Paul Ryan Quivers as Bernie Sanders Outs the Dirty Secret Behind His Poverty Propaganda


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) sent a shiver down Rep. Paul Ryan’s spine tonight by exposing the secret behind the his sudden interest in poverty programs.


Sen. Sanders said, “You have folks out there now who have virtually no income coming in. They have families. They have kids. How are they going to eat? We have veterans out there trying to get into the food stamp program. To me, what you’re looking at is an ugly kind of class warfare where the people on top want more and more and more, and they’re pushing down in an incredibly terrible way the most vulnerable people in our country.”

Rev. Al showed this graphic that illustrates who food stamp recipients really are:


Later Sen. Sanders ripped Republicans for claiming that the problem is that children get too much help from the federal government, “These are the same people who want to eliminate the estate tax, which applies to only the top three tenths of one percent of all Americans, which is the richest of the rich, then they are going after kids. The politics of this, Al, is what they are trying to do is deflect attention away from income and wealth inequality. Attention away from the fact that the rich are doing extraordinarily well, and tell their supporters that the real problem in America is that children are getting too much help from the federal government, and that’s the kind of mentality that we have got to fight back against.”

Sen. Sanders nailed it. This is a classic case of Republicans trying to blame the victims of their policies. Republicans crashed the economy, threw millions out of work, then blamed the unemployed, and their children for needing assistance. While the GOP tries to take the food out of the mouths of those who are struggling, the rich continue to get richer.

The Koch brothers won’t have less money if children continue to get free school lunches. The issue is that the people at the very top continue to see their wealth grow while nearly everyone else is struggling to survive.

That’s the dirty little secret that Bernie Sanders exposed.

Republicans refuse to limit themselves to encouraging the wealthy. They are on a mission to take everything away from everyone else, and give it to the rich. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has been leading this new smokescreen with a war against the poor that has been disguised as budget cuts and poverty studies.

Ryan and his millionaire Republican brothers are running a shell game. They are trying to convince the American people that the income inequality that is obvious to everyone isn’t a problem. Instead, they want the country to focus on the fact that poor people need to eat.

Bernie Sanders is one of the few members of congress who will stand up and call out this con game for what it really is, and he is not going to sit back quietly and allow Republicans to starve children, veterans, and the elderly so that the Koch brothers can have millions of dollars more in tax breaks.

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  1. Ditto ibwilliamsi.

    You ever notice how when Bernie Sanders makes public comments no repubs ever get on the air to dispute him? Anybody else says anything and they run out to discredit them.

  2. I want to know WHY Paul Ryan forgot when he and his mother needed help and got assistance. This ought to be brought up every time he’s on a news network, it ought to be brought up every day of his sorry life. Damn I hate republicans and especially a sorry prick like Paul Ryan.

  3. love this man!!! as much as i like hillary if bernie ran…. oh hell yeah!!!
    sad thing to say tho, as an independent he probably wouldn’t stand much of a chance…
    would be a dream come true to be proved wrong tho! :)

  4. paul ryan is just a douchebag hypocrite that SUCKS the flavor outta the governments TEETS!!! but watch the FLOOD of your garden variety republican just cheering and bow at the knees for eddie munster! when in reality these same republicans are on food stamps themselves and most likely on SOCIAL SECURITY!! republicans are so hopelessly IGNORANT!!! cheering for a guy who wants to gut your income!! unreal!! And many republican ex military are the worst in this area! you sacrifice your life for your country and the GOP number one mission is to hamstring you!! I got news, mr. and miss conservative ex military, Al Queda isn’t trying to starve you! just take a peek at your glorious G O P

  5. Conservatism in the past was necessary.

    Today it should be made illegal. We have a few morons that think they are going to get out of paying taxes and have no idea that one day they could be in the fix these poor people are in.

    Screw em.

  6. The fact that there is even ONE hungry person in this country is shameful. That Paul Ryan and his merry band of grim reapers want to create more of them is pure evil.

  7. Because he pocketed the social security from his dead father. He didn’t need it. His grandparents were loaded from government contracts for building roads.

  8. The super rich and their sycophant conservative supporters are only in it for themselves and could not care less about this country and it’s middle class and poor.

  9. BRAVO for all of that!!! And you’re absolutely right about the military and ex-military. Most of the ones I know are hopelessly g0dd@mned dumb.

  10. Well JADF I can tell you from experience that your not surrounded by geniuses. The military had their own agenda and its a subtle brainwashing that democrats are weak and dems want to cut the military blah blah. But the repugs are heros. Thankfully I didnt succumb to the rhetoric.

  11. Phil it is difficult for Republicans to reply to something that is true!! I am betting you are a Republican.

  12. No more Clinton.

    The Republicans could NEVER have put us in the hole we’re in today without the help and blessings of Bill Clinton. They are two of the original Third Way infiltrators of the Democratic Party.

  13. Diana, you need to read that comment again. I don’t think a Republican would agree with a Clinton/Sanders ticket. .

  14. NO Diana I am no republican. I have been a registered Democrat since 1975. My point was that when Sanders speaks the repubs cringe. They always run out to dispute Kerry, or Obama, or Pelosi, but Bernie is so brutally honest that they sit down and be quiet. I truly admire the man and his backbone. I wish there were more like him in government.

  15. Well Amanda, I sure hope you are not going to be one of those who works against Hillary Clinton. You will only hurt all you care about.

  16. Not only that, and as Bernie points out, the same people who want to take money from the poor also want to eliminate the estate tax, but tell me why non-wage income is taxed at a lower rate than wages? All that they risk is money, while the poor working schmoe has to risk his life and limb driving to work on the un-mantained infrastructure, fighting fires, cleaning the windows on high-rises, patrolling a beat in a bad neighborhood, digging ditches, put up with asshole bosses in the office and the tactics of putting down female workers, etc. – IMHO, non-wage income (interest, dividends, sales profit, etc) should be taxed higher than wages – except, we don’t have the cash to afford lobbyists to buy mooch politicians, all we have is guys like Bernie and Al, we could use a few more.

