Mika Brzezinski Gets Fed Up With Joe Scarborough On Air And Takes Him To News School


During Monday’s episode of Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski essentially lost it on the air when she got fed up with co-host Joe Scarborough using air time to throw out conspiracy theories on the missing Malaysian airliner. When beginning the segment on the airliner, Mika relayed the newest information about debris found in the southern Indian Ocean and evidence released by numerous agencies. Then, after bringing on a former pilot, John Cox, to discuss the facts of the case as they know them, Bill Karins was brought on to give a weather forecast. Karins pointed out that the weather in the search area is pretty harsh and that the ocean waters can be pretty rough at this moment.

After Karins’ forecast, Scarborough then tried to swing the discussion to various theories on what happened with the plane. Engaging Steve Rattner on the panel, Scarborough stated that since nobody can say with absolute certainty what happened with the airplane, pretty much every potential theory has to be on the table. Scarborough then floated out a theory that terrorism was involved and that the plane might be somewhere else other than at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

Rattner pushed back, as he said ‘lunatic theories’ need to be dismissed and insinuated that Scarborough was in denial of the evidence placed in front of him. Scarborough then attempted to twist the facts around to make his case that his theory of hijacking and the plane currently being in Pakistan held water. Joe also made a point of name-dropping the CIA during the conversation, as if making a point that someone in the agency had confided in him that they are seriously looking into this theory.

It was at that point that Mika had enough and became agitated with Scarborough pushing his conspiracy theory as real news. Below is video of the entire segment:



After Mika tried to bring the conversation back to a discussion on evidence and the actual facts as they are known, Scarborough continued to step over her. He wanted Willie Geist to add to it in order to cause a little more chaos on the set and potentially give his conspiracy theory more credibility. Finally, Mika had enough and exclaimed, “Can we go to news school for a second, please?”

The level of anger and aggravation in Mika’s voice was noticeable. She first chastised Geist for asking Rattner a question that was asked and answered a week ago. She then laid into Scarborough for pushing a conspiracy theory on the air under the guise of actual news. She said they’d have time to do a panel discussion later on in the show where he could float his theory. However, at that specific point, they were only going to relay the facts to the audience and report the news.

Of course, Scarborough treated Mika like a little hysterical girl that needed to be calmed down. He told her to bring her voice down and then arrogantly talked over her while she tried to desperately explain why his introduction of a conspiracy theory was inappropriate. She finally just ended the segment by stating they were going to discuss Ukraine.

Just as an aside, after Morning Joe went off the air on Monday morning, the Malaysian Prime Minister announced in a press conference that flight MH370 ended in the south Indian Ocean and that there are no survivors. He made the statement with absolute certainty. Therefore, we should at least be able to dismiss theories that the plane was taken to Pakistan or shot down by an unfriendly country.

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60 Replies to “Mika Brzezinski Gets Fed Up With Joe Scarborough On Air And Takes Him To News School”

  1. What does MSNBC management see in Scarborough? He is never correct about anything, and he is extremely unlikable.

  2. Scarborough is a washed up politician and a fluff dried, nobody. Listening to him….well, why would anyone want to?

  3. If Joe wants to deliver opinion disguised as fact, Fox News style, by all means Joe, leave. Go to Fox – if they’ll have you. Don’t let the door hit ya on your way out, Joe.

  4. If you closed your eyes listening to that video you would have thought it was Bill O Reilly. To over talk Mika and be so condescending is just downright rude. Hey Fox, take this guy, please!

  5. I would love to see Scarborough and O’Reilly go toe-to-toe, interrupting one another and yelling at one another.

    Scarborough is always the first to tell others “Don’t interrupt me,” but he constantly interrupts everyone else. He is one ignorant man. I can’t watch his show anymore because he is so bad about that.

