Obama Speaks The Cold Hard Truth About Why Democrats Get Clobbered In Midterms



At a Florida fundraiser President Obama explained that Democrats keep losing in midterms because Republicans successfully discourage women, young people, and Hispanics from coming out to vote.

According to The Hill:


President Obama complained Thursday that Democrats “get clobbered” in midterm elections, blaming a “toxic” atmosphere in Washington for suppressing key Democratic constituencies.

“The challenge is that our politics in Washington have become so toxic that people just lose faith,” Obama told a group of top Democratic donors gathered at the home of former Miami Heat star Alonzo Mourning. “They say, ‘Y’know what, it doesn’t matter, I’m not that interested, I’m not gonna vote.’ And that’s especially true during the midterms.”

Obama noted that young, female, black and Hispanic voters were more likely to vote in elections with a presidential contest.
“Suddenly a more representative cross section of America gets out there, and we do pretty well in presidential elections,” Obama said.

“But in midterms, we get clobbered, either because we don’t think it’s important or because we get so discouraged about what’s happening in Washington that we think it’s not worth our while. And the reason today is so important, and the reason that I’m so appreciative for all of you being here is because we’re going to have to get over that. This is a top priority.”

Democrats understand the disease, but what is the cure? By talking about issues like jobs, equal pay, and the minimum wage, Democratic candidates are trying to give their voters a reason to come out and vote. They are trying to encourage voters to show up at the polls by demonstrating that they just have just as much at stake in a midterm election as they do in a presidential year.

If Democrats could get their entire base to turnout, they would do just as well in the midterms as they do in presidential elections. Many of the critical midterm elections in 2010 were close. Governors races were decided by a few points in many states. Democrats don’t need their whole base to turnout. They need a bigger turnout.

The president was correct. If key Democratic constituencies choose to stay home on Election Day in November, Democrats will get clobbered again. Democrats are trying to give their voters a reason to show up at the polls. It’s up to the voters to get the job done.

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  1. I believe the President is going to get his wish. People are really fed up. They are repressed, unemployed, hungry, having their personal choices stripped from them all while being told they like it. People are more informed today than at any time in history. This definitely plays in favor of Democrats. Mr. President I will be at the polls when they open.

  2. I am British, but hugely concerned about the US mid-terms. At the moment we have a very right wing Government here in the UK. There is a ground swell of repugnance amongst ordinary voters for the Tory/Lib Dem’s alliance’s policies. Hopefully, Labour (Democrat) will win the next election. However, the UK has the same problem as the USA, in that there is a lot of voter apathy. Please vote in the mid terms and kick the RWNJs out of Congress. An Obama administration with real clout could do wonders for the whole globe. Please lead the way and vote!!

  3. This should be the single most important message of the 2014 campaign — get out and vote! This applies especially to women, young people, black and Hispanic votes, and all other minorities: You DO have a voice. Express it in November!

  4. You’re right Phil, people are more informed today than at any time in history. People understand the costs of things like Fast-n-Furious, Benghazi, the IRS targeting, the NSA spying on Americans, failed foreign policy of appeasement to terrorists, over $7 trillion added to the national debt in 4 years, irresponsible government spending, abuse of executive power, constitutional violations, and the disaster that is Obamacare that the President unconstitutional keeps rewriting without Congress.

    But I guess none of those things has lead to the disillusion to young voters who were fooled once by Democratic snakeoil salesmen,

  5. Vote in EVERY election you are qualified to vote in – from Cat Collector to POTUS. The future DCers are in the local governments now – don’t let them gain more power.

  6. I’ve been a voter since 1968; that’s 46 years and haven’t missed voting in any general election yet. Make it convenient for yourself if you can. If your state allows it, signup for absentee ballot; if not, plan ahead and vote early where allowed; and finally, just get up off the couch and go vote even if it means missing a little time from work. Make it a neighborhood event, car pool, make it a tail-gating party. It’s sure more important than a football game.