  17. What Bernie Sanders has exposed here is simply called

    This is something the American People seem to have forgotten about, this is the Philosophy of the NAZIs, which the Religious Right has Picked and are very busy running down field for a touchdown on this play !!

    Call these Fascists what they are at every opportunity until it has been BEATEN back into the American Psyche !

    If “We The People” fail at this we WILL lose this WAR Against Humanity, because these scum look at you as “Upstart Slaves” that need to be “Disciplined” !


  18. “Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) sent a shiver down Rep. Paul Ryan’s spine tonight by exposing the secret behind the his sudden interest in poverty programs.”

    Why be so naive? You all know that Paul Ryan does not care what Bernie Sanders has to say. The above quoted sentence is very wishful thinking.

  19. They believe in 19th century social Darwinism which was the ideological basis for Ayn Rand’s insane rantings. Paul Ryan makes his staff read Atlas Shrugged.

    Facts about Ayn Rand:

    She was a great admirer of a serial killer of children.
    She was a serial home wrecker, attaching herself to married men with money.
    She wound up on welfare herself.
    She wound up on Medicaid.
    She was never a parent, so her YOYO objectivism immediately won’t work with parenting because, guess what, you have to put the needs of a child before yourself.
    She was a meth abuser
    She was schizophrenic
    Her philosophy on,y works when you’re a basement dwelling 12 year old.

    Her “philosophy” is contradictory.

    Her book the Fountainhead is basically about an architect that takes money from an employer, doesn’t like the fact that the man whose paying him wants him to build the building to HIS specifications, not the architect’s so in a fit of childish tantrum, blows up the building. Randians have real…

  20. Yeah, I think you missed the point there. I think he was trying to say that they know better than to attempt to mess with the Sandman or he’ll put them to sleep

  21. What I truly respect about Sen. Bernie Sanders is…when he rolls up his sleeves and comes out swinging against the repubs, is that he makes sure they are all down and out.

    A true hero in my book. Although, I think the running order should be reversed, Sanders/Clinton. But, who am I to upset the cart?

  22. At the schools I worked at in Japan: elementary, middle, and senior high, there is a time of day called “souji jikan”, or cleaning time. Students are put into teams and assigned particular locations/duties on a weekly rotating basis. One student is appointed leader of that team. At the end of the cleaning time, the team reviews their work and the next day, works to improve it.

    They take it pretty seriously. Most cleaning times across the nation are silent, not a word. I had first grade students get mad at me for talking and others walk up to me, take the mop out of my hands, and show me the right way to do it.

    The children learned responsibility – you make a mess, you clean it up. Nobody made a mess because their peers would reprimand them.

    They do it for the sake of cleaning and learning responsibility.

    Lunch is free because the majority have a responsibility for the few.

    Uncivilized troglodytes, Mr. Ryan et al. lack the basic sense of propriety of those first …

  23. I just read about a poll that indicated that 52% of the people in this country don’t know about the Koch brothers. That’s bad….
    Most of us here know that the Koch brothers are Vampire Capitalists and the faces of American Fascism.
    There’s one way to take away the Kochs’ political power: vote OUT all of the GOP, of whom the Kochs own.
    And, if you’re reading this and adhering to the GOP/ Libertarian talking point of “both parties are the same”, better known as False Equivalence, you should know that, if both parties truly were the same, the Kochs wouldn’t have spent $400 million to get Mittens elected President and other GOPers into office in 2012.
    Yes, I’m talking to you, the group of Republicans who should know better and need to start voting for Democrats: GOP Progressives and Moderates….

  24. He’s at least considering running in the Democratic Primaries. If nothing else, he could push the debate toward a more progressive position. THAT would definitely be worth it.

  25. Bernie Sanders is right and anyone with the common sense to think for themselves will see that Paul Ryan is not concerned in any way about the poor or about the middle class. We will have to elect more Democrats who care about all Americans so that we can all thrive together. Now it is the rich getting more and more and the rest of the country less and less.

  26. Amanda, You seem to have either a short or blurred memory. At the end of the Clinton administration there was a budget surplus that George W Bush wiped out with the first tax break for the ultra wealthy. The financial collapse was orchestrated by Ronald Reagan when he deregulated financial companies which allowed the banks to begin predatory lending schemes. The deregulation of mortgage banks created a super heated real estate market which was later dubbed “The Housing Bubble”. The banks had the freedom to loan as much as they wanted to anyone that asked. Real estate prices soared and the banks advertised easy loans to people they knew couldn’t afford to pay them back if there was any kind of financial upset. The upset came when the bubble burst during Bush’s last year in office and it took the entire world’s economy into the sewers. Billions lost their jobs, homes, families, and lives all around the globe. Bush rewarded the failed bankers with almost a trillion dollars which they k…

  27. Kept, didn’t use to help people keep their homes, and went on with business as usual. The banks have been repaying the government with money from another bailout that was supposed to go to small business loans. That means they still have the hundreds of billions they were supposed to use to ease the foreclosure crisis and have taken hundreds of billion more that was earmarked for small businesses and used it to make it look like they were actually paying us back. The only thing Clinton did wrong was not undoing the damage that Reagan and Bush senior had done. The entire world economy was destroyed by strictly Republican policies and the greed of the super wealthy. And it is getting worse every minute of every day as the national debt continues to skyrocket. This is going to cause another world wide financial collapse in the near future. After the next one there will be no middle class, it will be the wealthiest and the poor, if you’re not wealthy, you will be poor.

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