Right Wing Billionaires Tell People Forget Income Inequality Worship Us Instead


Throughout history human beings suffering oppression and persecution eventually come to the conclusion that their circumstances are so dire they have nothing to lose by rising up and fighting back against their oppressors.  In many cases, people fight their oppressors because of persecution, abuse, and loss of freedoms, or in the case of the French Revolution, because the rich and powerful took resources from the people leaving them with little option but stage a revolution or starve to death. In America, one group is beginning to fight back because claim they are weary of attacks by the Obama Administration as well as abuse and persecution by a group they claim are driven by unrestrained greed.

Apparently, although Wall Street, corporate America, big oil, and the richest 1% of income earners have suffered patiently and in silence through decades of abuse and attacks, the tipping point that incited their decision to fight back against their abusers was President Obama’s vicious assault during the State of the Union speech where he uttered the fighting words income inequality. The President said, “After four years of economic growth, corporate profits and stock prices have rarely been higher, and those at the top have never done better. But average wages have barely budged. Inequality has deepened. Upward mobility has stalled.”

There is a subset of terms to the dreaded “income inequality” that contributed to the richest Americans decision to fight back against a tepid populist movement drowning in poverty, and it is likely they were just as put-upon by hearing minimum wage increase, unemployment benefit extension, preserve Social Security, save public worker pensions, food stamps, Medicare and Medicaid, and overtime pay. Economists, financial advisers to the wealthy, corporations, and the wealthy themselves report feeling severe anxiety that the American people’s mood is turning against the super-rich they feel makes the public hard to control.

To be fair to the beleaguered wealthy elite, after heavily contributing to the cause of the Great Recession, they only reaped 95% of recovery and likely feel abused that 99% of Americans shared the remaining 5 percent. Coupled with the Pope’s warnings about income inequality that led Home Depot’s co-founder to warn the Pope to shut his Holy Mouth, it is addressing the causes of income disparity that drove the plutocrats into a panic that began slowly building during the Occupy movement. Another billionaire compared the Occupy movement’s protest against income inequality to the Nazi “Kristallnacht” attacks on Jews in 1938 leading him to warn his wealthy elite class of a possible genocide against the wealthy because “when you start to use hatred against a minority, it can get out of control.”

In several anonymous interviews to shield themselves from more vicious attacks like hearing liberals say “income inequality” is crushing 98% of the population and hampering a robust economic recovery, Wall Street and wealthy precincts around the nation said they are worried about the shift in tone toward the wealthy elite and the popularity of class-based appeals such as decent wages, affordable healthcare, and not stealing public workers’ pensions or Social Security the rich lust to raid for greater tax cuts. However, Republicans and their wealthy donors say they are seeing signs that the political mood appears to be shifting back toward deification of the wealthy and are hopeful their ignorant voting bloc will help the trend continue.

The billionaire co-founder of Home Depot, and a major Republican donor, said he hopes the appeal of the populist movement to address the causes of income inequality is finally out of the people’s system and they get back to worshipping the rich very soon. Ken Langone said of the populist movement and Democrats addressing income inequality that, “I hope it’s not working. Because if you go back to 1933, with different words, this is what Hitler was saying in Germany. You don’t survive as a society if you encourage and thrive on envy or jealousy.” Langone is in the same camp as Republican economic propagandist Stuart Varney who said that workers expecting to be paid wages for time worked were “greedy” and unfair to their wealthy corporate employers. Fortunately for the besieged wealthy elite, their decision to strike back against attempts to address income inequality and its causes will win the day and America will become the nation of peasants Republicans serving as legislative surrogates for the rich are working to achieve.

According to economist Thomas Piketty in a new book, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” the crushing income inequality the rich and Republicans are fighting heroically to preserve is only going to increase to benefit the wealthiest one-percent and be worse for everyone else. Piketty writes that “Inequality is endemic to the core structure of an America that operates more as a plutocracy than a democracy. It is an inherent result of the consolidation of a substantial amount of both financial power and political influence in the hands of a few families.” Since the early 1980s when Republican man-god Ronald Reagan convinced idiotic Americans it was in their best interest to give everything to the rich, income inequality skyrocketed to the point that even talking about its devastating consequences to 98% of the population in 2014 is regarded as a vicious assault on the rich.