  7. I believe the President is out of touch. The problem that Democrats face is not one of apathy, but one of messaging. Democrats know why you should not vote for a Republican, but they just can’t make a compelling argument for why you should vote against Republicans.

    Democrats need to create a crystal clear argument for voting against Republicans, and they need to repeat it often and loudly … just like the Republicans do.

    You can’t win a war, if you don’t show up.

  8. Everything you said was hilarious and shows how ill informed you are. BTW that 7 trillion you cons keep talking about? Its payin for you cons fuck ups by paying for your war crimes and Medicare part d

  9. This post needs to be shared everywhere by everyone..This is hugely important to get the vote out..with GOP controlled states doing everything they can to suppress the vote, aided and abetted by Supreme Court thugs..my tag line on all my posts is: VOTE IN 2014 & 2016 FOR NO REPUBLICAN IN ANY LOCAL, STATE AND FEDERAL ELECTIONS..FOR YOUR FUTURE AND THE FUTURE OF YOUR FAMILIES. People overlook local and state election also and look at the 2010 GOV elections, brought us Walker-WI, Snyder-MI, Haley-SC, McCorry-NC and all the rest of the anti everything GOP jerks..Share everywhere is the motto..NOW.

  10. Dave, facts matter and your low level grasp of any facts is screaming at all of us..Expand yourself and your horizons and perhaps even your families future..look to other sources of information and facts other than FOX, Breitbart, the Blaze and other republican owned and operated sources..who make millions and millions $$ off folks like you..Remember the entire US corporate media is owned by 6 corporations all republicans..why do you think the super pac continue to try to buy elections..Every heard of ALEC..believe they are not your friend.

  11. Understand the reason why things are happening to us. Study government. There are 3 branches that matter. The President heads the executive office serving 1 branch. The Supreme Court and the Congress are the others. The Pres can make appointments to the Supreme Court when there’s a vacancy. Now, thanks to previous GOP Presidents, the Supreme court has a GOP majority. They brought in Citizens United which put the US up for the highest bidder. DEMS hold the majority in the Senate but not enough to pass legislature which needs 60 votes. In the House of Representatives, the GOP is the majority after the 2010 midterms when many Dems didn’t vote. That was a complete disaster & is still a nightmare. They vote against kids, women, civil, gay and voting rights, education, etc. We lost speaker Nancy Pelosi! We lost many state heads to GOP governors. So now we have all these horrible state laws in GOP red states. Healthcare rejected and thousands lost state jobs. Obama ca’t do it alone, VOTE20…

  12. what he says is true, of course one reason people didn’t turn out was he is such a disappointment as a leader. he speaks well, says the right things, then doesn’t do them – mostly. no holding of wall street bankers accountable for their manipulations of the markets, and this constitutional scholar seems to see nothing wrong with american intelligence services trampling our 4th amendment rights.

    dems will get beat again unless they take the time to explain to republican trending voters, with solid indisputable examples, how the republican party appeals to values voters on the basis of patriotism religion, success thru individual initiative and hard work, while at the same time pursuing fiscal, trade, tax and economic policies that cut the legs right out from under those very people.

    otherwise watch out.

  13. Dave where were you when Reagan tripled the debt, then W. Bush doubled it?

    Where were you when W. handed out no bid contracts after invading Iraq the country that did nothing to us?

    Where were you when Republicans declared Iraq had WMD’s, would cost $7 billion, and last only 6 months.

    Where were you when Republicans hid the cost of two wars from operating budget for six years, listing them as special expenditures?

    Where were you when Medicare Part D was not paid for, and Republicans outlawed Medicare from bulk negotiating lower drug prices? Free market my ass!

    Man you Republicans are sick people. Out of your minds these days.

