Republicans Crushed as New Forecast Shows That Obamacare Will Smash Its Enrollment Goal

John Boehner, Mitch McConnell

A new forecast by Charles Gaba contains a devastating prediction for Republicans. The expert Obamacare signups tracker predicts that the ACA will smash its enrollment goal of 6 million, by the end of the month.

Mr. Gaba has been delivering incredibly accurate predictions about the ACA on his blog, His latest prediction would be a nail in the Republicans’ anti-Obamacare coffin. Gaba predicts that the final sign up total will be 6.22 million by the end of March. If this is forecast is accurate, it will mean that the ACA smashed through its revised CBO goal of 6 million sign ups. All Republicans hopes of being able to claim that the law is a total failure hinge on Obamacare missing the enrollment goal.

As people continue to enroll at a brisk clip before the March 31 deadline, it is becoming obvious that the White House is going to meet their goal. The demand for access to affordable healthcare should serve as another reminder to Democrats that they should avoid getting suckered into the Republican trap of abandoning the Affordable Care Act.

The term Obamacare may not poll well, but the provisions of the Affordable Care Act do. Democrats need to stop running away from Obamacare, and start challenging Republicans on their plan for healthcare. Any Democrat that runs away from the ACA will be playing into the hands of their Republican opponent this November.

The enrollment data is proof that there is fertile ground available for Democrats on the healthcare issue. Instead of running from it, Democrats need to stand up and fight for the gains that are in the ACA. The American people want affordable healthcare, and they want a political party that will fight for them.

It is time for Democrats to be that party.

44 Replies to “Republicans Crushed as New Forecast Shows That Obamacare Will Smash Its Enrollment Goal”

  1. Its just as easy for republicans to bash Obamacare as it is to bash any Dem who doesnt support it. Dont support it? Proof its no good to the republicans

  2. If you or Invented a product and put it on the market and sold 6 million of those products in that amount of time we would be deemed a success. Without a doubt. So whats the diff?
    One thing consistent about the repubs they will never back up. They will not admit they are wrong and they dont apologize. Come on Dems take it to them this can be a nail in the coffin.

  3. The Republicans should come up with a positive message of their own. Maybe a jobs plan, a immigration bill, womans equal pay bill for women, voters rights bill, gay right bill, etc, etc. Do something positive and you might win an election.

  4. It is actually MUCH larger than this figure. Since the brain dead GOP care for only private plan enrollment, this is the issue (though they’re moving the goal post to 7 million – Obama Fails!) But if you add in those on Medicaid, young adults who are on their parents’ policies and have been for the last 4 years, those still carried in the high risk pool, that is somewhere around 17 million who now have health care coverage that did NOT have it in 2010 and on.

    The new GOP rant – totally without substance – is that it’s a train wreck, no one is getting treatment, people are being given inferior care – all lies, but when did that stop a Republican? So we still have work to do. They won’t stop ever. They STILL say Medicare is a failure, so be ready for this to happen the rest of our lives – or at least theirs.

  5. They Democrats need to get out and embrace ACA.The American people want it The republicans have been dead wrong about Obama care.The Democrat congress need to all come out for it.Our economy has grown even more in the last 41 month’s no thanks to the republicans.

  6. This is great news and can the dam repukes stop their foolishness in trying to repeal something that is working for the people of America. They sure in HELL DON’T HAVE A PLAN FOR ANYTHING MUCH LESS HEALT CARE/ Again they cannot accept just like they cant accept that Obama is in their friggen white house and it eats at them like a cancer. I AM SO HAPPOY THE ACA IS MAKING IT AND WILL CONTINUE TO. LOOK A GOP JUST SHOT THAT IDIOT BROWN DOWN IN NH FOR KNOCKING OBAMA CARE AS IT HAS HELPED HIM AND HIS WIFE GREATLY. THEY HAD AN ISSUE AND THEY SIGNED UP FOR OBAMACARE AND THEIR PREMINUMS WENT FROM $1100 A MONTH TO $136 A MONTH AND bROWN WAS RANKING ON THE aca and how it was no good and the GOP REP. TOOK HIM DONW. I LOVE IT FOR BROWN COULDN’T MAKE IT IN MASSACHUSETTS SO HE moved his family to NH last yr and if the people of NH can’t seen through him and what he did then they deserve the idiot. They have a great Senator Jean Sheenhene who was also their governor so vote Brown out.

