY cost,
    has cost US dearly. The POTUS has done his best
    to repair our Country despite all the GOP
    obstruction he has faced.
    WE can fix this!
    They tried to stop US in 2012.
    They failed.
    We must turn out in 2014 to rid our Country
    of the REAL TAKERS!
    Let’s turn our Country BLUE and keep moving


  14. Must be why your village idiot lost by 5 million votes there huh Rinso? Takes a strong man to recognize that. You future is bright better invest in a good pair of Foster Grants.

  15. Kate, Welcome! We love having a middle-of-the-roader-here. Please keep coming back.
    If we’re ever going to get this country off the ground and soar again, we need strength from both sides!
    It’s sad seeing all the lies coming from FOX and Rightwing AM Radio. The Koch Bro’s and big-money promoted propaganda cause a great deal of strife/disharmony of America’s positive spirit!
    We see way too much brainwashing:
    “The Brainwashing of My Dad”

    Keep posting Kate!

  16. michael steele must being LAUGHING his A$S off!! because he knew damn well the GOP is a hot mess and and no matter how many paper tiger saviors they keep trotting out it’s all irrelevant! The GOP is running on fumes, the more they talk the more they show normal thinking americans their bankrupt of solutions and morals.

  17. Reince is just throwing anything up in the air to see if it flies. So now his #jedimindtrickfail is that we meant to vote for #BindersofWomen Romney so that he can check the presidency off of his bucket list? Wow, where are his anti-delusional meds?

  18. No, Raunch Prepuce, we DIDN’T want him. Your base may be stupid and gullible, but the rest of the world is not.

  19. Heard Michele steel say today his Mother was a single Mom working two jobs at times. Yet he is a rethug? figure that out.

  20. I swear, the non-stop stupidity coming from the Republican party keeps my head spinning. There are actually days when I have to refrain from reading about what seems to be an unending saga of words and actions from people living in an alternate universe. Rince sounds even dumber than Willard, who resided (and still resides) in a self-imposed bubble in which he and others convinced him that he was winning the election. One thing is certain, though. I intend to vote and do my part in getting these low-IQ inbreds out of office.

    Love me some RNC PR BS. What a tool.

  22. I understand your auto-editor doing away with the all caps, but it is ReiNCePReBuS, if you really want the RNC PR BS. (again, attribution to Rachel Maddow)

  23. I agree very much with what you are saying. It is like they have regressed to pre-1960. They do act like they are totally senile.

  24. He`WAS winning, because they planned to steal that election, just as they had the previous two. Thanks to some diligence by computer savvy people who stopped them, we have the actual president most Americans voted for. But it WAS fun watching Karl Rove’s head explode on election night.

  25. Keep it up, Raunch! (Man! Does this guy look like an alien or what, sorta like Ted Cruze) Dems need to counter the angry old republican white dudes who tend to vote in greater numbers in mid-term. The 2014 Congressional elections could not be more important. We may not get the House back (but we’ve got to try!), but god help us if we lose the Senate and Ted Cruze becomes majority leader. With early voting (again, which the republicans are trying to limit or do away with altogether) there is no excuse for complacent Dems not to get off there asses and knock these bozos out!

  26. The five stages of grief are exemplified by Republicans as follows; denial (evidenced by their continuing in this stage by ignoring the election results ergo Reince’s statement), anger (evidenced by the tea party rallies, impeachment rallies), bargaining (evidenced by the GOP’s persistent “We will pass this bill IF,” and their latest injection of minorities in their ad, especially after berating those specific demographics), depression (not quite there yet), and acceptance (doubtful they will ever get to this point).

    They are literally dying as a party and they refuse to do anything other than their same old failed policy ideas. And yet, they won’t even place themselves on life support!

    For being a party which advocates pro-life, they are failing miserably!

  27. It is IMPERATIVE that Dems get out and vote this November. This is what happened in 2010 when the “disillusioned” Dems stayed home and the TPartiers got elected.

    Do you have a local Dem Committee? If so, have them use PSAs to flood the airwaves for the Dems to vote this November. Give a phone number for the voter to call with any questions, I’d suggest their city / town clerk.

    Also, we need to keep track how these so-called “representatives” vote. Some Dems joined the TGOPs in the Senate and voted “no” against a highly qualified candidate for the surgeon general … too scared of the NRA who threatened them.

  28. Oh, come on – of course he’s right.

    Who among us doesn’t diligently study the facts, decide which candidate merits our support …

    Then turn around and vote for the OTHER guy?

  29. Yes of course Reinhold, just keep clicking your ruby slippers together and saying “there’s no place like home!, There’s no place like home,etc.etc. Notice there is not a single person on the left side of the political spectrum that thinks or speaks so insanely!?

  30. I heard Martin Bashir call him “Pints Reebus” once without breaking stride on the rest of what he [Bashir] was saying–clever man. Riebus’ assertion that people really wanted Romney was true–every clown around him wanted Romney. Er, in retrospect they wanted a republican. So, in truth he’s wrong. Romney was pushed forward as the most electable from a filed of imbeciles with no chance. It’s a disgrace that it wasn’t an absolute route. Romney’s lies were stacked by the busshel. The prick couldn’t give on clean tax return. And Harry Reid was missing the point by focusing on lack of other returns when the one return the Romney’s submitted had that $77K deduction for Anne’s horse’s upkeep as a business expense. They knew for years they’d be running and still had to cheat on their taxes. That is pathetic. And Romney signing Norquist’s pledge should have been investigated as a disqualifying action. We can’t have someone preside over democracy whilst also sworn to a totality.

  31. “I really have to wonder how this man is still the head of the RNC.”

    Why is he still head of the RNC? Because facts, results and truth are toxic to the Republican mind so they keep with the insane, the delusional and the just plain STUPID as their choice.

  32. I live in GA too, Kate (Macon.) My plan for the year is to work with the local Democratic Party, register people to vote, and get them to the polls in November. What Deal (R) and Reed (D) did when the first snowstorm hit the state was inexcusable. They were attending an event in which Reed was being recognized as Citizen of the Year, or being given a similar award. The republicans in the state legislature do nothing for the citizens of GA, and I’m sick of it. Everyone who feels the way I do needs to work hard to GOTV in November. I can’t see sending Paul Broun to D.C. to replace Chambliss. Chambliss was a big enough do nothing, so it doesn’t make sense to me to send someone who will be worse than he was/is. My hears aches at the state GA is in. We have so much to offer, but citizens continue to vote for politicians whose main interest is in themselves and making sure that corporations get as large a share of our tax money as possible. The citizens aren’t a priority for them.

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