  14. Well, I just couldn’t let those comments go unanswered. The Darrell Issa witch hunts you spoke of have yielded nothing. Costing taxpayers millions of dollars. The 7 trillion dollars were a result of actually putting the costs of two wars on the books instead of sweeping them under the rug via GWB. The supposed failure of ACA, can 5+ million people so far be wrong? One last point, do you seriously believe Obama has over stepped his constitutional authority? He has teams of lawyers to advise him whether he the authority or not. He told the do nothing congress he was going to use that pen. What part of that did they not understand? As far as executive authority and reprehensible actions, how about GWBs executive order that it was ok to spy on Americans and torture anyone they wanted. Yuo can go back to watching Faux news now.

  15. And don’t forget Democrats that your Social Security and Medicare are in jeopardy when you allow Republicans power. There’s a ton of reasons to vote for Democrats! You have to look beyond the MSM cable networks for your news and you will know what’s really happening. MSM dumbs down the US public. It’s frightening! I have talked to so called educated adults who don’t have a clue of what they’re talking about or what’s really taking place. That’s when I get concerned. It means there’s a level of brainwashing that has already taken place. Get informed and get the facts. They are available. And use your common sense on some of these matters. When Republicans vote against children receiving food, pay attention. When the GOP vote against Vets receiving care, but want them to fight their wars, pay attention.

  16. The Candidates are at fault for that!! If they get ahead of the curve and try to turn out voters then they’ll win elections and keep these crack pot repubs at home!!

  17. First of all Dave your buddy Bush left office with a huge deficit, two freaking wars that were not paid for, he left us facing a depression, the NSA spying was approved by Bush and his coharts. You have to be one ignorant SOB. You should stay off these sites.

  18. Lawyers like who… Eric Holder? I hope who ever is the new POTUS, they send an army of SPs into the corrupt remains of this den of traitors.

  19. Yes time to hold voters accountable. Some love to complain about politicians. But let us be truthful. To get a functioning Congress there has to be a clear Democratic majority in both the House and Senate.
    Only way to get that is to vote.
    So all think of it this way if you stay at home then you still voted. Your lack of voting just supported the GOP by not countering a GOP vote. So a No Show Voter is a GOP voter and is supporting All of the GOP policies. It is that simple.


  21. With a GOP run senate, when Ruth Ginsberg retires, they will block any nomination to the SCOTUS by our POTUS

  22. The truth is the Dems don’t have a money pit like the Koch suckers. If you don’t think it makes a difference, you have really not been paying attention.

  23. So, running a progressive-leaning campaign for president and then bending over for republicans on every issue in a pathologically delusional quest for compromise, did nothing to discourage democrats from voting in the 2010 midterms.

  24. Not only do Democrats need to get out and vote in 2014, but they need to take everyone they know with them to the Polls. Make sure every family member is registered including high school students who are turning 18. People, this mid-term election is more important than 2016. LET’S SHOW THAT “YES WE CAN”. YES WE WILL!!

  25. News begins with press information released to them.

    Every single day – EVERY day – because I do policy work, I get press releases on most issues from health care to climate change. Therefore I know the progress and plans pretty clearly.

    I also NEVER see the information – the ‘truth’ Chuck Todd at MSNBC claims the administration does not do – EVER printed or broadcast to the public. This is systematic bias against revealing to us the truth of public policy, and it is despicable on the part of media.

    In ACA there was virtually NO money allotted for public information. We spend millions recruiting youth to enlist in the military and not a dime until now on telling Americans about health care. Same with most policy issues.

    The Dems in Congress do their best mostly to explain things in their districts but they rarely are invited to MSM programs or major news outlets.

    This is systematic disinformation. This is not a failure of will by this administration.

  26. None of what you say is accurate. In US DOJ districts those bankers who actually broke the law ARE being tried and convicted. The president has no arrest and conviction power, and the AG needs facts which are being assembled but at DISTRICT levels which is where prosecutions occur. Note very clearly that a huge amount of what happened was NOT ILLEGAL because the finance industry made sure it was not. Starting under Reagan onto Clinton and W, they created laws that were designed NOT to hold them accountable.