  6. Exactly I think Joey needs to go over to Fox also. As far as flight 370 I think Godzilla is responsible.

  7. People on MSNBC who disagree with Joe Scarborough usually end up being “let go”, just ask Markos Moulitsas.

  8. As long as Mika is treated as arm candy by Scarborough, Mika will never be treated as the schooled news journalist. I’m sure Faux is drooling with the fact that maybe Joey would sign off on MSNBC and run hysterically joyful over to Faux the Queen of conspiracies and Mis information.

  9. Joe should take a look at himself from the outside looking in. He is one spoiled has to be right all the time or he yells at his guests. He’s a die hard republican. He can be. He’s rich. So he lies and cares less about facts to direct the people in the right direction. Instead he sits there with his arrogant conceited ass constantly reminding us of when he was in the senate..constantly reminding us just like O’Reilly that he’s the best thing since I don’t know what. But I tell you what. At the end of each show. They say “what have we learned today”. Not a dam thing Joe. Not a dam thing. You only learn to lie better every fricken day and make people stupid like your GOP followers. Pathetic man.

  10. Actually, more people stopped watching about the plane because of the conspiracy theories! Most intelligent people would rather have facts than BS blown up our knickers.

  11. I say fire Joe and replace him with Martin Bashir. Martin in the Morning. I would watch their channel then. Invite Palin as guest speaker.

  12. mika needs to grow a pair. she has always been too subservient to that asshole for my taste. she is a smart woman and she needs to act like it!

  13. Can we be REAL for a moment? is it my imagination or are the vast majority of caucasian male republicans the most arrogant SOB’s on Earth?? bill o’reilly is truly mentally ill! he screams at his guess and tells them to shut up! and that complete TRASH interview with Jessie Lange a 16 yr student calling him a PINHEAD! how can republicans actually watch that $HIT and call it news??? joe isn’t as bad as bill but both of these douchebags needs a serious BEAT DOWN!!

  14. And, Joe keeps repeating that The New York Times knows what they are reporting is fact. What??? The New York Times knows all about pings from airplanes and the expert on the Joe show doesn’t know anything about radar capabilite of picking up a ping from the ocean that Joe declares that the ping could be coming from Pakistan. What??? Good for you Mika for finally shining a light for all to see what a conspiracy theorist republican Joe is.

  15. I refuse to watch Morning Joe. Too much arrogance and stupidity for me. The same with Chuck Todd. Thank god our cable system started carrying Al Jazeera. Just the facts maam.

  16. She needs to beat Joe upside the head and explain to him that when he is being a dolt, and when she is being smart, that it would be best not to talk over her and show her some simple respect.

  17. As far as I am concerned, Mika is the best on the show. First, I detested Joe, then he seemed to become more rational. Recently he has gone back to his arrogant, seeking to be the top dog. His interrupting and disrepect of guests and staff gives me hope the power that are in charge will wake to the damage he does. At times he has been helpful, buut that time is declining. Wake up, Joe!!!!!! LT

  18. I am glad that Mika spoke up! Joe is rude and inconsiderate toward her and most people on the show. He talks over everyone, and doesn’t let anyone finish what they are trying to say. He thinks he knows everything, about everyone and everything. I am so sick of his attitude toward everyone, and that he seems to think he is perfect! I enjoy Mika on the show!

  19. I so agree. I used to watch Joe, and at times he was very rational. But he went off the rails for me at the same time Mathews did

  20. While Scarborough is the total ass that he is…Mika, tho’ apparently intelligent, is nothing more than weak. Time and time and time again Mika lets the set bully roll over the truth and does nothing more than changes her posture, or makes a weak attempt at taking back the floor before cowering in front front of the bully. While I truly wish this was not the case, she has proven herself, again and again, to be the weakest voice on the show. Sometimes, bitch works Mika! Grow a pair is right but she never employs her bitch side while Scarborough rolls over EVERYONE in his bully/I’m right cuz I’m me way.

