Republican Senator David Vitter Says ‘God Bless The Koch Brothers’ At Town Hall Event

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Last week at a town hall event in Shreveport, LA, Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) was confronted by a constituent about the enormous amount of money the Koch brothers spend to influence politics in this nation. Rather than admit that perhaps there is too much money in politics, or that some people wield far more influence than they should due to their wealth, Vitter used the opportunity to heap an unbelievable amount of praise on the Kochs. Seriously, the video of his remarks has to be seen to be believed.

Video courtesy of American Bridge:



The two sentences that truly stand out in that clip are as follows:

“I think the Koch brothers are two of the most patriotic Americans in the history of the Earth.”

“God bless the Koch brothers. They’re fighting for our freedoms.”

Sheesh. It is not uncommon for Republican politicians and pundits to defend the Kochs or state that their influence in Washington is overblown. However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone slobber all over them quite like Vitter did. I’ve seen evangelical Christians show less love for Jesus than Vitter did for the Koch brothers. All that was missing was him weeping and getting down on his knees.

Lately, a meme has been making the rounds among conservative pundits and Republican lawmakers. That meme is that the Kochs do not spend all that much money in the political process and that they are vastly outspent by unions. Vitter praising the Kochs so effusively pretty much destroys that myth. He wound’t be saying they are ‘fighting for our freedoms’ and that they are ‘the most patriotic Americans in history’ if they weren’t spending hundred of millions of dollars every election cycle.

Vitter revealed himself as a Koch-purchased politician and he was making sure that his masters knew how much he loved them. He wants to make certain that the checks keep coming in from the Kochs. Maybe he’ll even get a little bonus now.

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  1. This coming from a man under investigation by the Federal Election Commission for the dubious donations going into his super pac fund. Hmm. Bet I know where those donations come from.

  2. Just curious, has anyone seen the documentary done on the Koch Bros? I think I saw it a year ago on Current TV. It was alarming! The ties to Russia were particularly alarming. Has anyone ever put the Koch Bros, Putin and Snowden together in one thought? Just an insane idea but a scary one…

  3. According to the Federal Election Commission, of the Top 5 political donors, only 1 is Republican. The Top donor, a Democrat group, almost donates as much as the other 4 combined. Among the Top 10 are Goldman & Sachs along with JP Morgan and 4 big unions. Among the Top 20 political donors, Democrats out donate Republicans almost 3 to 1. Now this doesn’t count things like Nancy Pelosi “loaning” her Super Pac $18 million at about 30%. this is straight donations. So where are the Koch Brothers in all of this. Here’s the surprising thing. Considering how much Democrats want you to believe the Koch Brothers have bought the government, they don’t rank in the Top 5 donors. They also fail to make the Top 10. They missed the Top 20 too. In fact according to the Federal Election Commission, they didn’t even rank in the Top 50. According to the numbers, 37 Democrat donors have given more than the Koch Brothers, who’ve given about $18 million. Maybe they should ask Nancy for a loan.

  4. Just another politician fellating the uber-rich, and publicly, no less – I don’t suppose that the taste bothers him at all.

  5. Has anyone wondered why two brothers with more money than they could ever spend in their lifetime are so against the “Affordable Care Act”? These men can afford to have Doctors, Nurses and any type of medical equipment brought to them in a heartbeat. So why do they object to millions of Americans who have no access to health care, getting a chance to get it. 45,000 Americans die each year, because they do not have access to health care.
    “God bless the Koch brothers. They’re fighting for our freedoms.”
    This is what Senator David Vitter had to say about the Koch brothers.
    I say what freedom is that Senator Vitter, the freedom to die of a treatable illness?
    I say David Vitter is another Republican bought and paid for by the Koch brothers.

  6. I would not be surprised if all of the GOP swear allegiance to the Koch brothers before every meeting together and salute their pictures.

  7. I think I have an answer for you Diane. The Koch brothers could care or less about the ACA. They merely see the ACA as the issue of greatest political vulnerability to the 7 Democratic Senators up for re-election in swing states. You see, the Koch brothers want the Republicans to retake the Senate so that energy policy will be written to favor their “dirty” fuel business while throwing legal obstacles in the way of their renewable energy competitors. Vitter is bought and paid for. The Koch brothers want our freedom to be heard extinguished right along with the renewable energy sector. FOLLOW THE MONEY !!!!!!

