Mitch McConnell May Have Lost His Senate Seat By Using Duke Basketball In Kentucky Ad

Mitch McConnell

Sen. Mitch McConnell’s latest self-inflicted wound to his bid for reelection was a whopper. The Kentucky Republican used footage of Duke winning the national title in a campaign ad.

Team Mitch, which may go down as one of the worst Senate incumbent reelection campaigns ever run, outdid themselves today with this ad:


The ad starts off in standard Republican territory. Mitch McConnell as hero to the working man. Mitch McConnell promising that he will run the Senate right if Republicans take it over. McConnell vowing to battle against socialism. Among all of the pictures of a smiling Mitch, we are treated to footage of the Duke basketball team celebrating their 2010 basketball national championship.

For those of you who don’t follow college basketball, there are several problems with this. 1), Duke is in North Carolina, not Kentucky. 2). The University of Kentucky won the basketball championship in 2012. 3). Outside of both wearing blue, Duke and Kentucky look nothing alike. 4). Basketball fans in Kentucky hate Duke.

The McConnell campaign pulled the ad down right away and fixed it, but the genie is out of the bottle. The ad is out there, and there is nothing McConnell can do about it.

Mitch McConnell’s reelection campaign has been so gaffe riddled and clumsy, it’s fair to start wondering whether if the Rand Paul ringers the Senate Republican leader brought in are trying to sabotage his reelection campaign.

For a man who is already battling the perception that he is out of touch with the voters back home in Kentucky, this was pretty much the last thing that McConnell needed. The fact that they got the state basketball team wrong screams out of touch.

The ad itself feeds into the feeling that voters in the state already have that McConnell doesn’t understand their problems, and care about them. The ad gaffe normally would just be a D’oh moment, but for voters this could serve as confirmation of what they already suspected.

Mitch McConnell is so out of touch with the state that he is supposed to represent that his campaign can’t even properly identify the correct national championship basketball team.

The message is clear. It’s time for Kentucky voters to ditch Mitch.


28 Replies to “Mitch McConnell May Have Lost His Senate Seat By Using Duke Basketball In Kentucky Ad”

  1. Please Proceed, Mitch. Better start lining up those Fox speaking slots…there may be a run on them come November when a whole bunch of GOP idiots are finally out of their cushy ‘jobs’ in DC.

  2. Guess ol’ Mitch better get that application in at Walmart to be a door greeter.
    No Duke fan here.

  3. McConnell’s primary goal was to make PBO a one-term president. Karma is a bi*ch, for now the primary goal is to ditch Mitch.

  4. Jon Stewart is going to have a field with this…Uhh Yup! I used the wrong team Yup! Ohh wellll..they both wore blue UhYup!..and all of you blue people look alike to me..UhYup!

  5. As one of McConnell’s constituents, I can say that I have voted against him 5 times, and plan to make it #6 in November. He still has far to go to top the total ineptitude of Jim Bunning’s re-election “campaign” back in 2004. That had to be the worst re-election effort I have ever seen in my entire life.

    If not for the complete impotence of the KY Democratic Party – who ran a complete unknown against him, and who received very little, if any, support from the state or national party – Bunning was ripe for the picking. If an Alison Grimes had run against Bunning in 2004, she would still be our US Senator – and Rand “Aqua Buddha” Paul would still be a “practicing” eye doctor in Bowling Green.

  6. this class a Clown doesn’t even know which team plays for his own god dam state, but he is going to work hard every single day for the people of Kentucky or is it the state that Duke University is in that he will work hard for/// time for him to go, he doesn’t even know what the hell he is talking about and work hard???? he hasn’t done that a day in his life especially the past 5 yrs. making his agenda THAT OBAMA be a ONE term president (how’s that working for ya, Mitch) and now his agenda is He will do NOTHING to work with Obama on any bill, nominee or any issue. That is what he said his agenda would be until Obama left office. and he says he is going to work hard????? he wouldn’t know a hard day’s work if it hit him square in the face. VOTE HIM OUT IN NOVEMBER.

  7. OMG!! confusing Dukes uni’s with Kentucky’s??? LMAO that sacrilege!! kentucky basketball is a religion down there!! Oh, Touche turtle you might as well call roger ailes and join FUX and friends.

  8. Wow! Mitch what a fumble. You are done! but thank you very much all the same.Though i’m not a fan of turtle soup.That nice lady, ya know the one giving you a free education by taking your old, miserable, disagreeable foul self to school. Now she may like a lil’ turtle soup, but i don’t eat junk food myself.Thanks anyways for trying to make obama a 1 term president. Maybe you can move up to North Carolina where your duke ad might get you elected. But i doubt they want a sad, depressed, carpet bagging turtle Much luck on your next endeavor though. Just stay out of Politics.

  9. Forget about him promoting Duke this is the most stupidest thing in the ad

    Never before has it been so hard for the rich to become poor, or for the poor to become rich.

    WTF!!!! is he trying to say?

  10. Dude, it’s called senility, this is just other clear reason to have term limits, Touche probably thinks it’s Lenin is giving the Ukraine grief! c’mon Touche can’t even be honest about his OWN sexuality! if ANYONE believes he’s actually having “RELATIONS” with his “WINK” “WINK” wife Elaine Chao I got some swamp land in Australia I’d like to sell you.

  11. “Never has it become so hard for the rich to become poor.” OK, someone needs to explain to me why Mitch said that.

  12. You guys don’t understand. Everybody in Kentucky is a huge, and I mean, huge fan of Kentucky men’s basketball (winningest (if that is a word) team in NCAA basketball history). We are extremely proud of our team. Back in 1992 in a slug-out game between UK and Duke, Christian Laetner deliberately stepped on one of our players and was not called for the foul; subsequently, Laetner got a last-second basket for the win. We HATE Duke. And I hate McConnell. This was a gigantic mistake on his part because he “approves” all his ads. Go Alison Lundergan Grimes for U.S. Senate.

  13. I’m no detective but I followed the trail of bulls**t, and it leads right back to McConnell mouth. Coincidence? I think not.

  14. When asked which team did he like best, Kentucky or Duke, McConnell would not answer. That leads me to believe it was no accident that the Blue Devils were shown and not the Wildcats. McConnell’s answer should have been Kentucky. His non answer is very telling.
    I do so hope he loses. The GOP primary is May 20, and I hope Bevin defeats him

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