  21. Christie hijacked the plane to take focus off his problems. It’s stashed under the Washington bridge and the passengers are all gambling on the house in Atlantic city, financed by misdirected FEMA funds.

  22. It’s her part. It’s a conservative show and the idea of a capitulating blonde being made subservient to a conservative male probably, between Morning Joe and Faux News, accounts for more over 65 erections than Viagra.

  23. Joe Scarborough and people like him appreciate the negative publicity like for this comments this morning simply because it is attention. A man that exercises dominance and dismissal of a woman let alone another person in general is clearly an egotistical and narcissistic person. The network should let him go because he acts discriminatory and unprofessional creating a liability actually and hurting the networks reputation. It’s sad to see these double standards still existing.

  24. I don’t agree with Joe hardly ever, but he doesn’t belong on Fox News. He is not obnoxious enough and mean enough to go on there.

    He is a leftover from the days when the MSNBC CEO wanted the channel to compete against Fox in the post 9/11 media landscape.

    And really, for a Republican he isn’t that bad. He’s a moderate at least.

  25. I don’t know how Mika can sit there with the way Scarbrough disrepects her. You can bet if his co-host was a man he would never treat him this way.

  26. Absolutely agree. If Mika could unload The Load, I’d start watching the program again, for news and insightful opinion. But watch Joe get a political office chubby as he bolivates and bullies? See ya.

  27. I only watch Morning Joe when Willie Geist and Mike Barnicle are hosting. They are entertaining and knowledgable. Neither one of them try to out do the other. I used to watch the show all the time, but now only when Joe and Mika are traveling around on book tours.

  28. The British data analysis locating the crash location is based on physics (science). Why would any GOP/Fox media support facts when they have committed to the “Plane in Pakistan” cartoon explanation that is now confirmed by more looney tunes? This is the perfect story for Fox spinning.

  29. Morning Joe is not worth watching. I used to watch regularly and would get so annoyed with Joe and Mika. Joe is partisan hack and always will be. I don’t know why Mika stays on that show. They all talk down to her and other women when they appear.
    I agree with the person above thank god for Al Jazeera. Just the facts please.

  30. Just anxious to say…way to go mika! I’m also tired of Joe cutting you off and not allowing you to complete your take on the discussions. Way to go lady!

  31. Now that… would be a show worth watching Phil.
    One bit from Bashir and little old Sarah would S hrivel up and die.

  32. If we could just get Morning Joe, without the Joe, it might be worth watching. I don’t like to listen to the lies and hate of the conservative republican right, but. Like the old saying goes ” keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”. I do watch a little of the shows of the conservative republican liars and haters on the Fox Lies & Hates TV station. I’m sickened by what I see and hear, but one must keep an eye and ear on just what they’er lying about and who they are hating on at any given time. Morning liar and hater Joe, would fit right in with the lies and hate over there on Fox Lies & Hates TV.

  33. Kudos to Mika for trying to stay professional in the midst of Joe going off on ridiculous conspiracy theories and talking over his guests. Look how completely mortified he appears when she finally gets fed up and lets him have it. As if SHE was the one who was being inappropriate and making everyone uncomfortable, when earlier the actual expert had complained that he didn’t get to finish his point (because Joe kept cutting him off). He keeps talking over her and trying to shut her up. Thank you Mika for not shutting up.

  34. I am utterly astonished at how condescending Joe was in trying to shush Mika while she was speaking. Telling her to relax and to lower her voice. That was so chauvinistic, MSNBC should be mortified to employ someone so obviously sexist. He’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  35. Steve Rattner is (was) a breath of fresh air on that otherwise chaotic platform for Joe Scarborough’s rantings. Joe has an uncanny ability to transform every news item into another blemish on the president and/or the senate leadership. When Steve returns and is treated with some respect, we will resume watching Morning Joe for more than the first five minutes. And BTW, Joe and the NYT were both wrong about the information content of the pings… bet Joe will never fess up to that.

    From way out in Indiana

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