Obama Obliterates Republicans With a Sunshine State Equal Pay and ACA Truth Bomb



In Florida today, President Obama dropped the queen mother of all truth bombs on the Republicans, as the president wiped the floor with the GOP for opposing equal pay for women, and for having wasted the country’s time on 50 attempts to repeal the ACA.



While speaking in Florida, the president said:

Today, more women are their family’s main breadwinner than ever before. But on average, women are still earning just 77 cents on every dollar that a man does. Women with college degrees may earn hundreds of thousands of dollars less over the course of her career than a man at the same educational level. And that’s wrong. This isn’t 1958, it’s 2014. That’s why the first bill I signed into law was called the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act — and it made sure that it was easier for women to sue if they weren’t being paid the same as men.

And in the coming weeks, Congress will have a chance to go even further by voting yes or no on what’s called the Paycheck Fairness Act. Right now, a majority of the senators support that bill but so far Republicans have blocked it. We’ve got to get them to change their minds and join us in this century — because a woman deserves equal pay for equal work. It’s pretty straightforward.

And Congress should not stop there. A woman deserves workplace policies that protect her right to have a baby without losing her job. It’s pretty clear that if men were having babies — we’d have different policies. I mean, we know that, that’s for certain. A woman deserves to take a day off to care for a sick child or a parent without running into hardship.

So Congress needs to act so that Americans join every other advanced nation on Earth by offering paid leave to folks who work hard every day. It’s time to do away with some of these workplace policies that belong in a “Mad Men” episode. We’ve got to make sure that every woman has the opportunities that she deserves — because when women succeed, America succeeds. I truly believe that.


And in the roundtable I just had there were at least three or four folks in that roundtable, the majority of the women I just talked to had an instance in their lives where either because of a sick child or a premature baby or an ailing parent, they would be bankrupt had they not had health insurance. Broke. So when you hear folks talking about Obamacare and I’m not using it because I’ve got health insurance or I’m healthy, well, yes, you don’t need health insurance until you need health insurance. It seems like a drag until you actually confront what life does to all of us at some point. Some unexpected thing happens and you want to make sure that you’ve got that support.

Now, none of that has stopped Republicans in Congress from spending the last few years not focused on legislation to create jobs, or raise wages, or help more young people afford college. They’ve taken 50 votes to try to repeal or undermine this law — 50. You know what they say — the 50th time is the charm. Fifty times. And it’s not just to try to improve the law or here’s a particular problem. No, we just want to scrap it so that millions of people who now have health insurance, we want them to go back to not having health insurance.

Well, that’s not going to happen. They can keep wasting their time repealing — trying to repeal the ACA; we’re going to keep working to make this law work better because every person and every woman deserves to control her own health care choices — not her boss, not her insurer, surely not Congress.

President Obama was on quite a roll. In the same twenty plus minute speech, he drilled Republicans for opposing equal pay, and he pointed out what a giant waste of time their fifty odd attempts to repeal Obamacare is. The two issues are related. The Republican agenda involves both controlling women in the workplace and in the doctor’s office.

The president was correct. Soon the majority of America’s highly educated workforce will be women, and these women deserve equal pay for equal work. All women deserve not to have their gender use as an excuse for discrimination.

It’s about more than politics. The fundamental question is will the United States be a 21st Century nation, or will Republicans be allowed to drag us back to the 19th or 20th centuries? While Republicans are trapped in the past, Obama and the Democrats have a vision for the future of this country. That future involves a path to universal access to healthcare, and equal pay for women.

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  1. Now, if the Democrats in the House and Senate can find some spine, and forget about tacking right in the mid terms.

  2. The President Must stay on his feet just like he is now in regard to the Republicans (Tell the Truth where they Tell Lies! And Several congressional Democrats need to stop running away from the ACA! Embrace their true feelings and run strait at the Republicans from now on in! This is the only way we are going to get people to come out and vote in my judgment. And turn the U.S. Attorney General loose on those who would supress the vote! And by All means possible get the Supreme Court in line. Call them out for their wrong doings as well! Full Leadership in my judgment!

  3. Bravo Obama now ALL Democratic Party Members need to embrace Obamacare and push what the GOP alternative is as well. This combined with reminding voters that a stay at home no voter is a vote to support the GOP and all their policies.

    It would be nice if the GOP were made to have to pay for the cost of their 50 votes and the Government shutdown. But that would be fiscally responsible now wouldn’t it.

