Chris Wallace, As Usual, Allows Obamacare Lies To Go Unchecked On Fox News Sunday

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During Sunday’s edition of Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace continued his network’s deliberately dishonest reporting on the Affordable Care Act. During the last part of the show, Wallace brought up the fact that the ACA passed 5 million signups with two weeks left to go in the enrollment period. He then allowed his panel, obviously tilted to the right, to discuss what this means. In typical fashion, Wallace allowed bald-faced lies to pass through with nary a correction or a follow-up question.

One of Wallace’s panel guests was vapid conservative radio host Laura Ingraham. Wallace allowed her to get the first say on the discussion about the healthcare law. To nobody’s surprise, both she and Wallace pushed forward a conspiracy theory that the Obama Administration is scared about the number of young people signing up and is purposely not releasing that information.

WALLACE: Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius still trying to reach out to young people as today we mark the fourth anniversary of President Obama signing the Affordable Care Act into law. And we’re back now with the panel. Well, the latest administration figure as of mid-March is that $5 million people have now signed up on the ObamaCare exchange. But they still won’t say how many of them are the so-called young invincibles. They still won’t say how many of them were previously uninsured. And they still won’t say how many of them have actually paid for their policies. Laura, do you think they don’t know, really don’t know or they are just not saying?

LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST, “THE LAURA INGRAHAM SHOW”: They can follow every keystroke on our computers. We don’t think they know the facts on this? Of course they do. Look, if the facts were really good, I think Jay Carney would be crowing. The fact that, wow, we have 42 percent of young people have now signed up. They’re paying their premiums. We’re on track. We might be a little low, but we’re strong, we’re vital, we’re moving forward. I think they would do that, right? I think it doesn’t make any sense for them not to tell us. But the fact is even among groups that are traditionally very favorable to the president, Latinos, for example, we’ve seen the numbers in California go up somewhat in the final push to March 31st, but still lagging way beyond behind what they want. And that’s why Obama as the Russian troops are amassing goes on “Ellen,” you know, he goes on the “Two Ferns” show on the Internet. They’re doing everything. You know, Sebelius, talks about March madness so we think she’s really cool now because she actually knows what March madness is. She probably picked Stephen Austin, you know, Stephen F. Austin, now — to go to the final four.

WALLACE: They won the first round.

INGRAHAM: Yeah, right. But she would have said that they were the final ppick. But none of this is mattering. I mean the fact you can throw-in some pop culture references and go on some of these cool comedy shows isn’t going to change the fact that most young people are — want choice. They want freedom. And they don’t want to be told what to do on health care. I think this is going to be a big, big problem in November.


Let’s just get it out there. Ingraham is an awful person who only knows how to spit out vitriol and hateful rhetoric. It is her stock and trade. She delivers it all in an extremely monotone delivery that makes a normal person want to cry if they have to listen to her for more than a couple of minutes. Yet, she has her own radio show and is a constant presence on Fox News. I guess you can get gainful employment from conservative bosses if you follow the script, throw out a lot of Obama hate and dye your hair blonde.

Anyway, Wallace let Bob Woodward prattle on about some anecdotal tale about Obamacare being stuck in first gear. He then threw a question to Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld’s former right-hand man and one of the key architects of the Iraq War. Wolfowitz used his time to push forward already debunked talking points about the number of cancellations that have occurred under the ACA.

WALLACE: Well, we haven’t heard from you on ObamaCare, as former head of the World Bank. What do you think of how it is going so far?

PAUL WOLFOWITZ, FORMER DEPUTY SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: The World Bank doesn’t have much to do with this. But you know, it seems to me I hear numbers. I think it is correct, if 5 million people had their policies canceled, the ones that they were promised they could keep. Presumably, some of that 5 million of new enrollees are just people who got kicked out and they are back in. This was supposed to reduce the number of uninsured. It may actually have increased the number. I think Nancy Pelosi famously said, we have to pass the bill so you know what is in it. Well, they passed the bill and there are so many changes by administrative — I don’t think the authors any longer know what is in it. It’s — you can’t reform 17 percent of the economy with 900 pages of legislation that nobody’s bothered to read.

Jesus Christ! Seriously, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) was already fact-checked about this huge whopper of a lie that the number of uninsured has actually increased under the law. On top of that, he is also trying to pass off the number of people who have had their policies cancelled as 5 million. Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) released a report over two months ago that completely debunked this Republican meme. Of course, it doesn’t stop Republicans from still claiming it as true.

To wrap it all up, Wolfowitz also took the normal conservative jab at Nancy Pelosi about needing to pass the bill first before reading it. Overall, it was just a sad, sad display from Wolfowitz that should have been torn apart by even a halfway competent moderator. Yet, Wallace is not that guy. He just allowed all of that to go uncontested and moved on to another panelist. Disgracefully, he allowed Wolfowitz to get away with two huge lies and a tired talking point that was passe 3 years ago.

As always, the Sunday shows are where Republicans go to lie. And Fox News Sunday is where they are most welcome.

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  1. The Reefer Madness of Climate Blame

    Climate science says it COULD be.

