Nebraska Republican Senate Candidate Campaigns On Fake Navy Memo

Republican Nebraska U.S. candidate Shane Osborn is in hot water after trying to pass off a memo written by a friend of his in the Navy as an authentic document that defends his decision to land a disabled Navy reconnaissance plane in China.

According to the Omaha World-Herald:

Dogged by questions about his 2001 decision to land a crippled Navy EP-3 reconnaissance plane in China, U.S. Senate candidate Shane Osborn has distributed an official-looking Navy memo supporting his account.

The memo, written Aug. 8, 2013, on Navy letterhead, is titled “Disposition of actions by EP-3E flight crew on April 1, 2001.” It explains that Osborn’s plane was authorized to land on China’s Hainan island “due to the extreme circumstances and condition of this aircraft.”

But The World-Herald has learned that the unsigned memo was not authorized by the Navy, or vetted through normal channels, and was written as a favor to Osborn by a Navy buddy working at the Pentagon.

“We cannot confirm the authenticity of this document,” said Lt. Cmdr. Katie Cerezo, a Navy spokeswoman. “We couldn’t discuss a memo that we can’t authenticate.”

Osborn didn’t just do something very politically stupid. He also may have gotten his friend in a lot of trouble. Whoever wrote the memo for him could be facing criminal charges.

As usual, the political cover up may end up being much worse than the crime. The Nebraska Senate Republican primary is a tight four way race that features national tea party groups going up against each other. There isn’t any difference between the four candidates on the issues, but as a matter of character Shane Osborn has revealed that he isn’t fit to be the nominee.

If someone is dumb/arrogant enough to think that they can fake an official Navy memo, and get away with it, they should not be allowed anywhere near the United States Senate.

4 Replies to “Nebraska Republican Senate Candidate Campaigns On Fake Navy Memo”

  1. Yet another pants on fire candidate. I remember this goofy. He caused alot of crap at the time. As a veteran I can tell you one thing that is driven into your brain. You DO NOT ever surrender equipment or technology to an enemy or a foreign country, ever. You ditch it in the ocean, destroy it, whatever. Nope, ol’ Osborn delivered it to them on a silver platter. I am sure Chinese military technology grew 20 years as they tore that plane apart.
    Further anyone who has ever served in the military, or any government entity knows that it seems like anything and everything has to 13 copies filled out in triplicate (an exaggeration of course). My point is that there is always a paper trail.
    I always thought he should have been court martialed for his actions.

  2. His buddies are probably going to blame his mistake on Solyandra (Bush), Fast and Furious (Bush/Cheney), Benghazi (Republicans’ decisions to cut funding to security), Crimea (Romney’s claim of being psychic), MH370 crash (Americans has nothing to do with it, definitely) and President Obama’s ‘incompetence’ (of course, Republicans’ do-nothing Congress is to blame).

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