  4. Now that’s why I voted for him twice. Call them out Mr. President. And women if you still vote Republican this ought to change your minds!!!

  5. I think he needs to call out the republican wives of the representatives and ask them why they feel they shouldn’t be equal in every way. Some of them might still remember where they came from

  6. President Obama dropped the queen mother of all truth bombs on the Republicans…

    Truth bombs don’t work on people who don’t think facts and reality matter.

    He could drop the Atomic bomb on them and it wouldn’t make a dent in their thick skulls.

  7. Seems to me like the President is trying the save candy ass Democrats who are afraid to run on the benefits of ACA.

  8. democrat’s it is time to pull together on the aca .pull together on any subject the PRESIDENT PROPOSES SCREW THE GO PIG PARTY THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANY ONE OR ANYTHING.GET IT TOGETHER NOW GET IT DONE NOW AND FORGET THE GOP! IT’S TIME TO TAKE CARE OF US!!!november is right around the corner take our country back period do what you have to do and we will do what we have to do!

  9. Hear hear! POTUS needs to keep on keepin’ on with this aggressiveness. Don’t let up, counteract every one of the GOP lies with the truth, in public, in crowds. So many people are simply led down the toxic GOP path of lies without ever knowing or hearing the truth.

    Keep hammering the facts!

  10. the Dems can also run on the other 49 accomplishments this President has gotten a lot done in his first 4 years.The ACA is the biggest but we can be more vocal if the Dems would help !

  11. I’d run on the ACA as one of the major Democratic accomplishments. Just how can it be bad to help 30-40 million Americans get health coverage for mostly the first time??? Dems have got to HAMMER Repubs on political points. Controlling women’s bodies. Attempting to repeal Health Care for fifty times. Repub Governors deciding to opt out of Medicaid help for their residents. And on and on……….

  12. There is nothing like watching Obama on the offensive. He uses his words like Muhammad Ali in a fist fight. Come on Dems get in stride and follow the lead.

  13. I have always had insurance. I’m 56 and was raised to have health insurance NO MATTER WHAT. I never had a baby, like other women. But here is the thing: in 1994, while employed, my dad had a massive stroke. I was barely 36, living with my parents. And dad needed 24/7 care. Mom and i provided that at home for the next 13 years; he died in 2007. Mom now needs care, sometimes a lot, sometimes a little. She lives at home. Both parents were in/out of nursing homes for rehab, and each time, i was told by social workers and my not-involved siblings that the parents should stay in the rehab/nursing homes. I fought and fought and they came home. They became less confused when home. Because of sick time and health insurance, i kept both parents at home — SAVING MEDICARE/MEDICAID tons and tons of money. I retired from a large library at age 50, after 34 years, and i was worn out from this caregiving (harder than any work i’ve ever done). Some GOPers think public employees have too

  14. (See other post) too many benefits. Well, these benefits were part of my paycheck and the paychecks of others. While private sector employees were given raises, 401ks (not my fault if you had to spend it), and bonuses, public sector employees are often paid in benefits instead of wages. I will never get social security or medicare. Only my public employees pension.

    The other thing about heealth insurance is this: until a year ago, at age 55, i had never used insurance for more than routine dr appts/meds. But last year i broke my back. These are the kinds of things that happen when you aren’t looking at it. Cancer didn’t get me. My car slid on a small patch of ice and went into a ditch and across a field. I broke my back in the lumbar/thoracic area. Was in the hospital 10 days, on morphine, and discharged with a huge plastic brace worn 24/7, 3 months. It didn’t help. My back is curved, at the break, at about 45 degrees. I am in constant pain. But, i could have been

  15. See below.

    I could have been paralyzed. I might have been uninsured. My hospital stay was at least $150,000. I am paying off $3000.

    People are idiots if they think they don’t need insurance. No one knows what will happen — it’s why it is called INSURANCE. I always felt secure, knowing i had it. And when i did need it, it wasn’t for what was expected or even thought might happen. It was for the unexpected.

    Sign up for the ACA!!!!!

  16. If Democrats would unite behind the President and present their ideas for the American people, they might just hold the Senate. Too many of Democrats unfortunately seem to be running on scared and backing away from good talking points.

  17. Where are men in this picture (ah, voting Republican because the Democrats have abandoned them a long time ago)?

    Does the fact that men have been economically screwed in the country for the last 40 years count for nothing?

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