It is remarkable that although Wall Street is thriving beyond its wildest dreams, corporations are posting record profits every quarter, and the wealthiest Americans have taken all but 5% of the fabulous economic recovery since they crashed the economy, just discussing income inequality is an assault they will not let go unchallenged. To fully understand the mood of the rich who feel they are being unfairly assaulted by “greedy and envious” Americans struggling to survive as the rich prosper, former Bush treasury secretary Larry Summers gave Americans a taste of how Republicans will continue widening the income gap. He said, “Reducing inequality is good, but it’s 50 times better to do it by lifting those up who are low than by tearing those down who are high. The politics of envy are the wrong politics in America. The better politics are the politics of inclusion where everyone shares in economic growth.”

Republicans and their wealthy donors do not want “everyone to share in economic growth” any more than they want to “lift those up who are low” or they would not oppose creating living-wage jobs, increasing the minimum wage, preserving workers’ pensions, attempt to slash Social Security and end Medicare, pass legislation abolishing overtime pay, or eliminate antipoverty programs. It is really unclear why the richest Americans, Wall Street, the Koch brothers, and wealthy corporations feel the necessity to rise up and fight to preserve the income inequality crushing Americans and thwarting strong economic growth, because they have already succeeded in taking nearly everything from the people and, for all intents and purposes, won the war they started three decades ago.


17 Replies to “Right Wing Billionaires Tell People Forget Income Inequality Worship Us Instead”

  1. I would hazard that the rich are posing as the intended victims of impending violence because it gives them a rationale for ending constitutional rule through “pre-emptive” violence themselves. Iraq was practice for trying it at home.

  2. And the rich are so arrogant that they thought it would be a good idea to arm the struggling masses.
    when the shit hits the fan the richest are not going to have anywhere near enough weapons. I hope they can truly find comfort for now in their ill gotten gains, because that money will not stop bullets or bombs. remember what kind of low wages they wanted for the military???

  3. After you have made your first billion why be greedy? When you’re out numbered 99 to 1 that’s not good. They are right about one thing, the winds of change are blowing. I remember the protests of the 60s and 70s against the Vietnam war. It started with a few “hippies” standing around with signs. It grew into a nation united. Even veterans were coming home to protest and throw their medals away. John Kerry being one of them.
    The 1% feel insulated in ivory towers with the politicians in their pockets but the easiest way to defeat your enemy is to lull them into a false sense of security. The will of the people will always succeed. One vote at a time.

  4. When all the gun-owning red-state crackers run out of unemployment and food stamps, and are unable to feed their offspring, there WILL be a replay of the French or Russian revolutions, and the super-rich will then REALLY know what it’s like to feel some anxiety.

    I personally find the thought quite… festive! Not to say piquant!

  5. Piketty’s book is a bombshell. An economics professor literate enough to draw on Jane Austen and Balzac to make his points is not to be missed.

    TAX THE 1%.

  6. While these idiots are feeling empowered to portray themselves as ‘victims’, other billionaires and business leaders are stepping forward with a VERY different message.

    Buffet, Tom Steyer, Nick Hanauer, Costco as a company, and several other millionaires and billionaires are stating that working people are the backbone of their own prosperity and that ripping off the people who work is immoral AND economically stupid.

    These messages are backed up with support for policies and actions that are making a difference. We will not turn this around fast, but with their assertiveness we are beginning to see a change.

    It is important for us to hold them up as examples of how to run businesses well. This matters because it gives US pushback with very wealthy allies. One does not have to exploit to be rich.

  7. If they are intelligent and somewhat foresighted as well as greedy, they will loosen the leash at least enough to give the people the appearance of more economic freedom – that being said, they most likely are not intelligent enough in that way, having come under the power of gold to the exclusion of all else.

  8. What we need today is another Teddy Roosevelt. As soon as hetook office he went after all crooks that were in bed with politicans. He told Jp Morgan nobody elected you to do anything. He took on Morgan Carnegie Rockefeller and more.

  9. I am glad there are folks like Buffett who realize that a well-paid, gainfully employed work force is the underpinning for the wealth folks like him enjoy. The others, like the Koch brothers, are so blinded by their greed that they don’t care about the fact that they are working on destroying the very system responsible for the wealth that their father passed down to them or the wealth they have acquired since then.

  10. When people have nothing, they have nothing to lose. The super rich know this and this is why they are feeling anxious. It must be tough knowing that 314,000,000 people hate you.

  11. I don’t shop Hobby Lobby now and am adding Home Depot to the list which also includes Chick-Fil-A and Papa John’s. If more people quit supporting these jerks with their wallets, they might discovered that the American people are the ones making them wealthy. Not on my nickel.

  12. I would not want to live in either France or Russia after their revolutions.
    The 1% really needs to avoid this outcome for not only their own sake but for society’s.

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