  7. The 1st thing Democrats need to do
    is STOP calling it ObamaCare.
    There is no such thing.
    It’s the Patient Protection and
    Affordable Care Act and MOST Americans
    DO NOT want it repealed. Democrats fell
    into the Republican trap. Calling it
    “ObamaCare” makes it sound like a ‘program’
    instead of what it is. Americans don’t buy
    “ObamaCare” at all. They purchase health
    insurance, PERIOD!
    Republicans predicted the same doom & gloom
    about Medicare.

    They were wrong then & they’re wrong now.

  8. The Republicans labeled it ” ObamaCare ” so the bigots, racists out there would hate it because it has ” Obama ” in it…

  9. Just one final thought on this subject. In the Marine Corp they taught us to know your opponent better than you know yourself. I have a book that I read now and then. It is called The Art of War by Sun Tzu. It is centuries old but I have come to live my life by it. The principals in it can be prescribed to life itself. It echoes the same thought. Know your enemy, anticipate his moves and make those moves before he does. As I watch with fascination this duel between President Obama and the repubs I believe he has read this book. In their self absorption they cannot fathom that he is light years ahead of them in playing the game of politics. It is so lopsided perhaps he should spot them a few points. I have much admiration for this man as he carries us forward into the next millenium. In my opinion he will be remembered with the same respect as Lincoln.

  10. I totally agree Karen. Sadly, Americans don’t follow the news very closely these days. One poll asked people which they liked more: the ACA or Obamacare ? Most actually chose not realizing that they are one in the same. But, they still can sniff out apprehension. I think it will be a mistake if Democrats shy away from the ACA on the campaign trail. They should EMBRACE it !!!!!!!

  11. Indeed.
    We Democrats need to be that party!

    Democrats protest wars
    Republicans protest healthcare for all

    Go figure!!

  12. Republicans did not show up in the presidential election because mitt was a globalist set up candidate… The truth is the republican primary was set up …. Both parties are set up …. Funded by the same interest … And it’s not us… How many of us can have a caucus with our “representatives” , not an office lackey.

    The problem is our gov’t dose not represent us… Special interest has the ear of government … Weather it is the Koch brothers, unions, or bankers now and in 1913. The question is in this republic are we represented?

  13. The aca did not sell any thing …. You are compelled under threat of law to purchase a plan. The insurance companies sold the plan. The gov’t wrote the law and set up a very good website, with the tax slaves (us) paying the bill (& interest)

  14. Nothing is wrong with me. I stopped buying in to the L vs R bull SH. We are not represented in DC. The special interest are.

  15. It’s truly ridiculous watching todays republican! they’d rather stick with they’re ponzie scheme health insurance than save TIME- MONEY and aggravation getting with the ACA all because Obama and the democrats helped get it through!! Now if say… Saint REAGAN would have had this idea, republicans would be ALL onboard and worshipping his image! ANYWAY, I say good!! fools will alway do what they do best, be FOOLS. I’m a firm believer in, you reap what you sow, the GOP and it’s minions are full of hate and racial intolerance that in the long run they’ll end up killing themselves off, thus killing off the G O P

  16. Who ran them? The Filibuster did. there were 7 total filibuster proof days in that period. they passed the ACA then.

    The rest of the time, the minority party GOP ran the show by denying anything and everything that came up to a vote by filibustering it.

    Just like they still do.

  17. Dave are you aware that unions get their money from working people to represent them? You really can’t equate Unions with the billionaire Koch’s or corpeate billionaires because unions represent real people and the Koch’s and corporations represent the rich. I just joined the teachers union and I will happily pay my monthly dues.