    If you are going to blame someone, ask what you were doing in those years (were you an adult) to pay attention to the writing of policies by corporations. That is NOT happening now no matter how you think listening to business is doing their bidding. Learn Dodd-Frank, the Volcker Rule, and other laws we did get passed and see how much has changed against Wall Street and banks and FOR us.

    Otherwise you’re just spouting.

  27. You are right Mr. Pinkston. A lot of democrats think its a GOP election because all you hear is the GOP message. The democrats need to advertise more.

  28. I would like to meat you.I am doing a report on texas and need help.meet me at ruby brigdes in alameda at 2:50 monday 23 march 2014.

  29. Democrats lack party discipline. During the presidential election, the presidential candidate keeps them in line. That’s what Obama did in 2012: He knew Bain represented what was wrong with Romney and republicans in general. Even Pres. Clinton and his own surrogate Cory Booker thought, as good democrats, they are too smart to just follow Obama’s strategy to define Romney through Bain Capital. Obama came out, gave a press conference and essentially told everybody to get with the program. That’s the day he won the election and Dems kept the Senate.

    During mid-terms they run like headless chicks.

  30. OBAMA needs to use his star power, eloquence and influence to talk to as many donors as possible. He can accomplish A LOT on his own for those 3 reasons, but he can’t do it all. Each of these donors can get out and talk to their own people in crowds and they in turn can each get out and talk to the constituent population who will then get out and VOTE. The most important message is that if Democrats don’t get out and vote, all will be lost for 2015 and 2016 and the Republicans will do a lot of serious damage to America in those 24 months! They easily become intoxicated on power because power is manna to Republicans. The Democrats MUST win back the House AND keep the Senate in 2014!

  31. I wish Democrats in all political positions had as much grit & fight in them as the people here. Opinions here are unvarnished. That’s what Dems need. Passion to stand up to our principals & a killer instinct. Democrats are letting the lunatic fringe of the GOP run roughshod over Washington & states.

    North Carolina is one example of what happens when the GOP turn their neanderthal, hateful agenda into laws. Dem politicians are wimps. Forget reaching “across the aisle” to negotiate with Republicans. They are the enemy. Shutting down government prove it.

    That’s what mealy mouthed Alex Sink ran on in Florida. She lost a winnable election to a freakin wingnut lobbyist. We should be very afraid if the GOP takes the senate over.

  32. The GOP are actively rigging 2014 with a new batch of voter suppression laws. Voter ID & other hurdles to fight nonexistent “voter fraud”. Dem pols should raise holy hell to the media. Why don’t Dem controlled states expand voting rights? 2014 is do or die, they have to get out the vote.

    I’m waiting for Dem ads warning people of the consequences of the GOP winning senate control. I don’t see a real fight against their push for a Koch, corp. run oligarchy. No time to mess around, they must start now.

  33. I wish there was a foreign network that actively reported on how screwed up we are. An outside perspective would really help us. But the people who’d need to watch it(the ignorant folk who need a wake-up call)- wouldn’t because “eww, forgeiners!!!”…

    We’re on the crrrrraaaaaaaazzyyy trrrraaaaaaainnn…

  34. The greatest encouragement to get out the Dem voters in the midterms would be for the Dem politicians to remind voters of every rotten thing the obstructionists teapublican’s have been doing since 2010 and just pound it over and over again. If we do not get out and vote we deserve everything we get.

  35. If the events of the past 4 years, which have seen the ascendancy of the Teabaggers with their retrograde policies, don’t convince people of the vast importance of mid-term elections, nothing will. The influence of the GOP/TP in all levels of government from local to federal positions has been enormously destructive to countless Americans. With all the information about their shenanigans, their selective patriotism which depends on who is the current president, and their throwing so many Americans under the bus, there is NO excuse not to vote them out of office. They are holding the progress of this country back, and as a result other countries are overtaking this one in a number of measureable indices of progress.

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