    Climate crisis “believers” and lazy news editors

    And pandering politicians tell our kids it WILL be.

    And now 32 years of science only saying “maybe”.

    Proves it’s a crisis that certainly “won’t be”.

    Big oil doesn’t feed the evil deniers.

    Oil execs don’t stuff cash in their slimy pockets.

    It’s science’s consensus of “maybe” and never “will be”

    That feeds all denial like jet-fuel feeds rockets.

    Science can say smoking will cause cancer

    And comet hits are unavoidable.

    But their own comet hit of a climate crisis.

    Is still only probable.

    To end this costly debate.

    To save the planet.

    Science needs to stop agreeing it just “could be”.

    And finally agree It WILL be

    Otherwise we are doomed dam it.

    Climate blame reporting has done to journalism.

    What suicide bombers did for religion.

    But to these remaining “believers”,

    32 years of needless pani…

  2. I don’t see why the repubs make a big deal about seeing the ACA enrollment numbers. It isn’t like they are really good at math. We had Reaganomics-not good, then Bush’s famous fuzzy math- even worse. Now we have Ryans big idea math that somehow never shows actual numbers.

    The repubs have their minions trained to run toward any available camera or open mic to get the word out. The Wallace’s oblige them and enable them. This may come back on them election day as you can only scream the sky is falling so many times and then nobody listens. They ranted about ACA, it will fail, destroy the economy blah blah, and then it does the opposite and they go to another rant. Just like Benghazi, the big IRS scandal, the president hasn’t created any jobs, blah blah.

  3. I have often wondered, as a conservative, what kind of news liberals receive. If this is it, I now understand why liberals seem so messed-up!

    Did it occur to anyone reading this that what you are hearing on these talk shows has some truth to it?

    Better yet, why not demonstrate their “lies” by having the Obamacare success stories (from real people) expose the lies?

    I have heard the horror stories and I have no reason not to believe the Laura Ingraham’s because there is nobody there telling me different.

    Let’s hear the success stories! We need to hear them to have hope that debacle of a law will not destroy healthcare for all of us!

  4. The part that always gets me is the righties wanting to know how many have paid and why won’t the government release those numbers? Well, maybe because you make your payments to the insurance companies and not to the government?

    I know they think this has been a total government takeover of health insurance, but once again they are wrong. I wish we did have government insurance, like Medicare for All. It would all be so much simpler.

  5. I guess you would rather listen to the horror story commercials funded by the Kochs with paid actors. You wants facts over 5 million insured not counting medicaid signups. Fact over 45 thousand people a year die from preventable illnesses for lack of healthcare.
    Why would any caring compassionate sane person not want another person to not have access to healthcare?

  6. Hi Shiva,

    Sorry I have been missing in action lately due to my Mother-In-Law being ill. Can you tell me whether the site no longer provides the viewer to up or down vote another’s comment? Or, is it my computer? Thanks in advance and hope all is well!

  7. Mary,

    Excellent point! That is the part that grabs me the most, and subsequently raises my ire too.

    From the outset, this is exactly what the republicans argued: “government takeover,” as their reasoning for being against the law. Yet, we see absolutely no evidence. Why? Because it is basically a law premised on the “free market,” the very thing Republicans proclaim they embrace.

    Well, with one exception; when the Black guy is in “their” White House, it is an entirely different story.

  8. “Let’s hear the success stories! We need to hear them to have hope that debacle of a law will not destroy healthcare for all of us!”

    There are plenty of success stories out there. You need to broaden your reading to include non-Ingraham and fox sites.

    Also the law is not a debacle. Again, read.

  9. Good morning…a simple positive tale:
    over 4 million young people under 26 years of age remained on their parent’s health plans. This one simple part of the law provides excellent coverage for a very small monthly fee. Now, the other good news is that once he is 27, he will hopefully have employer provided health care, but, if not, he will be able to go on the exchange and find coverage that is affordable (with subsidy if his income is just getting going)despite his existing medical conditions.
    Look, I sold health insurance, employee benefit plans including disability coverage..the entire process was rigged in the insurance company’s favor…that’s doing business..we all get that.
    Of course, you are correct to ask: where are the success stories..The Fox News cabal has done a great job of promoting any and all, real, fabricated or imagined bad news about the ACA.
    I only wish you folks had done this much ‘thinking’ during the ramp up and prosecution of the Iraq War…O…

  10. Google ACA success stories, and they are endless, on the other hand, every supposed Obamacare Horror story, has been debunked completely. If 5 million people were kicked off their insurance plans, where are they? Fox News would love to broadcast their stories of Horror, only they have yet to find a single person, that has been hurt by the ACA. Every example that Fox has put out, has been proven false, and many that claim the ACA hurt them, have finally admitted that, they did not even go to the ACA website, they just “heard” from their friends, that it was bad. The Democrats and Independents, need to put together public service ads, letting people know the reality of of the ACA, the fact that it is saving lives, each and every day. Republicans know they have lost the War, Americans like not getting screwed over by Healthcare insurers, the Fox crowd has yet to understand, even the most basic of facts concerning the ACA. All they understand is fear and hate.

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