  18. @Phil, allow me to say, thank you for your service and your post are top notch! ”The Art Of War” reference is so appropriate! good job brother. ”If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him, if he is in superior strength,evade him, if he is temperamental, seek to irritate him,pretend to be weak, that he grow arrogant, if he is taking his ease, give him no rest,if his forces are united, separate them,attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected” Sun Tzi , The Art Of War

  19. @dave, the people at Almost Dead nursing home should put a lock on the computer because you’re REALLY annoying! do you have ANYTHING intelligent to say? SERIOUSLY??!

  20. Hey fool is that like dems complaining about getmo under bush and nothing about it during obama. Or the NSA or rendition or article 215 of the patriot act.

  21. @dave, let me help you out, it didn’t make a damn bit of difference who the GOP threw up there!! they could have resurrected ronald reagan and the GOP STILL would have got trucked!! After what bush jr put us through the GOP wasn’t going to see nothing but the OUTSIDE of the whitehouse. If Obama were caucasian the democrats would have won by 10 MILLION votes instead of the 5 MILLION he crushed the GOP by. So if that’s your best shot then I suggest you just read the post here and learn a thing or two.

  22. We’ll I encourage you to support who you want and do what you want with your $. But what if you are forced to join a union? Is that freedom? What if you must join a union to work at a certain shop and the candidate your union support don’t represent your values or interest?

  23. The prediction was 7 million, not 6 million. And that was actual ACA enrollees, NOT medicaid signups.

    And that was also NEW insurance plans, not people having to buy plans through the exchange because the ACA forced their insurance companies to cancel their old plans.

    One would also presume the prediction was for paying customers, not just people who signed onto the web site and got assigned to a plan and never paid, and who are trying to cancel but there’s no way to cancel.

    I’m glad people are finally able to use the web site, and that many people are at least getting a chance to replace the plans they loved that were cancelled by the ACA.

  24. Well Dave I am assuming you have car insurance. Saying that why would you object to health insurance? Is your car is worth more than your health? I would suppose so that is why you want to wait until you need access to health care and then you will go to the ER or wherever, get treated and stick them with the bill that the taxpayer will pick up, thus becoming the exact thing you despise. A freeloader.

  25. Nothing was canceled by the ACA. Insurers had from 2010 to upgrade their policys. They didnt. They screwed people. They canceled the policys.

    The never paid thing is something you are told to say. Its laughable.

  26. Okay first of all Dave it is Gitmo not getmo. Although anyone there in our USMC detention facility certainly deserves to get mo! Secondly Charles why do you think those plans were canceled? Because they took peoples money and insured nothing. Get informed.

  27. The only reason that congress isn’t overwhelmingly democratic, is that the GoP has been gerrymandering states for decades now.

    remember when Texas used to be a democratic state?

    yeah, blame Karl Rove and his band of merry men for a fantastically well engineered bit of gerrymandering there.

    it goes on and on and on.

    the GoP HAS NO rational postion on anything any more.

    they simply don’t have to!

  28. The biggest fear of the GOP is a successful ACA. If it was the disaster they claim it to be they would be quietly waiting for it to fall on it’s face and running on “We told you so”. When your enemy lines up for a circular firing squad the last thing you want to do is jump into the middle. I don’t know if the Dems are practiced enough in touting their wins to salvage the Senate in November, but the White House is in no danger in 2016. By then, we will be so vested in the benefits of Obamacare that the only thing left to Republicans will be minor tweaking around the edges. Hardly winning campaign material.

  29. Charles and David are a little on the stupid side. Coming on here spouting Hannity crap, not reading that all those lies have been debunked,unfortunately Obamacare can’t even fix stupid.

  30. Fail Dave. Repubs won 2010 election because of left leaning folks not voting. Take your lies to the Koch suckers.

  31. I more or less agree with you Dave, liberal though I may be. I’d much rather have single payer.

    But “tax slaves?” Really? Everyone who lives in any sort of country worth living in has to pay taxes; having and maintaining a first world nation is an expensive deal. All civilized countries have decided not to let people die of treatable injuries or illnesses. Given that decision, we all need to pay a share of that cost.

  32. You can still work in union shop and not pay dues but they will not rep you if u get into trouble or fired!

    How can someone be forced to join a union?

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