  8. I was just thinking we have an app for just about anything now. I would guess pretty soon we will have a repubspeak app, maybe call it the repub-debullshi**er app. That way when people like Vitter or Ryan or Boehner speak we can record it and the app will tell us what they really meant. Take for instance when Vitter says “God Bless the Koch Brothers”, the app will translate it to “yes, I am a Koch whore”.
    I read awhile back that scientists predict elephants could be extinct by 2025. I would say sooner than that in North America, except for the ones we will keep in zoos.

  9. Well the Koch brothers are of the age where adult diapers may be required so Davy is in good company there. Perhaps they will team up and invent a Conservative version of Depends, you know diapers that are made of sack cloth with an ash lining to absorb all the bullshit.

  10. I guess it is perfectly okay for the unions, media maters, Hollywood, NPR, network news, CNN, MSNBC,etc., to buy the Democrats off, but not okay for a privatc citizen to do the same.

  11. have you forgoten aLL THE PLOITICAL pacS THAT DON’T NAME THOSE DONNERS. because WE THE PEOPLE cant get the congress to outlaw the PACs.

  12. I too have felt that the Koch’s and Putin have a connection. The Koch’s have been trying to destroy our President. The sustained attacks in the ACA have not worked. Obama got re- elected despite the voter suppression and vile attack ads. David diaper whore lover and his benefactors are traitors to this Country. If is ever proven that the Koch’s are working with Putin to destroy our President they should be tried, convicted Jailed and all their assets nationalized to benefit America.

    Until we clean out this rat’s nest in our politics we the people will be doomed to neo- slavery at the hands of the oligarchs like the Koch’s. Those paid trolls like David who come this website will win. Let’s fight back and vote the MFers republicans out in November. Vote vote and vote. Change takes time and we have to keep up fighting them back. Giving up is not an option.

  13. Dave, how much are they paying you to sprout your nonsense on this website? Your talking point was disproved days ago on this website.

  14. One thing they found out in 2012 is that money can’t buy everything. I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall of room as the Koch’s watched the election returns come in. All that money spent and no return.

  15. Where’s your source?… I mean a link, not a vague “according to the Federal Election Commission”. Dave, you either are 1. So gullible you believe everything the Repubs and conservatives tell you to believe or 2. You are a paid troll, paid by a Koch entity to spread false propaganda.

    So… come up with a good, decent source… that includes links back to real information.

  16. I’m not completely sure that they don’t care about the ACA. Yeah, these guys care mostly about money, but they are also idealogues. They really and truly believe that government should not help people (except the rich) in any size, shape, or form. They are probably Calvinists who believe that, the more money you have, the more “Godly” you are. Therefore, people who need help are not Godly.

  17. Diane, as I just wrote elsewhere, I firmly believe that the Kochs are idealogues and Calvinists. They firmly believe that riches on earth reflect Godliness. And people who are struggling, need food stamps, unemployment, or help with health insurance are NOT Godly and they plight is a reflection of the “mistakes” in their life in some way. It’s a very, very problematic way of looking at the world.

  18. Tim, if the Koch brothers have helped anyone please inform us all. The only ones I know of are the rethugs in politics.

  19. You can find it on line. Koch Bros Exposed documentary by Robert Greenwald
    A must see and must read!

    Koch Brothers Exposed – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – Similar to Koch Brothers Exposed – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Koch Brothers Exposed is a 2012 US documentary, compiled by Robert Greenwald from a viral video campaign produced by Brave New Films, about the …

  20. Yeah.. The Kochs are as much of a patriot as Benedict Arnold was and they hung him!

    All Vitter did was basically say to the world ‘I’m a loyal asskisser to the Koch Regime and I love it!’

  21. Reply to TerryLF 1:59 pm

    You’re very emotional. Is the lithium not working?

    I don’t know where Dave got his info, but here:

    Now, I don’t find this topic particularly interesting because I’ve never once factored in or gave any consideration to how many big money donors either party has (or who they might be) in order to make a voting decision.
    But to each his own.

  22. Reply to Kimbutgar at 2:07 pm

    Haliburton made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

    I haven’t seen Dave around here though.

  23. Yes God bless these rich assholes who are not happy to just be rich but want everyone else to die or be slaves. Who want to be free to rob us of health care, wages, retirement, education, food, and even clean air and water. Anyone who praises them are no better than they are, greedy sobs.

  24. No matter where you go, or what the subject, there will always be “Brown-nosed Idiots” following the money man with brown noses telling absurd lies in an attempt to ratify the garbage being spewed. We should not give them our air-time in rebuttal. Sen. Vitter is just another sell-out.

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